Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 17, 2012 Focus Session - Question was "Focus on any Earth Changes in the Next Year"

Q-Earth Changes in the next year
A-I don’t know what this means but I am hearing a lot of Loud buzzing like transmission power lines but 100x louder.  So loud.  Actually feeling pain in left ear…  It is so loud.
A-Standing on ground looking up.  From the sky it is emanating.  People outside holding their ears.
Q-Frequency Change?
A-I don’t know it sounds electric to me, as I pan out and look at earth it looks like white lines dispersing from earth out to space. (imagine a golf ball, but rather than dimples lines of energy flowing out from the earth).  The Noise is horribly hurting my ears.
Q-Can you block it out/
A-Feel like shortly after noise stuff started happening it goes dark.  All the people are going to lower levels of homes to get away from sound.
Q-How long would you guess the sound would persist/
A-I don’t know, maybe like a couple days.
Q-What’s the weather like?
A-Dark out, and looks like super foggy.
Q-If you were to guess the season?
A-Um, I cannot tell if fall or spring.  No leaves on trees, warm but not hot.  60 degress – smells really weird, I am trying to just…..  There si this very weird metallic smell.  I have smelled it before….
Q-Is it Ozone like from an Iionic Breeze.
A- Yes… Crackling.. Electrical
Q-Ionization of the Air?
A-I have no idea…Super Super dense fog.  It not only smells like that smell but it tastes like that smell, and I HATE that fucking smell.  I feel like the air is thick and it leaves a residue on your skin even.
Q-If you look around, do you see any electric lights on?
A-Yes but not consistent, completely random.
Q-Are you in our neighborhood (Powell OH)?
A-Yes, I am standing in our driveway.
Q-Where are our kids?
A-In the basement.
Q-Do you see any of our neighbors out?
A-No like a complete ghost town.
Q-Are you scared?
A-I wouldn’t say scared, bur really concerned, like ok.  IT is happening… like that at this point in time where I am at is super short lived,  maybe a few days, then we will begin to start making our preparations
Q-Is this the first of the signs?
A-I think we have seen other signs but this is the major sign…. It is the undeniable sign and it si NOT Global warming.  Smart people bunker down.  OK those shielded.  The idiots running to Starbucks, they will be affected health wise… I don’t see any cars running.  No cars on Xxxxxxx Rd.
Q-Do you see any animals?
A-No I don’t.  Nothing, Not a goose nothing.
Q-Do you see any clouds in the sky?
A-No, it is super dense fog.
Q-Any airplanes
A-No Nothing
Q-What does the pond look like?
A-After about a day of this fish will die, no dead frogs but fish
Q-What color is the water?
A-Same old dirty brown…Water is making weird shapes.., like little peaks, kinda like cake frosting.  More like plaster stippled ceiling.
Q-Was there a warning up to this point as in the news?
A-I don’t feel like there was.  The warning was this horrible noise.  If you hear this noise you better get in your basement and shut yourself up.  You definitely do not want to be outside, you know the smell and taste is not right.  It is so gross.
Q-Who is president at this time?
A-I think it is going to be Barrack.  Going back to warning, it wont be on the news, but going to the moon, it will be close to a full moon and you (Questioner) will notice the moon is fucked up.  Within a few days the noise will show up.  The moon crater will have shifted position.
Q-Does this relate with the image of the woman (Mother Shipton) covering her mouth?
A-I will almost say… When you (Questioner) notice the moon, the 10 – 11 O’clock position, you will see a bright fucking star.  You will be like my god look at that.
Q-What is causing this?
A-The image I got in my mind was the magnetic clacking balls.  Something like magnetic will be fucking with our magnetics...
Q-Will it pass?
A-Yes.  It absolutely will.
Q-Will the crust shift?
A-I cannot really tell…my impression is like life will not be like we know it now.  I see big trees knocked over, waver over grassy areas.  So eventually things will go back to normal, a lot will die, a lot will happen, shit ton of natural disasters everywhere.
Q-Do we survive?
A-Yes I feel confident in our family here in Ohio.  I hear a song, it may be the theme song for the end of party of five…  It is the End of the World as we know it, It is the end of the world as we know it… I cannot remember the next line.
Q-And I feel fine.  It is and REM song.
A-Yes that is it.
Q-Do our neighbors make it?
