Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Upcoming Weather and Natural Events [Group Post]

Q. Did our timeline dodge the Red Comet you foresaw?
A. I  still see the Red Comet out there... When I focus on it, I get this anxiety, as if it is there and hiding, and all of a sudden it shows itself.  In my mind I look to the sun and the moon, as if they hold the answers or show the signs.  As I look to the sun, there is something different, and almost mesmerizing about it (color, intensity, heat)- and then I see the comet pop out from behind, out of what seems like no where.  The moon then reacts to it (referring to the comet) getting closer by first wobbling in an odd pattern, and then rotating in a clockwise pattern. 

Even though I see it being hidden by the sun, I see it does have an effect on us now.  I get an image of the earth and it looks like a wobbly top due to outside gravitational forces pulling on us. In addition to the fluctuating gravitational force, our magnetosphere looks to be compromised or inconsistent (in some areas the bubble around earth looks thicker than others).  Our orbit is being yanked or altered by this comet. Part of it is directly related to the comet, and part is because other planets are being effected, and those other planets have a trickle down effect that influence earth as well.  I see our solar system as an entire system that works together, and not individual parts working independently.  If one part changes, it changes the energy and function of the unit as a whole.

As we wobble, I see the north pole not statically staying true north.  What we call the north pole, is not really true north anymore- it is still north, but not the north most point.  This wobbling is creating erratic weather patterns that are unpredictable- I get most places are having unseasonable weather (hot isn't as hot as normal, droughts are popping up, extreme rain).  It is as if the weather cannot be predicted accurately or have what feels like a normal expectation.  I see this continuing long term- with each year it will change- You may have an abnormally hot summer, followed by a summer that is extremely below average (with pops of extreme heat)- nothing is "normal" or consistent.

Q. Could you please do a reading on the upcoming winter in the United States? Will it be harsher than normal? Will it come sooner and last longer? Will there be a propane/natural gas shortage or price hike? Anything you feel drawn to bring up?

A. I see the US being hit with an EXTREME winter.  I see it even colder than last year.  The issue will be the cold even more so than the snow (overall). The northern US will have higher than normal snowfall, and I see what looks like a blizzard in the New York area.  I get with the blizzard in New York there will be some power outages, so please take caution and be prepared in that area.

I do not see a propane/natural gas shortage, but I see an issue with power outages due to increased demand (like circuits get overloaded trying to compensate for the need).  New York and that area seems the most effected, and then I see smaller pockets randomly pop up, but the issue with these "pockets" looks to get resolved fairly quickly.

I see the southern states getting snowfall (Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida) that I would relate to the amount the midline of the US (Kansas, Kentucky geographic location) normally gets.  The amount isn't extreme, but I see peoples' reactions as unusual- as if they aren't prepared to handle that amount of snow on the roadways.  I see stores closing due to weather making items more difficult to buy (stock up).

I also see ice storms (the image I have is trees encapsulated in ice) throughout the Midwest area.  Most are only a day or two, but it looks like that area gets hit with one or two major ones that takes some time to recover.

I do see that people should stock up.  Be prepared to stay at home for at least a few days.  Have a plan if the electric goes out (I see camping / Coleman equipment).

Q. With the world's weather becoming more volatile with snow storms, fires, droughts, flooding, etc is there any areas that are "safe" areas to relocate to? Specifically the USA. Adding further any countries you see being stable enough with the good weather being good areas to relocate to? Thank you

A. When I focus on the geographic aspect (not looking economically or politically), the safe areas look to be the northern part of South America, the western part of Africa, northwestern part of Australia, southern part of Asia (west of India) and the most south central part of the US west of the Mississippi River (Texas area).  There are other pockets of safety as well, but regarding weather fluctuations, floods, etc, I see those areas being the most consistent.

Q. Hello. I was wondering if Southern New Mexico was safe from earth changes? Especially the area around Ruidoso New Mexico. Its a resort town in So.Central New Mexico..and it sits up in the Mountains. Thank-you for the work you do here.

A.  This location looks very safe.  You will experience some changes (mild earthquakes and some unusual weather, but it looks to be fairly safe and relatively consistent compared to other areas.

Q.  Can you please comment on the future of the Southwest like Arizona? What do you see concerning earth changes and safer areas to live? I have heard that California may go under and Arizona becomes coastal! Thanks!

A. The border of Arizona looks to be somewhere that needs caution, but the eastern part of Arizona looks to be safe.  I see a lot of issues surrounding the eastern border of California.  I see it eventually separating and causing California to either become a peninsula or island (not really going under).  This will take many years to occur, but the effects will be felt now and accelerated by the activity in Yosemite. 

