Thursday, July 19, 2012

Moon and Mother Shipton -July 4, 2012 Focus Session

While discussing apocalyptic events with my husband and watching a you tube video, he asked if anything apocalyptic happened when would it happen?  Later on while watching the youtube video, saw an image of Mother Shipton.  Feel a connection to this person, I do not know much about her. 

I see Mother Shipton, and image of the moon with two parallel lines from it.  I see the Roman numeral XLVII carved in stone.  Image of Mother Shipton points to grayscale image of moon, moon seems foggy or smoky,  focus further on this image and I see Mother Shipton showing the moon’s face spinning counter clockwise.  Then she removes her headscarf and covers her mouth with it.  Impression I get is that when you see the moon do this (move in CCW motion) you will need to cover your mouth in year XLVII.

The only thing I can relate the roman numerals to is the Superbowl.  Husband googled XLVII first result of is Superbowl 47.  This has yet to occur.  Superbowl 47 is to be played Feb 3rd 2013. 

My predictive impression:
The moon will be the indicator of things to come, changes may be happening up to that point, but the major shift will be around Feb 2013.  The moon may spin CCW and we may experience changes in our atmosphere that we should not breathe.
This picture was taken by my husband during the super moon on May 5th 2012.  It was taken with a camera through a telescope.  I am unsure if this is typically what it looks like.

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