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Hi, would like to know if you see any asteroids that will threaten Earth? and if so when and where can you see this? Major Ed Dames is best known for remote viewing, ie THE KILL SHOT. What do you think of his research? We predicts worldwide flooding totally destroying Sydney Australia and other locations around the world before june 2013? possibly due to Asteroids or displacement? what do you see with this man and his research please?

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Q-Do you see any asteroids that will Earth, if so when and where?
A-I do see asteroids in space around Earth, I do not see them entering into our atmosphere but they are always around us. I do distinctly see the red comet that I have seen before and when I see it I envision it passing Earth and it's closest point to Earth being at the North Pole.  I do see it affecting Earth a great deal.  I feel like it is going to be at it's closest point...I am getting March or April of 2013.  I also keep hearing this swooshing sound, likes blasts of wind and I am seeing a person standing and they are outside and the wind kind of blows so hard that I see their hair fly back and their cheeks even kind of flattens backwards, like it flattens their face out.
Q-Major Ed Dames is best known for remote viewing, ie THE KILL SHOT. What do you think of his research?
A-After watching a few minutes of The Kill Shot and understanding who he was, I believe he does have skills at remote viewing, he feel genuine to me.

Q-He predicts worldwide flooding totally destroying Sydney Australia and other locations around the world before June 2013? Possibly due to Asteroids or displacement?  What is your take on this?
A-I see it as when this red comet approaches Earth, it disrupts our gravitational force and I also see the core of the Earth having what feels like a violent reaction as this comet passes by.  I see natural disasters increasing, I feel like that is already happening but the frequency and severity will peak around May or June of 2013 (Timeline).  I also see a lot of coastal flooding but it doesn't appear to me as a Tsunami but more like the tides just keep creeping in further without ever receding back.  I feel like the Earth is going to also experience a Earth quake, in some parts it will be like a gentle rumbling, in other areas I see it as severe.  As I focus on a World map I feel the worse areas are going to be off the coast of Alaska and the coast of North East Australia.  I feel like the earthquakes are also going to cause a lot of volcanic activity..and I see that mostly off the coast of northeast Australia.  And I am getting a picture of a hard boiled egg, and it cracking, the shell is cracking..And it is like the inside of the egg is trying to squeeze through these little cracks.  And I feel like when the Red Comet gets close to us the core of the Earth is going to react the same way.  Almost like it cracks and the earth grows a little bit bigger.  It looks like I see the actual circumference of the Earth grow.

Q-This sort of supports the expanding Earth theory, what is your view on the Earth continually growing along the oceanic plate lines, thus that is true cause of continental drift.
A-I am seeing a wooden kids jigsaw puzzle and it is showing me a continent on each of these puzzle pieces.  And the strange thing about how they are lined up is all of the continents that lie North and South of each other, their puzzle pieces are connected, but it is like there is space between these vertical rows.  It looks like it is showing me that the Earth is slowly expanding East and West but not really North and South.  Almost like it is becoming more elliptical.  And that is what I saw.

Q-Currently Earth has a tilted axis, some believe it was originally vertical and that possibly the passing of your Red Comet pulled it's axis and created our current tilt.
A-I believe that the Red Comet did have an influence on that, I am getting an image of a cartoon cowboy he is riding a horse, he is galloping along in space as he gallops past earth he is taking out a lasso, he is like swinging it around the tip of the North Pole, he yanks it hard.. and it is like he tilts it to the other side and then he yells Ye Haw and pulls the lasso off and he keeps going on his path.  So it is kind of telling me as this comet goes past it is going to have that same kind of yanking action and then just keeps going on it's path.