Q. Hi Lyn , With all the changes going on politically and environmentally my son and I wish to be in the best locations that provide safety and security in Australia . We reside in Adelaide,South Australia. would you please give us some insight? All the best to you,Charmaine.

A.  I see the interior part of Western Australia and the interior part of the Northern Territory being the safest areas of Australia. 

In closing, the energy of this feels panicky and uncertain, but I feel compelled to also let people know that overall warning signs to the majority of the weather will be there [it won't be overnight].  You will be warned of storms or start to see some kind of pattern to the unusual weather (it will be warm a week and then be bitterly cold).  Pay attention, listen to what you hear, but most importantly look with you eyes to prepare youself.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to narrated reading on YouTube.


Monica Villacci said...

Speaking of safe areas, what safe areas do you see politically and economically speaking? In Illinois and around the world? L&L

Ryno said...

Do the recent Ark Lane crop circles try to warn us about what is going to happen with the upcoming "Red Comet" and the effects it has on gravity and the magnetic field?

green acres said...

What is the "activity in Yosemite" you mentioned? I had always thought that was a safe place due to its elevation. Thank you!

Sunny Jauhal said...

Hi Lynn,

Always love your insights! What do you see in Southern Ontario, Canada? We had a tough winter last year, but can we expect even more power outages than last year? Thank you

siketa said...

Just to make sure....
Is this Red Comet actually Nibiru or not?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Monica: I see Australia and New Zealand as safe havens... Regarding the US, I feel the more southwest you go, the safer (and more peaceful).

@Ryno: I just looked at this..Wow! I interpreted the crop circles differently (I saw this as a pic of the approach and the reverberation of the approach). That does tell a story!

@green acres: I see it safe from flooding, but a location of chronic earthquakes. I see it eventually "popping" in a series (not all at once).

@Sunny: Yes, I see this next winter as being very brutal (the wobble of the earth is becoming more and more).

@siketa: Yes, this comet goes by many names. It is the same comet. I refer to it as the red comet because everytime I connect it looks like a red ball of fire with a tail.

siketa said...

Lynn, do you get anything about its size? How close will it come to Earth?

Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn thank you for this post! Might I ask a geologic question? I would, if possible, pose a question about the formation of a mountain range called Serra do Cabral which I was not able to answer in my thesis (back in 2004).
Both the main Range, called Serra do Espinha├žo Meridional, and the much smaller range mentioned above are mainly composed out of Proterozoic sandstones (BTW both ranges are located in Minas Gerais state/Brazil).
The question is how did the Serra do Cabral range advance much more to the West than the main range??
Do several hot springs (springs approx. location shown through red dots on the map below) give a clue to the emplacement mechanism?

By now, only two theories for the Serra do Cabral emplacement exist:

1) The more en vogue and most recent theory states that Serra do Cabral, during it’s earlier Basin phase, was a type of “Gulf of California” basin, that means: it was apart but still connected to the Serra do Espinha├žo Meridional basin (which one might compare to the Pacific for this purpose).

2) The older theory states that both where actually one basin but during the mountain building process they where torn apart (red arrow in the picture below) by a system of strike slip faults (similar to San Andreas). Which one is better or is none correct?

(Note:Image illustrates the second option: Thenak You very much!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@siketa: I see this coming twice the distance as the moon from earth (essentially two moons away). It also looks to be about 1/3 to 1/4 the size of the moon, so it will be very visible.

@Watchandknock: I looked at the map and really zoned into this. I feel like option two is what really resonates with me. I see these as one unit, and be broken (torn is the image I had) apart by many mini earthquakes (however very significant).

A Man Called Da-da said...

Lynn, whe you say, "red comet,"I'm guessing that you SEE it as a comet. But it must be something more significant, gravitationally, to have that much influence. Could this be our bugaboo dwarf brown star that's been rumored to be bandying about under the radar? Or perhaps a chunk of unusually dense matter?


Waityurturn said...

Hi psychic focus. What do you feel about Portugal?

a2k said...

Dear PF, our sun has become quite weird this year. I guess something unusual is happening inside sun. Did you go through this weird NEWS that even baffled NASA scientists:

What's happening? please do a detailed reading on our sun later at time if possible.

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You Lynn! :)

siketa said...

Thanks, Lynn!
My last question in this session is about timeframe.
When should this happen?
I see 19th of October in Crop Circles document.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@A Man Called Da da: I do see it. The best way I can describe it is a ball of red fire with a burning yellow/white flame for a tail. It could be symbolic for something else that I haven't figured out, but gut get is telling me it is literal.

I see we also do have another star. I did a reading on this a while ago, and we have a star that we do not see hiding behind this one. I see the solar system moving in a horizontal spiral (much the the double helix of how DNA is set up) and two stars lead the way.

