Friday, June 5, 2015

Five for Friday #11: BONUS EDITION...

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #11! Da-da is breaking with tradition on this installment by adding a SIXTH photo... as it's Lynn and Da-da's one-year anniversary working together! Seems much longer, but it's the mileage, not the years. Anyway, doff that old paradigmatic hat, 'cause here we go.

Image #1: The Ancient "Mega-Reactor" of Gabon

Backstory: This is just bizarre. Scientists found what's apparently an uber-ancient nuclear "mega-reactor" (their words) in Gabon, Africa, near the equator (see map). You can see how big this construct is by the little ladder and people in the one image. The size isn't the strange part. According to scientists who dated this thing, it’s apparently 1.8 BILLION years old and had operated for 500,000 years. Whoa. So, was it a “natural” reactor, or was it a construct? Who built it and why?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that there's something significant about not just the latitude and longitude of where this sits, but also the z of the xyz axis; the altitude is also energetically significant. I keep seeing images of water. Like there used to be a waterfall that fell in front of this structure. This pulled in energy from the water falling, as well as from the atmosphere. I don't want to call this a reactor, but I want to call this a battery. This thing glowed when it was charging. I see it as a combination of both natural features and ET-tech being used together, but constructed by humans. At this time, the earth was lush and peaceful, with big green leaves, and ETs coming and going. More than one tribe came together here to build this thing. It glowed and was a beacon, but they were also able to use this power wirelessly, like Tesla tried to do with his [Wardenclyffe Tower] free wireless power distribution system, and people were able to tap into it. There's also some kind of unique magnetic rock there that made the effect work. Geologically, the waterfall was the critical part. It glowed different colors: deep golden yellow to reddish amber (from charged to drained, respectively)."

Image #2: What's with Iapetus?
Backstory: Welcome to Iapetus, one of Saturn's many moons, but this one is arguably the strangest. Besides looking like the Death Star, it has an equatorial ridge that implies that this is an artificial object. What’s going on here? If it’s artificial, who built it?

What Lynn Saw
"This IS strange. I get this image of two halves being put together, and of it opening it up, like a PacMan mouth, and all these ships coming out. It's an ET base. I hear the phrase, 'hiding in plain sight.' The Avian ETs David Wilcock talked about are somehow tied to this. [You should all listen to that one; its three hours but well worth it.] There's an internal base and when the time is right, the mouth will open and ships will come out." Da-da then asked about Saturn's rings. "I get that it's made up of some shaped crystal chunks from something like Superman's 'Fortress of Solitude' that used to be there, but now it's all smashed."

Image #3: The Pied Piper of Hamlin
Backstory: The Pied Piper. An old story that may or may not have involved rats and missing children. What’s the real source of this legend?

What Lynn Saw
"I get a conflict when I try to view this. There's a dark story associated with this. I never really thought about this being dark, but there's something ominous about this. There's a hero and a villain involved, but it's the same person. I keep getting references to childhood games, like you go in the bathroom on Halloween and do the 'Bloody Mary' mirror thing. This guy was a hero, but then people intentionally began to see him as a villain. He was trying to do good (he actually rid the town of rats), but then the town turned on him, refused to pay up, and turned him into a villain. He then became synonymous with the boogieman. Parents would say, "Do your chores or the Pied Piper will get you." He did what he was supposed to do, but then became vengeful when the town failed to pay him. Then they made up this story about him to cover up their own reneging on the contract. [Sounds familiar.] They villainized him for doing good, and made up this story about taking the kids away, but it's not true. It became a fairy tale. He just wanted payment for what he did, but the parents and the townspeople kept the fairytale alive."

Image #4: Your Basic Portal
Backstory: This is what looks to be a portal a guy found in a photograph taken in the Netherlands. He didn’t see the object until he looked at his camera. Real or reflection?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that that is indeed a portal. And I get that a video would've shown a ship coming into earth's atmosphere. It's an entry portal. I can't get a clear answer on who this is, perhaps because I'm not supposed to know, or perhaps because there are simply SO MANY ETs coming and going that my mind simply cannot select out this one instance out of the zillions."

