Sunday, September 9, 2012

Governments around the world are bankrupt..yet they keep spending money. When does the financial house of cards finally fall down?? Do you think it's sometime soon? Or can the stock market and people buying goods just continue as usual for a longer time yet. If and when retirement accounts collapse and banks shut down...what should people do to prepare for these things? you suggest getting out of populated cities...and growing a big garden to sustain your family during this depression. Thank You

7:49 PM - I am getting the year 2040, but let me explain, I see that the decline is happening now, and it is a slow and gradual process, people are pulling from one thing to try and fund another, and trying to hide the severity of it from the rest of the population.  But I see in 2040, I am seeing China, I am seeing Japan, I am seeing small countries in the North part of South America, and Russia, I see these countries lighting up on a map, and they all turned Gold as they are lighting up, and it is telling me that those countries around that time frame will be doing all their business in Gold and that is how they will regain their solvency.  The paper dollar will still exist, but inflation is going to highly skew the true value of it.  More countries are going to be encouraged to going back to the gold standard and I am hearing the word UN as if the UN is going to help to facilitate this change.  I feel like on the short term, if you play the stock market right you could make good money, but as a long term investment that actually makes me feel anxious, when I think about it I start to feel anxiety.  If you are looking to invest your money look for solid tangible assets that are of value, I am seeing images of like jewelry with gemstones, rings, gold and silver is what is showing me in coins, and make sure you can hold them in your hands, you do not want the stock paper, you want to be able to hold them.  I think the next big play in the stock market will be to try to get people to buy stocks in precious metals, but they are only going to honer it in an electronic transaction, but you want to invest in things that you own because if there is ever a run on that paper stock, you might find that it is as worthless as having paper dollars.  I am also getting an image of people making goods out of like leather, like I am seeing leather gloves and leather boots, and a leather belt as if it is telling me that having knowledge of 1. how to make things and 2. possessing good quality items that are made to last and 3. having a bartering ability to trade skills will be invaluable.  I see as we evolve to the time where a lot of these markets start to collapse, people will go back to old fashioned bartering.  Even thought living in  a self sustaining farm and house with all of those items is great if that is what you want to do and it is feasible, I would encourage it.  But I think the most important thing is for people to not live beyond their means and really keep a good grasp on your finances.
Q-Do you suggest getting out of populated cities and growing a big garden?
A-If you have the opportunity to move out of the big city and start a garden preferable with like minded people or family I think that that would be a beneficial move.  I am getting an image of a lot of military people occupying the cities when this finally happens, people are going to be outraged at losing money, in addition to cost of goods price increase, and I am seeing rioting and looting so there will be a heavy military presence to try to keep control and peace.
Q-When do you see the military occupying these cities and is world wide or just in US.
A-I think they are already starting to make little tiny bases here and there, but I think it will be a lot more obvious around 2030.  I see it mostly in the US and in Europe.  There are other places that it will affect but I do not see the need for military there.
Q-If a person has say 500K in the stock market, when would be the best time for them to get out and into tangible assets, and should they worry about withdrawal penalties and taxes in order to do so?
A-I actually got the image of 2022.  That you need to be pretty aggressive with what you are going to do and I would not necessarily worry about the penalties because I think the losses would be greater than any penalty.  I am not a tax adviser, I only report what I see and feel so do your research.
Q-Will there be ups and down before that time that we should be concerned about.
A-Yes I see the graph going up and down but it always stays fairly alright, I mean you are going to have your peaks and valleys but for the most part it is going to stay fairly level.
Q-Is land good investment considering it bleak outlook currently.
A-Yes, but I am getting a visual from a scene in an old movie where these military guys come up to a house and they just take it over.  They say we need this land and they basically steal this guys land, so I feel that yes it is a good investment, but the government may at some point want to seize it for some reason.
Q-What about tangible gold and silver?
A-Yes it is a good investment, but I would not make it known how much you have.
Q-Do you see the US government confiscating gold and silver as they have done in the past?  If so when?
A-The first thing that I saw was a picture of a king, and this is like in olden times.  Then I see the peasants of the land being forced to pay their taxes to the king in gold coins.  So it is telling me that their might not be an official confiscation, but you might have to pay the taxes that you owe on your silver and gold with actual silver and gold.
Q-What do you see in regards to credit, and credit cards etc.
A-I see credit cards going back to the government, being managed by the government and the credit that is being lent out will have to be backed by gold.
Q-In this 2022 time period and or 2040, is the US still a military superpower?
A-The US is still a Military Superpower, but I see China and Russia teaming up to be the financial superpowers.
Q-Do you see American citizen become more accountable for their own being, like welfare and social program still exist?
A-Social programs will exist but not on the scale that they are now.
Q-Do you see anything with the US's education programs?
A-There is nothing significant standing out to me.
Q-Is there anything else?  A-No 
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Anonymous said...

Hello, to verify in another reading you did on August 19, you mentioned people should exit stock market early 2014 as will collapse and people lose faith in paper as hyperinflation ensues. But in this last economic reading you mention 2022 as being an important date...even though things grind down slowly....just trying to verify whether we have 1.5 years before a barter system takes over or if we have another 10 years before this change.
Thankyou for your time.

Anonymous said...

2014 definitely makes more sense. I'm not psychic, but I watch global economic events very closely. There's no way the current system can survive beyond another five years. It may only last another 1-3 years.

PsychicFocus said...

I think things will be changing soon and continue to do so (inflation and the devaluing of our money -cost of goods will continue to rise) but the actual gold backing won't be instituted for another 10 years. I have a strong impression that people in high places (politics and high-end bankers) will do everything they can to prevent the gold standard from coming back, but it will be inevitable. Even though changes are occurring now, I don't see the stock market totally crashing until gold is used to audit the amount of funds truly available, at which time I think many stocks will be worthless.