Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Germanwings A320 Plane Crash

Q. Hi Lynn, Could you please do a quick reading on Germanwings A320 plane crash in French Alps. Looks odd to have so many planes falling recently.

A. As I tune into this I see myself sitting in the cockpit and staring out into the sky.  The weather looks fine (nice actually).  Things feel calms, it has the "feel" of a normal flight.  Then as the plane nears the mountains I see this image of the air being different- I want to use the word thin.  It is as if they approach a patch of air that was so thin (or lacking of substance) that it could not hold the plane afloat, and I see jerks in altitude, much like going down steps in an elevator.  At this time they sent in a message that they were in trouble.

I see the pilots were quick to respond (looks like a high level of competence even though very shaken), but they could not get the plane to "float" in that current air condition. I don't see any kind of fire or explosion with the normal engines, BUT there was some motor (or engine/backup/plan??) they used to try to pull the plane through this area of air, and I see that there was some kind of mechanical failure with this equipment (I get the feel this motor/mechanical device isn't something frequently used.  Then I get the analogy that it was like pulling your backup parachute and finding it tangled in knots).  They then found themselves in this "strange air" with no feasible plan to escape.  

I see the media will broadcast this as tragic, and then add a fear spin to it.  They will try to tie to it terror or to ISIS (and ISIS likes the negative publicity because it just gives strength to this cause).  In reality, it was a horrible situation followed by a mechanical issue that led to this crash.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Much love and light to these families-


A Man Called Da-da said...

Lynn, when you say the air was thin, was there something else there instead of air? Another gas perhaps, like methane?

leslie Lucci said...

Why was the plane even near the Alps when it could have flown a straight course from Barcelona, Spain to Dusseldorf, Germany without having to go anywhere near the Alps?

siketa said...

@leslie: This is normal route because there is lots of air traffic above Europe.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Dada: The air did feel odd. I cannot say it was methane.. The strange thing is that it felt like an absence of air or a normal atmosphere (I know that sounds odd)- it was like a blank space or somthing altered. There wasn't any substance to the air that the plane could travel on or through... In the past when there is methane, I have smelled it, but I didn't get any odor- it was just different. I need to think on that part more and see what was going on with it.

@leslie and siketa: The flight path didn't seem odd to me.. Nothing pulled me in that direction.

KC said...

Reports that this was near CERN. Wondering if that had anything to do with it.

leslie Lucci said...

Was this crash and subsequent death for all on the plane part of the sole's contract for all the departed?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Hm. Could the wobble be a REAL wobble, where the mountain ranges are occasionally puncturing the earth's air envelope? That could create a no-air turbulence around planetary obstacles like mountain ranges. That blue band of atmosphere around our planet is incredible thing -- it's called The Thin Bue Line. If this is the case, the authorites need to not only warn all the airlines of the world, they need to monitor the atmosphere in a different way. It might show up as an unusually cold air mass, but in actuality there's virtually no air there. What a weird problem.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Oh, wait. Wasn't there some gas that you saw coming out of the ground that was making all those people in that one country sleep? Bosnia? Hungary? Could that be coming up out of the ground? Different gases have different specific gravities, so pressure differences caused by wing design wouldn't make enough lift to keep the planes up. Same thing happens to boats in water with bubbling methane or CO2 blooms: they sink like a rock.

siketa said...

I think Cassiopaeans said that this will happen more often.....something about energy vortexes....

Astrolofting said...

i googled CERN and saw the word "black hole". Could it be a black hole/vortex there sucking all the air in that area? There's always concern about the LHC creating black holes.

Elodie Lager said...

I live right by the Cern, it is built underground. It is surrounded by Geneva airport. The plane started descending above Toulon, which is about 1 hour away by plane. There is no link whatsover to the Cern.

Lisa said...

Witnesses did report fighter jets which escorted the plane. Did they respond to the mayday call of the pilots but could not help?

Were important people on this flight as Jimstone.is is suggesting?

A Man Called Da-da said...

FYI, CERN will not be allowed to do anything that will harm anyone or the planet. It's a non-issue.

Elodie Lager said...

I read air control sent 1 fighter jet and 1 helicopter when the plane stopped responding to radio checks. It seems there's a military base close by + Marseille is 2nd biggest city in France + Monaco is close by + there are nuclear power plants. If the plane was in distress, it might have needed to be guided? (or shot down?)

Jacob Hollar said...

Check the Steve Fossett case. The phenomenon which you are describing about the air has been explained. Has to do with sharp changes in terrain from mountain to valley. Creates a very forceful wave that move up and down and has to do with air density as well. If Iyou get caught in a downdraf tthat exceeds your engines ability to climb. Crash

Raymond G said...