Q-This may explain quickly frozen mammoths and other animals who's remains are currently found in frozen areas where they typically would not be.  Do you think this is true and possibly the cause of ice ages.
A-I see a couple of things going on...and I see droughts happening, strange weather patterns, and the biggest thing is that the seasons get messed up.  I feel like the more North or South that you are, your are much more affected by a dramatic temperature change.  I mean I am seeing a lot of snow and I am getting an image for the movie Ice Age in my mind, but I see it more on I would say the very top 25% of the Northern hemisphere, and the bottom 25% of the Southern hemisphere getting very very cold.  But through the middle part of the Earth, I see us experiencing a lot of drought and just strange weather patterns.
Q-What you describe logically seems like the Earth rotating on a vertical NON tilted axis.  The poles no longer dipping up or down with the wobble, and they would be a constant and consistent distance from the sun, however the seasons would not change, it would be more like seasonal bands of weather as you move North and South.
A-I would agree with that because in my mind Earth was exactly Up and Down.  I normally do see it rotate on a slant like it is on a globe, and it did not occur to me until you said that, but it was exactly North and South, Up and Down.
Q-Is this "Pole Shift" sudden and abrupt and the cause of the great Earthquake or gradual.  How long does it take to complete?
A-I am seeing between 2-3 weeks, so it is fairly sudden but a very constant movement.  And it is like I can see and hear like the Earth rumbling when it happens, so I feel like we will know and it will be obvious when it happens.
Q-Going back to the original question, you do NOT see any impact on the Earth, or just not at this time.
A-I do not...No I don't
Q-Will all this information be given to the public when it is occurring?
A-I feel like while it is occurring it will be just played off a natural disasters or normal occurrences  I feel like it will not be released until after everything is over and complete, and then I am seeing a headline where it says something like "NASA sees comet...."or something of that nature.  Like it will be a big headline but only AFTER all of it is over.
Q-Is what you are seeing the same events as Ed Dames and the other remote viewers?
A-I do feel like I am.  I mean I see it as they do in that a foreign body will affect Earth in a very significant way and the timeline that he gives feels right to me.
Q-Can you pinpoint or focus in on the day of the Great Earthquake that everyone feels?
A-I feel a significance related to 3-13-13 (timeline).  It is something about the number 31313.
Q-Should I stay home from work that day, laugh.
A-I would like you to stay home from work that week.
Q-For someone new reading this from your blog for the first time, if there was a single items that you would recommend to having during these changes, what would it be?
A-I see CLEAN water being essential.  It is almost like I see people trying to kill each other over water.
Q-Does these changes you see scare you?
A-I would say I am more concerned than scared.  I would like to think our family is prepared.  But you always kind of worry if you have done everything you should do.  But overall I feel like in the end we will be better and stronger because of it.
Q-What percentage of the Earth population do you see perishing during these changes?
A-I saw 1.6 million.  But it is not necessarily because of the change, it is because they could not adapt to their current situation.  I see prescription drugs being one of the big downfalls.  I am seeing an image of those orange pill bottles and it is like without access or the ability to live off those medications people cannot survive.

Q-So more deaths due to lack of resources vs catastrophes.
A-Yes, yes exactly...I am seeing hygiene being an issue too, almost like people don't realize just  how much infection and viruses they can ward off just by cleanliness.
Q-Will people still go to work?
A-It depends on where you work and what you do.  I see more small businesses and local owners going to work, but like big offices inside big cities look kind of vacant to me.
Q-What about flights, and travel?
A-I do not see people flying but I do see people driving.  It is not even a lot of people, it looks like it is on a have to type of basis, it looks like most people stay home.
Q-What about schools and police?
A-It looks like in the big cities kids are NOT going to school, but when you get to smaller towns I do see them functioning better and kids ARE in school.  I mean truthfully it looks like most people try to flea from the cities, and there is just a vacant feeling about it.  But cities on the outskirts seem to be fairly functional.
Q-What do you see of Washington D.C.?
A-I do not see a lot of people on the road..I am not really seeing any businesses open, it is like it is still operable but I am getting a sense of kind of quietness.  Like so quiet it is almost odd.  Then I am getting a message in my mind it is because their are no tourists.
Q-Does government still function?  Do people pay taxes, their bills, credit cards etc?
A-I am getting something about that the Government is still there, it is functioning, but they have gone underground.  I feel like there is some kind of a tunnel system under D.C. and they are using that tunnel system to relocate so that people do not see them above ground.  As far as taxes and stuff, I feel it is still like business as usual.  But I am also feeling like it is a time of transition.
Q-Going back to the tunnels, where do they lead, where are they relocating to?
A-I feel like the tunnels are like a secret way to get out of D.C. and I feel like what they do is they emerge back out on the road but it is like a secret way out that people cannot identify key people leaving Washington.   I really, I keep going back to Colorado...and it is like the White House will be a facade  but like the President and high people in Government will really be in Colorado.  And even when the President talks, I see him putting up fake screens behind him to make people think that he is in Washington but he is not.  Like a decoy.
Q-Do you think they have tunnels all the way from D.C. to Colorado underground?
A-I actually saw him above land, but the image I got was that they popped out of a mountainside and they were flying so fast that it looked like the General Lee (Dukes of Hazard  and then they bounced on to the above ground roads and just kept going.
Q-Why not fly?
A-I think flights are grounded at that time, and it is like this whole thing is a secret.  (Laugh) I do not know what this means but I just heard that "They can't drive in tunnels because it stinks like farts" (Laughing) I do not know what that means. (Continued Laughing)  I have no idea.
Q-Maybe the tunnels get ruptured due to quakes.
A-I don't know, but it smells like farts.  I don't know is there like methane gas or something...
Q-Focus on it.
A-Ok, it is something about along the Appalachian mountain ridge or whatever, they did some sort of drilling or something in there and the phrase is coming through to me as "frackin cracka lackin"  Like they are fracking there, and somehow there is this rotten gas in the ground, but it is a result of doing that...  and there is no way to get around all of this like gas.
Q-So do you see tunnels all the way to Denver?
A-I don't I just kind of see them up to and through parts of that Appalachian Ridge.
Q-Does the Government know these changes are about to happen?  If so what percentage?
A-I feel they are about 70% sure.
Q-No, I meant if you had 100 government employees, say senators, who is in the know?
A-Percentage wise....I am getting 8% are in the know.
Q-Does our friend in the Government know or have a suspicion?
A-He does not know, he is suspicious, but he puts it out of his mind a lot, because once he believes it he has to act upon it, and I feel like he would kind of be obsesses about it also.
Q-Are all these events you are viewing foretold in the typical bible?
A-Hmm..I am getting that they are...but..the events are incomplete and people have filled the gaps in with their own words, because much of what happened with the events were passed on verbally so a lot had been forgotten over the years.
Q-Was there really great flood?
A-Some areas were flooded a lot, and I see a big disruption in the coastlines, so to people of that time it was a great flood.  And I am seeing that a lot of people lived really close to the water.  And that was the area that was affected the most, so it was quite disastrous.
Q-What it caused by God or a similar event like your upcoming Red Comet.
A-I think it was cause by an event.
Q-Will people die due to exposure to gases leaking from the Earth during this time?
A-No I do not really see anything like that happening.
Q-Will aliens help us out or reveal themselves at this time?
A-I am getting a head nod NO, so NO I do not think so.
Q-Is there anything you would like to add or you view on this reading?
A-No I think it was pretty good, it was probably one of the funniest readings I have ever done, I have have never laughed out loud before.  That is it.
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Dharia L said...

