Friday, March 13, 2015

Five for Friday #5 [Special Video Edition]

Hi, all. Da-da is slo-oowly coming back from the dead, though you'd never guess by looking at his hair. Anyway, WELCOME to this quincunxian installment of Five-for-Friday: Special Video Edition in 2-D! As usual, Da-da will give you Lynn's words verbatim, and rather than embed video/links, they'll be below the stills thereof. Ready?

1. Cold Incursion into Southern California
Backstory:  This is a recent meteorological phenomena whereas NOAA weather satellites showed surface temperature readings of zero degrees Fahrenheit (that's the red you see) off the coast of Southern California -- which needless to say is very unusual. In fact, it's nearly impossible for a zero-degree surface temp to exist the Southern Pacific without some monkey business. This cold anomaly yielded a bizarre snow event which sent chills and snow UP the mountainous spine of California (instead of down), basically reversing existing weather patterns in a way that's never been seen before. After you see what Lynn says, you'll invariably begin to believe in... well, we'll get to that. It'll make you wonder about all those recent heavy snowfall events all over the world.

What Lynn Saw
"I get that this is a man-made weather event. They are 'practicing with their HAARP,' screwing around with injecting lower frequencies into the atmosphere this time instead of higher frequencies, cooling things down rather than speeding/heating things up."

2. Black Triangle vs. White Orbs
Backstory: This is a video from Sardinia, from August 2014, which shows... exactly what it shows. Real or fake?

What Lynn Saw
"The black triangle feels hostile, but it won't fire. It's a man-made craft that uses stolen/captured ET technology. It has humans in it, and the humans are mystified as to what's going on, wondering where the balls of light are going -- and HOW they go through rock. (They disappear into the mountain.) Something about the mountain... there's an ET base there. The light radiating from the balls of light give them a larger presence than they really have, and are of a much higher vibration. I get this base is something good (feels positive) and I do sense there is some kind of a (positive) weapon there. I feel it's being guarded against lower vibrational beings (similar or close to the human frequency). I feel like this weapon is able to defend against an EMF blast. I see these lights go into the mountain, into a cavern and vanish."

3. Michigan Dogman Video, 2013
Backstory: The infamous Michigan Dogman footage. Real or fake? Whatever it is, it's spooky.

What Lynn Saw
"Fake. This is either a piece of a movie, or a clip from some film someone made, set up as a scene."

4. The Mars Mushroom Cloud
Backstory: The image of a huge mushroom cloud, captured back in October of last year, was recently released by India's Mars Orbiter, taken at the exact same moment as Mars' closest-encounter with Comet Siding Spring (the live video of which, as you may recall, was lost when NASA cut all the feeds). So... a nuke? Comet debris? Martians having a party for Dick Cheney?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that the comet that passed by -- a manufactured comet -- I got an image of a plane like from WWII dropping a bomb out of a bomb bay, like something dropped out of the comet. It was programmed to release something.... both of which were actually built by ETs. But why do that? In different areas, comets have done something similar. ETs use this process to seed various locations, as they need to do prep work in advance; like a seed, or a lifeforce, or bacteria that needs to be planted, they have to do some sort of prep work in order to colonize. Maybe it was atmospheric-related. Some ETs want to build a base there on Mars, but because of the surface conditions, which have driven the current Mars inhabitants under ground, this is what they have to do in order to build, grow and survive on the surface. No one [in various space agencies] wants to try to explain what's happening, but that's what's going on here. The site will look much different a year from now, as a base is being created there." [wow]

5. Entity 1, Little Girl 0
Backstory:  One of a zillion videos that show alleged supernatural activity. Real or fake? Smells like teen spirit?

What Lynn Saw
"It looks real. It gives me chills when I see it. The energy is... not evil or malicious, or hurt directed toward this child, but it feels bullyish. Like this kid or teen spirit who goes around picking on people. This kid is more a nuisance, like a bully; he won't do anything severe, but this is a little disturbing. Most spirits are neutral, but this is a little more than usual. I don't see him doing any more than that kind of behavior."

And that's it. Join us Friday after next for episode #6!


Hannon said...

Wow, this series is so cool! I wish I had neighbors like Da-da, then the preverbal small talk of weather over the fence would be so much more interesting, and I learned a new word(quincunxian) today :-)

Is the hill in number two with the orbs an artificial mound of some kind? It looks out of place and it's almost pyramid shaped, kind of like the Bosnian Pyramid. And how long has our government been flying these crafts? I get so irritated that they hide this stuff from us, and leave us sitting here under their chemtrails with poisoned food. I so want to trade my UV in for one of these :-)

I couldn't watch the fifth video, it'll give me the hebejebes every time my little one falls over, which happens regularly.

John Casey said...