I am not trying to sharpshoot you, but would that be relevant for a plane flying at 38k feet doing 500mph ?

Steve Fossett was flying in a small plane, perhaps a single engine and he was only 20 miles or so from home. So he was probably flying very low and very slow.

An A320 (or any jumbo jet) can overcome extremely high winds and adverse conditions. There is very little in common with a jumbo jet and a small aircraft.

Jacob Hollar said...

Check the Steve Fossett case. The phenomenon which you are describing about the air has been explained. Has to do with sharp changes in terrain from mountain to valley. Creates a very forceful wave that move up and down and has to do with air density as well. If Iyou get caught in a downdraf tthat exceeds your engines ability to climb. Crash

Lisa said...

I heard that the pilotes did not communicate in the 8 minutes of the distress. That is a long time...

The question is, why?
Were they occupated too much with the problem?

Elodie Lager said...

It's shocking, until there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for it... For example the Air France Paris-Rio flight crashed in 3:30 mins(with no distress call either I think?). And that was just the pilots panicking and the plane stalling.

YourPsychicFocus said...

I am unable to comment in your blog but I think this crash may be a webbot hit.
Clif was a year out in his forecast.
Fits with your seeing no air.

Here's my notes of Clif High's wujo of 8 Dec 2013

Wujo 8 Dec13
5:30 min
Expansion [of planet] may be close to being over in terms of the inner core but it will take time for this to manifest so we'll be seeing the effects of the expansion process

Jet streams may get to the point where they join at the equator

Continuation of the wild and wooly for some time
Will be very long winter
Spring may be delayed across most of N hemisphere till late May
Ist indication that calendar changed - we've shifted back from the sun.
Intense and very strange weather until May before anything close to a spring occurs Some exceptions
Floods, winds, deluges (these may end up as ice storms)
Floods may be tidal surges

10:30 mins
The collision of the opposing jet streams is a necessary part of our shift backwards relative to the sun and the expansion of the planet and other interesting manifestations.
It's going to be relatively nasty in terms of its impact and may even impact chemtrails, planes and air traffic because it will create these giant areas of micro-bursts and strange vortex areas in the upper atmosphere as well as pockets of much lower pressure.
So planes will be flying along and then suddenly drop because of the air density They get into a pocket of very dense air which will slow them down all of a sudden Or they get into a pocket of virtual vacuum and they will just sort of fall until they hit some other air. Some of them will not do well
There's going to be at least one in our data It took us a long time to understand what the data was describing. Then I went and did some research about atmospheric oddities over the past few centuries.
Now I understand what we're looking at, or what the data was attempting to describe, I think There's always a huge margin for error on this. I think what it is describing is a situation where the countervailing or the counter-directional pushes of the jet stream create these pockets of virtual vacuum
And in at least one instance, we're going to have a crash of an airplane where the wings will be found 100% separated from the fuselage and many miles away. Basically the plane is going to be flying along; it will hit one of these pockets of null/void air so light as to be near vacuum.
This one will be quite large.
The airplane will fall some distance, some thousands of feet or what, but enough so that when it hits solid air at the bottom, it will be of a sufficiently hard density supporting the vacuum, that the fuselage will rupture where the wings are attached.
The fuselage is indicated to be going some 60 to 80 miles further along.
A serious amount of distance.
...Rather bizarre accident description..
Linguistics started appearing in our model space in late Feb
When I say the linguistics start appearing, it's not like the linguistics start appearing in a newspaper article all at once, describing an event as if it happened yesterday. Our linguistics are more like particles in a stream where eventually the stream is going to be 100% the colour of the particles in a brief instant Or rather it will have a max number of other particles within it for a brief instant and it will dominant for a brief instant as the stream is passing us.
But before it gets to that point, it starts appearing as a particle here and a particle there, few bits in here, a small clump there and it builds up.
At the same time, tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of other potentially forecastable data is also flowing through in the same fashion
So ... it's an art being able to pick up something significant; being able to track it through.
.... If we want to look at it in the abstract, eliminate the other discussions and say against a neutral background of flowing linguistics that had no meaning, what occurs is that we start getting a few words; clumps 3/4/5 at a time.

YourPsychicFocus said...

part 2

It then builds to 20s, 50s and then 100s and then 1000s
We will reach a point where there is a weighted threshold and it's crossed and we say, "OK, this is all done."
.... and then we get this little line across model space as it's moving in front of our eyes.
The line indicates the point at which we have that weighted threshold crossed and from so from that point forward, is the most likely period of time for that event to appear.
This is done on an annually adjusted basis that we've been using since 1997.
We adjust it annually because language changes
Sometimes biannually or quarterly depending on much linguistics is going on.
We change the weightings and monkey about to try and get better at the work.