Could it be that the prescription drug bottles you were seeing is a sign for a spread of some kind of disease? That is they first thing I thought of when I saw the image. Falun Gong says that very likely some kind of epidemics will spread to eliminate the bad people.

Thank you for the reading.

Psychic Focus said...

That could absolutely be a possibility.. There is definitely an issue/concern with Rx...

Resident of town outside of Boston said...

I'm fairly new to this blog and to understanding a lot of what many of you are talking about (I have to go to the dictionary or google names of people or events you and many of your readers use, in order to follow!). It has been and continues to be fascinating. II came to this blog while in lockdown last year when the Watertown police and every other government policing agency searched for the Boston Marathon bombing suspect. I've been reading this blog daily and thinking a lot about everything. But sometimes, I'm not sure WHAT to think.... So as the Scarecrow journeying toward Oz used to say, So I sit and think some more.
Seriously, I am developing another lens from which to understand the world. Now-- to my questions--

I've read and re-read this particular section of your blog several times, but still feel as if I'm missing something. Would you mind helping to clarify for me?

Why would the "Red Planet" (Mars?) be charging toward Earth? Is it for a benevolent reason or an aggressive/malevolent reason?

Was it the PLANET that charged toward Earth and tilted it-- or was it the Living creatures/inhabitants of that planet that did this? If it was the inhabitants, how were/are they able to control their planet's movement (we cannot control Earth's movements...)?

You said the Red Planet came toward Earth at least once before and that is why the Earth is now tilted. Why did the planet charge toward Earth? Was it for a benevolent reason or was it an effort to harm Earth?

It was predicted to happen in 2013, if I understood that correctly. Did the Red Planet charge toward Earth but perhaps the outcome was much less severe than predicted ? We did have some small earthquakes/tremors over the past 18 months...

If it didn't happen as you (and others) had predicted, is it possible that your vision was accurate but the interpretation or date if the predicted event was incorrect?

Do you still see the events you describe in this blog section as occurring the way you described it-- but occurring some time in the future? If so, approximately when will these events take place?

Thank you so much for addressing my questions.

YourPsychicFocus said...

It isn't Mars, but rather a different body that I call the "Red Comet." I still see it as being out there and somehow hidden behind the sun. I really need to do an updated reading on this because I feel like the time lines have changed, but it is still there effecting us.