Monday, February 9, 2015

Alien Influence: Short Answer Q & A (Group Post)

Q. Lately I've noticed that children age 2 or 3 years old seem to be mature beyond their years. Often it's like talking to another adult and I'm surprisingly shocked at the things they say and with such conviction. It's become so common with the children in my family and the children of others that it seems normal, but I suspect it is not. Because of this, combined with the high numbers of these children born with food allergies, I'm wondering if some of the children of this generation have received a DNA upgrade, or they are hybrid alien/human?
A.  There are two different things I see going on....  I see the human intellect is splitting..  There are some that are sort of "stuck" in our current paradigm, while others are elevating their level of consciousness.  These children that are exhibiting the higher level of intellect, are indeed tapping into their higher level of consciousness.  This generational shift is part of the overall  splitting of the layers of earth (going from 3D to 4D or higher).  

I see the food allergies being more related to the environment.  There are elements of things around us (electromagnetic waves, pollution, chemtrails, etc) among other things  In addition to that, our quality of food is on the decline.  We have what comes through to me as "fake" food... GMO, hormone injected, chemically altered food.  Young bodies (even starting in the womb) cannot process that food.  All of the above combined create sensitives (or rather I want to use the word "rejections") to certain types of food.  Then I hear that if you go to a third world country you won't find these types of allergies...

Q. Hi Lynn there's been communication disturbance around the world by a group calling themselves the Lizard Squad. Do you see a reptilian connection? If so are they rising amongst us?
A. I see this "Lizard Squad" as a very mild form of the true reptilian race.  They want to be reptilian, but they aren't.  I see they are working for the reptilians, trying to create a belonging and earning their worth.  They feel to be very low vibrational beings.

Q. The "positive" ET groups that are wanting to show themselves......are they coordinating with each other......or is each group doing there own thing? 

A. I see each one was trying to go about reaching earth separately (crop circles, etc), but they have now "regrouped" and are trying a new strategy as a joint effort.  I get that instead of little appearances, they are planning something big (I just can't see what yet)...

Q.  The "positive" ET groups that are wanting to show themselves.....who are they? Species? Origination? 
A.  When I put the intent out there, the thing I first see are animals.... I see a wolf morph into a man, then a lion morph into a man... Then I get there are MANY races of ETs out there, but the dominate races trying to make their way back to earth are humanoid versions of wolves and lions.  These two groups used to oppose each other (then I hear they fought like "cats and dogs" but have learned they need to come together).  

Then I get the workers (or lower levels) of these humanoid beings (wolves and lions) can also take different images (they aren't all the base of a wolf or lion).  In fact I see many hairless beings (and get that is where the greys come from).  I see so many races flash under these "wolf and lion kings" it is hard to even verbalize, BUT the one thing that is clear is the races in in our close proximity that are  coming together to help earth (there are some out there that have no interest in earth) are the higher vibrational races, and the races (reptilian and ant humanoids) that reside in the earth are of lower vibrations.  

When you ask Where are they from?  I consistently get the image of Orions belt..

Q. Why do the Andromedans not support their biggest asset here on Earth.....Alex Collier?
A. The answer I get is they don't like how he relayed the information..?  They feel like something interfered (some kind of ego or negative interference).  It is as if something happened to his vibration between being contacted and present day...

Q. Why do the purported "positive" ET groups (according to Julien Wells sessions) take DNA samples from Earth humans whilst asleep without there conscious consent?
A.  They are trying to learn about us.  They want to help us, and part of helping is truly understanding how we work (what are our strengths and weaknesses).  I also get that we are a result of many genetic experiments, and we have evolved from the original seeding due to our environment (some natural and some chemical). They want to know how free will and time have altered us from our original state.

Q. Julien Wells has said that his Pleiadean contact group (who are in a biosphere close to Earth just outside our perceivable frequency) shares Earth humans dreamspace/dreamtime. I hazard a guess that most groups in Earth's vicinity are doing the same "sharing" and as a result influencing our dreams. Whose consent did they receive to do this?
A. (If I understand this question correctly..)  I get the consent comes from the human sharing the experience.  You (in your conscious mind) have the ability to open or close yourself to spiritual contact (which is the type of contact you receive on the subconscious level) during a dream state.

Q. Why doesn't any offworld group positive or negative fully advise us of our Earth human history? A comprehensive history?
A.  I get a couple things with this.. First, I get the human history is very complex.  It isn't an answer as simple as x + y = z. There are layers and layers and different levels of involvement from different ET species.  Then I get that the different layers of involvement create different versions of the same truth.  Each species sees their contribution differently (and has their own truth), and just as textbooks are written by the winners of battle, history is told in versions based on those varying ET perspectives.  There are elements of truth to all the stories and the challenge is overlaying the the stories to get an absolute truth.

