Friday, June 19, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #13

Hi all, and welcome to this Five for Friday Lucky #13 Baker's Half-dozen Edition, which includes not only more than a few surprises, but a extra surprise. Let's get started.

Image #1: Saturn's Polar Hex
Backstory: This is an unusual hexagonal structure seen by satellites in a polar region of Saturn. Is this a natural occurrence? Why is Saturn so special?

What Lynn Saw
"I see this more of a hole, where it goes to some cavern or underground base. It's not for resources, more for location. The face I keep seeing is a Jango Fett mask. Humanoid shape. They live in their ships down there. [Da-da asked about the atmosphere.] I get that the atmosphere of Saturn has a thickness to it, thick gas and dust floating around it, but the core planet is solid. There are hundreds of ships down in that crater-looking hex."

Image #2: Holes of Peru
Backstory: These are unexplained holes dug in the ground in Pisco Valley, Peru. What were they dug for and who did the digging?

What Lynn Saw
"I don't see digging. I hear the term meteor shower. I see little rocks raining down on the earth. Looks like this area got pelted with little meteorites, moving very fast. This is the result. The metoerites themselves look like charcoal and are mildly magnetic. Not sure if a metal detector would pick them up. They're about 2-3 feet below each cavity."

Image #3: Lenticular vs. UFO Clouds
Backstory: Over the years, people have seen/photographed/video'd UFOs hiding in clouds, but these peculiar kind of lenticular clouds have been appearing more and more over areas of distress (e.g., the middle image with the darker clouds is from the recent Texas floods). Are there UFOs in each of those images, in some, or none? (David Wilcock has said that a certain ET faction actually feasts on dark/negative emotions, eating what they call “loosh”, an intentional corruption of “luce” or light in latin. Is any of that going on in these photos?)

What Lynn Saw
"These all look legit to me. UFOs in all of them. What I see is that when something happens, negative vibration like a beacon draws these things in. But they're not gobbling it up. What they're doing is trying to counteract the negativity to bring things into balance. They're trying to help us in whatever way they can, without directly intervening. Ultimately, these ETs want to come in here and save the earth and the oasis that it used to be. They're trying to help us, but they can't be blatant, or interfere."

Image #4: Tamam Shud
Backstory: This is the case of Tamam Shud, or the Mystery of the Somerton Man. This man (seen in the pic) was found dead on a beach near Adelaide Australia in December of 1948, with this scrap of paper found by police in a hidden pocket. Who was he and what was he doing that got him killed? Was he a spy? This from Wikipedia:

“[The case] is named after a phrase, tamam shud, meaning "ended" or "finished" in Persian, printed on a scrap of paper [seen above] found in a hidden pocket of the man's trousers. This turned out to have been removed from the final page of a particular copy of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Following a police appeal, the actual book was handed in – around the time the body was found, a man in Glenelg had found it on the seat of his car. Written in the book was something looking like a secret code as well as a telephone number. Considered "one of Australia's most profound mysteries" at the time,[1] the case has been the subject of intense speculation over the years regarding the identity of the victim, the events leading up to his death, and the cause of death.”

What Lynn Saw
"I do get he was a spy. I think he was Russian. He was an assassin, on a mission. This note... I want to read it from right to left. It's a simple cipher, like Q = J or something like that. Someone took him out before he could get to his target. I hear his catch phrase was always something like, "They call me John."

Image #5: Upside-down Floaty Ghost
Backstory: Famous spooky mystery photo. Is it real? If so, who is it and what’s their relation to the family?

What Lynn Saw
"It feels like two pictures put into one, a double exposure. It's faked."

Image #6: The "Red Comet"

Backstory: Lynn wrote about what she called the "red comet" years ago, giving it this name as it looked like a red comet to her. She saw this as a symptom of much of the earth's changes that are going on right now. This image was recently snapped by a woman in Arkansas, shortly after sunset. She was even kind enough to supply all the images she got in high-res, so download them quick before they vanish. Interestingly enough, the ones Da-da downloaded vanished from his computer... which is not cool.