So the language start appearing for this accident in Feb
For this plane crash.
Based on what I'm seeing now (we haven't got a new run yet) I think we could peg it for around May or April/May time frame
Because I think we'll cross the threshold line sometime at the end of March, the window will be from March onwards.
This peaks (the short term data) about 3 to 4 weeks after the threshold crossing

So airplane accident's in April/May

The enlightened one said...

As soon as I heard about this accident, I googled "psychic on crashed a320 france", and was immediately directed to this website, so it seems Lynn is the first psychic to do a reading on this.

@Da-Da and @Jacob Your claims seem to me quite irrational and illogical, like you desperately are trying to find an as ordinary explanation as possible.

The enlightened one said...

Question: Is it possible that this altered state of the air has been created by someone on purpose with the intention of crashing the plane?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@KC: I didn’t get a connection to CERN. It possibly could have been associated, but I didn’t see a connection.

@Leslie: It was part of their life path (and for very individual reasons).

@Dada: It was definitely something with the air- like it was too thin, or not there?? As I think more on it, I see magnetosphere shifting around which causes our atmosphere to “burp” out in spots and then it reseals. I still don’t feel like I am getting the full picture on this, but I am working on it…

@siketa: That is an interesting point.

@Lisa: In their own way, everyone is important… I don’t have one specific person standing out.

@Jacob and Raymond: That is interesting- that could explain a lot if it is feasible for a larger plane.

@Lisa: Yes, they were trying to engage some kind of motor/engine device to help stay flying… They needed to work on the problem.

Jacob Hollar said...

Your right I hadn't thought about that. As soon as I heard alps I started thinking about low flying smaller planes.

a2k said...

I thought I should share a bit aerodynamics in case it helps. The basic principle of flying is based on bernouli principle, i. e air gushing at high speed above the wings creates a region of low pressure while the air underneath the wings remain at high pressure. So the upward thrust is created.

In this case the plane flying enroute might have entered a region of very low pressure, this might be due to a number of factors like thin air, geographical Conditions, artificial factors, etc. Now the plane upon entering the low pressure zone might not have got the necessary thrust to fly in air causing a tragic dip...

Robert Schoen said...

Your initial reading of what happened and your notes on Cliff High really point to a phenomena I've never heard of before, but initially you spoke of Germanwing's backup mechanism that wasn't working. Would this have help prevent the crash? Did the vacuum suck all the oxygen out of the cabin? Could this vacuum develop anywhere like over an ocean or is it linked to terrain elevations shifts?

The enlightened one said...


Here is a graph showing the speed and altitude. It doesn't show any apparent halts in descent, as with an elevator, but on the other hand, that may be because those halts were too short to show up in this graph.

According to this flight map http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germanwings_Flight_9525#/media/File:4U9525_flight_path_v1.svg the descent began just as the plane left the Mediterranean and entered mainland. Perhaps there is a connection to entering mainland?

c chavous said...

Lynn are you in contact with cliff from web bot? Just curious.seems like u two could bring a lot of knowledge to the world together.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Aha. That's it. What Lynn just said: "I see magnetosphere shifting around which causes our atmosphere to “burp” out in spots and then it reseals." It's the wobble.

Watchand Knock said...

Germanwings pilot locked out of cabin ahead of crash! http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/26/world/europe/germanwings-airbus-crash.html?_r=0

The enlightened one said...

What I don't get is how would a changed magnetosphere cause changes in air-pressure. As far as I know, all that would happen is that the individual atoms/molecules in the air would align to the new field lines. That is, the particles would rotate, not move around. Or is there something more to this?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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The enlightened one said...

@previous 2 posters. I agree Lynn would make a great Sci-Fi writer. I do not agree that her readings in anyway contradict facts. Contrary to what you imply, the absence of fire before crashing does not contradict Lynn's reading, since she never mentions anything about a fire being the cause. The reason one pilot did not let the other one into the cockpit may well be due to unconsciousness, as a result of whatever phenomena caused this crash. As yet we are a far way from understanding what happened, but all the facts point to something out of the ordinary. One weird thing is that only the casing of one of the black boxes were found. The microchips inside were gone, which easily leads one to believe they were stolen, perhaps by someone who new of the phenomena that caused the crash, and wanted to learn more about it by studying the black box.

The enlightened one said...


This higher resolution altitude graph (if correct) seems to show short periods of reduced or non-existent descent.

Lisa said...

One of the pilotes was Chinese with the name "Anning Wong" (the co-pilote).

The MSM is now reporting, that before the crash, one pilote went out of the cabin and when returning, he did not manage to come in again. The whole time he tried to punch in the door.

I would be interested if it was the Chinese co-pilote or the other pilote who was outside "outlocked". Perhaps the pilote inside was getting a heart-attack and was uncounsciousness because of other reasons?