Another amazing series. You guys never fail to impress. As always, thanks for these. It would be interesting to know, in the second video, what country (if not a corporation) is in control of the hostile craft and where it is based. Also, would the Siding Spring bomb on Mars have any connection to the spheres parked in the solar system and the avian group?

John Casey said...

Also, given the cold-spot reading, it would be nice to know whether any of the many "cleanse" or "chelation" products on the market would be useful in removing environmental metals and other contaminants from chemtrails. Maybe there is a natural way to remove these toxins? It just chaps m ass up that these NOAA jokers are out there making people sick.

Robert Schoen said...

In regards to the HAARP induced snow on the Californian coast, it made me think of the massive snowfall in Boston this winter. Remember Lynn's reading about the fake Boston Bombing being motivated by wanting to get Massachusetts to welcome a heavy military force there so as to protect a secret military communications system there, and that the Russians were using a satellite to heat up the area in order to attack it? This system is called SIPRNet and is in Livermore MA. Just yesterday someone here posted they announced a big drill there. I suspect they have been using HAARP to send massive snow tht also affected the Boston area in an attempt to counteract the heat being directed to SIPRNet in Livermore. Any thoughts?

Watchand Knock said...

Another Great Reading Lynn, thank you! Mermaid filmed while fishing 500m below sea level!! (video between 0:22 and 0:37 Could you please check if this is real? Thank You!

Bee E-lightened said...

I love it. Thanks Lynn and Dada. @Hannon, funny enough I told Lynn, I wish her and her little community here would meet at least once a month and have spiritual/awakening discussions. I would love that😄. I do not regret the day I crossed the link to her site on "Before Its News". I have been following her since week 1 of her internet inception. I know she will keep on growing. Truth is light. Love & Light all.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Hannon ~ No, that's a mountain... one that looks suspiciously like an enormous, ancient, dirt-covered pyramid, like the one in Bosnia. This one is in Sardinia.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hannon: It is in Sardinia.. It does have a man made feel to it, that that weathered and a natural landscape grew on top of it, but the energetic properties around it prevent the trees and larger vegetation from growing. When I ask who in in the darker craft, I want to say Germans. When I ask how long, I get the study of this technology really took off around WWII.

@John: Yes, I do get there is a connection. I get that something is happening now-- these beings are ready to come back and reclaim what they left.

Drinking lots of water to push these elements out before they settle stay in your fatty tissues is the best defense. Combine this with flax seeds to make sure you digestive system is healthy. I get when you are feeling down (or really for maintenance), the peel or rind off citrus fruits can be very beneficial (eat them or put them in smoothies). Potassium and Colloidal Silver are also good (but I get not to take too much or for long periods)- do this just as needed.

@Robert: I get you are right on target. The military is very protective over this area and is willing to do drastic things to protect it.

@Watchandknock: Interesting video. I watched it a few times. I don’t get that is a real mermaid though..

@Bee: XOXO..Maybe I should look into some kind of a live chat service.. I’m not sure how that works, but I could think on it.

razi09 said...

I guess this new Mars Base will prevent the cabal from taking it over. When you say ET's want to 'reclaim what they left', will they respect and live in harmony with humans? If they prevent nuclear warhead activation why don't they do the same with HAARP, the cabal in general, or do they more than we know?

razi09 said...

I keep thinking on my previous 'reclaiming' comment and want to clarify a lot of flow. I do welcome our long lost relatives, we're on the brink of something very exciting, but I can't help but mutter our fair-weather relatives. They abandoned when things got rough, leaving us out on a limb to fend for ourselves. Now in the whole universe we're 'it' and the place to be. We don't need false flawed Gods as before. We don't need to apologize for emotions living in the 3rd dimension. Will there be balance, something solid, basically commitment, toward balance for the planet and everyone's adjustment? It explains the timing of the star seed generation for their tasks ahead.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Lynn ~ Germans! Where is the base for this craft? Are they controlled by the cabal, or are they free agents?

Watchand Knock said...

Lynn, regarding Hannon's question: there always been rumors of Nazi having (had) later a basis in the Andes too (there was a apparently a problem with the Antarctica base beeing too gem-free: people reportedly got sick from it, directly or indirectly, sounds weird though). Could the UFO possibly have its base in this South American mountain range? ( Thank You for the mermaid answer!

RFK Pope said...

@Lynn - Fascinating! If the comet released/dropped something on Mars, what are the comets that come to Earth on a regular calendar basis, delivering to Earth?

Especially considering NASA admitted that comets and meteorites are carrying DNA molecules that carry the genetic instructions for life. How is what the comets are delivering affect life or humans on Earth?

Hannon said...

@ Bee E-lightened Lol, I found a link to this site on BIN too, otherwise I'd probably never have found it. Usually I breeze through that site and take it with a grain of salt, and I almost never click on links left there but this time I did :-)

@ Da-da Lol, There seems to be a lot of dirt and rock piles spotted about this planet, that suspiciously resemble man made pyramids. If they could find a way to explain away the pyramids in Egypt and South America as natural formations, the very idea of a Pyramid even existing at all would be a "conspiracy theory" :-)

Lynn, Germany is NATOs puppet(I almost used the B word) and by extension part of the cabal, and they are still under military occupation on top of that. I've heard that Space Command or whatever they're calling it now, is staffed by international personnel. Does that seem accurate to you? And is that how the Germans ended up there?

Lol, they even have a dot-mil page:

Raymond G said...

Interesting photos and responses !

Why would the Germans be hostile, especially in Sardinia, Italy ? The Nazis were researching flying saucers during WW2. I wonder if a small group of people kept the research and perhaps continued where the Nazis left off ? Perhaps renewing research since the re-unification of Germany. Were the Germans hostile because of their demeanor in the craft or because of the intentions behind their saucer research ? I read a few times about saucers entering the sides of mountains......I wish I could find the source for you.

I wonder if the robot that released something on Mars did that on purpose to send us a message ? It seems too convenient. The odds of us sending up a satellite and filming an alien satellite dropping something on Mars must be a gazillion bazillions to one. Either we suspected they would be there or they knew we would be there. It was not a coincidence.

Thanks for the readings ! Very interesting.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@razi09: I do see them wanting to live in harmony. It feels balanced- and an environment where humans can ascend to the next level. Regarding the HAARP- HAARP was created as a defense, and humans are trying to figure it out (and don’t really know what they are doing- it is like a toy that they are playing with). The ETs haven’t been able to stop it, but they know how to shield themselves from it.

@Da-da: The do feel controlled- like they are an extension of the “cabal.” I see a lot being done with cave systems that are inside mountains. I get the dark craft uses traditional caves with an opening to the outside. These advanced (light) beings look to transfer “through” the earth and into the cave.

@Watchandknock: That is VERY possible. I just see mountains- and they use these remote locations as their base (not easily reached by humans). I get the mountain tops are energetically different, and that is how they navigate to them when they are in the air.

@RFK: I see good and bad with this. The intent is good, but the results may end up adverse… They have carried what I would call DNA upgrades, which have resulted in good things and also viruses.. I get that viruses don’t just spawn, they are delivered.

@Raymond: Even if they weren’t hostile, they are viewed as hostile by the light beings. It was light that dark ship was not supposed to be there.

John Casey said...

Here's a thought experiment as a means of understanding better the present situation on earth:

What would happen if one of those moon-sized spheres parked out past the moon, just close enough to see at night like we see a star with the naked eye, but not so close that people would be gawking at it?
How would the PTB and the low-vibe ETs react? Or would they?

A Man Called Da-da said...

@johncasey ~ the PTW (Powers That Were) would freak. Factually, they already are. That's a really nice meditation idea, imagining the sky full of iridescent spheres...

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You Lynn! Just another question: In the moment you see the remote area in the mountains, where the base is located, would you get an answer if you decided to ask "is this part of the mountain range called Andes?" ( or is this part of the territory of what today is called Chile, (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador,Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina)). Thanks again!

John Casey said...

@dada, so what would a "freak" by the PTW look like? They seem to be unable to start a war, and unable to start whatever Bluebeam-type attack they had planned.

Here's a related question as regards the HAARP. Since war and bluebeam are off the table, why not let the wobble-caused weather disruptions happen, rather than counteracting them, just to scare the daylights out of the people?

a2k said...

Hey PF, I read somewhere that Galactics have a plan to liven the dead planets in our solar systems like Mars, Venus, Jupiter, etc. They will re-establish the former pristine conditions of once a living planet with all its life. From one of your reading, I may conclude that other beings from our sister solar system may live there. Was the comet explosion, a part of the plan?

Hannon said...

@ John Casey

That's a good question, I have my own theory on that. They like to induce fear that they control, so they can steer us into the problem-reaction-solution method. They don't want us to sense danger they can't pretend to be able to protect us from. The last thing they seem to want, is us realizing they can't protect us which will lead us into deciding to fend for ourselves, which is scary at first but eventually empowering. I think it's why they demonize preppers.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@John and Dada: I agree… They are already desperate and scared of losing control. That is why we are being pumped full of so much fear- to keep the vibrations low.

@Watchandknock: This is somewhere in Sardinia (according to the YouTube)..

@a2k: Yes. The surface of Mars used to be livable, and they are trying to reestablish that again.

Thanks for all the great comments!

Bilal said...

Me like DaDa very much. Dada very kind and very funny also. Me want see more of Dada because Dada very intelligent !

John Casey said...

Could the cold spot be to blame, in part, for the many thousands of seal deaths in California this year, or is that from Fukushima or some as yet unidentified agent?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@John: The temperatures are hard on the immune system, and the toxins in the air are hard to fight off (due to weakened immune systems)... It is like your body is being attacked from both sides.