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The Beatles and Paul McCartney and more... In Depth Q & A) Part II

Q.When the big news of the “Paul is dead” clues on their album songs erupted in September 1969, did that spell the beginning of the end of the Beatles as a group? Did his fans subconsciously absorb this was true?
A. It was the beginning of the end.. It was like a huge secret that they were tired of bearing.  The guy replacing Paul disliked it very much, but was terrified to do anything about it.. The group also disliked it, but fear kept them quiet- the only power they had was in the form of a passive aggressive approach (through their photos and music).  

The fans did subconsciously know- the energy was off and their music evoked different feelings... I see the color red (which takes me to the root chakra), and from that I get this sense of intense emotion (almost like an intense aggression) and the people felt it too.

Q. The fact that the second Paul has embodied this persona twice as long as the original seems truly karmic. In some ways the replacement’s story is more remarkable than the original’s in that it is much harder to fill someone else’s shoes so completely and he seems to have proven own his music credentials many times over. Does the real Paul work through him? Has he been blackmailed over the years, such as by his ex Heather Mills?
A. As I connect to this, the "real" Paul actually feels sorry for the second Paul because the second one is living the life that the first was doomed to carry out.  Being someone your are not, and being scared to do anything about it was a very difficult life.  He got fame and fortune, but there was an inner integrity that was crushed- he was very depressed and did his best to hide it.  
Was he blackmailed? The only blackmail was from the power that be... I don't see any people doing it- most that new were either angry at the situation but too afraid to speak up, or felt sorry for this guy- I get an emotion of compassion toward him- his life was very difficult.

Q. I’ve seen compelling visual evidence that Pope Paul IV was substituted by a lookalike actor during the later part of his papacy. The Saddam Hussein that was supposedly captured in 2004 was not him, according to his wife. If so, the creation of doubles seems to some sort of standard practice in high end secret service type operations. What are some other instances of notable people who have been replaced by lookalikes that the public never knew about?
A.  There have been many doubles in history- I see Putin using a double now. Hitler used one at the end to aid in his escape.  

Many times stories are held, and it isn't a double, but rather video trickery in which the truth of a death isn't relayed, such as in the instance they claimed to have shot Bin Laden- I get he died several years prior do due a chronic medical condition relating to his abdomen.  This happens so often that there are too many to document in this reading..  

Q. Many have speculated that Yoko Ono was a negative and controlling influence on John. Was she some kind of agent sent to keep him in line? She was said to have first tried to go after Paul’s replacement before she got to John. I see her as dark, but is she?
A.  I keep getting flashes of the show The Americans in which someone (a spy) dresses up to pretend they are someone they are not to influence, guide or extract information from an unsuspecting person.  Then I see that when she was brought into the new Paul's life, he didn't realize that she was really there to watch over him and report back to someone higher (like a spy) as to what he was doing and if the new Paul was "playing the game."  When Paul realized who and what she was doing, it started some kind of battle between the two of them, and that hurt their relationship.  He really cared about her, and was devastated.   

Q. George Harrison was the real spiritual heart of the Beatles. What was the purpose behind the seeming mind controlled attacker who broke into his house and nearly stabbed him to death in December 1999, almost twenty years after Lennon’s murder?
A. I get that he knew too much- as if he actually saw a face or a name of one of the powers that be... I get that these "powers" really were (and still are) smart and hiding by working through other people and rarely showing their true face to anyone. (I keep getting images of the movie Eyes Wide Shut where these powerful rich people are dressed in robes and masks).  George Harrison got a peek at someone that he wasn't suppose to see.

Rock music has had a long history of tragic deaths, the “27 Club,” those who died at that age, includes Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse among many others. What is the story behind these deaths and is there a common link to them and what happened to the Beatles?
A.  These readings really deserve their own reading.  I am happy to look at these in a future session.  

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  Love and light-


mobius CDXX said...

Thank you so much for this reading. Ah his life must be an everyday endless paaiinn!! First ur made to live entirely of somone you arent . Memorize various history thats not you. Then to top it off the one you grow to trust his wife..or pauls wife is a double agent!! Has no one :(..such strength to have endured and never cracked..amazing..

Robert Schoen said...

What an awesome read, Lynn. Even though all this time has passed I'm still fascinated by the whole notion that someone so public as Paul could be switched without the whole world picking up on it. It must mass hypnosis or a tribe mentality thing.

When you say Yoko was sent to keep tabs on Paul, did that go for her relation with John as well? Was she involved in Lennon's shooting?

Were any of their songs ever ghost written after Paul's death?

Blimpy Peach said...

Was this the reason behind john Lennon murder? Was he about to reveal some truths so they had to take him out too? I also read that john had first hand encounters with ETs shortly before his death.
The fake Paul McCartney always seems to carry a sense of sadness to him, I feel sorry for him if he was forced into living this life of lies and truth must be eating at him.

They Live said...

