Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Harald Kautz Vella and Archons

Q. Lynn, thank you for all your thought-provoking responses!

I was wondering if Harald Kautz Vella is on the right track in telling us the Archons are gone and the concept of black magic disabled?  “A few weeks ago they seized that game. The Archons were taken out of the game, and the entire concept of black magic was disabled."  He is referring to "the guardians of the creation". Too good to be true or not?  Thank you so much!
A. I do see things differently.  I see that we are in a time of a lot of activity being pressed on us by the Archons (which always look like a high branch of the Reptilians to me). There is "black magic," symbols and subliminal messages everywhere, especially currently.  We (humans) have the power to take the power back.  Having support from the "guardians of the creation" is helpful in this challenge, but the true strength comes from within each of us.  The Archons want us to believe that they aren't in the game because it puts your internal alert down, but in reality the game is in full force.

Be alert, trust your gut and realize the only way to bring these people down is to raise our conscious and not subscribe to the fear.  As you begin to do that, you will see the "magic" being played out, and it will lose its effect much like a learning the secrets of a magician.

Love and light-

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Group Meditation October 11th 10 AM EST

I have had many requests for another group meditation.  There are so many energy fluctuations, and events going on that need our positive energy, now feels like a good time (rather than later).  Please join me this Sunday, October 11th at 10 AM EST to focus on healing of all kinds.  There is no right or wrong way to share positive energy, and the earth and people need it.  I have had requests regarding the refugees, droughts in California, victims of the recent hurricane and the overall fear being sent over media.  I encourage you to share what you would like focused on (puts the intent out there) and if we focus on the greater good as we go into our meditation, all will be addressed.  

Love and light, 

Friday, October 2, 2015

5 Mysterious Travelers

Q. My last video related submission (about the miracles) went over very well so I have another one for you to do a reading on. I like that these readings get a lot of mysteries answered at once. I personally find this video even more interesting than the miracle one.  Here is a link to the YouTube video: 5 Mysterious Travelers from Other Dimensions

Green Children:  Two children appeared one day in Woolpit.  They were green in appearance, one of them passed away, and the other survived.  As the survivor ate a larger variety of food, she lost her green appearance.
As I tune into them, I seem materialize as if they were walking out from the fog.  They look as though they are coming from one vibrational layer of earth into another (our current human layer).  I then am taken to a cave near Woolpit, and get that within this cave there is a portal that made the transfer from one layer to another layer physically possible.  As I try to see why they didn't just go back through the portal, I hear that it worked in some kind of "glitchy" way to where it isn't always open to allow this two-way travel (I see it like on Back to the Future when they could only travel one way, and in this case they traveled laterally, but to a different layer of earth).

Man from Taured:  A man showed up in Tokyo with a passport from Taured, which is a country that didn't exist.
When I tune into him, I see the image of separate time lines propelling into the future.  At one point, this man's timeline "jumped" to another timeline.  

In his beginning point on his original timeline, there was very much a country name Taured, and he traveled all around the world.  It looks like he had a situation where a near death experience occurred (part of a plane crash??) and when he came back, he shifted to a different timeline.  I get that universal laws work at correcting these "jumps" and he disappeared as quickly as he appeared when he was returned to his original timeline.

Utsuro-bune: Woman that appeared from nowhere in a very strange, hallowed out boat.
A. I get that this was a UFO craft, and the woman inside was cloaked as a human and sent here to relay some kind of message.  The message feels frantic, like a warning, but yet I cannot understand it (my impression is a disaster of some kind happened shortly after her arrival).   She looks to be sent by the "protecting" ETs.  These ETs knew that humans would be scared of (and may not listen to) an ET, but would listen to a less threatening woman.  They were wrong, and the woman was sent away...  I get the warning was never passed on..

Jophar Vorin: Man who showed up in Germany claiming to be from land called Laxaria. 
I see very similar images to the ones tuning into the Man of Taured.  It looks as though this man was very sick in his birth timeline.  He was at a point where he was close to transitioning to the spirit world (passing away), and was spiritually "visiting" back and forth during his final days. At the moment he passed away he physically jumped to the time line we are living on, and appeared (I hear it is like how Quantum Leap did it on the tv show).

Jerome: Man that appeared on a sandy beach, and was amputated.  He mumbled, and couldn't be understood, and they referred to him as Jerome.
I keep seeing a battle.  It looks like a group of men (pirates??) that injured him.  He was terribly hurt, hungry, dehydrated and I get he drank a lot of salt water which made him delusional.  He also looks to have head trauma.  I hear something about him being left for dead... 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mel's Hole in Ellensburg Washington

Would you do a reading on (or have you already?) the legendary "Mel's Hole "in Ellensburg Washington?

This guy Mel Waters was on Coast to Coast with Art Bell talking about this big hole or bottomless pit he had on his property. In the beginning he was just curious as to how deep the hole really was and was wondering if anyone had any idea how he could measure it. But after the first interview things got really strange..

Q. Is the story real and if so, what is that hole really for and who is being so protective over it? What really happened?

A. i do see this story as being real. I see this hole in the earth, and I envision a person standing on the edge of the hold and diving into it much like you would dive into a pool of water. They look to dive and fall for what seems like forever, and at the bottom of the hole I see them begin to float (rather than crash / land). It looks like something allows the person to hoover (like a safety net) and land softly (and now I want to figure out what or why..)

This hole looks and feels to be miles deep. A person would die of impact from jumping into the hole, but rather the oxygen and air pressure changes are not survivable (unless you are in a ship or very special type of suit that i have never seen in real life). The air doesn't have a toxic smell like what methane or sulfur would have, in fact the air smells plain, but it is very low in oxygen.

As I go to the bottom of this hole and start to explore, I notice the temperature isn't hot or cold.. It feels very comfortable. This looks to be a tunnel toward the inner earth, and there is some kind of energetic barrier that you have to cross to fully get inside (it looks like plasma in the air). As I cross the barrier, I realize there are whole cities, ETs and humans inside (I won't go into too much detail as I have done several readings on this.)

One thing I did notice that I had not seen before, was that the inside of earth is somewhat like the outside of earth. There are areas set up in which these "Ant looking" ETs rule over humans and make the humans like slaves, but then there are these beautiful, lush areas that are peaceful and serene. I hear that inside earth the value systems are very different, and beings work toward what it is that they want. If you want to mine, and extract elements from the earth and value tangible assets, that is what you work on. If being grounded, appreciating the earth and mutually exchanging a give and take system with with earth is what you value, you can do that too (I see a group of Native American looking people doing just that). Strangely, these two groups leave each other alone and don't try to infiltrate in each other's space. I hear something about "there is enough abundance for each being to do what they want, and that is recognized in the inner earth, where it is ignored on the outer earth because the emotion of greed gets in the way."

And that is all I have on this (but I am happy to address specifics in the comments section). Love and light-

(I have attached links to some previous reading on the Inner Earth / Hallow Earth. Feel free to search the blog for others: