Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ferguson, Michael Brown, Martial Law [Group Post]

[I want to first say before I begin this reading that I am sorry for the loss of life the Brown family and friends have endured.  As I get into this deeper it looks like something minor and resolvable escalated into this tragic event.)

Q. Can you see what was the truth about Michael Brown and the Officer Darren Wilson. What really happened during that altercation?
A. My mind first takes me to the series of events of that day.  I see an African American man (Michael) inside a little store.  I get he walks around the store and I feel like I want to watch him because of the way he is walking (very slow, picking up a large amount of things and putting them back...)  It is like he is in there for a reason, but is wandering around aimlessly not knowing what he wants to get.  This isn't that type of store (then I hear that you don't go into a gas station store and spend 10 minutes looking at every bottle of pop in the cooler.)  The whole thing seemed odd.  

Then he walks up to the clerk when the store is empty, demands money and then his hand grabs something either behind or far back on the counter (I want to say chewing gum?) and puts it in his pocket.  He never brandishes a weapon, but alludes a gun is in his pocket during this robbery (I see his hand in his pocket and he is moving it around).  From there he runs out of the store, and when he is a few blocks away resumes a normal pace.

I also get that in that when he left the store he either passed off (or hid his loot) to someone as he walked down the street so nothing would be on him (except for the gum or whatever he grabbed- I still want to say gum.).   When the officer saw Michael, and Michael fit the description, he first stopped to just ask questions (not accusing just yet, but really to get information or see if Michael knew anything.)  Officer Darren wanted to ask if Michael knew anything, saw anything, etc all while scoping out Michael (semi suspecting it was him, but not able to accuse just yet).  

This is where I see Officer Darren get out of the police vehicle (I don't see a struggle in the vehicle, but rather right beside it). 

Michael immediately got defensive and shouted some expletives at Officer Darren, which seemed to come from nowhere since Michael wan't being accused, but rather questioned about what he knows.  I get Michael was VERY sensitive to that, and in Officer Darren's opinion over-reacted.  The both were then using foul language toward one another (I hear the F word a lot) and that is when it got loud.  Officer Darren was accusing him of obstructing justice (or some term like that) and used that as an excuse to further question (almost accuse but not enough proof yet) Michael and search him.  Michael was NOT letting that happen and would not comply.  

Michael would not allow a search, would not raise his hands- He wouldn't even take them out of his coat pockets which make Officer Darren very leary.. Michael did lunge toward the officer- not to intentionally grab the gun, but to push him away (Michael kept saying give me some space as officer Dan kept getting closer in fear the MIchael would try to run.)  Michael was agitated and very angry at this cop.  When MIchael lunged toward Officer Darren, and in the process got his hands on the gun, the officer didn't know what Michael was going to do, and THAT is when the officer gained full control of the gun and fired at Michael.  

Q. Did Mike Brown actually steal some cigars previously to his death? There was  NO mention of recovering this item and so trying to prove that he actually had committed a crime other than resisting arrest. 
A.  He did steal some small things as he walked about the store.  I did see him grab something  from behind the counter (I thought it looked like chewing gum, but it could have been cigars- I just didn't see it that way). 

Q. Could you look a bit more into how the situation in Ferguson is going to play out now that the officer was not indicted?
A. There is going to be looting, riots and a LOT of civil unrest in this area.  I also see pockets of groups all over the country following suit (like private organizations start to organize with picketing and protests- I get an image of Occupy Wall Street Occupy Wall Street that spread to some other cities across the country, but this is WAY bigger than that.)

This then leads to the next question...

Q. The public response to this feels unnaturally aggressive to me. There have been at least 5 different buildings set on fire as well as many cars, looting, and lots of physical violence on anyone in the area.
A.  This is unnaturally aggressive, and let me explain why...

I see that our country has been trying to pit people against one another for a long time.  As long as we fight against ourselves we are too distracted from what is really going on (then I hear the question "How many laws, bills or issues have passed that we haven't paid attention to because our media is focused on other things?")  This started with the Zimmerman and Martin case a while ago- a race war within the country is one sure way of tugging at emotions and hitting the "hot button" of many Americans.  You can "ruffle feathers with Obamacare or Abortion, but to really evoke a cause attack someones heritage."  

