Friday, February 6, 2015

New Earth- How Does it Appear and How Do We Get There?

Q. Hello Lynn, I saw two things in a dream state.. First, The future of the Illuminati/Criminal Bankers; they will take an evolutionary fall and their next existence will be insects. Second,  I saw a bright shiny new Earth is being born, it is leaving behind its old shell which is black and dark.  Can see what the separation will be like in reality. Will it be like in Matthew 24:40 'Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left'. Maybe it will not be as dramatic such as a friend flies into the sunset on a Qantas flight never to be heard of again.
A. [I have been asked this question a lot, and I am slowly making sense of how this will appear and I will do my best to put it into words...]
I see our earth as having different "layers" that co-exist.  These "layers" are defined by the vibrations within that layer.  Lower vibrations stay in one layer, higher vibrations are in another.  As we incarnate, the vibration of our new form will determine which layer we reside in, and which layer we experience.  

Right now we (as humans) are living a 3D life on a 3D layer of earth.  If we can increase our consciousness (therefore increasing our vibration) we will have the ability to come back to earth and experience it through (what most people call) a 4D perspective.  You would live an experience earth as a 4D being.  Seeing 3D life or experiences (or beings) would be equivalent to you being a 3D being and seeing a 4D layer now.  YOU would be in the 4D world, with an ability to see 3D (if you chose), but you would be separate from it.

I also see that as you evolve and increase your consciousness, you are capable to leave "earth" and all the layers on it during future incarnations.  There are places, locations (even planets) that are reserved for the higher dimensional (vibrational) beings.  The energy is so intense that you have to be "wired" to take it on.  There is a higher use of telepathy and concepts of just "knowing" information.  Language is simplified because thoughts are shared.  In our current human form our system cannot handle this intensity, therefore, it isn't an option, but as we grow our options open up.

As I type this I do get that we can "visit" these other dimensions (it looks like an introduction of sorts) through mental connections.  We can see, communicate and even experience these "layers," but I cannot see where we are physically transported there.

I don't see the dimensional split occurring during a lifetime.  It occurs in the after (physical) life and during the incarnation process.  People don't disappear, but rather move (providing they are capable of maintaining and existing in a higher vibrational field) on to other places when they are no longer held down by their physical constraints. 

Then I am left with a final thought that is half a quote I have heard, and half a symbolic thought- "If the universe is a marathon, this current life is like a mini sprint.  There is much to do and learn, and worlds ahead of you with many forks in the road to explore as you learn and expand through experience."

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  L&L-


whitelite 1111 said...

Thank you so much for this session!! This makes so much sense to me and I had a sort of
a ha! moment while reading. Do people with near death experiences experience similar but different things, places, beings, feelings because they are experiencing the NDE on different layers based on their vibration?? Thanks and Gratitude for such wonderful work! L&L

A Man Called Da-da said...

So... if someone is 4D, how would they know it?

And here's a friday question: if i have a beer, that lowers my vibration, right?

Laron said...

Thank's for sharing this one with everyone Lyn. Your interpretation of what you received fits into my own knowing and understanding around this topic.

Within a recent QHHT I conducted, my client Lai said that more and more people will be seeing visions and/or dreams of the New Earth from here on in.

Bee E-lightened said...

lol @ dada

Charlotte Bailey said...

I love your readings! And I would love to meet so many of the group that contribute their thoughts here :)
Do you have any idea if those that come back to experience 4D will have their memories wiped like we have now? I'm with Da-Da, how do we know if we're living a 4D level life?

Craig said...

Would you say that the New Earth that has been spoken of a lot in the past years is a new consciousness, rather than a physical place?

It seems to follow that whoever is able to raise their vibratory rate, would also be able to change the way things are here just by being in that state, hense creating a "New Earth", one that runs on a higher level than it has in eons.

It's like being on a different timeline, maybe.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

If you're experiencing or operating in a state of Love, Joy, Peace, or Gratitude, my understanding is that you're in a 4D (or higher) vibration.

Da-da, I think your beer will be fine! It's your state of mind that's important. To be honest, I experience Love, Joy, Peace, AND Gratitude when I enjoy a good beer. Of course, too much of anything can also be detrimental...



YourPsychicFocus said...

@whitelite: Yes, I get in near death when your soul “leaves” you can see and experience these things.

@Dada: LOL. I get that part of being 4D is knowing that you are… Just like you know you are a man, woman, Caucasian, etc in this carnation- it is just a given part of life.

The beer only alters you for a moment, and then you return to your “normal” range.

@Charlotte: You do have some memories wiped if you go to the light BUT you get a quicker and easier recollection of them.

@Craig: It is based largely on a state of consciousness and vibrations(and ability to hold a certain higher range of frequency) are the main component of it.

@rememberinginfinity: :-)

A Man Called Da-da said...

Levity aside, Da-da actually had a serious reason for mentioning alcohol (not to mention marijuana, drugs, etc.). Said substances lower your vibration, and consequently can make you vulnerable to *lower* energy/negative entities at certain limits of inebriation. These beings are out there, alas, and can negatively influence your thinking (and give you really bad ideas that you can't bounce back from) -- or in extreme cases, jump in and use you as a puppet. Certainly nothing to be afraid of, just be aware, esp. if you see this in other people who might need some friendly shepherding.

M. Longaz said...

I've been reading the Focus Sessions off and on for a couple weeks after someone mentioned them in a twitter post in relation to Cliff Highs work at Halfpasthuman.

I've been reading about and following the work of Laura Knight-Jadczyk, who discusses 4D, etc in depth in her work, for a number of years.

For more information and analysis about the concept a good place to start I think would be her Wave series, which can be read online for free -

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Dada: You are on target with this. Your vibration will "snap" back to a range, but it is definitely altered when you are under the influence (includes some pharma drugs too).

@M: Thanks for the info. Others (including myself) may be interested in that.

M. Longaz said...

@YPF - No problem. What is interesting is that she uses a spirit board to channel and then reads and researches to try to find any verification or information relating to what is channeled. She calls it critical channeling. Kind of blending science with mysticism, since her husband is a Physicist.

I haven't spent enough time looking over all the entries, but read your story - do you or anyone you know research to see what kind of verification might be available for the sessions you do? It would be lots of work though.

Alex said...

Hi Lynn

So you are saying that drugs, alcohol, meat will only lower our vibration temporarily? Could you tell us HOW do our vibrations get changed permanently?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@M: I don't research things before I post them... I just go on what I get. In the event I watch a video or see something, I discuss that in the reading. If a reading really triggers a curiosity, I go and look things up afterwards, but usually don't make that a part of the reading (unless it comes up in the comments).

@Alex: Major karmic things change vibrations- life lessons (or lack of learning them), learning through experience, deviations from your life path, things like that... It can be higher or lowers, depends on the "triggering event."

joy said...

A long time ago, I heard that beer contains a substance called
hops (or substance inside this hops) that Spirit uses to spin
and to anchor light into our DNAs.

Dreams Come True said...

There's a great deal of talk that The Event is coming very, very the first week of March 2018. Can you see that?