Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Human Design and the Human Brain

Q. Hey Lynn, I was wondering if you could look into the validity of "human design", it seems to utilize a combination of astrology, i ching, and the chakra systems. The origins of the system is interesting, the guy who created it said he was visited by a voice during the 1987 neutrino stream which told him how the system works. http://www.jovianarchive.com/Newcomers
A. The "Human Design" as outlined in the link does look valid.  Our being has components of various types of energy (physical manifestations, emotional and spiritual). We don't exist without these elements (you can't have a "human" without these elements)- we would be something else.  This "human design" incorporates how things interact to make us what we are.  Things that energetically effect us, also have an effect on the physical manifestations and spiritual system.

This design even breaks things down according to the person.  There is an aspect of how we are a part of the greater whole- and the interconnection there.  The smallest component of our physical being (the most finite bits of a cell) is energy, and this design shows how "like energies" have combined to create cells, and like cells combine to form even bigger things (and so on).  

[NOTE: This reading won't let me proceed until I get this out.  I didn't see how the human design defined a soul, but as I go into this topic I am told it is important to note that the soul looks to be the glue that holds dissimilar objects together and run in sync.  For example, like energies can combine, grow and create a heart.  On a different frequency like energies can create lungs.  The soul in itself in an intense energy (one of the most intense) that creates the electrical "zap" or charge that makes those different things work together and create a system... I realize this may be confusing (it seems clear in my mind, but in words it feels complicated??), however, important to the overall picture].

Because our fundamental make-up is energy, we are energetically connected to everything.. There is also an individual aspect (especially with the astrology component) that makes us unique.  We are both individual, and collective at the same time.  The message I get describes that the "human design" provides us with insight to our unique self, and how that unique self fits into the larger universal puzzle.

Q. Hello Lynn,  Supposedly we only use 10 percent of our brain. Nature does not waste anything and it does not make junk. Does the other 90 percent control the Mind or does it control the latent psychic abilities we have within ourselves?  What is the best way to wake up the other 90 percent so we can use it to our full potential?
A.  When I tune into this I first hear that by design humans were made with the ability to upgrade.  It is as if when we are ready to ascend to the next level, our minds and our brains won't have to be reinvented.  We are saturated in this 3D existence which makes it difficult (it is effort to seek out the spiritual realm rather than naturally occurring as it is in higher dimensions).   Certain areas of the brain are able to become activated-  These areas do carry various abilities for psychic and intuitive abilities (I hear you need a bigger "processor" for advanced thinking and abilities).  

To wake up the 90% you have to work at it like an exercise.  I get that if you were operating at 100% it would be like operating your car until it red lined and you could not maintain that level of awareness in a physical body.  Realistically you can (however still very intense) operate in short bursts around  65 - 70%...anything more or extended time starts to "fry your circuits." (Then I hear that your car may go 130 mph, but you don't drive it that fast everywhere you go..)  I also get you have to gradually open up- you don't just wake up one day at 65%.. There is meditating, unblocking and centering your chakras, and learning how to manipulate energy through your body (actually feel and see it travel) consistently in the earlier stages to start the awakening process.  it requires discipline, practice and patience.   In the later stages (when the higher percent is working) the senses (sight, touch, hearing, smelling and tasting) work in unison with the accompanying spiritual sense (for example, you can see and your rational vision is just as vivid as your clairvoyant vision, and your hearing is just as present as your clairaudience).  At the highest levels of operation  telepathic communication and those types of abilities (I get they are the "tele-" abilities) come out.  

People occasionally awaken parts of the brain and exhibit some of the more intense abilities without having mastered the more fundamentals of spirituality (you may not have clairaudience, but you are able to preform telekinesis).  Most general there is a natural progression, but there is no "rule" that one area cannot unlock before another.  I am left with hearing that one of the most important things to remember when you begin exercising your mind is to visualize and believe that you can achieve it- "as long as you believe you can achieve".

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Baku Matsumoto said...