The enlightened one said...

@Lisa it is currently unclear who of the pilots was locked out.

The theory proposed here resonates with me:

I think it may very well be true.

Elodie Lager said...
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YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: Thanks for the explanation.

@Robert: I can’t tell if it was a cabin pressure issue, but as I look at it, I see people looking/feeling ill- kind of nauseous and dizzy.

@enlightened one: Thank you for sharing this and all the info you have uncovered. Regarding the magnetosphere, if you can imagine a bubble, and as the bubble moves and sways one side is thicker than the other. At the spot where it is incredibly thin I see this “air burping” effect.

@c chavous: I am not in contact- I know that I am on one of his message boards, but I have never communicated with him. That would be an interesting meeting though :-

@Anonymous: Thanks for taking time to give feedback- I do appreciate it. I just relay what I am able to see. You are correct that we are not always right and images can be misunderstood. I do my best to report things as accurately as possible, and take instances that I am off to learn, understand and develop more. Love and light-

Watchand Knock said...
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Elodie Lager said...

I was initially confused by the crash scene, the fact that the plane had been destroyed in millions of pieces. But it makes sense now if it was descending at full speed. It also probably exploded on impact. Newspapers are reporting it was the copilot who was locked out. Had the co-pilot only passed out, the pilot would have been able to regain access using a digicode or something?

siketa said...

Lynn, what do you see about people in the plane? Are they aware what happened? Have they all entered the Light?

Raymond G said...

When someone does something as tragic as this what happens to them ? If he committed suicide by plane crash, then he was mentally ill.....I guess he was.

But what happens when he reaches the other side and has to be Judged? Is he given a 'bye' because he was 'sick' or does he still get sent 'down under'?

When you have a major accident like this and they all die simultaneously, do they see each other rising up to Heaven? Do they see each other laying on the ground and asking each other what happened ?

What about the co pilot that was responsible for their deaths? Is he instantly forgiven or do they try to assault him in the spirit world for what he did ?

Thanks Lynn !

Nessie said...


Ok I think Lynn and everybody else here got your point. No need to keep posting your thoughts on the readings and Lynn already responded graciously to your previous comment.

I suggest you go somewhere else from now on as this is clearly not the place for you.

Watchand Knock said...

Andreas Lubitz the is co-pilot's name

Juli T said...

@Anonymous "The actual facts" as you call them, are the facts reported by the media.
If we are here is because we want to get another view, not just the official story.
If you don't like the blog you can just keep going. Don't worry about us, we're very well aware there are newspapers.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Elodie: I am not familiar with the system- but in my mind (and I will be honest I am getting lots of emails and comments on this that are very strong which make me doubt myself) I see the copilot walking out of the cockpit to go to the restroom (or something like that). The door locked behind him when this started happening (normal ride up until that point)- I get an image of nausea and ear-popping followed by chaos.. I really cannot see why the co-pilot didn’t re-enter the cockpit. Just sounds like incoherent yelling in my mind…??

@siketa: I see them at peace and they are in various stages of entering the light (and some have gone to be with family rather than go to the light).

@Raymond: If this was a suicide (??) then it really does depend on the reason behind it as to how karma is effected. Mental illness, malicious intent, etc.. all carry a different vibration.

The people when they pass see everything you described- some take a few moments to realize what happened, some float up immediately, some stay close to the scene- it really depends on the person/soul..

@Everyone: I must say (due to all the emails and comments that make me revisit and question this topic) that I may have seen this wrong. I still see the same thing over and over, but maybe there is something I didn’t understand..?? I relay what I see- and give my honest impression. I focus my work in the greater good, and my goal is to seek and share truth. Love and light-

Lisa said...

The pilotes name were Patrick Sonderheimer and Andreas Lübitz (co-pilote).
It looks like that Lübitz did this as a suicide.

Anning Wong was just a "virtual name/pilote" of someone who did VIRTUALLY fly with a software the same plane and the same route at the same day and crashed it at the same location?! That is so strange...

Alice Liu said...

Even "official" versions of what happened are based on a lot of conjecture, especially in regard to intent. It is far more difficult to accept unknowns. What if, for example, the co-pilot intended to hijack the plane but then hit a pocket of thin air that he couldn't handle? Official versions are also not always truthful versions (i.e. TWA 800, and the flip flopping stories of QZ8501's pilot turning/not turning off the computer).

Rainbow Warrior said...