Image #5. The Mind-boggling Worth of "White Spiritual Boy"
Backstory: There are hundreds of bank accounts, worldwide, under strange names — and with even stranger amounts of money in them. This one, “White Spiritual Boy” has well over something like 10 decillion dollars on deposit in hundreds of banks. Is this real? If so, who does this account belong to? And will this money ever be redistributed to the masses like some people claim? (Da-da has his doubts.)

What Lynn Saw
"I do not see this ever being redistributed to the masses. I do get that all this money belong to the British Monarchy; it's old money that's been gathered forever. No one has as much money as they do. They have gold-lined tombs beneath the castle. That's why you see the Queen's signature there. How much money? I want to use the word "googol" [the root word that Google used for their name] for the amount. They're hoarding and gobbling up money like crazy. It's hidden and dispersed very intelligently, segmented out all over all the members of the monarchy. They have 10^100 amount of money [or ten thousand sexdecillion British pounds]. Really, I see the monarchy has a near-infinite amount of money. It's all so hidden and partitioned off that no one will ever be able to retrieve it who doesn't own it." Austerity, indeed. "As for why 'White Spiritual Boy'? It's a play on words -- but I can't tell what that is."

Da-da note:

To further demonstrate the size of this number, let's look at a googol. It's...


or a ONE with 100 zeroes after it, like this:


If they gave the 6.8 billion people on earth just 1% of this money to divide amongst ourselves, we would all have $10^88 in our bank accounts. Makes money almost meaningless... which it is. Why people worship royalty is beyond Da-da.


AND NOW, the BONUS pic for this special anniversary edition...

BONUS: Who was Spring-heeled Jack?
Backstory: The infamous entity known as, "Spring-heeled Jack" was first sighted in England in 1837, and lastly in 1904, and has since spawned countless plays and books, pamphlets and articles throughout historical geekdom. Here's a snippet from an excellent write-up on Horrorpedia:

"Spring-heeled Jack was described by people who claimed to have seen him as having a terrifying and frightful appearance, with diabolical physiognomy, clawed hands, and eyes that “resembled red balls of fire”. One report claimed that, beneath a black cloak, he wore a helmet and a tight-fitting white garment like an oilskin. Many stories also mention a “Devil-like” aspect. Others said he was tall and thin, with the appearance of a gentleman. Several reports mention that he could breathe out blue and white flames and that he wore sharp metallic claws at his fingertips. At least two people claimed that he was able to speak comprehensible English.” He could apparently leap great heights over walls, and walk on the edges of things no one else could.

Just like the Pied Piper, the lore surrounding Spring-heeled Jack was also used by Victorian parents as their own local boogeyman, inducing fear in children who weren't behaving in a proper Victorian manner (that is to say, failing to remain invisible).

So, who was Spring-heeled Jack? Real entity or gentleman-trickster? Or was this perhaps a few accounts of general shenanigans blown into a larger newspaper-selling ploy?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that this is a lower-dimensional being that was here. He didn't interact with humans, but was a very low-level vibrational entity that was here, that people sometimes saw. He defied gravity as he wasn't bound by our physical laws [kinda like mothman].When he manifested himself, he was able to appear here, but then shift quickly into darkness. Very dark, very menacing. He had the mentality of someone in a mental institution."

Wow. Check, please. Join us Friday-after-next for episode #12!


razi09 said...

And to think the Queen never paid taxes until recent pressure and embarrassment. No shame when some have no clean water systems. I mean really.

Good post. I'm always amazed at the number of vibrantly active portals there once were on this planet.

Thank you.

Bee E-lightened said...

Another reason why i dislike the "royals"/reptilians so much. Who can be honest, kind human being with that amt of $?? They can eradicate hungger and poverty vut refuse. Money corrupts. I call them welfare recipients - they do nothing to better humanity but sit and collect other countries resources. Steal and rob to hv that amt of money. Good thing we cannot take it with you once you die. I respect death bc it is the greatest equalizer!!!

AS said...

The irony is that if your in poor health it makes no difference how much money you have. There really is no price on vibrant health and having love all around you.