Thank you for another great reading! In reference to the "27 Club" their deaths were ritualistic in nature, like just about all the deaths these powers are behind. I read 9 represents an ending of a cycle/phase 2+7=9 The victims also tend to be Mk'd (mind controlled) slaves.

Hannon said...

I'd like to know who Harrison came across, kinda sort of, but not really :-)

Hannon said...

@ They live

The question for me, isn't if they're weird murder rituals, but why they do them in ritual form. It's very strange to me, and it seems very inefficient, as if the complexity of a highly detailed ritualized murder would involve more work that could lead to more evidence trails. I wonder where they even come up with this stuff, for me to hurt someone outside of a heat of the moment conflict of some kind seems so alien to my mind, but to sit there and think that level of detail into it, is kind of mind blowing.

Watchand Knock said...

@diotima-five agreed!
Bringing somebody from Down Under or Canada and make him speak & use the Liverpool slang terms... And about all the song rights on his compositions ahead of his (supposedly untimely) death. Nobody from his family laid claim to that $? And did a good looking guy like he was has had no girlfriend at that time that certainly would have cried out loud if soemthing like this deadly accident really had happened? (gossip journalism not really a third milenia invention).. NO WAY inmho. And problems between band members and respective girl-boy-friends are not really rare in the Rockn&Rol biz.

Addendum: “On May 15, 1967, the then-Linda Eastman met McCartney at a Georgie Fame concert at the Bag”… AND SHE DID NOT NOTICE THAT HER FUTURE HUSBAND HAD CHANGED AFTER 69….? (

A Man Called Da-da said...

Indeed, those ritualistic "27" deaths often seemed to occur during the occult, "13 days of the fire god (April 19-May 1)" or of course 10/31.

Interesting that Lynn did the reading she did. Da-da just finished reading... *Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream.*

So many sadly deranged brothers insist on taking the LOOOOONG path to salvation. But they'll get there, eventually. Even Da-da used to be a horrendous and horrifying troll before the dawn of history (that was before he changed deodorants).

Watchand Knock said...

Hahaha! although not very much a friend of Dadaism a certain man made me smile. If being a troll is questioning things that at first sight look a little simplified (which might turn out to be a misinterpretation on mi side) maybe I am one? Maybe your comment was not ment for me, but even if it was it may fit to a certain extent. But the troll tag doe not stick because, one can say that english is not my fortress which is true, but those who have one leg also reach their destiny although not that elegantly as others. But one has to admit that to this moment nobody questioned my points and those presented by @diotima5, and we certainly have some. Presenting points is part of every discussion which is favoured by Lynn, who certainly has a wonderfull gift, I'm not saying this to try to move over to the irrestrict applause part of the audience, but I know it from my personal experience. Nevertheless questioning is part of any investigation and I'm trying to present her my genuine feedback. For sure she is a unique and gifted talent (and I really know it from inumerous (many of them done graciously without charges and long waiting) private sessions, but when I started reading the first post on this subject it did not reasonate that well and I decided to do my own research following my intuition. The result is the points presented and not questioned so far. One may rotulate it as trolling (instead of doing a counter research which certainly would bring other support or contrary evidence which I might have failed to present).

YourPsychicFocus said...

@mobius: I felt the same way. I had this sadness, and I picked up that the real Paul was very sad for this situation too (not angry, or vengeful, but very sad)…

@Robert: I don’t get she did the shooting, but she knew it was coming. She was very in the loop. I do get some songs were ghost written- like they came through in forms of unexplainable inspiration.

@Blimpy: I do get Lennon knew something and he wanted to go public (he knew instantly that Paul wasn’t Paul). Yoko kept talking him down time after time, and Lennon was just sick of it.

I do thank you all for the comments. It is a lot to think on. I appreciate you all taking the time to share info and ideas.

RFK Pope said...

@Lynn- I've often pondered the fans of the Beatles, crying, screaming and seemingly losing their minds. Were the P-T-B using psychotronic and electromagnetic frequency weapons on the crowds to drive their emotional response?

AS said...

Hi Lynn ~ Does that mean that the "mockumentary" The Last Testament of George Harrison is actually disinformation, that yes Paul did die, but how it happened was really different than the movie states? Was the story of the movie really done by George, or did PTB set it up. Some of the facts in the movie didn't add up, i.e., Heather Mills can't possibly be Rita (or was she) and Linda Eastman was blackmailing Paul to marry her or she would tell the truth? Who did the album covers? They're so full of symbolism, they seem like they were done by a whole team of people rather than just the Beatles themselves. And some of the facts stated in the movie seem so bizarre that I can see how it would turn off people entirely in order to discredit the Paul is Dead idea and then think the whole thing is fake and ridiculous. (?)
Thank you Lynn.

Robert Schoen said...

@AS: I saw that mockumentary and thought it was clever and fairly well made and entertaining, but unintentionally funny at the same time. It had some interview material I hadn't before.

The way I see it, most people feel the idea Paul was replaced is completely stupid, but for those who see the obvious, they created a "fallback" myth he dies in a car crash,and that the new Paul won a lookalike contest ect.

