Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Spirit Guides in Regards to Soul Mates and Karma

Q. I guess I was a little surprised and shocked when I learned that spirit guides can pull two people together in a relationship.  I think I have seen and heard of a few occasions where this has happened, or nearly happened.  In the very few cases I saw, I felt that there is a bit of manipulation involved, sometimes a cloak and mirror type of ..um... trickery (there, I said it) involved too, perhaps.  I think spirit guides helping two people come together is okay, if there was some prior arrangement to make this happen (like soul mates wanting to meet, for instance), or if two people were meant for each other (they are a good match and fit well, and the match is for the greater good of both parties, in the very least).  But I was shocked to see incidences where I felt that situations were sometimes not ideal for the women, where the women tended to be trapped in a relationship under the name of patriarchy.  It came to me as women being treated as something disposable, where they were often asked to sacrifice their lives both figuratively (in terms of their original aspirations and goals) and literally (when someone is born with a really rough karmic path, and someone instead gets the blunt end of the energies and events in place of the person). I thought these situations were against some kind of karmic law, using another person against their free will, or tricking them into unideal situations?  Is it just me misinterpreting things, or do these situations really happen, have I only seen isolated incidences; or do these situations happen disproportionately for women often times; if so, is there a dependence on the culture they are in?  Does this happen only when a spirit guide happens to carry a negative or low-level intention, or is there a "convention" among spirit guides that such things are okay (is there a bit of sexism involved this realm too)? ... I'm getting that the spiritual realm is really vast and large, so maybe I should try to rephrase my last question a bit... Are there spirit guides who carry the notion of, and take advantage of sexism, that enable them to put women at a disadvantage for someone else that they are primarily involved with?  What kind of mindset should women have in order to fully avoid such unduly situations?
A.  As I think on spirit guides, soul mates and even how fate works, I see a path unwind... I will explain how it is being shown to me.  When we are in the womb I see a main guide being assigned to you.  That main guide will be with you your entire life.  You have other guides come to you at birth, and those guides will come and go depending on what you are learning to help guide you with your experience, but those guides sort of "tap in and out" during your life.  At all times you have a small team, but the team may change as you encounter new experiences.  

In the spirit form (before we are born) you have a group of souls that you most generally (not every, but most times) incarnate with.  There is a predetermination as to who will be a brother, sister, son, daughter, best friend and even soul mate.  Some of your "soul pact" members will be in your life your entire life, some will come and go and others will come and never leave. Fate as to those interactions are also predetermined, and you guides will help you find those people.  

When we are in spirit form we also chose a life path that is in our greater good for the goals and experiences we need to expand, learn and grow.  That life path may be based on lessons we need to learn or karmatic events.  Even though this general plan is outlined, free will can always intervene and change thins.  People (men and women) are born into all types of circumstances.  We often don't understand in our human form why we would have chosen a path, but there is always an element of learning that is done.  All things need to be experienced (good, bad, high vibrational experiences and low) to round out our development for our spirit / soul.  For example, you cannot know what it is like to be truly generous if you have never experienced the emotion / action of greed.  I even caution people in past life regressions that they may not like who they have been or things they have done as we have been in will be all things.  

There is no sexism with regard to your guides.  That is not an emotion they would recognize.. Their goal is to help you stay on your predetermined path, and create situations so you can learn and grow through experience to enable you soul to fully develop.  If you in your conscious, rational mind decide to go against that path, you can always enlist the action of free will to change your life direction.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, November 23, 2015

Russia and China Intentions with ISIS

Q. Since the Paris attack, which I thought was the PTB's first major step in inciting World War III or at least another big war, both Russia and China have done things to show support against ISIS. A lot of it seems like very obvious propaganda, the type of stuff that I expect to see after false flag attacks. 

There were reports of Russia bombing Syria like crazy after the Paris attack and writing "For Paris" on their bombs, Russia just gave the Parisian police force a new police dog since one of their's was killed in the bombing (this one really feels like propaganda), and now China has officially declared war on ISIS because they executed a Chinese hostage. Could you possibly look a bit more into their motivations for this? 

I know that ISIS is not what they are portrayed to be and that they're basically a fear device run by western countries and that Russia and China are basically against the western countries who run/finance ISIS. This is sort of a separate question but are Russia and China basically claiming that they plan to stop these fake terrorists or are they showing that they're in alliance with America and other ISIS sponsors and therefore playing along?

Here are some links for the reports that I mentioned (please note that I do not like any of these sites that I'm linking to here, these news sites just feed off of this negative energy): 
"For Paris" 
Police Dog
China Declares War
This is already long but while searching for those links I found this article and I just had to add it in here. It's the most obvious false flag story I've seen related to the Paris attacks. 
A. I see that Russia is fighting for what is their perception of liberty and justice.  Many leaders of the world realize who is really behind and funding ISIS.  Russia has reached their limit and wants to surpass the US.  Russia realizes that the war over Syria is really over oil, and the US wants to claim that area either by aligning with the Syrian government (which is not working) or doing a take over so a new government can be implemented.  

When areas in Syria area being bombed, it isn't "Syria" being attacked, it is the other countries occupying (ie, the US) being bombed and targeted.  Russia also realizes the real reason behind  the France attacks, and when they bomb Syria "for France," they are really bombing US assets in Syria because they know who to inadvertently blame (and who is one of the groups funding and supporting the group labeled as ISIS on the back end).  I hear the phrase that this is Russia's way of giving the US, Israeli and British a warning that this behavior won't be tolerated. 