@Waityurturn: It looks safe, but one thing I do see is a LOT of rain. I can't see issues with flooding, but I get an abnormal amount of rain.

@a2k:I have't gone to any of these links (I don't like to bias myself before I do a read). I will save this for an "official reading." Sounds interesting and I will check it out when I do the read.

@siketa: Somehow in my mind the timeframes got off (free will, energy shift??). I was so sure something significant would happen on 3-13-13, that when it didn't I feel like we are on borrowed time with something significant being shown to us. I cannot give an exact date, but it does feel very close to me.

Waityurturn said...

Thank you. Did you see Portugal eventually going under water, and if so what is the timespan of it?

Monica Villacci said...

Thank you for all of your answers!!! One more thing, if you yourself had to move your family to a safer area where you feel comfortable, where would that be? Thank you and blessings.

Beach Bum said...

Hi Lynn. Is it safe to travel to Iceland with all the seismic activity happening since August 16, 2014? Thank you for your time and perspective.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Waityurturn: I see some flooding, but I don't see it going completely under water. I do see a new coastline being formed due to increased waters (I feel like it is evident now).. It will continue to erode and sink gradually for the next 10-15 years.

@Monica: I would say the central part of the US, BUT east of the Mississippi. I also feel the interior (or northern interior) portions of Australia feel safe. High altitudes of New Zealand also look like places where people will relocate to. If government wasn't a factor, Arizona and that area of the US also looks safe.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Beach Bum: Iceland feels ok now, BUT I wouldn't stay long term or you may be land locked... I feel like the activity will increase and something will happen making it difficult for people to get to and from the area??

siketa said...

Lynn, what do you see about Balkan area regarding quakes and floods? This year we had extreme weather that resulted with loss of human lives. :(

YourPsychicFocus said...

@siketa: I get that you will be having a lot of coldness in that area (much more than normal, or lower temperatures than normal). I do see some flooding in the lower elevations because the ground isn't able to absorb the rain.. (something is different with the ground and there seems to be a lot of run-off from higher elevations when it does rain). Just be cautious.

siketa said...

Thanks for caring, Lynn! :)

I think nobody asked this......
What do you see about yourself and your role in this life?
Are you a guide for all of us here in this little "community"? A person with higher vibration who is helping us to "see" and "know"?

Feel free not to answer if this question is too private. ;)

YourPsychicFocus said...

@siketa: To be honest, I hid from this (opening myself up) for a long time. At first I didn't know why I was different, felt things, had different thoughts, never really felt like a fit in, etc. At one time in my early 20s I thought I had a mental illness because I was never around spiritual people, knew anyone that saw ghosts or felt their energy, only knew what i saw on tv, and didn't have the exposure. When I met my husband, he was really fascinated by the things I was able to experience (I owe so much of this to him), and I still wasn't totally on board to take this journey- it really scared me. It wasn't until I was older and met people (and I don't believe in coincidence- it was meant to be) that I started to develop and understand my gifts I have been given (still with fear, [mostly due to having this gift in a past life and being killed for it, but that is another story] but at least an open mind) and began to slowly explore this. I realized then that I was able to really help people or provide insight, which felt great to see and I began to realize then what my purpose was- to help people see things (that many times they already know to be true but need a nudge). I really feel like this was my calling in this life- It makes me feel good, humbled and very connected to the bigger picture.

Thanks for asking- Love and light, Lynn

Watchand Knock said...

I sense a high rate of positive energy in this blog (despite the fact that I'm not a psychic ;) )! Thank You!

siketa said...

Thanks for sharing....
We are glad to be the part of this story...
Let's hope that positive energy and thoughts sent from this blog can help other people...
Wish you all the best in your life and path you have taken! :)

Nessie said...

Thank you Lynn for sharing your personal journey, we are so very lucky you made this positive choice to share your gift (again) so we can all benefit from it and learn. Also many thanks and blessings to your family for supporting you all the way!
L&L to you all!

michael smith said...

What's your thoughts on Detroit Michigan

NLTCrow said...

Any thoughts on California?
The recent drought has created a shortage of water for all the farmers in the central valley.
Any comments on the expected snowpack for the Sierra would be appreciated. Thanks.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@michael: I see Detroit as cold, very COLD. You look to have an icy winter ahead.

@NLTCrow: I see this drought as induced through weather manipulation. I get that Fukushima radiation is making its way here in the storm clouds and the drought is there to prevent the rain from hitting CA (let it dissipate). Once they find a way to neutralize the soil, the rain will come. This looks to be resolved by next summer, but until then I don't see much rain..