A Man Called Da-da said...

What's most interesting to Da-da re: the monarchy-googol-moolah thing is that there can be no more secrets. That monarchy "secret" was one that people have no doubt been killed over across the centuries, but now here it is for the world to see. This is no doubt part of what will one day be known as the "Disclosure Era". Basically, this one example shows that, no matter how well you hide something, a good psychic can see right through you. It's a glimpse into the future of humanity. We're a lot more special than most people realize. And since we're all ONE, one cosmic connected spirit, we all share the same Mind, so anyone sensitive enough can SEE all info from all of time, all the way back to before the Big Bang. (Yes, you were around before then.)

Btw, Da-da doesn't think Lynn will mind, so here's what she told Da-da after he asked again about the name "white spiritual boy":

"I was getting something more like there is an ET that's all white, so white they glow white... (Anunnaki??) The monarchy feels they need this money to pay him off for all the wrong doings. Like bribe money to move on because they know they cannot move on as they are. They are awaiting his return, and have yet to see him. I know it sounds out there, but that is what is coming to me..."

Too many secrets.


P.S. Now for a little Da-da Disclosure. This is probably Da-da's last third-person post (unless he lapses back into it accidently). Da-da's third book is coming out next week (parentingfail humor and weirdness) with his real name on it -- and an explanation of why he used the third person, as well as the name "da-da" -- so it seems silly to go on with this third-person thing. It was useful for a time. -g.

SkyeGirl said...

On a slightly different note Lynn, what is your opinion on Hakan Nordkvist? He has apparently experienced time travel! Many thanks for your fascinating posts x

Ryno said...

Random question but still a little relevant I think. I have noticed a ringing in my ears when I sometimes read this blog along with other times when I am reading other material searching for "truth." It also happens when I start thinking of what I have learned and try to make some bit of semblance out of the bigger picture. Is this ringing like a "ding, ding, ding, getting a little warmer" or just like a sign I need to clean out my ears, listen to my music to loud, etc...?

John Casey said...

Another excellent series! So much to think about. Thanks!

Raymond G said...

I have seen the reference to running water and free energy several times. I wonder how it all relates and how long it will take to figure it out. I still think that everything we need to know about it can be found in Home Depot and Lowe's if we just knew 'what goes where.'

Bee E-lightened said...

I always say the Universe keeps no secrets esp dirty ones. We are spinning in the open in the middle of nowhere. No secrets can be hidden.

They Live said...

Are E.T.s that come here granted "clearance" to do so while others are not i.e. the ones the reptilians want to keep out? Are we the ones who subconsciously grant who can visit and who cannot?
Random share about portals, I dreamt I went through a portal in the sky which led to another sky where that sky was a lighter blue and had smaller clouds. I floated down from the portal and landed on a tropical island with happy people. It seemed like a place in the Caribbean, I want to say Jamaica. It was so cool :-)
Love and blessings always!

Robert Schoen said...

@ Da-Da, Very interested in learning about your new book and moniker! As far as all that British Moolah, I always thought we were still a colony. Look at all the British actors playing Americans in movies.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Ryno ~ That's what I call, "the beacon":

It's an invitation.

@RobertSchoen ~ I'll leave a little note in this comments section when it happens. Nothing splashy, as this is Lynn's blog.

And we ARE still a colony, when you see that much moolah. It's mind-boggling.

Michelle Liesch said...

Excellent post Lynn and Da-Da! - thankyou.
Ryno .. I too have the ringing in the ears or head as Da-da mentions. Mine though comes from either side. I was told the left is for 'false' and the 'right' is for truth. Let me say, it really works on me! If I'm having a unsure thought on something, 'they' sometimes let me know by giving me this ringing sound. I'm not asking for the truth or false, they've just kindly surprised me with it. Other times, if I speak or think incorrect info (unintentionaly I might add!) it goes off on the left side .. 'Oh, I'm sorry...thanks for correcting me!' ..LOL

razi09 said...

I wonder how many know the monarchy isn't the real one, it was hijacked. The bloodline has been traced to a man, a nice normal family, living in Australia. They don't know how blessed they are to have escaped. How long will the people have that if they knew instead of idolizing fakers parading around in costumes and tiaras? It's nuts.

Anonymous said...

I get a loud high pitched sound in one of my ears but it goes away pretty quickly. I also experience what I call a brain zap. It's like my brain and eyes vibrate. It knocks me off kilter a bit for a second or two. Does anyone else experience this?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Everyone: Thanks for all the great comments. These sessions are always fun! Thanks also goes out to Dada for helping do these!

@SkyeGirl: I need to think on this. That sounds like a good question for a posting.

@Ryno, Michelle and Diane: The ringing is like your subconscious waking up.. Many people I have talked to experience this when they go through a subconscious connected awakening. It is a good thing (even though it may be annoying).

@They Live: To some extent the ETs that come and go need “permission.” That is why it is so important that our collective consciousness come together to allow the ones that want to help us in (they won’t get permission from the Reptilians).

@Dada: Please do let us know. I am happy to help spread the word when your book is out.

@razi09: Once people start to wake up on a larger scale, the power end rather quickly. There will be a shift, and once the “veil” is lifted, I see truth exploding..

kirtan gajjar said...

As others have mentioned, even i hear the ringing sound in my ears. However, it fades away when i shift my focus on something else, and gets louder if i focus on it.

Btw @Da-Da how just a question, how do you know its a call? have you been told this? and which are your previous two books?

samferina said...

wow thankyou lynn and dada these pics are incredible and I always enjoy hearing about legends and stories that I never knew about. Its very intriguing.

whitelite 1111 said...

The brain zap happens to me. I'll have to pay more attention to what's going on around me when it happens! I thought there was something wrong with me

John Casey said...

Question on the portal in the photo. According to several sources, the solar system at large and the earth both are under a "no-fly" order. Nothing in or out. So does that mean this portal is being used by the Blue Avians? Or has the no-fly order been changed?

They Live said...

The monarchy paying an alien in order to move on (spiritually I'm guessing) is like when people pay their church to receive favors and blessings, see how it all trickles down to how humans do things.
@Lynn many thanks for answering our questions :-)

AS said...

I wonder why "Queen Alexandra Elizabeth Mary" is crossed out and above it is written "Elizabeth R."

PimpMyBrain said...

Thanks again Lynn and Da-da !

For Lapetus, a big spacial base...tied with the Avians, so maybe an old one of them, maybe now used by the Secret Space Program Alliance and Solar WArden. Things start to be really crazy and exciting on this part !

For the "Natural wireless beacon battery" is just a picture i check few time ago... again, Da-da brings in it !

@John Cassey, depend when the picture was taken. Before or after the early blocus of the BA and Solar Warden ? Corey Goode state that use portal is still possible in the solar system, but dangerous with the energetic flood, destabilizing them. In a view of the royal white reptilian seems stuck on earth, yes all transports seem blocked without "permission" of BA and SPP alliance (if what say Corey Goode is right !)

mariemccahery said...

Regarding the money in the bank accounts
These massive amounts of money in the bank for whoever is ultimately meaningless. It is just digital, like the trillions invented by the Fed to save the banks. These amounts of money cannot be let into the real economy as it would destroy the currency and would soon be rendered worthless. Also ownership of money deposited in a bank transfers to the bank and would be lost if the bank goes bankrupt (except for the government insured amounts). Derivatives and such have a higher priority.

Billionaires don't keep most of their money digitally in banks, they invest it in assets-shares, land, precious metals whatever. This keeps the ownership of the wealth in their possession. I'm sure the British Monarchy which is called "the Crown" when it comes to possessions and which apparently is different from the Queen personally, own tremendous amounts of land and precious metals and I wish we could become a republic and have all these possessions revert to the government as is supposed to be the case as "the Crown" is not the monarch or her family, but the state. And "the Crown" possessions are hers only in her capacity as monarch, if she abdicated she cannot take them with her(remember Edward VII had to give everything up). There is a grey area of the many gifts she has been given over the years, were they to her personally, or her position?