Q. Is there a quarantine/blockade of Earth? If so who is enforcing this? And why?
A.  There is a quarantine (it looks like a force field in my mind) around Earth.  I get that there was a huge battle and the reptilians won that battle by burrowing underground.  Part of winning the battle (and maintaining their presence) was to trigger parts of the human reptilian brain.  As long as the overall majority of the human consciousness operates within a certain vibration, the reptilians maintain control.  Once the collective consciousness steps outside that vibration, the reptilians lose control and the force field starts to come down.

Q. Why do purported "positive" ET groups monitor our thoughts without our consent?
A.  I don't see the positive ETs monitoring us (that wording feels very off), but more like they are desperately attempting to contact us through our subconscious thoughts.  It feels like the are trying to enlighten and warn us of this reptilian race (and how to escape their invisible enslavement). 

Q.  Why are purported "positive" ET groups already on Earth just outside our perceivable frequency without our consent and them not revealing themselves to us?
A.  They aren't allowed until the human consciousness changes... We aren't willing (on a mass scale) to accept them. 

Q. Because purported "positive" ET groups are in 3d walking amongst us why don't they be the go between with Earth humans and offworlders of a higher frequency via email? Like normal people do use email instead of putting thoughts in other heads.
A.  I get many of the "thoughts" that people get can't be verbalized (like the inspiration for a great invention).  There aren't words for some of the higher vibrational communication that occurs.

Q. Why is it that when ET groups communicate they say a lot but really don't say much....the messages have little substance?
A. I get they are incredibly limited in what they can say or do until the level of consciousness rises.  They have "broken through" to some individuals (inventions, medical advancements, technical advancements) to help humans, but on a large scale they have been blocked.  Also, many messages have to be "felt" based on concepts and proven truth and there are really not words to describe the message (then I get "How would you describe the color blue?  Blue is blue...  You may be able to compare it, but you can't use words to say exactly what blue is..).

Q. Why was the tech transfer allowed between offworld groups and the psychopaths that are in control of this planet?
A.  I get at the time the technology was transferred it was done with good intentions.. Over time, it was the human emotion of greed, power and control that infiltrated what once was good.  Technology that was gifted to us to aid in our evolution was stolen and used as a tool to propel certain individuals (which was not the intent of these ETs).  I also get this transfer of technology was a main part of what caused the ET war that ended up driving off the "positive ETs."

Q. Why is it that the ETs do not know the meaning of the word "trust" or the phrase "trust is earned"?
A.  I get it is because "trust" is in the category of emotion/feeling that many ETs do not have.

Q. Why doesn't the purported "positive" ET groups reveal there ships to large groups of humans? Why the deception? And the old "will create mass panic" chestnut doesn't cut it. 
A. I get that the panic really is the underlying reason they can't "just appear."  If they show up, the current controlling race will retaliate with a vengeance to drive them away.  The positive ETs don't want a battle, and don't want to hurt more humans.  The positive ETs don't want to take earth back by force, but rather a spiritual evolution (which I hear is more powerful than 10,000 armies).  Until the human subconscious is ready for this, just appearing won't create a positive situation, which is turn defeats their purpose.  War, violence and fear is a lower vibrational emotion (which the controlling race knows and exploits to keep control) which is very counterproductive in elevation of the human collective consciousness.  We need love and higher vibrations to make this change a success.  Then I hear, "We are contributors to our problem, but we are also our own solution- We just have to wake up."

I know there are many more questions out there, but I am concluding this session for now.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Watchand Knock said...

Thank you for this post! Related to ETs??
Hi PF! A question regarding incoming rockets which did land, not crash, some 60 years ago in Northern Sweden: in one case it was possible to scan a non-magnetic object inserted into Nammajaure lake sediments. Thank you! site
picture of Groundradar-scan (

Ryno said...

I just started reading "Alien Interview," based on documents provided Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy and edited by Lawrence Spencer and it's the transcripts of Matilda's interview of a surviving Grey named Airl who survived the Roswell crash. It has been a great read so far and I am not even half way through it and it really has me thinking. I want to know your thoughts on the Earth as a "Prison Planet?" Since we are all immortal beings we cannot be destroyed but as punishment for not conforming/rebelling against the "old empire (as its called in the book)" we have been banished to Earth (even referred to as a ghetto planet)to continue our existence on this violent, confusing, perverted planet. Then when we physically die we are encourage go through "the light", have our memories zapped out of us, and sent back to Earth and continue the cycle. Do you agree with this Prison Planet idea?
Now my thoughts, OK so this may be a prison planet but at the same time something special has happened on Earth and Earthlings are so unique (and part of what makes ET's so curious about us) because there are many different races and cultures on this planet. But even more important then that is our souls have a special rebellious attitude, we are free thinkers (prefer our own free will), and just general desire to be free. As a human race we need to say no more to being property or slaves of other races, claim our sovereignty on Earth and be willing to be part of the greater good of the cosmos.

