Friday, August 1, 2014

Washington DC Flooding

Q. I have a friend in the Washington DC area.  She keeps getting messages that a large flood is to hit the Virginia / DC area in September or October. Do you see anything happening there in this time frame?
A. I see some severe storms and even wind hitting in this time frame.  It seems like the storms comes in a pattern...a few days off, and then it starts again.  My mind zooms to a weather map, and it looks like hurricane swirls over this area.  I also get the average amount of rain will be more than expected in late September.  There will be issues with flooding, but I wouldn't classify it as a "large flood."  I do feel caution, and feel it is to be taken seriously.  

The big thing that lights up is I see the DC area being hit with some intense winter weather at the early part of 2015.  I see lots of snow and lots of traffic issues regarding the snow.   It almost has a blizzard feel to it.  This feels more dangerous than the storms.  I see lasting and lingering effects with regards to the snowfall.  It is as if they cannot keep up with it and maneuvering the roads and is quite difficult.  I get a message that people should be prepared and have enough food/meds/etc that if they were housebound for around a week (minimum) they would be ok.  I also get an image of people using Coleman camping heaters and cooking supplies- there looks to be issues with power and or heating when this occurs.  I don't get it is long-term, but most definitely a concern.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Missing Items That Reappear

Q. I posted a question maybe two months ago about disappearing items that seems to come back in places you didn't put them after it's been gone for a while. The first time this happened it was a shirt now it seems to be my iPod. I'm just really curious in general that if phenomenon exists and if so who/where/ what takes it? Thank you so much your gift is a blessing:)
A.  The first image I get is a fork in the road, as if two separate (and completely different) things can happen, both end up in having missing things that seem to reappear.  The first being (and I hear the phrase) "hidden in plain sight."  I get that with this, an object disappears and then reappears in the same location.  This comes to me more like an optical illusion, or a trick your brain is playing on you.  I see an example of someone going to the fridge, looking for the mayo that they know is there, standing there looking at every shelf (even moving things around) and cannot find it.  They look so intently for it, they cannot see it.  Then someone else goes to the fridge, opens it, and finds the mayo in about two seconds.  It was there the entire time, but the first person could not see it.  

Then another example comes into my mind.. A person is writing something (story, note, email, etc..) and they reread it to fix it for proofing errors.  It looks great to the author, but when it is received the person reads it and sees writing errors.  The first person could not see what is in plain sight because your brain knew what was trying to be said and completely glazed over it.  A person's mind can play tricks on them, especially when you are very focused on an object, etc..

As I back up and go down the other path in the road, this looks to address things that have disappeared and moved locations before they are found.  I get with this phenomenon many times you are moving it, but have no recollection of doing it.  One way this occurs is by something I describe as a "time slip." We mentally "lose or gain" a few minutes- time still exists, we just can't recall what happened in our conscious being. During one of these "slips" if we move something, it appears to be lost, but in reality it is there, just somewhere else.  

In reference to "time slips" I am also given the example of conversations.. It is posed to me like this: "Have you ever had a conversation with someone, they are adamant they told you something (or vice versa) and you have no idea what they are talking about?"  I visualize these "time slips" as a very brief moment when our brain loses sense of time and sort of scrambles for a minute (like a bug in computer software) causing us to lose perspective (or recall) that specific time.

What causes the "time slip?"

I get it is because our nervous system and brain is highly complex.  Occasionally signals (electrical impulses) aren't flowing properly and we need a "reset" or sorts. I keep visualizing a computer being restarted, as if our system (in a much more sophisticated sense) requires some kind of action like that.  Subconsciously we are still very present, but this effects our conscious (waking) mind.  It is nothing to fear, or worry about- it looks to be a "check and balance" system for your neurological system.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated version on YouTube.

Deceased People and the Afterlife..

Q. Why haven't any dead people come back in a vision/dream to let us know what really happens in the afterlife?
A.  I get it is because once a person passes and decides to go to the "light" or "greater consciousness" they are not able to share or communicate that information, and I will do my best to explain why...  When a person passes, they (in spirit form) are able to describe everything that happens- the images, sensations, experience, view of the light, etc... But once they actually cross over, they are absorbed into the "oneness" and at that moment I see and hear their vibration of their energy change (it sounds like a low hum at first, and then it ramps up to a very high pitch, fast hum).  The difference in the human vibration, versus the vibration of a soul contained in the higher consciousness it too great to communicate with directly- low vibration to extremely high vibrations- it would fry our system, so we need a filter of some kind to make that transition.(I get the analogy of trying to plug a hairdryer into an electrical substation- you cannot do it and need some kind of transition in the middle).. This is where connecting to your higher self is so important.  Your higher self creates the connection and a safe filter between our low level human form and our highest level energy forces in the "greater consciousness."  Even when you think you are connected directly to the greater consciousness, I get your higher self is present to keep you protected and allow that transfer of information to flow safely..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated version available on YouTube.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Q & A: XXXI: Missing People / Mysterious Deaths [Group Post]

Q. I would like to ask you about the death of William Colby, former CIA director in the early 70's under the Ford administration. It was said to be a drowning/heart attack in a boating accident near his vacation home in 1996. He was probably killed(age 76)...Who killed him if so...Was it because of Alien information he had and wanted released or can you say why? Was he connected with the elite at top of world... As well, his death was not researched very well...Why didn't his family demand more verification on the circumstances of his death? Was he a good man in this difficult organization (CIA)and why did he leave his first wife and family? Thanks and looking forward to hearing about his he may have been one of the few good men in the CIA.
A. I first get that he was a "truther" and wanted to expose something.  He felt it was relevant to the population (they had a right to know), but fellow CIA members disagreed.  I get he really pushed the issue to the point he was first bribed in exchange for his silence, and when that didn't work his family was threatened.  That was the real reason he left his first family- out of love and a way to protect them.. His death wasn't researched because people close to him were paid very well to not ask questions- the money helped, but the fear was the main reason they stayed quiet.  As I finish the last sentence I am left with many X-Files references, telling me that the nature of his knowledge was centered around ET life, and more importantly their close proximity to earth.