Either way, this massive amount of digital money and the corresponding charges the bank makes does not make sense when you think about the monetary system and how banks create money out of nothing when they issue debt. Also money can be anything two parties agree it to be, but legal tender must be used if no other agreement is reached to stop a claimant suing.

Why should an alien entity be at all interested in this digital money, these zeros and ones on our, to them, primitive computers?? I could understand if they were interested in certain elements they needed, maybe gold or coltan or another element necessary to them. But digital bank money?????

I can totally get that the monarchy might have massive amounts of hidden gold and other precious metals, not known to the accountants of "the Crown" but cannot understand why they would have such large amounts of digital bank money.
I would really appreciate some more clarity on this.

Bee E-lightened said...

@Marie Great questions/points raised

Anonymous said...

@Marie, Amazing post! You make so much sense. Can't digital money be turned into, gold, property etc. At least until someone catches on. It's also a good front. A way to manipulate those that have no clue as to whats really going on.

Anonymous said...

I think most of the money is hidden not in banks
Maybe a pay off when disclosure happens who knows

Anonymous said...

@whitelite 1111, I'm so glad I'm not alone. It's scary! Repeating numbers, oh yeah...for years.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but wonder if the zapping may also be trying to keep me off track. Which would mean, I'm on the right, I hope. I would love to know what you think Lynn.

A Man Called Da-da said...

FYI, the R in "Elizabeth R" stands for "Regent." That is, MONARCH.

And yes, at this point, it's just a word, no matter how much illusory money you might have.

A Man Called Da-da said...

And @Marie: awesome comment.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@John: As the consciousness changes, (and I get the time limit has expired regarding the portals), we are going to see more and more action regarding these portals.

@marie: I do see it could be converted into assets, but when the time comes (and they feel it is soon, and have felt that way for a long time) they want to be able to hand it over like a gift. They can’t hand over houses or businesses, but they can hand over cash (and I do get they have a LOT of gold too) to these beings. In their way of thinking, money is the symbol of power and worth above all else. Yes, it can be liquidated from other sources, but when the time is right, there is an urgency to have it immediately (like having your suitcase packed and ready to go to the hospital when you are 9 months pregnant).

@Diane: You are not alone with the buzzing and ringing in your ears. Many people experience this as they being to think outside the box.

Icq girl said...

What kind of ET would be interested in a symbol of power (or the power itself?)? Are the royals trading all this money to save their souls? Does money exist if it isn't backed by or realistically tradable with resources? Can anything be bought with a googol of money? That's probably more money than all the resources on Earth.

AS said...

Hi All ~ Speaking of repeating numbers, I have been seeing number patterns especially the number 11 or 47 since around 2007. They appear constantly, sometimes up to 10 to 15 times a day. Everywhere. The car odometer, sales receipts, TV, car license plates driving by, anywhere there are numbers. I have two odometers in my car, sometimes I'll see 2345 on bottom, and 1111 on top, at the same time. I started taking photos of every time this happens, and I have over 1000 or more pictures. I wake up in the middle of the night and it never fails, a number pattern. One day I saw (on the clock) 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 and 5:55 all in the same day. It even happens when I'm at others homes and even so when the clock is off correct time. This happens all day, everyday, and hasn't let up since around 2007 when I started witnessing it.

The enlightened one said...

@ AS 11 is a highly spiritual number, and is associated with hardships and trouble that in the end are transformed into lifechanging lessons and spiritual wisdom, and the power to manifest a more positive reality. 47 is similar to 11 because if you would write these numbers with a nine-based number system, they would both end with a 2-digit.

The numbers 4 and 7 combined refers to ancient wisdom or mental and spiritual strength and discipline.

@ Lynn. You are saying that ETs cannot come here unless given permission by us. How is such a permission given, can it be done using telepathy? Like sending out a thought "I invite all benevolent aliens to come here"?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@The enlightened one: They need our collective conscious permission to come here... Once they left they sort of "gave up" their rights to us here, but they can come back if we allow it.

AS said...

Thank you Enlightened One!! I truly appreciate it. A hug and Love and Light to you.