Hannon said...

@ Ryno, I listened to the audio version of that book and it really got the fat between my ears churning. I would also like to know if it's true but even if it was 100% fake, it's so captivating that it's worth digging into just the same. I suspect it's true or contains truths, just because of the way it grabbed onto my psyche. Very rarely does something take hold of my attention like that.

Chatty Cathy said...

@Lynn - I saw the movie Jupiter Ascending yesterday and it revealed some interesting concepts, among those were the Reptilian species, cross-hybrid species and the significance of DNA. But what was most interesting was that they showed a beam of light that they used to travel from the ground on Earth up to the spaceship in the sky and it looked JUST LIKE the light beam in the video you and Da-Da posted last week.

So now I'm wondering if this youtube video's release is somehow related to the movie's release? Is there a common message?

RFK Pope said...

It seems that German military technology during World War II was a result of technology transfer from off-world groups. Within a decade N@zi Germany made significant advancements in nuclear power, weapons, aircraft, rockets, submarines, tanks etc.

In this reading you stated that the technology transfer was done with good intentions, so I'm wondering if the Germans had good intentions? And did the U.S. disrupt those intentions when they joined allies to defeat Germany?

And how did the E.T.'s feel about the usurping of their tech transfer in the case of Project Paperclip, where German scientists, technicians and engineers were post-war secretly immigrated to America to share their technological expertise with our government?

Bee E-lightened said...

the person asking the question sounds like they met good ETs before...amazing, intriguing reading

luv said...

Hi Lynn you should repost the Jupiter Ascending reading now the movie was amazing and like u said we would think about the movie days later and realize a message that is coming across. I feel like catastrophes an war is coming. Is this when the Enki and Enlil empires come back to harvest humans like food? Do ships land to aquire them. AT the same time are humans going to ascend to another parallel earth? There are alot plots plans and predictions going on. Its so confusing. CAN you make sense of it .

SF said...

Hi Lynn, who are indigenous people (Native Americans, Pacific Islanders such as Polynesians, etc) descended from?

Hello Well-Wishers! said...

Wow, how synchronistic!

Last night I had the most surreal dream where I was sitting in a table with people of various skin colours and ages (including children). I don't remember them talking much but I knew somehow that we were here to reveal to me the truth (that they were aliens/UFOs -even though they looked humans). Immediately, I had flashes of fear come up and I started seeing Mantis and another insectoid and I don't know if it was really my fears or fears that I had acquired through reading up about aliens. So we agreed that they would reveal their true identity to me, but I was just not ready. I remember saying, "I'm not ready yet!" and I willed myself to wake up as if I knew that I could shift out of that reality. After I woke up, the dream felt incredibly real. I really remember this one little girl who was dark skinned and she left an impression on me. Anyways, I woke up thinking about aliens and why they are in my dreams at this moment and here you are with a post! I wonder if they are all aspects of me but in other dimensions or realities? I feel like in physical life I am not afraid but I guess in my subconscious I still had those fears of encountering ET's. I do see ET's as family to me but I wonder why I was so scared to see the truth (i.e., the image an alien). Am I not ready yet?

AS said...

Lynn, thank you for posting these questions and answers. It has provided the missing link for questions I've had over the years. Now it all makes sense. I have been dreaming of meeting ETs for a very long time. They show up in my dreams quite often. May you and your family be surrounded and protected.

They Live said...

Are animals i.e. cats, dogs, insects etc. descendants of these alien races? Also I will see an insect that looks like they are from another world time from time, are they? Many blessings!

Waityurturn said...

Hi Lynn. Thank you so much for your post which brought much synchronicity into my life. My question is can spiritual guides be extraterrestrials? I ask this because I have known my spiritual guide's name for a few years but it wasn't until this weekend that I was doing a meditation that she appeared to have cat/lion features. Can you shed some light?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Watchandknock: There is a lot of activity regarding entry and exit of earth around this area. I get the way the earth is designed there are naturally occurring “open” spaces in the atmosphere.. These spaces feel like an energy beacon.

@Ryno: I absolutely agree with this. In fact, I connect with this in such a way that after I die I almost refuse to go to the light unless I can master how to enter at a frequency that memories are not erased and we are cycled back through. Evolution elsewhere is possible, but you have to increase in your frequency to move to other realms (only way to fight off the imprisonment).