Hi Lynn, this is a great reading. What is going on when
i gpfeel something itchy or slightly moving between my eyebrows/forehead?? Tibetans call this part "the third eye"

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku: Yes, can also make you feel light headed (from the energy rush).

samferina said...

So does this imply to horoscopes like say when an astrologist go into detail for like a Libra it's generalized for all Libras, but they are all individuals? does that make sense probably writing it all wrong lol I'm a bit confused like how can astrology apply to the same birthsigns of millions especially when it's in depth like the time you was born and what planet was rising etc.. how can they read that as individual? for example Mary and jane being born at the same time, day and all that does not mean they're going to have the same plans laid out to them from the stars when there two different people? 😕

The Boookworm said...

What disrupts the balance of our chakras? Can it be caused by our environment?

Raymond G said...

Thanks for the Readings, very interesting. Sometimes when people have an accident or they get a bump on the head, they can see or perceive things at a higher level than they did before. I wonder if there will be a day when Researchers figure out how this is done and whether we will go to the doctor to get a 3rd eye activation ? Just like we get Botox injections or hair transplants ?

samferina said...

Just following up on what Raymond G said dealing with botox can that poison affect the 3rd eye?

Blimpy Peach said...

I had reiki done a few years back and she had to stop as I vomited and started to faint when the flow of energy tried to all come out at once. Ive never had it done again as it freaked me out at the time. It's amazing how much we fill ourselves unwittingly with energetic "junk", my question is though, where does the negative energy go to once it's released from our system? Can it be turned into positive energy again where ever it is that it goes or does negative energy stay as negative energy? Also if we are all energetically connected as well does that mean that it is possible that everyone can technically interact together, say during the group meditation that is planned? (which I will miss 😢)

Watchand Knock said...

@Baku! could also be a moskito sting!? (comment from a less evolved person, obv. :))

Raymond G said...


I saw this tonight and thought you might be interested. It seemed timely.

I knew about the first two finger positions for meditating. But I never knew that there were different positions for each chakra.


a2k said...

Hi PF! I always have a feeling that we humans use our frontal lobe of the brain more specifically the cerebral cortex, the most since most of the time we process visual inputs a lot. This habitual process is really making us confined. What my gut feeling suggests that the top lobe of the brain is very useful. I have often tried to center myself in top of the head, and I have a feeling that my consciousness expands and we can tap into another realm. What do you sugggest?

The Boookworm said...

To Raymond G: I appreciate the link, but I did some research and found answers to my own question. I'll check it out anyways, so thanks a lot.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@samferina: When you read a horoscope that is a very generic application to person born during a specific time. A "true" reading takes specific time, city, location under the stars, etc into account- it is like a blueprint laid out. Those more specific readings of your chart are amazingly accurate. (speaking from many of my astrology friends- the generic horoscopes make them crazy.. so much is lost and not considered..)

@Bookworm: Many things can do it- sleep cycle disturbance, food, toxins, stress, not releasing energy, going against what your intuition tells you, doing things against your greater good.. those are some examples.

@Raymond: I get that researchers really have no idea how this works. It is as if the brain is so mysterious that they don't know how to map these abilities out within it. The answers will really have to come from a spiritual source. I also get that in this 3D life you have to "earn" these abilities (either through work, or being given the ability at birth). If you could buy these abilities it could end up in the wrong hands- I get that some things cannot be bought.

@samferina: Any toxin can have adverse effects on your system- you are putting poison in your body..

@Blimpy: Energy is not created or destroyed, but it can go elsewhere (even grounded in the earth). Once released it goes where it is needed (usually due to balance)... The universe doesn't really see "negative" and "positive"- it just sees energy in the form of vibrations- so it can change vibration if it is activated to do so. Yes, everyone does interact energetically with each other (that is how much of the psychic abilities connect).

@a2k: I feel you are right- that location is where I visualize the crown chakra opening up..

Hannon said...

