Thursday, March 26, 2015

Colors in Environment, Lost Esoteric Knowledge, Samarpan Meditation and Shielding Negative Intent

Q Can wearing certain colour clothes as a child, or the colours within the family home affect the way a child develops? For example, does always wearing bright earthy colours lead to a happier higher vibrating child than a child who wears duller coloured clothing? Or, if in the instance of girls wearing a lot of blue colours, can they then tend to show more masculine part of their personality (only by association that we are told that blue is "meant" to be a boy colour).
A. As I tune into this, I don't see any physical differences, but emotional (and to some degree intellectual) development can be influenced by the colors around the child.  Brighter colors look to be more stimulating (which in turn helps children to remember things and exhibit better recall) versus darker colors.  

I also see that if a child is seen to be having a concern, certain colors (like the chakra) help to balance out the issue and allow the child to move on.  For example, if the child is having digestive issues, being around large amounts of yellow can naturally help the child (like a subconscious meditation to the solar plexus) work through their issue.  If they are nervous about public speaking, being around bright blue can help them find confidence in their voice.  I see blue, magentas and purple associated with intellectual stimulation.  Overall, if you take the basic principles of the chakras and apply them to your environment, you can work on different aspects of life through the use of color.

I cannot see this being gender specific or a influence on masculinity or femininity- this idea of colors looks to be a universal understanding.
Q.There is a guy that says a few years ago he started having dreams (visions) from a woman that gave him a lot of forgotten knowledge about the birth of the planets, God, Earth etc...M.O.E.E (Matter, Organic, Energy Elements)  He says he has recorded 4000 pages of lost secrets and esoteric knowledge. He says he is going to release it in a book form and that he has been approached to do a tv special on it.  He does have some interesting ideas. He says that gravity is a push, not a pull. He says that the first sun was created from a coalescence of elements floating through space and that they 'congealed' and God was created from them. God created everything in existence. He says that Human is the name of a shape, that we are beings but that we are Human beings based on our shape...interesting. He has a lot of other new ideas even though his writing skills need improvement. English is his second language.  Anyhow, is this guy's story legitimate ?
Thank you very much for sharing such wonderful information! 
A.  I see this person having a lot of insight and understanding on the concept of how things were created and how they align.  I get a image of a dot to dot puzzle, and he received "dots" of information, and allowed his mind to connect that information (dots) to make coherent sense of it all.  He sees things a little differently than I do (but I don't discount anyone that has good intentions as I think we all know little pieces, and the overlay of those pieces are what shows us the truth).  His concept is interesting, and definitely worth looking at objectively.  

Q. I would be glad if you could perform the reading on the following - There is an organization in India called "Samarpan Meditation". It has around million of followers. The interesting part is that it is not just another meditation group, and the master (guruji) Shivkrupanand Swami is also no ordinary person.  The guruji, who got his spiritual knowledge from spiritual masters of himalaya, tells that this organization will act as kind of "Religion of Future" and help a lot in the "Golden Age".  Also, all the followers meditate regularly in morning at the same time in connectivity, and later pray for peace and spiritual enlightenment of all. 

I think it would be making an considerable amount of impact in terms of positive energies. It would be great to hear more from you about its impact on current situation.

A.  I see meditation being highly beneficial both now and in the future.  We are at a special point on the timeline in which we are beginning to ascend into the next level of existence.  Meditation is one way to work at achieving this innate human goal (because we need to process and understand certain concepts before the ascension can be complete).  We learn through our higher selves, and this connection also creates a universal understanding of being part of the whole while also having the power to manifest our destiny (through thought and principles of the Law of Attraction).  It creates love, belonging, empowerment and an element of control.  

I see this guruji helping to share this knowledge and bring people on board- offering guidance and support as they learn and grow.  Overall, this feels like a beautiful thing and he "feels" to be truly working in the greater good.

Q. Thank you so much for your amazing work. I love your site!  Is it possible for someone to cast negative energy on another because of jealousy and envy and cause that person to be denied success?  If so, what can be done to neutralise the effects of such an intent if you are unable to avoid the negative person?  Are there tell-tale signs if the person is carrying negative intent, like getting sharp headaches in their company, or something could be picked up as a warning? Many many thanks for your time and your effort. Much love x

A.  A person can cast negative energy on you, but you are capable of rejecting it and sending it elsewhere (if you feel it).  If you get the feeling that you are carrying negativity (you are grouchy, angry or irritable) as soon as you realize it, stop, take a few breaths, and ask yourself "Are these my feelings or someone elses that are projected onto me?"  At that point, if they are not your feelings, you can feel them begin to lift away, and mentally tell them to leave- state in your mind that you only hold the capability to maintain the highest vibrations (or create your own mantra directed toward the positive sense).  

Keeping yourself in an elevated state can also ward off negative intentions of others- positivity and love will prevent negativity from even entering into your life.  The vibration of positive intent will always win over lower vibrational thoughts.