I also get that brutal crimes happen all the time.  The number one cause of death in African American men is homicide.  (As a note I looked this up after I heard this and this IS TRUE until they reach the age of 35- source).  The media took this one instance (even though tragic) and blasted it throughout the country to evoke the emotions of thousands if not millions everywhere.  I also get that undisclosed sources even bused people into Ferguson (both to create more chaos and also give the media some "good images" to televise.)  Then I get an image of a show called Confessions of an Economic Hitman in which our own CIA was known to go to other countries to not only cause havoc, but get the citizens of that country stirred up as well- Only in this case it is our own government stirring up havoc in our own country.

I also get that the media (under someone elses command) isn't being totally fair to this case because the way they are portraying Michael is not the full truth.  They are showing innocent pictures of Michael when he was younger and more "childlike" (I put these pics on the right) versus who he was as a grown man.  This is done intentionally to create more compassion and stir more emotions (I hear people upset because "How could someone shoot a little boy.")  I get that if you heard the real facts, and where there when it happened, things would seem much different that the way the media is portraying it.

Why are they doing this?  Something big is on the horizon (I want to say it is tied to the economy) which the citizens are not going to be very accepting of.  In the process there is going to be some civil unrest, and the government wants and needs to see how to best handle the chaos.  They want and need a reason to test military authority, Martial Law and see how we respond do that (are we submissive, or do we fight for what we think is right).  By creating an excuse in Ferguson, Martial Law will be viewed by the rest of the country as necessary and excused because we are "protecting ourselves from each other."  They get to test their "big guns" (the phrase that came to me) while the rest of the people watch and approve because we are "helping them."

I also get that once Martial Law is declared, it is hard to stop.  There will also be the underlying rule that if riots start elsewhere, Martial Law will be put into force immediately to avoid "another Ferguson."  Fear will keep people in line.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Here is a link to a previous reading I did that touched on the situation in Ferguson that you may be interested in:


Alpha X said...

What you've said in response to my "unnaturally aggressive" question is exactly what I was thinking, right down to the CIA thing. I didn't want to say it in the question but this just feels really wrong and set up to me. I don't like where they're going to try and take this and if it's not stopped, this entire country is going to be effected, as you've said.

I don't feel like it will be stopped. Small pockets of people will realize what's going on and refuse to be riled up by this but many areas are going to become very dangerous, either because of the citizens or the police.

CartalkByJJ said...

Funny I also reached the same conclusion many days drifted or downloaded into my head... Like the US government NEEDs racism in order to keep everyone from uniting as one.

Alpha X said...

I've mentioned in the past that I'm interested in dreams and I have had some mild premonitory dreams.

I had a dream a few weeks ago, when I knew next to nothing about this case and it wasn't on my mind much at all, that I was walking down a busy street on a sunny day with my uncle. There was some sort of event or something going on with a lot of cars parked along the street and people sitting and walking around outside.

For clarification, my uncle and I are white and I am not racist and have never had a racist dream in any capacity.

We passed a black man who was smiling and joking with us and I remember us laughing with him about something. We went to get in my car with me driving and my uncle in the passenger seat. I got in and closed my door and then he got in. As he was closing his door, a black man came up and grabbed his shirt and started punching him in the face while pulling him out a bit in order to hit him easier. I tried to start the car and drive off but I was fumbling with the key and there was another black man who came up and put his foot on the hood of my car. The dream ended right around the time I got the key in the ignition.

I think this dream is significant because the fighting came out of nowhere. As I said, we were just smiling and laughing and it was a nice sunny day and then my uncle was suddenly getting attacked. That's unnatural. There's a hidden agenda or faction there that is contrary to the whole and inciting violence. If you analyze it, that dream has a lot of parallels with what's going on.

To anyone reading this, please try not to look at the dream from a racist perspective as I do not. I added race only for clarification and to show the parallels with what's going on.