What Lynn Saw
"This is what I saw as the red comet! The red comet is NOT a comet, exactly. I see this as a planetoid, bathed in red fire, with its own magnetic field. It orbits a brown dwarf that orbits our sun, but way out, coming around like once every 70,000 years. This other system is slowly moving past our own right now, causing all sorts of reactions. It's the astronomers' dirty dark secret that they won't write about or talk about, for a variety of fear-based reasons. When it's going to be very visible, they chemtrail the area so you can't see it, to haze out the times it would be visible and very clear. If it's not blocked by chemtrails or pollution, anyone could see it. It's effects look lessened for some reason, than what I originally saw. We'll still get earthquakes and erratic weather, with some effects man-made, some natural. But since we don't have tons of volcanoes going off or tidal waves flooding the coasts, it looks like things are being lessened, in some cases by ETs, who want the earth to be the oasis it used to be."

[As a side note, while compiling this draft I came across another Red Comet Citing]

All who just read that, please take a moment to give humble thanks to our ET brothers for their service to us. It is much appreciated.

And that's it. Wow. A mind-blower every time. Join us Friday after next for episode #14. [NOTE: As always, all images are the property of their respective copyright holders.]


Robert Schoen said...

There was a saucer shaped cloud over New Orleans February 14, 2010 that made the paper. It was during Mardi Gras, but 2 months before the April 20 BP oil platform explosion,

Is this conjunction of the red comet and Niburu arriving going to give earth a double whammy?

Asteria Do said...

Hi Lynn,

Thank you for your Friday's image readings.

For the UFOs hidden in the cloud and positive ETs, if Enough humans on Earth ask for helps and for receiving helps from them (like if the shared consciousness reaches a critical point of intention towards that direction), would these positive ETs finally intervene or help us and our planet Earth more directly? Because that way they would no longer interfere with the human free-will on Earth, so it would be 'safe' for them to directly intervene?
Do you see it will ever happen at all, or we will just do everything directly on our own?

Thanks again.
With love and many blessings to you.

Bee E-lightened said...


A Man Called Da-da said...

I'm pretty sure "Nibiru" is an old word for Mars, but what IS the best name for this brown dwarf? Can't be called "Planet X" as it's not a planet. All the other names have too much baggage, so howbout we call it "Christopher Walken"? You always know something weird's gonna happen when Christopher Walkin comes 'round.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Oh, note that celestials are stepping in all the time to keep us from destroying ourselves, or ameliorating various natural earth/space processes, but it has to be on a certain scale. They do keep the cabal from using nukes or being particularly nasty. Basically, we owe them a huge debt -- which they never think we need repay.

This all sounds crazy, even to Da-da.

John Casey said...

You two never fail to amaze. Thanks! In some ways, I am more impressed with the way Lyn can easily spot a clever fake -- like the "ghost" image -- and instantly resolve a mystery that has puzzled people for decades, like the dead spy. It's simply remarkable. And DaDa, what great selection. For my part, the benevolent cloud ETs were very moving, butso in its own way, is the red comet photo, especially because people with bad intent are working to hide it.

Ryno said...

How many planets and moons in our SOLar System are actually hollow? Are most of them actually hollow (lied to again by "science?") and inhabited by life?

As I continue to seek, I have come to the believe that the positive E.T.'s coming to help humanity idea is not really what it may seem. Why? Lots of reasons but mainly because this is OUR test. I really feel that we must look inside and discover the power within if we are to ever set ourselves truly free. Your "saviors" today could be your new slavemasters tomorrow.

Robert Schoen said...