Most times when you are around someone that is sending negativity you will feel it when you are in their presence.  It is your subconscious telling you that their energy does not mix well with yours.  You may feel ill, tired or exhausted, or even immediately irritable- it is your body's way to telling you to leave the environment.  If you cannot leave the environment (for example they work in the next cubicle) try very hard to show them kindness- even through a smile.  Many times negative people will stay away from signs of positivity because like attracts like, and if you rise above they will try to avoid you (or in some instances they will change for the better because your positive energy flowed back to them.).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Robert Schoen said...

What a beautiful collection of topics and thought you've put together on today's blog.

I had been thinking how much I loved the group conscious event you did and how powerful it felt. I remember one time being part of a group that simultaneously decided to collectively just send healing energy to war zones and even old battlefields and how good it felt to be able to work toward helping a situation we normally wouldn't want to dwell on.

Then you had the last question about if people can cast negative energy on you. I wish I had read that thirty years ago! Thoughts are power, however they are used. I now realize that I too was casting negative energy back at who was sending it to me and it took me WAY too long to figure out how to break that cycle.

I stopped wearing black, something that is socially programmed into our culture, 15 years ago and think that was a smart move. Colors do effect as well.

Thanks for your important work!

Raymond G said...

Thanks for the reading on MOEE. I think the things he has posted are interesting. I wish he would hurry up with his book.

I believe colors play an important role in our lives even if we are unaware of it. People that wear dark colored clothes are more grounded and bright colored clothes are worn by outgoing, perky people. You made a comment about learning. Every school room I ever had was painted in beige or white. I wonder what kind of results you would get if you painted rooms a specific color for what you were trying to learn....bright colors for art class and math, earth tone for history class. I wonder if there would be an impact ? And Cayce said certain color spectrums would be used for healing....sit under a colored lightbulb and no more flu. Use another color, no more least that is how I understand it.

Thanks !

Blimpy Peach said...

Thank you so much for answering my question on colours! I always wondered if it had a big impact on children growing up in the hippie years and the hippies themselves (although I'm sure it wasn't just always colours making them happy :))

That is so interesting about certain colours for the chakras and specific problems. I had never considered that! Will definitely explore that! Thank you!!

masterz24 said...

Hey Lynn, do you remember a guy they called "Buddha boy"? He would meditate without food or water for days or weeks. The media ran him away because they kept harassing him. This was somewhere in India. I think his name was Brama or something like that. What can you tell us about him?

Lilian said...


I used to stay scared for a few days after a scary movie. Yes, it sounds silly why I watched such movies knowing the effect on me. But ever since I read your blog about the importance of overcoming fear, I go back to see such movie again to test my level of fear. Now I don’t think about it once the movie is over.

But I’m curious to know: does seeing scary movies cast negative energy on us and affect our vibration?

Thank you.

kirtan gajjar said...

"We are at a special point on the timeline in which we are beginning to ascend into the next level of existence. Meditation is one way to work at achieving this innate human goal"

What possible other ways are there beyond meditation ?

The enlightened one said...

I think the reason blue is favoured by boys and red is favoured by girls is because of balance. Red is a more physically active color, blue is a more calming color. I think men who by nature is more physically active than women need to balance this with a calming color, while women, who by nature are more physically receptive, need to balance this with a more physically active and stimulating color.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Robert: Thank you for the nice comments. I too really enjoyed the group meditation. I would like to plan another one soon. L&L

@Raymond: I did see it as amazing. I feel this book (when it is done) will be quite interesting.

@masterz24: I am not sure- I would need to think on him and possibly do a reading. It does sound like something that would be interesting- I have always seen when we begin to evolve we would be able to extract energy and nourishment from the sun- seems like a similar concept.

@Lillian: The “scary” movie doesn’t cast the low vibration, but the fear that results does. If you can let it go, then no worries. Just remember that the spiritual realm is a beautiful thing, and many media outlets try to create false fear (which holds people back from their true potential). If you don’t subscribe to the fear, then you are fine.

@kirtan: Meditation really is the key. Mental perspective (how you interpret your environment) and carrying yourself in a higher vibration aid in this, but mediation allows the other things I mentioned to happen with greater ease (because you are in tune with your inner and higher self during the process).

@enlightened one: That is a good point, and most things do have a counter balance (masculine and feminine energy try to equal out). Colors would be no exception…

Bee E-lightened said...

So what is voodoo and obeah, Negative spells about?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Bee: I have a reading coming up (in my drafts) that is tailored toward that- negative spells are just that- ill will directed toward people. What people may not realize is that you can reject that intention in which is goes elsewhere or even back to the source.

Bee E-lightened said...

Ok...great. Yes I heard some evil spell cannot harm some people while it does harm others. I guess it's how spiritually strong you are determines whether the spell can affect you or not.