Friday, April 24, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #8

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #8.

Image #1: Death Valley Rock Mystery
Backstory: What causes these rocks in Death Valley, CA, to move?

What Lynn Saw
 "I had to think on this a bit... I get there is a "perfect storm" going on here. The area is very dry, and high winds tend to blow away any loose dirt or sand (the friction) on the surface. At night (or during certain times) there is a small amount of moisture that gathers (I see it like dew), and it is just enough moisture to create a slick surface on the (highly reduced friction) cracked bed. I also get that spots on this bed are at a slightly higher elevation (this bed isn't exactly flat). When you combine positioning at the slightly higher end, the wind blown smooth surface, the right amount of moisture with huge gusts of wind -- the rocks travel."

Image #2: U.S. Capitol Beam
Backstory: So, real or fake? This pic looks like a UFO firing on the US Capitol building. If real, is this a transport beam? Who or what are they beaming?
What Lynn Saw
 "This is a communications beam, but it's going from OUT of the Capitol building, firing at the moon. [!] There's a lot of hostility on earth regarding ETs on the moon. It irritates the US Govt, NASA and the military that
we're not allowed to go there, and that we can't overpower the ET species on the moon, since we don't have the technology. They want us to stay away from the moon, which they've claimed for themselves. We can't even work out a treaty, as they want nothing to do with us. But there's some sophisticated kind of communications equipment in the Capitol dome that the govt is using to try to spy on the moon ETs, trying to figure out what they're doing, gain some kind of insight."
Image #3: What Did the Knights Templar Find Under Solomon's Temple?
Backstory: Many know this story. In 1118, the Knights Templar were recognized as an Order by the Pope and were granted a place to live, where they requested, within the sacred enclosure of what used to be Solomon's Temple, known to contemporaries as the Temple on Mount Moriah. They then allegedly spent ten years secretly digging beneath the Temple. What did they find? What's their big secret? And why do they show two knights riding on horseback on their seal? Is it due to influence from the old Cathar religion of the South of France?
What Lynn Saw
"I keep seeing scrolls and scrolls of paper. But then I also see these stone tablets. The tablets were converted to paper by the Templars, since the tablets couldn't be moved 'for spiritual reasons.' The tablets carried some kind of history or ancient knowledge. A lost story of the bible that wasn't included in the final document as it had to do with interactions with ETs in an historical sense. Some first-person descriptions of interactions with an ET, which was withheld as it changes the focus of the bible. Those tablets are still there. This ET thing was the Templars' big secret. Religion is power if you play it right, and having the ET knowledge is something very different. They did find (I saw stone) tablets, and that is what they spent their time transcribing for their own knowledge (essentially a hoard of knowledge). I get the impression that they felt they too could have the relationship with ETs if they had this knowledge -- like learn how to summon them, but I don't see that it ever happened. As for the seal, I keep hearing the word Gemini."
Image #4: Mothman on the Bridge
Backstory: Ok, is that really Mothman on the Pt. Pleasant Silver Bridge, the day before it collapsed in West Virginia, as immortalized in John Keel's excellent book, The Mothman Prophecies? What is Mothman, anyway?

What Lynn Saw
 "I get this is real. When I think of the Mothman I get this image of the Grim Reaper, this negative, lower vibrational stuff, just dark and heavy. It's dark energy, with almost an evil feel behind it. Where did it come from? It came here through some kind of portal, materialized out of nothing. I see that it came from this darker place. Something aligned perfectly and opened a portal and this thing came here, but it didn't belong, so it went back to where it's better served. It's gone."

Image #5: The Marfa Lights
Backstory: The famous Marfa Lights of Marfa, Texas... which look like orbs in this pic. What are they?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that these are positive ETs, celestials drawn to that spot. It feels good, it feels protective and healthy. These orbs are the energetic form of the ETs leaving their physical bodies and appearing on earth. They are protecting the people (and trying desperately to connect to the subconscious layer of earth). I want to use the term Pleiades when I think of them -- something feels magical about it (in a good way)."

Darn, that's the end. Da-da could do this all day. Join us Friday after next for episode #9!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Why Did Wal-Mart Close Their Stores...?

