Wednesday, July 22, 2015

ISIS Takedowns

Q. What do you think of this video?  Thanks!
A.  I see this as being accurate on how these events are created for media to spread.  Then I hear that the reason the first man's name was James Foley was because "Foley" is a term used for special effects while creating a film.  There are no accidents, but rather subtle clues in everything.  it is like the truth is being told to us, but just enough (per the reptilian rules)... It is up to us and our subconscious to filter out what is real, and what isn't.  

This also illustrates how fear can be a manufactured emotion, and many times it isn't from a "real" place.  I get the saying is true, "You have nothing to fear, but fear itself."

Thank you.  Love and light-

The following is a reading I did on James Foley.  You may find it interesting. 


Ryno said...

Didn't know about the term "Foley." That's a nice bit of information to point out when trying to assist others in "waking up." The phrase, "The Devil is in the Details" comes to mind.

On another note, I always get a kick out of proving "I'm not a robot" when signing in. The fact that I am visiting this site and believe that the Illuminati's plan is to essentially turn humans into robots should be enough proof I'm not a robot nor am I interested in participating in transhumanism.

Alpha X said...

With regards to fear: I like to say "Danger may be real but fear is a choice". Fear is a very negative and hard to suppress emotion but it is one, much like sadness, that we can choose whether or not to experience.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing the guy in black is either Charles Jaco from CNN or Anderson Cooper.

Blimpy Peach said...

Why do they leave us clues if they don't want us to awaken? Wouldn't it be in their benefit for us not to clue on?

Camryn Villarruel said...

Ok I still dont get it. Was Foley really killed? Is Foley death? Sorry for my ignorance

Alex said...

Hi Lynn

Could you do more readings on the spiritual side from your blog requests section? Lately, there are too many readings on unimportant mundane affairs.

AS said...

Hi Lynn ~ Your attention to world affairs is completely appreciated. For years, far too much focus has been paid to "pulling the wool" over the eyes of all, so much to the point we don't know what's true or not anymore. Your generosity in sharing your gift with us and helping to increase our awareness by shedding Light on what has been intentionally and deliberately hidden from us is received with tremendous gratitude. May I extend, along with many, many others of your readers, a gracious and most sincere Thank You for your loving encouragement, kindness and willingness to assist us all in raising our awareness.
Sending you Peace and Light! AS

Juli T said...

Wonderful! Another uncovered flat out lie and counting.

I have the same doubt as @Blimpy.
A few days ago I was watching a video where they said there's some kind of condition in doing all this dark stuff, like they are in some way 'obligated' to put out some subtle clues (like symbolism and hidden messages). Is this something like that? Like 'ISIS-IS US', 'Foley' instead of Smith or any plain last name. Why risking people to doubt what they do? Not that everybody is catching it, but still.

@Alex sometimes I had that feeling but on the contrary, I wanted to read more about political matters than spiritual. But then I understood it's all part of the same thing, it's all connected. I needed to know more about some spiritual matters, ET's, and stuff in order to have a bigger and better understanding of the global agenda. We deal with this kind of things everyday, and in order to get a better spiritual consciousness we need to dismantle this things too, to see what's behind.

@Erin Lol! That Anderson Cooper gives me the chills. Is that the guy who comes from a socialite family and had a brother who jumped off a balcony in a weird way?

Thanks again Lynn! I grow everyday a little bit more with your readings.

They Live said...

Movies always tell us of these things. Iron Man 3 is one movie which revealed that these "terrorists" are Hollywood manufactured people as well as the settings, ha!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Blimpy: Part of the reptilian agreement is that they can enslave us as long as they tell us the truth, so they have taken the truth and manipulated it in such a way that they are telling us what they are doing, and by not standing against it, we are giving passive permission..

@Camryn: No he was not. I get that scene was faked.

@Alex and Juli: I agree that changing it up is nice, and in some way this is all related. I have been putting an effort into talking these more lower vibrational topics and revealing the truth so even though they are low, by revealing why we shouldn’t be living in fear helps (in an indirect way) to elevate conscious.

@Everyone: Thank you for the comments. I really appreciate the energy you all put into this. Love and light-

AS said...

@Juli...Anderson Cooper is the son of clothing designer Gloria Vanderbilt, who is the daughter of railroad magnate Reginald Vanderbilt.

Anonymous said...

Charles Jaco faked CNN news coverage of Iraq Kuwait war. YouTube has good clips of it. He got fired . Figured he was looking for Anderson Cooper affiliated with CIA and has been bending the truth .
Great info Lynn. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wish there was a way to do a effective parody of everything that has been faked up to this point that would go viral to cancel it out somehow.

John Casey said...

Thank you, lynn. I'm glad to see that the Cyberberkut people are out there poking holes in the illusion. I love that they claim to have hacked this from McCain's own computer. The irony.

Juli T said...

Lynn knowing all this if anything makes me feel better! You help me understand life and focus on the greater good. <3

Juli T said...

@AS and @Erin yes! I remember his brother's death because I always thought he might be the expiatory pig of a very rotten family.
You know it's a hoax when you see Anderson Cooper, he's like a trade mark or something.

Mariam Eluma said...

I think it has something to do with Balancing their Karma. It's just like cigarettes telling the public smokers are liable to die young, yet still selling it and people still buying it. In the end, the Karmic retributions are less on the companies. I think that's what is happening here.

Anonymous said...

@camryn villarruel I too do not understand this. The Lafayette movie shooting is obviously staged (a wanderer that is an excellent marksman who shot off what, at least 12 shots? using a pistol).

Even the Charleston Church shooting when within 24 hours so much $ was allocated to Charleston and the "families". Are some of the people real that actually die? It doesn't seem like it, but they are real people with real names, aren't they? Or are all the names fake too?

My rational brain says it is too preposterous. Do they just take the $ and go somewhere else under another name and stay under the radar with all their new wealth? Maybe not even change their names? I mean their name & picture is plastered everywhere.

Is it something like Sandy Hook where the "dead" children will latter be back in the public eye and we won't even notice? I know they are hoaxes but the sheer size of everything (all the witnesses, the actors, the mourners) at some point more than half the town is going to be in the know (since they are getting paid), are they not in shock about what the gov't is doing? What is their mental state to participate in something like this? It seems like it would be mentally damaging after the fact.

I can see why the general public has a hard time believing they are set-ups--Even I know they are fake but I find my mind asking, "well, is this one real?" Please, some insight--it is crazy making (not to mention that friends and family don't believe the gov't would/could do all this fakery).

Are the "victims" using their real names? What happens to them?

Thank you for everything!

Interesting website--follow the $: