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Q. Hi Lynn, Will you please do a reading on Lucifer? He is called the Son of the Morning,
Bringer of Light… and for this reason, there are a number of people that feel new ageism is a satanic cult. I don't subscribe to new ageism, per se, but I do believe Light is the source of love and creation so I'm confused about all of this. Thank you!
A. When I tune into this I get that we have to remember that things are not always what they seem.  I get that in the bible Lucifer is described as a fallen angel, but there is so much more to it.  I get that labelling this being was a term created by humans , but is not reflective of what this being was doing..

Lucifer was a bringer of “light” or rather knowledge / enlightenment during a time when people were “figuring things out” and religion was prevailing as a way to explain the way of the world. I see there was a set path for people to follow, and bringing about knowledge (or “light”) did not fit into this way of thinking, so an example was made of this “light bringer” and he was banished.  He was villainized and labeled as the “devil” (or “the evil”) and was sent to hell.  It created fear in people that questioned religion because if you did not obey, you too could be sent to hell.   

I do not see love or enlightenment as a cult, but rather a beautiful conscious shift that is growing.  Many terms that are used are words we made up to describe things (we many times don’t understand), but are not reflective of the Universe.  There is no bad, good, or evil.. All things just are, and the Universe works in balance (and contrast is necessary to understand the balance.)  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


razi09 said...

I'm confused or I don't get it. I always believed the universe is neutral and it is only what we collectively bring to it. If there's no good/evil how do we know the low/dark vs. high/light energy when before us. We do know the difference. Sorry if I'm missing a simple point like not seeing the forest for the trees. (Wouldn't be the first time). Maybe it's just the interpretation of Lucifer you're describing. Do we need to put some tangible boundary, (same as defining space and time), in order to sanely function within our realm?

razi09 said...

In regards to my former question, I don't know why I feel so out to lunch on this reading but don't worry about it or spend much time on it. I've learned I don't have to understand every little thing in this life. Things just come to you down the road when needed. Thank you for answering so much!!!

Bee E-lightened said...

Religion is true bs...God/Creator has no religion!!

whitelite 1111 said...

Thank you for the post! But I do have questions... So humans thought he was a fallen angel, was he? Or was he an ET? You said he got banished and sent to hell. Is this just the story by humans and it really didn't happen? or if it did, who banished him and where did he go? Thank you!

Raymond G said...

What about Judas ? I have always thought that he did what his soul contract required him to do. And Jesus knew this before he was born. Jesus even knew he was going to be sold out by Judas the evening of the Last Supper. But he did nothing to change the circumstances. I think Judas has gotten a bad reputation. Perhaps the scribes that recorded the events were jealous because Judas was the disciple that came from a rich family and they were envious ? I don't think he is in Hell like many suggest.

Is it possible that when you get readings that you receive impressions from lower energies giving you the ideas they want you to have, instead of the truth ? It would not be beneath the integrity of Lucifer to lie about the circumstances that led him to Hell.

If there is no evil, why do people have Near Death Experiences and return with images of Hell ? And why do exorcisms involve bad spirits ?

Thanks for your time Lynn.

I deleted the other post for typos.

Robert Schoen said...

I tend to winch over terms associated with religious beliefs, but whatever the entity called "Lucifer" actually is, the human social association of his name is one connected to groups like the masons or illuminati that seem to have a real darkness to their outlook and actions.

Lynn, your description of him sounds almost like the early followers were Cathars or scientist who conflicted with blind faith christianity. Are there benign groups out there that follow Lucifer or are they all dark? I still can't get my head around the fact the universe lacks a moral compass other than a notion of balance.

Hannon said...

What ever our opinions may be, from Lucifer to Hitler, Lynn sure has a lot of courage to call them the way she sees them. I wish I had that kind of guts, I find myself self censoring by omission, just to make it through my day without unending verbal conflict. Well done Lynn!!!

Charlotte Bailey said...

Thanks for the reading. I assumed lucifer/ fallen angels were the draco/ reptilian beings that are behind so much of the negative influence & control in our our world. (Throw in to that mix the disincarnate spirits that are up to no good). It took a long time to really accept that they exist, but it does answer a lot of questions about why things are the way they are. We see them in Egyptian carvings and ancient figurines, and I assume they're the snake in the Adam and Eve story. Does this fit in with what you see Lynn?

samferina said...

So is hell really real like in heaven being another dimension? if so is it how it is described tortourous, fire, darkness? Does the in between exist then too like pergatory?
if lucifer wasn't bad then did he become evil once he was banished? one more question what about the other Angels Gabriel, Michael etc.. how do they play into all of this?

AS said...

Hi Lynn ~ Thank you so so much for this read. I have had many religiousers tell me that the devil was originally an "angel of Light," but he rebelled and was cast out, etc. and that the same thing could happen to me if I didn't believe. It's amazing how actual information gets turned around, misunderstood or distorted down on through the ages. I've always wondered what the real truth is about things, everything from Hitler to Christopher Columbus to our true origins of how humans we "created" on earth. Thanks a million for touching on these issues and helping us all to see the Light!

Mark Noeth said...

Interesting subject. I have always viewed Lucifer, The Devil and Satan as three different entities. I think the three haven't been as destructive to humanity as the 180 fallen angels and their 20 commanders that are mentioned in the old testament and the book of Enoch. The 20 commanders were imprisoned for 70 generations. Their release would have been around the early 1900's. I did a blog on this in the ministers network I belong to. It goes into DNA manipulation and Nefilim. I won't go further with it since it doesn't pertain to Lucifer.

Raymond G said...

Who is Zozo? The bad spirit / demon that often appears when people play with Ouija boards ?

Juli T said...

'There is no bad, good, or evil.. All things just are' you always say that, is a hard concept but i'm still working on it.

@samferina I guess 'hell' is just being in a crappy dimension or vibration. Once I read a guy who talks about spirits and said that for example, for a very addictive person, or very body-attached person, hell was not having a body to keep filing those needs, like alcohol or food or sex or other material things. He said something like 'you really like a coat but you don't have a body to put it on'. So they felt trapped in spirit, instead of free and liberated from the human body.
Like your mindset here is the same beyond, yes you can understand some things after you die, but if you're not ready or prepared or not willing to go higher or further, you just stay there. And if you think about it, it's the same in life.

I don't know, that's my understanding, now Lynn is gonna say something totally different and I'm gonna have to rethink everything :p

Marc Switch said...

Hi Lynn,

Interesting topic here, Rudolf Steiner gives a thorough explanation on Lucifer and Ahriman, the two evil force that interact with humanity, the link here

Whats your take on this Lynn?

Thanks, Love and Light

Lana Banana said...

Just something I wanted to add for Lynn to check out.

Alex said...


You're partly right, those are earthbound spirits . There was a reading done by Lynn on the different vibrational dimensions.

However, unlike what the bible said, there is no eternal hell or eternal heaven in religions such as Buddhism. All of us have the chance to reincarnate gain.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@razio9: You are right. Humans create the term good and evil, but the universe “just is.” Humans need the explanation to create contrast in learning lessons. You cannot know true greatness unless you see the dark too.

@whitelite: I do see him as an ET (but to many the word was angel) that came here to earth to spread truth and help to enlighten people. He was then sent away from earth (not hell, but rather away).. The story then grew from there.

@Raymond: It is very possible that lower beings try to come through, but I always start each reading with positive intent and only allow information that is in the greater good to come out…If I feel that something else it hanging out, I stop and go back later.

I would have to think about the Judas question.. Also your questions of hell.. I see “hell” as a subconscious manifestation rather than a physical place (but I really need to think on that).

@Robert: I see some groups don’t follow him, but rather see him for what he is.. not good or bad..

@Charlotte: I do see the snake being a symbol for the reptilian forces out there…

@Everyone… Great questions and comments! I need to think more on some things on this thread… Let me get my thoughts together and I will add some more.

PewPewPew said...

Lynn, do you see that "lucifer" was actually a planet also called Maldek? It was called Lucifer because it was the light bearer, like you said. Then, the planet is the thing that was 'banished' or destroyed rather, because the highly advanced civilization that was living there were turning warlike and actually took themselves out (blew up the planet) by developing and using a pure hydrogen bomb.

Now, the remnants of the planet is our main asteroid belt between the 4th and 5th orbit. That was the Orion empire and the disembodied souls came here to earth to rebuild. Does this ring true to you? Those warlike souls are the same souls alive today trying to manipulate and create war today.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@PewPewPew: I read this and really have to let it sit with me a minute... What you are describing does resonate with me as being true or truth based..

RFK Pope said...

@Mark - I'd be interested to read your blog. Can you post s link?

RFK Pope said...

From Genesis in the Bible where God punished Adam and Eve for eating from the tree of knowledge and gaining knowledge of good and evil to the story of the Tower of Babel where the humans were building a skyscraper and God and his crew decided to come down and stop them from constructing it, God of the Bible did not want humans to have or exhibit advanced knowledge.

Fast forward to today...if you believe in gaining knowledge, which we all do today in today's technological society where the secret designs of the universe - mathematics, engineering, quantum physics - are now available to all - you have actually embraced the very same lifestyle that God was condemning in the Bible. So the question is, who are we actually siding with...Lucifer who wanted humans to have knowledge...or God, who wanted humans to be kept in the dark and not know the full spectrum of good and evil nor advanced knowledge.

If we, today, are not wrong for knowing both good and evil, and for using mathematics and science in society...then the people who were doing the same in the Bible are also not wrong. So why are we quoting scriptures that condemn them and pretend like we support a God who was actually trying to keep the people in the dark?

Lucifer, the Fallen Angel, the Adversary... whatever bible version you read (the Jewish bible translation calls him The Adversary), he seems to have reached his goal of spreading knowledge globally. Can we assume that he has taken his throne and now controls the world? Are we wrong for liking the advanced knowledge we have access to, that God obviously did not want us to know?

What are the repercussions after death, if any, of choosing to gain knowledge while we were alive?

Lakshmi said...

@PewPewPew...and...@ Lynn (thank you Lynn) (I am vanlegg)

GOOGLE THIS... " THE SECRET OF THE SAUCERS " And you will get a pdf.
A book (1955) by Orfeo Angelucci.

On page 99 they talk about this. ..(exactly)(see below).
This gentleman wrote about his visits with "sauce friends".
I wanted to ask if this book was a true seems yes!
Below is a link to the pdf. "Cut and paste" does work.(on my XP PC),d.b2w the text. (see below)

Then Orion spoke, saying: “Time is a dimension as
your scientists now correctly surmise. But it is only
a dimension when applied to the various densities
of matter. In the absolute, or non-material states
of consciousness, Time is non-existent. So let us
say that in one of the time frames or dimensions,
there was once a planet in the solar system of
Earth, called Lucifer. It was of the least material density
of any of the planets. Its orbit lay between the orbits
of Mars and Jupiter. Among the etheric beings, or
heavenly hosts, it was called the Morning Star. Among
all planets it was the most radiant planet in the
“The name of the prince of this shining planet was
also Lucifer, a beloved Son of God.” Orion paused and
the sadness deepened in his eyes. Then he continued:
“Earth’s legends about Lucifer and his hosts are true.
Pride and arrogance grew in the heart of Lucifer and in
the hearts of many Luciferians. They discovered all of
the secrets of matter and also the great secret of the
Creative Word. Eventually they sought to turn this
omnipotent force against their brothers who were less
selfish. Also against the etheric beings and the Father, or
Source, for it became their desire to rule the universe.
You know the rest of the legend: how Lucifer and his
followers were cast down from their high estate. In
simpler words, the Luciferians who were embodied then
in the most attenuated manifestation of matter “fell”
into embodiments in one of the most dense material
evolutions, which is the animalistic evolution of Earth.”

They Live said...

@Lynn Good afternoon! I remember you mentioning that those in the Vatican (the Pope etc.) interact with neutral alien beings whom the members of the Vatican mimic when they wear their pointy hats. Is Lucifer a part of these Beings?
Albert Pike wrote about plans to destroy all religions so that all inhabitants of earth will then worship Lucifer. I feel much of that plan has already come to fruition.

The Boookworm said...