What Lynn read about Paul being taken out because he didn't want to go along with the program seems the truth, which is a lot more disturbing. That film just parrots the "fallback" story and doesn't bring anything new. It also doctored real interviews with George to make him as "Faul" when he really said Paul. And no, he didn't tape record the confession after being stabbed. The fact they made that up as the story line premise is the funniest part of the movie!

Kiranasa said...

"For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible."

Fantastic Fox said...

In my opinion, the only real conspiracy has always been John's death. I think that his killer was under some kind of an influence, but what would have been the reason to kill John? It's not like he was doing anything major at the time. Did the book The Catcher in the Rye have a special meaning?

For some reason I have a hard time believing that the real Paul is dead, but I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

@RFK Pope...I was in the audience at 3 Beatles concerts in England in the early 60's...I never heard a note cos of the screaming...if the PTB were using psychotronic weapons etc, they didnt work on me.. I didnt scream and I was furious with the screamers for stopping me from hearing the band...!

@WatchandKnock...I appreciate the support but we appear to be outnumbered! I lived in Liverpool in the late 60;s, I know people who knew Paul as a teenager, I know Liverpool people, they are almost a distinct ethnic group....many in Liverpool to this day, will tell you, Im not English, Im Liverpudlian...its a one-off kinda place!The idea of an Australian doubling the life of a world famous Liverpudlian is ridiculous...
I do admit Ive never researched this...what year is it supposed to have happened?
Whenever it was, the evolution of Paul's songwriting is seamless, nobody could have gone from what the early Paul wrote to what the later Paul wrote, except Paul, I dont believe its humanly possible..

love and peace ( as we hippies used to say )... steven

YourPsychicFocus said...

@RFK: I actually didn’t get that.. I get that there were subliminal messages encoded in the albums, but I don’t see the live performances using that technique.

@AS and Robert: I didn’t see the mockumentary, that you for touching on it Robert.

@Kiranasa: That is such a great quote! Thank you!

@Fantastic Fox: I was surprised at the reading myself- I just go with my thoughts and things just kept coming. I too think there was something behind John’s death, and Yoko knew it was coming… Just feels so dark.

@Steven: Thank you for your comments. I really do appreciate all perspectives.

Watchand Knock said...

@diotima5 Thanks! I wish I could have been present to these concerts but I was able to watch this statement, laden with genuine British Humour, where Paul speaks about his own death. (BTW, so much is known about the death/assasination of Lady Diana in 1997 despite the strong surveillance. Pauls supposed death event, due a car accident in 1969 is 30 years older, and nothing came to daylight for a simple reason: it didn't happen)

They Live said...

Because the industry is one big occultic society and if you want a certain level of fame and fortunes you must join, if you want out or if you do somehing the controllers don't like then you're "taken care of," their way.There are ways of leaving without harm which is to fade away silently into the background. Meaning one isn't constantly trying to stay in the limelight and is somewhat forgotten by the general public. Kurt Cobain wrote that in his "suicide" note- " It's better to burn out then fade away."

razi09 said...

Then why did Ringo Starr in 2014 say in an interview, "Paul did die? They were afraid and emotional. They put numerous clues in their music. The new Paul was meant for a short time but it stayed. He had good talent but could never get along with John, at all. Ringo doesn't want the truth to die with him".

Pretty astonishing. I've always had a lot of respect for Ringo. He could justifiably yell from the rooftops, "I was a f-----g BEATLE!!! but he's stayed humble living a sound life. Seems they've all been stalked for a lifetime. They were very young where no police or parents could help them. It's awful.

Rainbow Warrior said...

There are a number of conspiracies so grand and so heinous that many people just cannot wrap their heads around them. However, what people tend to forget is that these perpetrators are the darkest of evil and have every possible resource at their disposal. There are technologies that exist that we aren't even aware of and much of our history is a lie. Humans are the toddlers of the universe and we have only recently begun clearing the fog of our ignorance.

Laura Rocío Farfán Cabrera said...

Dear Lyyn,

PLEASE make a reading on Brian Jones death (of the Rolling Stones). He was found death floating on his swimming pool at his home.

1. Was he murdered or was it a suicide?
2. He often seemed very sad at his last days, and got out of the group 1 year before his death, although he was the one who created the group. He seemed to have a bad relationship with his band mates. Was he betrayed by his own friends?
3. Why didn't Mick and Keith go to his funeral? Did this have something to do with his death?
4. Is is said that Brian at his last days was completely on drugs, came late in concert, was that the "real" reason why he got out of the Rolling Stones?
5. Could you see someone from the Rolling Stones being replaced as Paul?

Thank you Lynn!

John said...

I connect with Paul's death on some deep level. The first time I heard the theory I knew it was true, even though I had seen no evidence at that point. I get very strong impressions of things sometimes. There is a dark energy surrounding Paul's death. It was no accident.