I wonder how this device fits into this reading? It electrically stimulates certain parts of the brain and enhances abilities. For example, people use them to learn second languages, the military has tested them to show a vastly increased hit ratio with soldiers using them in simulated combat and believe it or not, people buy them to increase their video gaming abilities: http://www.foc.us/

Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn thank you for this reading! To which extent do these hypnotherapy memory boosts work? Do they represent a real increment in the brain's usage? How should a person prepare to a session that is tough in getting hipnotised? Thank You!

Susan Miles said...

Hi Lynn,
Thank you for all you do. Can you please do a reading on Animism and Animatism..I have had this belief since I was a child and I just recently discovered a name for it.

Thank you :)

Kiranasa said...


John Casey said...

I'm so grateful for these readings and the light they shine on the world. Some people theorize the existence of an eighth chakra, a white one, above the crown. I wonder if meditating on that would allow greater access to soul-brain function?

samferina said...

Thanks Lynn for explaining, so would the two different people have the same true reading if they were born on the same day, time place location? Also like twins would a minute different be a drastic change of how their astrological charts would lay out their blueprint? still trying to undertand a bit more

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hannon: I get those may make reactions or thoughts quicker (like stimulating something with caffeine), but it isn't spiritually elevating you- that is something that feels you have to work for (because it is so powerful).

@watchandknock: You really have to trust who is doing the session- that is the most important (let your gut tell you if they have good energy, feel safe, intentions are in a good place). Next you have to allow yourself to open up (like permission) and ease into it. Some people are able to do it faster, some take longer, but remember it isn't a race- don't let being too anxious get in the way.

@Susan: I will save this request. Thank you.

@John: I think of white light A LOT. I use specific colors for certain things, but in the end I use white light because it encompasses all colors. White is beautiful and very strong.

@samferina: A minute could make a big difference- They could be very similar or very different. The could also be very similar, and have one trait that is different.

Hannon said...

@ Watchand Knock

I did some hypnotherapy, it didn't really help in the reasons I did it for(quit smoking), but it was a fantastic experience and if I ever did it again(money being the determining factor), I wouldn't go into it for a specific reason. I would just tell the therapist to it's help me relax, so my expectations or mission didn't steer it around. Honestly, it's like a personal guided meditation, where the guide is trained in bio-feedback and is trained to steer and guide you based on your reactions. Like Lynn was saying, you really need to feel it out, while I thought it was great and it allowed me to go into a state of meditation without fear because I felt like someone was with me, I didn't like the therapist, he creeped me out and I wasn't letting him in. Next time I do something like this, I'm going to meet the person, in person before I write the check.

Watchand Knock said...

Hi @PF and @Hannon,thank you! I'll have some cups of Valerian tea ahead of the session next time! And the HP will get half of the check before and the other half after the session! :)

Juli T said...

Hi Lynn.
I wanted to ask you what do you think about James Watson's theory and it fits perfect for this reading.

He's one of the guys who discovered DNA double helix, and won a Nobel prize for that. He said "[I am] inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa [because] all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours—whereas all the testing says not really."

He even had to sell his Nobel prize medal after that because everybody accuses him of being a racist.

A science writer, Nicholas Wade, says social behavior has some genetic component, that evolves differently in different groups of people, which explains the differences in social institutions. He says the idea of 'all beings are equal' is just a political statement. Of course, he's labeled as a racist too.

Can you tell us something about these theories?

Thank you so much!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Juli: We are all physically created equal, and all have the same spiritual capabilities. The environment either promotes the growth of those capabilities or holds you back. For example, native americans have such a true connection to the earth- they appreciated it- they feel it, whereas the europeans that came to America were instilled with religion which put a different perspective as to what they believed in- the environment shapes us spiritually, but our physical makeup is the same.

Juli T said...

Thank you Lynn!!!
I remember your reading about the native americans and why the 'discovery' of America took place.
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

@Kiranasa, Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see and even that is subject to interpretation. I'm always interested in anyone's thoughts and beliefs. Please feel free to share beyond that statement. :) L&L