Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hi, Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. First regarding the continent of Atlantis and vibratory crystals that existed back then? And a personal reading, my name is Sam, i was born 4/24/1986, I live in Los Angeles California, who are the spirits i sense around me?

8:23 PM - Well the first thing that I see when I try to focus on Atlantis are these clear colored crystals.  There are two types one is clear and the other is like a cloudy white.  What I am seeing that they are doing with them is that have them stuck up on big long poles and they are situating them almost like a sun dial, and they are positioning them so that the sun can reflect through them, but then they also have a similar situation where they do the same thing at night with the moon light and by doing so they are able to sit in the middle of this circle and perform ceremonies and meditate and theses intensified crystals kind of heighten their spiritual energy and allows them to get into like a deeper meditation.
Q-Can we still use crystal in this form today?
Q-Where did the Atlanteans get this crystal knowledge from?
A-I do not know I feel it just came to them, like in a meditative state they somehow just knew that is what they were supposed to do.
Q-Do the crystal still work or have the same vibrations in our time as they did back then?
A-My impression is yes.

Q-Ok now focus on Sam, born 4/24/1986 who lives Los Angeles California.  Who are the spirits he senses around him?
A-This is where I wish I had an object of his to hold...Let me write out his name on a paper and focus on it...Ok the first one I see is and older woman, like old, like 90 years old.  She has really long gray hair, she is real petite and little, she has kind of a bony nose, really long thin fingers and I feel like she was a great grandma to you.  And I do not feel like you two were close, but I feel like she is just there, just watching over you.  And the second one that I see is a woman, average build, short brown curly hair, and I feel like she has got some Italian to her, and I sense that she really cares about you.  I also feel like she is related to you through your mom's side, maybe you view her like an aunt, but she does not feel directly related, she feels like she is one step over, she is not directly in your family tree but she is like right beside you.  And she hangs around because she loves you and she is almost like a guide for you.  I also think you have a little dog hanging around, it kind of looks like a schnauzer with long gray and white hair.  I think he runs around and carries a ball in his mouth,  I do not think this is in real life, I think this is a spirit.  Maybe it is in real life, but I just assumed it was a spirit.

Q-Is there any message from the Aunt figure to Sam?
A-She said the name JOE, let me focus in on her I think she is trying to show me something...She is showing me a toy plastic cap gun...And she is showing me, I cannot tell if it is Jewish menorah or if it is just a normal candle holder because I do not know much about religion.   That is all I got.
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Sam said...

Thank you for the readings. I can only tell you that the circular object could be a menorah, i am jewish. I am not familiar with the people only that i sense presences around me, i am not attuned to see them. Thank you again. Can you tell me about what career i should go into, and how to better my circumstances. my understanding is like you said that the crystals were used as amplifiers of mental or spiritual energy. Were they used as dimensional gateways?