Thursday, September 20, 2018

Truth in the News and Weather...(Video Includes Weather Bloopers- Enjoy!)

Q.  It seems as though it is getting harder and harder to find the truth in the news.  I see examples constantly of stories being debunked, or videos being edited to promote agendas, AKA "fake news."  Even things as simple as weather reporting is manipulated.  I came across a few articles outlining some "fake news" stories from 2017.  The level of lies in the public eye is disturbing as many people rely on these stories or media outlets to gather their information.  I have to think the truth will prevail.  What do you see?
A.  It is SO hard to know what to believe as you approach any type of media.  It looks to be getting worse as personal bias, even bias of the companies or political influences creep in.  I get in many situations it is discouraged to be unbiased because if an employee wants to stay an employee, they need to align with the message that the head of the company wants to send.  

When I think about about "fake" reportings, I see Ron Burgundy from Anchorman and hear him say "You don't have to tell them the truth, just tell them what they want to hear" and that feels like a slogan that has been adopted.  Two things look to be perpetuating this issue.  

One, the media is something that many people want to trust and is their source of information.  The best agendas are passed on by building trust, and using that trust to influence.  

The second issue is ratings.  Media programs are like every other platform and survive from sponsors and advertisers.  They need the numbers to retain the support.  Making them the vibe of a reality show and keeping people "tuned in" 24/7 secures the future of the network or platform.  

I do see this slowly coming to the surface.  People are sensing the truth, and even start to pick up on re-runs (how many similar scandals seem to surface, they just have different characters and roles?)  It is so competitive they try to "one up" each other with the next greatest breaking story.  I see it like the fable "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."  The half-truths discount and desensitize us to the point when something "real" happens, we are much less reactive.  

I get people are burnt out of the vibe tied to all of it (stories and lies) that they are starting to look elsewhere for their information (the ratings overall will decline).  Eventually many outlets (even ones that were once very prestigious) will be viewed as nothing more than a tabloid.  It is already starting, but I see it moving more and more in that direction over the next few years (the lead up to 2020 is going to be rough).  Keep that intuitive filter running.

Q.  Lynn, To add to the previous question, could you give us your thoughts on Hurricane Florence?  It seemed like the hurricane started strong, eased up, and then regained momentum again causing horrible devastation.  Was this geoengineering?  What are your thoughts?  If it was engineered, why?  
A.  When I tune into this, I get the answer is yes and no.  Let me explain.  I get this was a naturally occurring tropical storm in its' infancy.  It started to gain momentum and it moved westward.  At the point it showed it had the potential of a full on hurricane, I get the PTW (Powers That once Were) tried to slow it down via HAARP.  To be honest, they look like kids messing with controls, and didn't fully know what the effects would be.  It somewhat slowed, then it sped up, and feels like it had this stutter-step motion.  

When they realized they could not stop it, they did try to shift it upward.  At this point it was like driving a car without control of the gas pedal or brakes.  I don't see a real plan or agenda, but rather a "practice" within HAARP and also a test to see how people reacted (people are much more docile when they are in desperate need of help).  It feels like a very sad and reckless abuse of power.

Please, please take a moment to send love, light and help to those effected by Hurricane Florence.  They are in need of support.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Sunspot, NM Observatory Closing...

Q.  In Sunspot, NM they did an evacuation.  The Observatory has been blocked off with yellow tape.  Can you see what is going on there?  Thanks.

A.  I received several emails on this, and wanted to take a look at it.  I did read the brief article above to better understand and tune into this situation.  As I tune into this, I feel like everyone wants to look up to the sky (I mean this is an Observatory), but I actually want to look underground.  As I remotely see myself there, people that have physically come there are looking upward, trying to see if there is something in the sky or near the sun, but I have the emotion that I need to back up and look down at the ground (as if I want to look "through" the ground at something beneath it).  

I get that the Observatory is sort of a "cover" for a bigger operation that is going on.  It looks like there is some kind of underground base or testing that happens, and the is Observatory placed upon it.  Think of this as a "mini" area 51.  There is a lot of UFO activity in this area, so the Observatory also serves the purpose of being able to watch what is going on above as well.  

As I look underground, I get there is a fairly large study of ETs going on.  I hear the facility needed to be underground for security and also to dull the ability of other ETs to sense what was going on (and possibly come for a rescue). I see they had some ETs that look to either be frozen or perhaps deceased (they are floating in water).  I also see another that looks to to be in a glass cage.  The being looks to be a grey, and fairly submissive (then I hear the phrase "not by choice, but by force"). It looks like many tests are being done on him (I see what looks like some kind of patches on his head that can send / receive messages wirelessly).    

It looks as though there was a breach in security that allowed the Grey to escape.  He really is very intelligent, and should not have been underestimated.  When he escaped and made it outside, he was able to "call" a fellow ship to get him.  At the time of the escape, people were evacuated and they closed down the Observatory in fear of a retaliation.  I get this location is monitored remotely, as they feel some kind of interaction is imminent.  I see this facility being closed for a while until they can be sure they are safe and secure.  When it finally reopens, I get there will be a "remodel" with enhanced security and upgrades.  

Please send some positive vibes to this area as it feels like some low vibe activity was occurring.  

(After reading through some comments, I did want to add that I did realize that there have been other closings of observatories all over the world.  I get that this event has possibly started something, and created a beacon for other ships to come here.  The being that was captured and held underground was somewhat powerful, and "they" are worried about who or what is coming.  I see this as a subtle start for disclosure.) 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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