Just a quick note of amazing synchronicity, I was out on a bike ride this afternoon and there were these amazing clouds in the sky and thinking of this post, I mentally invited one of these cloud ships to show up. I continued to bike, hunched down on a race bike and out the corner of my eye see this gorgeous aqua blue oval radiating from wihin the edge of one of the clouds. At first I thought it could be some kind of rainbow effect, but then I pulled over and stared up at it for some time mentally thanking them for showing. After a while the blue aura slowly faded and the cloud went back to normal appearance.
These are our friends and thoughts have power.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@RobertSchoen ~ That is awesome.

Robert Schoen said...

@Da da and Asteria Do, Thanks Da da for coming up with such great biweekly lists which I always look forward to!I wanted to convey this experience because I think Asteria Do makes a beautiful point that we should reach out to these friends to let them know WE invite their help and are grateful and they will hear us. I forgot to mention right before I saw the glowing blue oval, I had forgot all about wishing to see a cloud ship while riding my bike, but then there came the most gentle mist like rain that felt good in the heat. Now I realize they were trying to get my attention.

I'm excited for the series of Sunday group meditations and think we all can do a lot of good putting our hearts and intents together.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm they must of been busy during the tactical nuke strike against Yemen that was confirmed 3weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm they must of been busy during the tactical nuke strike against Yemen that was confirmed 3weeks ago.

Rainbow Warrior said...

As always, these Friday photos are always so interesting! I am very interested, in particular, about the "red comet" since I've had several dreams about this system. You mentioned that the Earth changes have been lessened, to some extent by ET's, but what effects WILL this system have on us - physically, spiritually, etc? Doesn't this 70,000 year cycle signify a new era - Age of Aquarius? Many thanks to you both! :)

Raymond G said...

These photos were interesting. I never get enough of space mysteries. Interesting.
Thanks !

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: I definitely see it as hard times, but I somehow don’t feel a bunch of fear directed toward it.. It is as if people that believe they will be ok really will be ok. I also get a sense that we are much more protected by ET forces than we realize.

@Asteria: I do see this happening but it looks to be further out on our timeline before they are as involved as they want to be.

@Dada: LOL… We can call it Chris.

@Ryno: There are a lot of things going on in our universe, and I could not even count how many ET bases are out there.

@Robert: Thanks for sharing!

@Everyone: XOXO. Great comments!

Certified Translation said...

This one seems interesting: 5 Unexplained Sightings Caught On Tape ( Any thoughts on what they really are?

They Live said...

I went to a site that talked about the Sylphs, they appear to be feather like clouds in the sky and are wind/sky spirits.They, according to the site eat chemtrails, the site also talks about cloud ships. What are your thoughts regarding Sylphs? I pasted the link below, many blessings and appreciations!

John Casey said...

In regards to the Red Comet/planetoid, I know this will sound stupid, but I find it so galling that so-called scientists deliberately bury data. It seems to be a prominent feature of science -- from the Smithsonian destroying historical evidence to astronomers working to hide the appearance of the red object -- to destroy or hide data. I know there are other more horrible things going on in the world, but the fact that our most intellectually capable people engage in this type of fraud is, I find, disappointing in the extreme.

Surely, there must be some astronomers in other countries -- after all this this is visible to the naked eye -- that have noticed this thing and be studying it. India, China, South Africa, Iran, there must be some scientists out there working on this, no? They can't all be corrupt, can they?

Done ranting, sorry.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the links. I saved them for a future reading.

@John: You are right... Other scientists have found things out and tried to bring them to light, but the keep being suppressed. My husband told me a few days ago that there have been (at least according to this report he read) a hundred (probably more) scientists killed in the past few years and they associated it to trying to release information.

A Man Called Da-da said...

UPDATE 9-1-15: Da-da discovered an additional picture of the "holes in peru" showing that they extend in a (non-straight) line for about a mile, in a regular swath-type look. This is improbable for a multiple meteorite strike, so Da-da asked Lynn to look at it again. She still saw small rocks striking the earth at high speed, but this time saw them coming from some kind of gun turret, loooong long ago, when Dick Cheney was only in middle school.