Watchand Knock said...

Hello PF, Thank You for this clarification!!!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Everyone: Thank you for the comments, and Alpha X, I understand what you are saying completely. I see the symbology in what you are saying and do not see racism in your dream at all. I see your dream as being a way to illustrate what is really happening (or rather the energy behind it).

KC said...

So many people are ignoring this drama - must be a gut feeling something is not right. Have faith in your fellow humans and beware agitators. There are some hurt folks as a result of this. a little extra compassion and kindness make a world of difference.

Ryno said...

What happened to DeAndre Joshua, the first Grand Jury witness killed? Article at:

Camryn Villarruel said...

The point is that many young black men get shor and klled by cops all over the US regardless of what they were doing. There is racism in thia country. I wake up every morning reminding my sons to comply with any police officer. I also feel that this is not over and there will be more violence and the life of black person is not valued. I also see thiscevent as a trigger to martial law. Thank you Lynn

Ninneveh said...

@PF, looking at the astrological chart for the Ferguson riots following the court verdict, it seems tailor made for large scale violence. Can you see if the timing for the announcement of the verdict was calculated beforehand by the powers that be in accordance with astrology to have such an effect?

RFK Pope said...

The author of the novel, Confessions of an Econonic Hitman, by John Perkins, has a fascinating video on YouTube and I encourage you to watch all four parts as the info gets even more interesting as it progresses. He was a former CIA/World Bank "Hitman" as he called it because be literally forced foreign nations in Africa and South America to submit to U.S. debt slavery through intimidation and death aka regime change/ coup d'├ętat. He lays out the formula for how U.S. Corporations obtain the natural resources and land from other countries while further impoverishing the people worse than they were before. It shows how diabolical the powers-that-be really are about achieving global domination. Here's the link for those interested:

siketa said...

what do you see about this possible nuclear attack on Chicago?

susan said...

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for your information...always interesting!

There is an interesting Podcast, "Serial" lately on a trial case of Adnan Syed.
He was convicted in 2000 of the 1999 killing of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, 18, after a six-week trial in Baltimore.

Many people are listening to the story of this event on iTunes as a journalist patches the story together each week as she goes about trying to talk to those involved. He was convicted of murder and in prison now.

Just wondering if he did it or who did and why...


YourPsychicFocus said...

@KC: Well said. Thank you.

@Ryno: I get that the govt did it. This person didn’t align with the agenda. The govt is really the ones keeping this thing going.

@Ninneveh: I had not thought about that- very interesting. It does feel like a time of high energy, and also irritability in people. I can’t see it was intentional, but the timing really was impeccable.

@RFK: Thank you.

@siketa: I can’t connect to that. I definitely see government intervention, but I cannot see any kind of nuclear event happening.

@susan: That sounds like a great question for a reading. I will add it to my rough drafts.

They Live said...

Do you know what unlawful "laws" were passed during these events and distractions? Is there any country on this planet that is safe from their evil plans? I can't thank you enough for everything you do.

amr02 said...

Hi Lynn,
I'm really fascinated with your blog and look forward to reading it every day.
I have a question about this case concerning the major controversy over whether Michael Brown, after running 20-30 feet away from Officer Wilson, turned around and charged at Wilson or was he really trying to surrender? Witness accounts on this are very conflicting. What do you see concerning this?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@They Live: I was trying to tune into this, and the image I get was Obama whispering to someone else in their ear, and then writing something down. I realize he doesn't "make" the laws, but it felt symbolic as to what is really happening. I get we will be made knowledgeable of these "laws" and we will react like, "What? When did that become a law?" There is some shock value to it.

@amr02: I see Michael Brown as charging (or rather lunging) at the Officer.

RFK Pope said...

I noticed part 3 of John Perkins: Globalization is missing on youtube which is interesting because it's the most revealing segment. However someone else has posted it, titled: Speaking Freely: John Perkins (3 of 4). Don't worry, it begins with about 30 seconds of info from from the: John Perkins: Globalization 2/4 video but the rest is all new info.