What an excellent read! I had always wondered if there was a connection between the stories of the Reptilians and Lucifer so it made me wonder if those two overlapped somehow. Like the story of Lucifer and the Fallen Angels supposed to be connected to the Reptilians. There was a post you made that the Reptilians were supposed to monitor us, then they turned on humanity after growing envious of them?

This post made me think about a quote Voldemort made in the Harry Potter books, "There is no good or evil, only power and those too weak to wield it." But in this case, its reversed. Nothing in the universe is black or white. That is the way I look at things, also. I don't see good, I don't see bad, I just see "is", despite being raised a Christian and was told if you don't believe in this or that you're forever damned.

Raymond G said...

One more thing.......if there is no evil, nor good or bad.......then why are some people possessed by 'demons'. Some people may be mentally ill, but there are documented cases that cannot be explained by mental illness.

Just a random thought.

Thanks for your time....:)

Juli T said...

Thanks @Alex!

Craig said...

@Raymond, I'm going to take a stab at this before Lynn answers you and say that I asked a psychic channeler about possession and she said that it does happen for real and that the people being possessed, many have actually tried to do this themselves on others when they were in Spirit and need to know what it feels like ,and in addition, have accepted to experience this before incarnation into that life to learn that lesson.

Also possession comes from energies, many times non-human, that are like energy suckers that also push their energy into those who have a weak will or a lower vibratory rate that allows this. Lower rate usually comes from fear, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, low self esteem, too open to the astral/no boundaries, etc.

Possession can occur in varying stages. Some people can walk around with "attachments" that influence but do not completely take over. I think many people have this, including a lot of people diagnosed with mental illness.

Raymond G said...

@Craig..........Thanks !

Michael Smith said...

Who lived on maldek and what was it like on that planet. Also what happened to the planet ? (How it got destroyed)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@They Live and Bookworm: When you talk about the vatican, Lucifer and reptilians... I do see this as related, but the lines are also very blurred in my mind regarding who has what influence and what is going on... To some degree they look to all interlock.

@Raymond and Craig: Thanks for addressing this. People do get attachments, and some are more influential attachments than others. I see mentally challenged people being even more vulnerable IF they are in a lower vibrational (but can be very "normal" people too) due to environment or experiences. If you are in a lower vibration, you are more easily attacked or have something attach.

PewPewPew said...

@Michael Smith:

This is a quote from a man who goes by the handle "ST in BG". He starts posting on the thread on page 4, which I linked at the bottom. He says he is Enki, and it is all a very interesting read. The thread is still live and there are currently 1692 pages. The top link is where I searched his thread for the word "Maldek".

"There Were Those On That World ... That Wished To Subugate/Control Others ... Then Other Planets/Worlds In The Sol Solar System ... From There ... Reaching Out To Control & Conquer/Enslave Other Worlds ... As Maldek (Or Lucifer) Was Of The Last Vestigates Of An Ancient Ancient Outpost Of The Orion Empire !! ... The Empire Being Destroyed In Uprising Of Other Worlds/Planets ... & They Wished To Reestablish This Once Again !!

In Their Desire For Power & Control Over Others ... Of These Beings ... These "Scientists" ... They Created A Hydrogen Bomb Using Pure Hydrogen (Which Exists In Everything !!) ... Of This Foolheartyness & Madness ... It Was Expoded/Detonated ... Of Which The Result Was An Instant Shattering Of The Planet Outward ... Destroying Both Maldek/Lucifer & It's It's Satellite/Moon ... Malona Or Lilith !!
Of The Energies That Animated The Bodies ... They Existed On The Planet ... They Were Suddenly "Displaced" From Their Physical Bodies ... That Resided On That 3rd Density World !!

The Animating Energies Now In Space ... Were Given A 2nd Chance !! ... They Were Allowed/Permitted To Come To Terra/Earth ... & To Either Take On/Merge With Current Bodies ... Inhabiting Them ... Or To Be Born Into ... To Animate New Bodies !!"

mobius CDXX said...

Yes..the universe is nuetral. Its infinately never ending files of endless similar and very different situations. The uni-verse doesnt feel.. a reason we exist is because we experience polarization. So we know "good" "evil" because we feel the differnent waves of vibration emitted by whatever situation clashes with our vibration frequency and thro emotion which is energy we make choices upon which matches to our vibration or not. But as in the universe picking one/or choosing the other it doesnt. All is just another perfect event in stillness..we are ones to choose tho..but to uni-verse..its all the same side..just diff circumstances..

joy said...

