Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Do you see why Americans are pulling so many troops in the country? Any pandemics or other problems they may be afraid of?

8:17 PM - The only image that I am really getting focuses a lot on the south, I am seeing a map of the United States and there is like bright red through all the southern states starting from Texas all the way to Florida.  And I am seeing FEMA with this, and I feel like the reason they are being pulled down south is because they have used HAARP to alter a lot of weather because I am just seeing one hurricane after another coming in, like on the Doppler radar.  So it is almost like FEMA is down there to pre-setup evacuation centers and whatever assistance is needed before these natural disasters even happen.  And now as I zoom out on the map of the United States I see red through the very northern part of Ohio and it extends all the way east all the way through the New England states and I am seeing ridiculous amounts of snow, just piles and piles of snow.  And my impression is that this is our upcoming winter and troops are going to be sent up north to deal with this...I am also on the map seeing what looks like straight pins poked in states that are out west, but NOT California, and I am trying to see what those states are, I think one is Utah, there is one slightly north of Nevada, I think there is one in Wyoming, and my impression is that we have little military bases throughout that area and that has something to do with a natural disaster out in California.  I am seeing on a map what looks like a huge earthquake on the borderline of California, on the EAST border and it is going to be massive...I am getting a date of Spring 2014...Ok you can start asking me questions I am not getting anything else.
Q-Do you see any Pandemics?
A-I do not see pandemics, I think it is mostly related to weather and natural disasters
Q-Is the weather planned or a side effect of HAARP?
A-The image I am getting is what looks like a satellite dish and it is shooting out circular beams straight up, so it appears to be a side effect of HAARP.
Q-Will their be any permanent earth changes like shorelines?
A-Nothing drastic on the east coast, but definitely on the West coast, as I look at a map I see a ton of flooding on the west coast and the current border between California and the rest of the United States looks like a huge river, like probably at least twice as wide as the Mississippi River.
Q-Is this due to the earthquake?
A-Yes that is when I saw it happening
Q-How is the 2012 winter in our area of Central Ohio?
A-I see it as a pretty average winter we might have a couple of bad snow storms but the northern third of Ohio is going to be hit with terrible snow, again I see piles and piles of snow.  I would advise ANYONE living there to invest in a generator.
Q-Again why do they continue to use HAARP if it adversely affects the weather?
A-I do not know why...I am hearing the pinging sound of a submarine, so possible it serves as some kind of a beacon.
Q-In something I read, we can send messages to extraterrestrials using HAARP, do you get anything from this?
A-Yes that is kind of exactly what I was hearing.
Q-Will the southern hurricanes be worse than Katrina?
A-I would say equal too and more frequent, I think if they can get through until like maybe end of December early January they will be fine, they just have to get through this really tough Fall season.
Q-Will this weather affect the elections?
A-Something about Louisiana and Alabama light up on a map for me, like some kind of scandal will happen down there.
Q-Can you see the split percentage of Obama vs Romney votes?
A-It is going to be close, but I think it is gong to be 55% Obama and 45% Romney.
Q-Is there anything else?
A-No that is it.  
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Fascinating Stuff Here! Hope You are Legit as I do believe in ParaNorms...... Bless you all who read here and Bless You Seer and Your Family. Best of Luck to ALL! Syx.

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