Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hi, what are the origins of dolphins? relation to humans? spiritual and mental capacity?

7:43-A-Well immediately what I first saw was a mermaid, and the image it is showing me it almost looks like a mermaid is quite possible part human and part dolphin.  I am also seeing the Pacific Ocean, my impression is that is where they as in mermaids had their highest population bases.  I am also getting a visual of someone talking to a dolphin, the dolphins understand everything being said, but the dolphins are unable to verbally communicate, they communicate through noises and some mental communication, almost a higher level communication, but us as humans are unable to hear or understand the mental communication.  As I see a human talking to a dolphin, the dolphin is nodding it's head as if it is acknowledging what is being said, but it has no way to communicate back in a form that we humans understand.
Q-Do dolphins have a spirit or soul?
A-Yes, I think all living things do.
Q-Compared to humans, what percentage of metal capacity do they have?
A-I feel like if our vibration was at 100, they would be like at 80, they are very intelligent.  And I can actually see a dolphin and it has got a rainbow colored aura around it, so that is confirming to me that it does have a soul.
Q-Have human reincarnated into dolphins or have dolphins reincarnated into humans.
A-Since I feel our vibration is higher than a dolphin, I feel that a dolphin could reincarnate into a human, but a human would not go backwards.
Q-Once you did a past life regression and saw yourself as a mermaid, where does a mermaid stand in the vibration levels?
A-I feel between a dolphin and a human, like maybe a mermaid would be like at 90.
Q-Do mermaids still live in our layer of earthly existence?
A-I actually asked myself that at the beginning of this reading, and I got that there are very few in population, they live very deep in the ocean, and they exist where there is and abundance of coral because when I see them they are swimming around this exotic magnificent coral reef.   But it is also important to keep in mind that a mermaid does not look like a barbie doll with fins, it is actually kind of ugly and slimy, has a few human features as far as like little T-Rex arms, kinda a fish like face, their outward texture appears to be kind of slimy, they have ears that are slightly deformed, and the shape of their body is kind of like a catfish kinda.  So their upper torso has some humanistic features, but they do not look exotic and they do not look beautiful.  When I look at their face they look like they have big huge pumped up collagen injected fish lips is how I would describe it.  And they do have eyes that blink.
Q-Do they have skin or scales?
A-It looks like slimy skin like you would see on a slug, like slim.
Q-Can you see and difference between male and female?
A-Hmm....The males are larger than the females by like 20%, but the odd difference is the males have grayish colored eyes and the females have hazel colored eyes, almost a light brown to a hazel.
Q-Do females have breasts, or live young like mammals?
A-Their chest are slightly swollen like they have underdeveloped breasts, I do not see nipples though, and I am being shown fish eggs in the water so I do not think they have live young.
Q-How do they communicate, and can they communicate with dolphins?
A-I am hearing like a sonar blip-ping like you do on a sub, but i also got a strong impression that they could communicate mentally also.
Q-Are the mermaids aware of humans?  And if so what are their views towards humans?
A-I am seeing a dolphin communicate to a mermaid, as if the dolphin is trying to talk about the humans to the mermaids, and the funny thing is they are acting like human are a myth in the same way we view them.
Q-What is the total number of mermaids alive today?
A-I got the number 2 1 3, or 213
Q-What was their greatest number at their peak?
A-Hmm...I just heard the phrase as a one to it, so around 1200.
Q-Have any humans ever encountered a mermaid?
A-I am seeing one be caught in like a fishing net, so I think yes, but it is not common but YES.
Q-Is there anything else?
A-No that is it, but that was a pretty cool reading though. 
8:08 PM Link to Audio

UPDATE 9-9-2012
Q-Where did the mermaids originate from?
10:13 AM - It is being shown to me as an evolutionary process, and the diagram is much like how they show humans evolving from apes or what not into people.  And it looks like mermaids originated at just large fish, but then they began developing the ability to breath out of water, they started to come up on land, but in the primitive stages they used their finds to crawl up out of the water and they they eventually developed their tiny T-Rex arms.  And their arms kind of worked like the shape of a back-hoe to climb up on land.  It looks like the have the ability to use lungs on land once they were fully developed into mermaids, and that is all I can really see.
Q-Did humans evolved from mermaid or were they on a parallel path?
A-I would say a parallel path, I do not see mermaids evolving human.
Q-Do you think the image on the YouTube video is genuine?
A-It might be genuine, it is just not what I saw exactly.  There were some similarities, the main difference was the shape of the head and arms instead of fins.  

I always kind of trip myself out when I do a reading for someone and see something that I never would have thought existed.
This was a screenshot of video of "Captured Mermaid" a user  sent me.  It is very similar especially the lips, however I did NOT pick up on the pointed head, and I saw more defined arms.
Mermaid Video


Anonymous said...

thank you, that was a cool reading.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing the reading. Where did the mermaids originate from?

Anonymous said...

this is a link to a youtube video matching what i think is your description of a mermaid. Is this what you saw?

YourPsychicFocus said...

I watched the YouTube video and it was surprisingly accurate especially the larger lips, however I did not see the pointed head and the arms were a little more defined.

Sam said...

Thank you for reading, very interesting stuff, there is a alternate theory that man evolved underwater too and mermaids and dolphins are an evolutionary offshoot., the aquatic cape hypothesis. Also dolphins have the same body to brain ration as humans, about 1/45 as well as very high intelligence and spindle cells responsible for complex emotions.

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend you watch the documentary "Mermaid-The Body Found"-apparently the Navy has known about mermaids for quite some time but has been involved in a huge top secret coverup. The Navy sent out a huge sonar blast turning the whales/mermaids brains to mush causing them to beach themselves. Many times when the whales beached themselves, the mermaids did too, but the Navy got to the shore to remove the bodies before anyone could see them.Problem is, some kids got there first and had a camera phone. They do speak in sonar blips, and can communicate with dolphins. They are indeed very scary looking-humanoid, alienish look, bluish grayish skin, with a tail that looks like a manatee, not a fish. You're also right about them evolving from ape, but on parallel paths as man. They are 2 different species. And you're right, one was caught in a fisherman's net.