Q- I don't know what it is, but I have been feeling called/ drawn to message you and ask you about the recent elderly (late 80's) couple Shirley and Russel Dermond. Russel was found in his home in a gated/affluent neighborhood - decapitated and his wife 's body was found in a river. They have no idea what happened in the safe area and they cannot find his head. What happened? Why? and where can they find the rest of Russel's body? My heart goes out their family! Thank you so much
A. The first thing I see is Charles Manson, and the second thing I get is cult... I feel I am being tugged in the direction of this being a cult based crime, that was completely random (similar to how Manson chose Sharon Tate).  The randomness of the murders makes the murderer even more difficult to find.  I don't have the name of the cult or the name of a leader, but I do get they are in close proximity (within 50 miles) of this crime scene.  I also need to clarify this isn't a gang, but rather some kind of a cult in which the members live in some kind of communal setting. [I didn't pick up on the location of the head, as if it doesn't exist anymore, or they did something with it.  ??]

Q. Was Stanley Kubrick murdered?
A. I get that he was killed, and it was by some kind of chemical induction.. I don't see drug overdose or incorrect drug usage, but rather some kind of unknown chemical induction.  I then get the message that when he made his films, he agreed that he would "see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil" in exchange for privileged information.  Breaking that "contract" could be grounds for death, and even knowing that he walked the line very closely- too closely.  At one point it was viewed that he breached this "contract" (referring to the hearing, seeing and speaking no evil) and people in power were afraid that top secret information would be leaked or made too obvious to the public though his "telling, but not telling messages."

Q. How did Jacob Limberious really die? Was it an accident and by who?
A.  I see it was accidental by playing / showing off with a gun and he really did do it to himself.  This wasn't malicious, or intentional.  It was a horrific accident.

Q. Have always wondered what the true story was behind the Hannah Anderson kidnapping and murder of her mother and brother. Do you have any insight into this?

A. I get she knows more than what she is saying, but it was too real too fast, and fear has her quiet.  I get she knew of his plan before it even happened. What she thought about losing her family, and the reality of it were very different in her mind.   She used DiMaggio as her way to freedom, and looked at him as a way out.. Pretty much used him to get what she wanted, and then put him in a situation to be killed himself.  When I focus on her I get a disconnect of what emotion she feels and what emotion her physical body expresses...?

Q. There are a number of celebrity deaths that have much speculation around them. The media, of course, reports one thing but the threat of their influence on the status quo leaves many wondering if they were under some kind of attack. I am hoping you would look into a few names and tell me your thoughts: 
Paul Walker:  I get this really was the result of a terrible accident.  I don't see any "outside" people or things creating this to happen...
Bill Hicks:  I get an outspoken, fearless energy about him.  He didn't really care what people thought.  I do get death of of a natural causes and not induced by anything or anyone foreign.
Aaron Russo:  I first get an erie, suspicious feeling...Also feel like I am always looking behind me.  He knew someone was following him, but could never actually catch this person.  Then I get this symbolic image of a scene on a tv show in which someone injected a drug into water bottles with a micro fine needle with the intent to poison someone slowly.  I see someone intentionally creating his illness that he later died from.

Q. Hi, thank for all your hard work and energy you put into running this blog. I was wondering what you pick up on the disappearance of Peter Falconio in 2001 in Australia?
A. I get Bradley Murdoch really did do this.  He was under the influence of something, which made a situation of road rage even worse.  He (Peter) was lured out of the car, and the confrontation got ugly.  Peter was shot, and the passenger was kidnapped (or attempted) because she was a witness to the shooting.  I also get that Bradley took the body with him and disposed of it in the desert like 30-40 miles away.  The area looks to be northwest of where this happened (and feels hostile with wildlife).  

Q. Can you please do a reading on the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Was she killed or is she still alive & living in Aruba? What happened to her and who was involved in her disappearance? If she's still alive, will she be reunited with her family in the future? Thank you!
A.  I first see a lot of drinking, and then it looks like she was physically attacked because she didn't return the advances of the men accompanying her...  After the attack, she was still alive, and kept (kind of like a prisoner) until she died of some fatal wounds she endured at the time of the assault.  I see she finally passed, and is at peace.  (I get this angelic view of her with a golden and white glow about her).  [A final thought I had is that they know who did this- she was at the club and with them.  I feel like I see pictures of it or a video of some kind.  The media has broadcasted it, and they are right- looks like two men.. ]

Q. Could you do a reading on the disappearance of Tom and Eileen Lonergan

A.  I immediately feel fear and terror- in a way that is hard to even put into words.  This was an exhausting, both physically and mentally final few days for these people.  I see exhaustion is what took them after these few days (I want to say two), and at that final moment I see they made some kind of a pact to go together, holding hands and it looks like they drifted off peacefully.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to narrated reading on YouTube.
(As a side note, I found this to be a more difficult reading... I feel like in some of these situatiaons there was a dark nature to them and I was partially blocked from seeing the full picture... It was as if something was guarding me from the negativity..??)