A-Xxxx and Xxxxxx will be ok.  XXX and XXXX might possibly come over to our house.  As I scan through neighborhood, when it starts to go crazy, many try to flee in the infancy so we don’t know.  A lot of others drove and left to whereever they know people.  Most everyone goes somewhere else.  In the think of it no cars running.  But when the noise starts, it starts low, like it is building a charge.  That is when people started freaking out.
Q-When we are in the basement do we have electric?
A-Yeah I think we do.
Q-What’s on the news?
A-I don’t think we have TV but your radios work.  But they cut in and out.  Like AM talk stuff.
Q-What will they be saying is happening?
A-I think initially a terrorist attack when people are scared and don’t know what is going on.  After, when it is obvious it is not a terrorist attack they may be honest and tell the truth of what it was.
Q-And what is that?
A-I see a picture of the Asteroid in Armageddon… Passing asteroid?.. they may admit the truth of what is going on.  But initially they will say under terror attack.  Extra planetary, not man made.  Keep looking at sky looking at moon.  It will tell you like a clock.
Q-The moon is an indicator of this?
A-Yes, something about the moon is going to look strange before this happens.
Q-Can you focus in on that?
A-My gut is that the moon appear the moon has rotated.  Crater at the 7 O’clock position will be at top.  Then we have a few days.  The moon is the harbinger of what is to come.
Q-Can you zoom out and look at the planet?
A-I am hung up on this crazy Indian tribe and I don’t know why.  They are super jet black, carrying torches, wearing gorilla fur.   Gorilla headdress, they are yelling, no chanting at the moon.
Q-What is their environment? Woody? Desert?
A-Not sand, but clay dirt..dry clay beneath their feet.
Q-If you had to guess?
A-My first thought was Mexico but then flashed over to Africa.  Maybe somewhere on that latitude.  I think I flashed to Africa because I cannot relate to any present day tribes in Mexico.
Q-What is our government like
A-Same as today pretty much.  Nothing out of the ordinary.
Q-Is this the event they have been preparing for?
A-I think Yes.  I think Obama is in another country and he is meeting with another leader of that country and the dude is wearing a type of had.  Red hat with squared off top.
Q-Like a Shriner hat?
A-Bright red.  Leader of a country, on TV, shaking hands and posing.
Q-How many people die?
A-What is the worlds population right now?...The number that popped in my mind is 1.3 billion, but I dont know how many people we have right now.
Q-What is the date of this occurance? When we begin to notice the electric?
A-I keep seeing the Lions Gate intro where the gears and clockworks are moving... but  it is still going....  I don't know, it would go, lock, then  go again, lock.  When it got to the final one and it quit, I looked in and all I could see is the number 13.  
Q-Do you think that refers to the year 2013?
A-I don't know if it is a day or year.... I don't.
Q-Which one of our children most recently had a birthday in regards to this event?
A-Well I will say when I line them all up (Oldest Left, Youngest far right) XXXX popped up.  (His birthday is Dec 13)
Q-Do they animals on earth survive?
A-I think for the most part yes, the burrowing had the best survival rate, but the surface ones died mostly by natural disaster.  Fish, waster, birds will suffer the worst.  Frogs and turtles and mud (creatures) will live.  As far as animals on land die of natural disasters.
Q-Do my grandparents survive?
A-I feel like they do, but they are scared shitless.  They pull through it.
Q-What about your family?
A-I feel like by the time this happens my grandmother xxxx has already passed away.  I feel like my family will be ok, they will be scared.  When this happens we will warn them.
Q-Should we warn others before the time?
A-Yes, in a joking way, not in a preaching way.
Q-Will this bring the world closer together?
A-I can't tell about interacting with us and china, but I feel there will be a major revolt against our government.  The people will feel bonded closer together but will go back to old school - where each country will worry about themselves because government will have to deal with dissent at home now that the people are more united.  I think we should start taking pictures of all the full moons.


Cassandra said...

Thank you for this. I feel what you are doing is remote-viewing, (when you can focus on a place, or person, or year), and "go" there. Just keep trusting your gift. :-)


Charlotte said...

Thanks for the detailed report. You two make a great team! Thanks for getting this out in the open. As I'm reading this, it's only a few months away. Yikes!