@ Anonymous, your constant badgering of Lynn to become a sci-fi writer is NOT charming. She seems to have her life in control and is following her destiny. You don't want to be told to leave this blog, so please exhibit the same respect by laying off the career advice to Lynn. I know she is way too nice to tell you this herself but we ALL feel it. That being said, Lynn, I'm sure you are aware that there are paid agents (and sadly, some do it for free) that troll social media, blogs and forums to interject disinformation, badgering statements and to cause a general sense of mistrust/doubt. Most of us are followers because we resonate with your insights so PLEASE do not let the naysayers shake your foundation. I personally will NEVER look to mass media in search of a truthful explanation to global events, nor would I use what is said by mass media to discredit someone whose heart is clearly of the greater good.

Anonymous said...

I think that you are taking it completely wrong. Seriously wrong. I will "lay off" as you put it so gracefully.

Sometimes.. sometimes... other people can see things in someone that they might not seem themselves. Like I said, I don't know how to email Lynn directly and privately. I had wanted to say this privately. I could not find a private way to email Lynn. My apologies. Will delete some prior posts that may be considered badgering. However, that doesn't change my sense that she has a brilliant writing career ahead.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Jeez, enough of this.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Rainbow Warrior: XOXO. I am aware of dis-info agents- I have mentioned them before. I also do respect everyone's opinion (and realize that not everyone that disagrees is a disinfo agent). I truly do take it all in and let the universe sort out who is working in the greater good- I learn things from people every day (which is really a blessing).

I have considered writing a book, but it will not be science fiction as I seek truth and choose to develop my skills with a focus in that direction (and personally find truth more fascinating, fulfilling and enjoy meeting other like minds through the process).

@Anonymous: My email is yourpsychicfocus@gmail.com. Please direct future comments here. Much thanks.

L&L- Lynn

Blimpy Peach said...

PF your ability to rise above those comments and even put a possible spin on it is amazing. You are my hero for that fact alone. Please do NOT doubt yourself or what you see. Xo

Blimpy Peach said...

"Positive" not "possible"! Argh!!

Lilian said...


I always admire the way you handle and answer criticisms. It makes me think twice to be less defensive with criticisms and learn to listen first. But I have a long way to go …….

For those souls who have chosen to cross to the Light, do they reincarnate straight away? If not, can they still hang around in that realm after the Light tunnel, like having second-thoughts about wanting to reincarnate?

Yes, pls do write a book, I will look forward to it.

BTW, do you have any update on “MH370” plane? Has it reappeared? What about the important passengers?

Thank you.

SkyBlue said...

Is it possible to connect with one or both pilots to see what happened? Or perhaps some of the passengers.

Anonymous said...

I had a comment for "Anonymous" earlier today. My Grand Son loves pushing the button on the computer and shutting it off (I think he is more enlightened then me!!) I was glad to come back on later and see others took care of this person who is in desperate need for attention. Lets send him lots of love and light until he spews green pea soup out of his mouth.....did I type that out loud???? :O

Alpha X said...

I just want to say that I think people are way too quick to accept not only the first thing but everything that they hear from the media, especially if death is involved. Look at 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombings, or Sandy Hook for a few of many examples of people just wholeheartedly believing whatever they're told when death is involved.

Most people, especially in America, will admit that the media and the government aren't the best at telling the whole truth but apparently they're paragons of truth when it comes to cases like these. A lot of the evidence for stuff like the pilot purposefully crashing the plane in this case is not something that we'll ever actually see and neither have the people reporting on it, you're just listening to one person or group tell you what someone else told them.

Anonymous said...

@Alpha, Media is not a source of information period. That is why we are here. Well said Alpha!

The enlightened one said...

@PsychicFocus Just because something is sciencefiction, doesn't mean it isn't based on truth. A lot of fiction is based on truth in some way or another, although the details may be made up. I think a sci-fi movie or series may be an excellent way to introduce people into truths about the world's mysteries. Actually, the Star Trek series is based on or inspired by information compiled by psychic Phyllis Schlemmer (with whom Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry lived for a long time in the 60's.).

@Lilian. Most people who has studied the subject of afterlife will say that as we cross over we are met by relatives, and are then put into a school to study our recent life. There are also beautiful landscapes and houses where people enjoy socializing with family members. Some people hesitate to reincarnate, but they (especially younger souls) have no choice since it is in their own greater good. I have read that with animal souls or some rare cases, they may reincarnate straight away.

@Raymond G. Lynn's statement that it was part of their life path rings very true to me, and if that is the case I think no one will be assaulting the pilot on the "other side". Because they themselves would be responsible as they had chosen that life path. Had that plane not crashed, their predestined life path would probably had come true in some other way. As of yet though, we don't know if it was suicide.

@Rainbow Warrior. I also do hope Lynn will not let herself be affected by all claims of her being wrong. I am a bit psychic myself, and I can see a lot of the same things as Lynn on events like this one, even when the newspapers seem to report otherwise.

Juli T said...