@Chatty Cathy: I saw it too!!! I remember the light beam, and it really took me back- it was exactly how I saw it being used in that photo! I see so many elements of truth put into this movie- I get that the full truth is so overwhelming to comprehend it has to be given to us in small bites so we can absorb it

@RFK: I do see that Germany had good intentions (that ended disastrous). As we continued to fail the ETs with our misuse of technology, they gradually (and more selectively) withdraw from helping us..

@luv: It is overwhelming, and feels like so many different things are happening. In our world there is confrontation, in space the ETs are collaborating.. There is a lot going on. Here is the link to my previous reading on Jupiter Ascending… It did leave me thinking as well…

@SF: I need to think on this more… It isn’t coming quickly… What I see I have never seen before (some kind of hairless cat is the base DNA??).

@Hello: I think many of us are consciously ready, but subconsciously it is such a change to our current paradigm that fear is the body’s reaction (like self-defense) until they are proven to us and our trust is real. I see it more like caution than fear (primal instincts are coming out)..

@They Live: I see everything here is a culmination of ET seeding, cross-breeding and evolution due to environment. Earth is a mix of everything from everywhere.

@Waityurturn: We can have people, ETs and animals be our guide. They can even toggle between these being based on what you need and what you are learning at the time.

They Live said...

Many thanks, love, light and blessings!

Me too said...

So it is like the movie "a brave new world"? We live so conditioned that we can't see or understand them?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@me too: Sort of... People are waking up to it though, so it feels like a lot of hope and promise is on the horizon.

They Live said...

Two more questions regarding life on earth, what entities are native to earth and are there any that were not messed with by E.T.'s?

Artistsculptor1776 said...

Good afternoon PF-
Are you famiar with the term feline race. The felines were supposedly a seed race for humanity. There is also a canine race. I don't mean a cat in 4 legs, but a cat head on a human body. The people of Egypt worshipped the goddess Seckhmet who was feline. They left to remind us of them. I think the f

Artistsculptor1776 said...

Sorry. They left the sphinx to remind us of them. I think the feline race is Sirian

Hannon said...

Lynn, why do the ETs share tech with insane, monopolistic, psychopathic, out of control, genocidal, murderous governments then get disappointed at the results? I mean it's kind of a no brainier, it's like giving an alcoholic a job as a bar tender and expecting them to stay sober. Couldn't they put the specs and supporting physics out in an open source way on the internet, and prevent it from being hidden from us?

SB said...


Did ETs give us the LHC and what do you think will happen next month when they crank it to full power? Hawkings said stop messing with it; it could destroy us. Some people have wondered if this will do something to this dimension to let ETs in who cannot access us in. Could this be the big event you have talked about? Thank you. :)


:D said...

Could you elaborate on human races and where all of them come from?
According to science to all come from an Africa thousanda of years ago. And after migration to different parts of the world our complexion changed. So what is the truth behind our colors?
Thanks for your insight. Is greatly appreciated.

Ps. Lynn, (different topic) what is your take on recent news in regards to all baby killings. It is like many people are lacking love and compassion to our own seedlings. What is cause for people to harm children?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@They Live: I don’t see any true natives to earth. I see all beings here as being seeded or brought here from somewhere else. We are a galactic melting pot.

@Artistsculptor: I see this the same way. I see the ETs as features of animals (specific cats and dogs were dominant above all) but in a humanoid shape. There were insects, birds, really all types of humanoid animals. Yes, I see the Sphinx as a large lion that was destroyed to look like something else.

@Hannon: I see they do have a newer approach and they share truth and information via inspiration (that appears to come from nowhere) and insight to certain people during meditative states of being.

@SB: They provided the inspiration, but not necessarily the technology. Somehow it feels much more convoluted than it needs to be (I get if an ET were to build this based on what they know it would be much more simple??). I do feel something disastrous about this, but I am not sure yet what that is..

@:D: Races came from everywhere. The goal was to create a human, and certain DNA in a sequence does just that. It was infused with other things as part of the “experiment” and that is where the different races came about. I don’t see them rooting in Africa. Environment and evolution did have some bearing, but the root of the DNA is the biggest factor in why we can look so different from our neighbor. (I should address your other question in a separate reading. Thank you for the submission. I will save it.)

Hannon said...


Even the people who first developed the out of Africa theory have abandoned it, but it has become ingrained as part of the lie that most of our history is. Out of Africa is used to reinforce the standard cookie cutter evolution model. It's convenient for them because if you question it, they scream racist instead of allow a real discourse to occur, just like many other things.

Hannon said...

Lol, I mean the first people who developed the model using DNA, I know it's an older theory :-)

They Live said...

Many thanks! So the beings that were humanoid apes/apes that, according to the Terra Papers the E.T.s used to mix their DNA with, were seeded by E.T.s?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@They Live: Yes, that is how I see it... Human DNA was mixed many different animals..

They Live said...

That would explain why some animals have somewhat human features geez. Many, many thanks!