Basically, I see Russia standing up for themselves and China is supporting Russia because China ultimately wants to regain power.  Both China and Russia know that if they can rid the "ISIS" group (which is a scapegoat type "fear" group created by three dominant countries), and keep the US out of Syria, the US economy will suffer.  This will also help Russia because Russia can continue on with their pipeline to Europe, which is huge for the Russian economy.  China wants nothing more than the US economy to fail so they can step in and promote their gold exchange or gold backed money with the IMF.  China and Russia have many reasons to align.

Right now Putin is creating a huge obstacle in the US plan to take Syria.  I see him being (and I hear the word) "Hitlerized."  I look for many more attacks, and if the US loses strength in Syria, I see a war breaking out because money is made on both sides of war (and the economy needs a genuine versus electronic) boost.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, November 20, 2015

Five for Friday #23

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #23.  Let's get started.

Image #1: Crisis Actors? Again?
The recent false flag attack in Paris has once again dragged out the same tired script. It looks like it, but are all these pics of the same crisis actor?

What Lynn Saw
"Yes, I get that they are, and then I hear this phrase, 'Man, is she good.' Then I ask myself why they're using this same woman so blatantly, not even changing her hair, and then I hear this cynical laughter: they're doing it as a joke, putting it in our face to see if we can figure it out. They feel that the media is so stupid that they'll put anything out there, and that you're all too dumb to figure it out." [So, there's your answer on the Paris Attacks.]

Image #2: Lost in Transition
This is an anomaly, or a creature, or a loose leprechaun recently caught in a pic from Texas. Or is that just a lens flash?

What Lynn Saw
"Interesting. When I see this, I heard that this is 'bigfoot's friend.' I get that this is a being that lives in the same dimension/vibration as bigfoot, and they can walk in and out of our world just as bigfoot can. If it went completely physical, it would look like a small bigfoot, almost like a relative. When they're still energy, they can actually walk on water."

Image #3: ET Solar Collector
Here’s a recent giant cube ship/anomaly/glitch near the sun. Galactic Police CUBE cruiser? Big piece of space cheese? What is it?

What Lynn Saw
"When I first see this, I'm seeing ships all over. There's a whole fleet here, but only this one is being shown. I get that these ships are like batteries, energy storage devices. There's no one inside this ship, but they're flown automatically by some kind of high technology. 

I keep seeing the far side of the moon. It's as if these crafts are sent out to extract sun-energy, which then deliver energy to the far side of the moon, for a variety of purposes. The ship has its own mind, like a smart boomerang."

4. The Djed Pillar
The Ancient Egyptians called this a “djed pillar.” What was it used for? Egyptian WIFI? Definitely something electrical.

What Lynn Saw
"First thing I hear is Van de Graaff Generator. In my mind I can see static electricity coming from the four bars. I can see the static electricity coming into the guy's fingertips; he's grounded and the pillar is not. Sciencewise, I see something falling out of this thing. These are hollow tubes with sand in them, or maybe its salt, dirty looking salt; in the last pic, with the skirt around it... there's sand or salt inside the tube, but under the skirt it looks like salt water in there. The fork on the top allows these to be set up in series... it's a wireless power distribution system. People needed to keep away from this or they'd get shocked. It was very unsafe, but it worked."

Image #5: Crop Circle Vibes
Here’s an impossibly ornate crop circle from 2014. Provided it’s real, what are our moon-based ET friends trying to tell us here?

What Lynn Saw
"This is interesting. I'm getting it's a vibration. I'm visualizing water hit by a certain vibration. I can't see the frequency. But there's a healing property to the water possessing this vibration. The ETs are trying to help us. [Da-da guessed that it was 432 hz.] Yes! And what we are seeing here are six pulses hitting at once!" [And since you are 73% water, you can vibrate like this, too.]  


As we've discussed on Lynn's site before, in modern musical tuning, things were changed to A=440 hz (that's the note A, versus 432 Hz, which is Bb in the current A440 system). While this may seem a petty distinction, you can SEE the difference this makes in water vibrating in the pic above, not to mention feel it yourself.

Here are some interesting 432 links:

On that healing note, please join us Friday-after-next for Episode #24.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Q. Lynn, I saw this recently in a dream forum. He said he had a few dreams about 'reality' and he was taught how dreams work and how they are created in the Mind's Eye. He said sound was used to create objects and you can mentally "adjust the sounds you hear to rotate and adjust matter."

"Shapes are defined by wavelength of the note, and movement is defined by amplitude."

He also had dream about black crystals that had some kind of consciousness that developed a bond with the person studying it, (he was in a classroom ).

A lot of dreams convey messages and new ideas, so it is not too much of a reach for me to believe his subconscious is trying to teach him something new. Is he on to anything or was it just a very descriptive dream that he is reading too much into? 


A.  I get this split when I focus on dreams.  I hear they are complex to the 3D human understanding, but to the spiritual realm they are very simple.  Dreams serve as a way to communicate with and through the Universal Consciousness via the subconscious.  

I see dreams coming through in both vibrations and pulses of energy (which can be related to sounds).  All vibrations have a tone, we just may not be able to hear it with our human ears, but the subconscious knows how to translate it.

When I look at dreams, they look similar to meditations; however, meditations look more guided and dreams are more involuntary.  You can train yourself through exercises to be more in control of your dreams, and use them as a tool to obtain knowledge.  

And that is all I have for this reading. (I may add more depending on questions in the comments.  I know there are many unique situations tied to this topic).  Love and light-