Maybe Anonymous is Yoko pissed off by the last post

Paul Griffin said...

Interestingly there was no fire (burn off of fuel) after the crash. This is not a normal outcome for a crash like this but could possibly be explained by a lack of oxygen which would fit into Lynn's reading. Additionally the drop in altitude while continuing to fly forward would also be explained by Lynn's reading. I am not sure if Lynn always gets these right but her answers do resonate with me and in this case she may have provided a more reasonable explanation than what is being released in the press.

AS said...

Has it caught anyone's attention that one of the passengers on the crashed flight was Yvonne Selke? She was an employee of Booz-Allen-Hamilton, Inc. in Washington, and performed work under contract with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the U.S. Pentagon's satellite mapping office. Her and her daughter were both killed in the accident.

Headintheclouds said...

I remember hearing a few days ago on the radio, after they found the black box. The news bulletin said that officials in America claim that they have a “source close to the investigation” that said that one of the pilots were locked out of the cockpit. I think to myself, how the hell did they get that info so fast, and so early in the investigation? It barely begun! Something stinks…

Part of me thinks this “official story” might be a ruse. Imagine if in the end the investigators came out and said… “Well, it turns out that the plane hit a vacuum pocket in the sky. This vacuum can happen at anytime, anywhere and we can’t predict when or where it will occur. When you have a vacuum, no air gets into the engines so the turbines shut down and you fall out of the sky if you can’t start the engines up again in time. Happy flying y’all! You’ll be fine… most likely, maybe...” How many people would be turned away from flying anywhere if this was to happen?

It’s easier to blame it on someone, less questions that way and everything is tied up in a neat little package. I’m not saying that this happened, but it’s something to consider.

And Lynn, please don’t doubt yourself. You’re doing great! You only report what you see and people take it as they will. I think at the end of the day, what you saw was what actually happened, regardless if the pilot was locked out or not. Vacuums and microbursts are a real thing and they do cause plane crashes. Thanks for all that you do, Lynn! L&L.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, I don't know about you, but it's time for a vacation from all this crap. I personally have to tune out for some days and I'm sure you need that too! Please, do so and don't feel like you have to perform for anyone!!!! Peace out Babe we love ya!

Watchand Knock said...

in an open TV round table a journalist asks: is the french public prosecutor actually defending airbus when he pushes so hard in order to incriminate the co-pilot? http://www.spiegel.de/kultur/tv/germanwings-absturz-bei-maybrit-illner-zweifeln-experten-an-suizid-these-a-1025823.html

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Blimpy Peach: Thank you.

@Lilian: Thanks for the kind words. Regarding the MH370, that was transformed into the MH17 and really did go down. I don’t see the real MH17 as of now- it feels inactive like it is in a hanger somewhere.

@skyblue: I may go down that path (that is good idea), I just need to clear myself of some of the energy first (there is a lot of intensity with this).

@Diane: xoxo

@Alpha (and everyone): I agree. Honestly, there is a lot more to this story that just doesn’t resonate with me. There is something more to it than a suicide… I’m not talking from a psychic sense, but in general, if someone was to commit suicide many times a note is left, you wouldn’t take 150 people with you (unless for religious reasons?), you wouldn’t just set the auto piolet and relax (you would probably go full blast to make sure no one survived and you had ample time to complete your task) and why didn’t the keypad work? I didn’t realize until this morning that they explosion (upon impact) made a situation where they cannot retrieve bodies (not sure if that is true, but is odd for a normal crash). I had a conversation with my husband that this man probably passed out (heart attack, seizure, stroke or diabetic issues), they are calling it is suicide and somehow will attach it to terror or ISIS in the end (what my intuition says). I also received an email this morning telling me that CERN was operational earlier that day which would explain the “strange air” I saw (and something they would want to hide). ???? I feel I need to clear myself and go into this fresh to get more answers.

@enlightened one: Thank you so much for your comments. L&L

Elodie Lager said...

Hi, I must admit I am really surprised by the comments here...

Don't confused Media bias and newspaper sales techniques with conspiracy theories. What if the copilot really did it? I saw his facebook profile and pictures and he looked like someone who would do something like this... Go with a bang.

Elodie Lager said...

Jesus, please instruct yourself on how the Cern actually works. I'm actually quite disgusted by what I'm reading. The world is not out to "get you". Good luck guys.

Raymond G said...

This is good stuff ! I like reading this blog. I am glad I found it.

But I agree with Diane. You put a lot of time and energy into this, and I know it must be tough being married and a mother to four children.

Maybe you should consider taking weekends off from the blog or at least Sundays to wind down and relax.

Or, maybe you could go to an alternate universe, where time does not exist and personal energy is infinite; find another Lynn, and she can post for you 24/7 .... :)

c chavous said...


Black box memory card reported missing is a coverup occurring?

c chavous said...


c chavous said...


Love u Lynn,and I'm not buying the official story. What kind of suicide involves killing 150 innocent people? You would have to be a psychopath. Who not only hates self but humans in general. First thing I thought. Was maybe this was a mind control scenario.like a Manchurian candidate. As if the co pilot was controlled by a remote trigger. Either psychically as remote viewers have admitted being used to cause deaths,incapasited remotely or .simply triggered by a phone call/ message transmitted to the plane. And I think as Headintheclouds explained they may not want to publicize the thin air pocket theory from Lynn reading because it may put too much fear in people's minds about flight safety. Thanks Lynn we love and support u wholeheartedly.

Blimpy Peach said...

The fact that there is such passion and attempts on trying to discredit you in this comment section means your onto something Lynn

Me too said...

I think the Egypt Air 990 was similar, someone comitted suicide. Depression is a serious thing and may affect young and old. With so much stigma from our society on mental diseases I can see a person trying to hide it. But when a person is depressed it is on a different mind state - different logic so maybe he was not thinking about the 150 passengers, but maybe something triggered his behavior there. I think the air thing is a possibility, but in this case why he wouldn't open the dooor to get help?

Raymond G said...

Suicide by pilot is nothing new.

About 10 years ago a 16 year old kid had his pilot's license and slammed a single engine aircraft into the side of a building in Florida.

And about 15 years ago, an Air Force pilot abandoned his flight pattern and slammed/crashed their jet into the mountains of Colorado and they did not find him for 6 months until the snow melted.

It happens. It is just unfortunate that he took 150 people with him. As well as taking a piece of the 10000 friends and family members that knew them.

But if it was suicide, he was mentally ill and I don't think he was thinking about the passengers.

Alpha X said...

I am not an expert on suicide but from what I've seen, suicidal people are not homicidal at all. The idea that they would, in killing themselves, be killing 150 people as well, would be more than enough to make them at least find another way to do so. It's very weird to me that people just accept that someone who is suicidal would be totally OK with that.

Depression does not equal anger or resentment, nor does it stop someone from valuing the lives of others. In cases of suicide by cop, for example, most of the time the people committing suicide won't fire their guns if they have one and if they do, they don't hit the police; I would actually think if they did shoot the police that suicide wasn't really their main goal.

I feel like people are too trained to believe that terrorists and psychos are everywhere nowadays. The idea that the pilot intentionally crashed the plane seems like more of a conspiracy theory than that it was an accident.

Me too said...

Alpha X - I could see depressed people (depending on their mental state) being detached from feelings towards themselves and others - even worse if they are taking some medication. It can be very deep in the brain. AT this point I wish for all souls to find the light.

chris said...


Witnesses heard a boom and saw smoke before crash.

YourPsychicFocus said...

Thank you for all the comments and deep thought you have shared.

@Alpha: In this specific case I really do resonate a lot with what you are saying. It is true that mental imbalances can make people do things that a more balanced person would not consider, but that does not feel like what we are dealing with in this situation. There is much more to it and this feels like a distraction from something larger and more important. L&L

Blunt Talk said...

What may one make of this?

Lilian said...

@The enlightened one,

From what I have understood so far, once we die, our soul can wander around if we choose not to enter the Light tunnel ie we still have our memory intact of our last life on Earth. Correct me if I am wrong pls.

So, my earlier question was what happened to our soul after we have entered into that Light tunnel? When you said "as we crossed over", do you mean have entered into the Light tunnel or crossed over from human realm to the soul realm?

If you meant the Light tunnel, I thought that once we entered into the Light tunnel, our memories of our current life on Earth before death, would be erased and we are prepared for reincarnation. So, how do we recognize family members if our memory was wept out after crossing the Light Tunnel?

Perhaps if you can explain what happens after :
- the crossing over from human to soul realm
- the entering and crossing the Light tunnel.

Ever since Lynn said that the spiritual realm is beautiful contrary to what we have been made to believe, I am fascinated by it.

I wish I could explore that spiritual realm in my living years! :) A wishful thinking perhaps!

Thank you

The enlightened one said...