It is my impression that Lucifer is an egregore.

A thoughtform (more like a Construct, really.)
Not real, but became self-aware in a limited sense, developed along the qualities
given him by his creators, who are bunch of ETs with superhuman abilities.
His persona is being kept alive by believers. So, he is very big.Popular.Macho.Muy evil,Like that not-amerikano in the WH. Or the other way around. Take your pick.

That this egregore is backed by very powerful non-human (ET)
black magicians.

You know,...the wizard of Oz behind the

This is where these ET black magicians established the Game called
"Good Vs Bad" . Their ulterior motive is to control and dominate us
thru religion.

They gave us the concept (thoughtform) Lucifer, and we breathed life into him.
Now, he's running around scaring some of us.

It is all fakery. (is there word fakery..? then how about: fake, fraud, not real, gossamer, illusion, paper cut-out ?)

Thru this belief system of good vs evil, we gave these ET black magicians (NOT Lucifer)an unlimited pass to victimize us, without them going thru karmic payback.

Once you get rid of your shock, you will eventually see that this egregore and everything he represents will no longer have any power over you.
Heh.............Never has. Only you forgot.


joy said...

Re: Possession

I respectfully advise those who are getting a find out what this possession is all about...
Read this book written by Eckhart Tolle "............A New Earth"
He talked about a "possessing, separate,parasitic , vampiric entity that is representing itself as you, that has taken over the human even before birth.
Called the False Self.

It is a fantastic book.

Once you have identified this entity, you are on your way to wholeness.
This false-self entity is the doorway by which other types of entities will come to you,because it controls the physical, mental and emotional bodies, and the True you,
Spirit-in-Matter, having forgotten who you are, think that you are a helpless, limited being.

Hey...........We were all mind-controlled by this little devil.
We were all bamboozled. How else can we play in this virtual game..?

We humans are dual beings. We have the true and the false self. Neither bad nor good, but beware of the consequences of your choice.... the one you identify with.

If you choose to live as spirit, you'll have to transmute the False-Self, retrain your physical, mental, emotional bodies to obey you and start acting like a spirit that you truly are... Spirit having physical experience.

Oh, in the upper level of your being, you created all these experiences of possessions. That's what I heard. Weird. You can just tell the possessing entity/energy to go to the light. Be firm. Yell if you have to. You created it, and now, you no longer have any assignment to give it. send it home.

In tougher cases,talk to your...hmmmm...I call this level "Prime Creator" for lack of name. This is the guy in heaven (YOU) whose desk has a big sign "THE BUCK STOPS HERE". Don't talk to the devil. Go straight to the TOP. Demand that PrimeCreator erases those programs. He wrote those programs. Duh....who else.. the devil..?
The devil is in the service of SOURCE.

If you have problem talking to PrimeCreator, let me know. I know some help (I did get some help somewhere because these devils in possession of earth started shrouding us and cutting off our communication lines to HS started in 2012, and getting worse.) That is when I really got all kinds of intrusions.(attempted possessions..?)That is a very interesting chapter of my life.


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@PewPewPew: Thank you for sharing this! I appreciate it!

@mobius: That is a great way to explain it.

@Joy: Thank you so much for sharing this. Much of what you said resonates with me as well. These things we call bad or evil are strengthened by our own thought. They may not be in a physical form now, but energetically they have presence (if you allow them). Quit believing in them (or more so, quit fearing them) and they cannot harm you.

Anonymous said...

Joy, One of my favorite books. I have read it at least three times and I must read it again. We constantly need reinforcement. I used to clean houses at a time I was extremely depressed. I would listen to all his audio books as well over and over. I still need to go back to those teachings. It is hard not to get lost again.

They Live said...

This fasle entity is what we call the "ego?" What you explained seems to tie in with Freud's philosophies.

They Live said...

This story sounds similar to what they believe in Scientology, alien spirits attaching themselves to humans on earth and are the root cause of false reality.

wendy tascione said...

Lynn, is satan enki?