@Lilian It is very much possible to explore the spirit world while alive, through so called astraltravel. This means the soul (through meditation or drugs) leaves the body temporarily and can visit other worlds. Some people say that as Earth enters "forth dimension" it will be easier to see spirits. That would align with the claim in the Bible that all dead will (apparently) rise to life at judgement day. All data (especially near death experiences) points to the fact that we retain memories of our current Earth life as we go to "heaven", that is, pass over through the light tunnel or however we experience it. Not only that, we also start to regain memories of other, past lifes. So recognising friends and family is no problem. If people lost memories of their current lifes as they passed over, it would be very difficult to explain deja-vu-phenomenon! It would also be difficult to explain how some people may feel an attachment to eachother at first meeting, as though they had known eachother for centuries. Also, if people did not remember, it would be difficult to learn anything, which is the soul purpose of reincarnation. It is also true that some people linger around before going to the light, especially if they have an interest related to physical reality, such as revenge, amends, drug or alcohol addiction or traumatic events that are hard to release. I have read that sometimes as people leave for the light they manifest through their mind their own expectation, and live in that fantasy or dream until they realize it is a creation of their own mind, which enables them to see the true "heaven".

Astrolofting said...

The LHC at CERN is a huge electromagnet. An accident (short circuit) could have altered the magnetosphere in that region (the burp u saw). The plane happened to fly through the gap. Perhaps even equipment went haywire from it.

I do not believe it is mere coincidence CERN got in the news on the same day. And I do not believe it is suicide as reported.

Do you see it crash? When i saw the crash scene, it looks more like it had disintegrated in air.

The enlightened one said...

@Astrolofting The trouble at Cern on the same day probably is related to the accident. I am not convinced that Cern was the cause though. Could be that the atmospheric anomalies that brought down the plane affected Cern as well.

chris said...

Who actually "reads" the black box? Is it an independent body? Because how do we really know one pilot was locked out ..... apart from the black box no one is alive to tell the tale, and I just have to wonder...... I don't meant to be a conspiracist but they could tell us anything about the black box and we would never know.

Lisa said...


According this guy, there will more flights come down in 2015:
20. Pray about your travel.
21. There will be a plane crash around the area Ukraine/Russia area many people will be killed.
22. Planes will just start falling from the sky – there will be many plane crashes…don’t just get on planes and not pray. Pray and cover your plane and ALL planes in the sky.

Actually, I think, too, that there is something up there with changed atmosphere which does not support the planes anymore, so they come down. Can also have something to do with CME from the sun.

YourPsychicFocus said...

Hello. Thank you for all the comments and discussion. I need to think more on CERN, but I feel more connected to the cause being a changing atmosphere due to the earth wobble, changes in the sun and alterations with the earth's magnetosphere.

I agree with Lisa (and many of you)- put out positive and protective intent for whatever anomaly (or combinations of anomalies) is/are causing this.

Anonymous said...

When listening to the evening news from NOS-Netherlands reporting about the Germanwings A320 Flight 9525 catastrophe on March 24, they mentioned that the plane had drastically been losing height before crashing, and that a similar phenomenon had taken place with a Lufthansa plane in 2013, but in that case the pilots managed to bring the plane in course again. The research following this incident suggested it had to do with a specific software problem. Then, the next day, I was surprised to hear their report in which the French Attorney General explained what (supposedly) had happened, according to (supposedly) the black box. Nothing has been said anymore about the link with the above mentioned Lufthansa incident in 2013.

Then I too read the information on the website mentioned below by 'The enlightened one' and 'Blunt Talk':

# The enlightened one said on March 26, 2015 at 6:01 AM

@Lisa it is currently unclear who of the pilots was locked out.

The theory proposed here resonates with me:

I think it may very well be true.

# Blunt Talk said on March 28, 2015 at 9:02 AM

What may one make of this?

This theory says that both the Lufthansa incident and the Germanwings catastrophe has been caused by a new laser weapon, used by the USA during a 'war game' drill in southern France, in which it was fired upon a simulated incoming ICBM.

Lynn, can you see if the 'thinning of the air' you mentioned, resulting in the 'free fall' of the plane before crashing, is caused by this laser weapon?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hanz: The air felt more like an anomaly rather than human induced (but I could be wrong- just didn’t see the connection). There was something not right with the air. I also do not connect to anyone on board intentionally crashing this plane- As I type this comment an image of the pilots come to me and they are SO saddened that we are blaming them- they don’t even know what went wrong because the way it happened was such a surreal moment. My heart goes out to everyone in this- so many lives were touched with this.

Watchand Knock said...

second black box found confirms that pilot intentionally switched off the automatic pilot device! He also did not faint because he kept correcting the planes trajectory until the last moment!(http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/germanwings-plane-crash/11512011/Germanwings-crash-Second-black-box-found-in-Alps.html)

wavesofchange said...

Looks like this can't be disputed. "Several times during the descent, the pilot adjusted the automatic pilot so as to increase the speed of the plane as it descended,” the French air accidents investigation body BEA said in a statement.

Watchand Knock said...

evidence mounts that the pilot rehearsed descent flight on his way to Barcelona (http://edition.cnn.com/2015/05/06/europe/france-germanwings-crash-report/index.html ).