Q. Lynn, can you please look into what is going on with Wal-Mart and the stores they have closed on short notice for six months to work on "plumbing issues?" What is really going on? Is this part of Jade Helm or something else? What are they hiding?
A.  As soon as I tune into this I get an image of the inside of a Walmart- only it looks like a warehouse rather than a store. Things are on metal shelving that resemble scaffolding (much like that of a Sam's Club or a Costco big box store).  Supplies are in boxes, and nothing is set up- seems like a distribution center more than a store.  I do see this as being tied to Operation Jade Helm... 

I then realize that these are both military and FEMA camp supplies on the shelving.  Things are in brown boxes with numbers spray painted on them- like an inventory coding so someone can't come in and just take things without having the difficult time of opening up boxes to see what is in them.  

I am trying to determine if these buildings are set up to house people, and I just see supplies.  I also get that they will use Wal-Mart semi trucks to transport goods from location to location rather then military trucks.  Regarding people, I see other structures being set up to house the people- they look "tent like" (the image I see is a circus tent with a chain-link fence around it).  I also get that more permanent structures will be built as needed, but since this is to happen during the summer, these tents will work for their purpose.  I then hear that if there is a FEMA drill and people see tents, the less permanent "feel" will make the people believe (and trust) it really is a drill - there is some psychology involved in this..

Q. What about the rumor that the stores closed due to the threat of a labor union?

A.  I get that (the labor union story) is the favorable theory they are hoping will stick.  Most people are too aware and realize that plumbing is not the real issue.  There are rumors that the closing is tied to the threat of a union being imposed.. The union threat is real, but that is not the real reason for the closing.  I see the government actually leaked the union being the cause (got the rumor going) when the plumbing story didn't stick because that was a more ideal story than to admit what they are using the stores for during Operation Jade Helm.  I also get that as things progress and people start to "chatter" about the real reason these Wal-Marts closed, the media will  stir in the idea of the union issue to distract from the military objectives.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

Link to previous reading on Operation Jade Helm: 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day! *Reminder*- Group Meditation Tonight at 8 PM EST

Hello everyone!  In celebration of Earth Day thought it would be a good idea to take some time and raise our vibrations together.  I would like to plan another meditation for Wednesday, April 22nd at 8 PM EST.  Please join in if you have a few moments.  I look forward to seeing some of you there!  Love and light-

Love and light- Lynn

Monday, April 20, 2015

Russia, Ukraine and Chinese Economy

Q. What are your thoughts on this article. Apparently Obama is sending tanks to the Ukraine?
A.  I do see the US aligning and preparing for some kind of attack. I get this impression that there is a sequence of events lined up (I see an image of dominoes aligned and ready to fall), and a trigger event will happen that will give the US/Ukraine permission to attack Russia.  I get the US doesn't want to appear to make the first move, and would rather attack on a defensive appearance (I hear something about that is how they want their "PR" image).  

When I tune in a little deeper it looks like a false flag is being set up, and at the moment it occurs Russia will be blamed.  The US troops will be already aligned in the Ukraine (and also in key locations in the Midwest due to Operation Jade Helm) because as soon as the "blame game" starts Russia will want to attack (and the US and Ukraine need to be ready).  

The US appears to be unsure if Russia attack the Ukraine, US or both first, so a defensive plan is being set up. 

(Previous reading on Operation Jade Helm linked here.)

Q. Do you see SCALAR weapons being used in the US, Ukraine or Russia?
A.  I see that both Russia and the US have the capability of SCALAR weaponry.  I don't see it as being effective enough (or have the ability to control it well enough) to be able to use it in a tactical situation.  I also get that the US would be willing to experiment with it, but they are unsure if it would "backfire" on them and end up disabling their own equipment.  I also get that many tests have been done with it, and it works in a very unreliable way- as if they waves come out in a full radius (like an unpredictable bomb) versus a straight line or directional (which is the goal)...?

Q.  Can you see what will happen to Moldova?
A.  Moldova feels safe.  I see troops and a lot of movement, but it doesn't have a hostile feel to it.  I don't see war activity.  Moldova feels far enough away that it won't get involved.

Q. Hi Lynn, JJ here. It seems to me that China is undergoing a major downturn economically... overabundance of property, too much debts/mortgages given out that maybe bad... Do you still see us investing in China currency (as you've read before) or will we need to pull out of our investments and businesses in that country? This must be good for the United States and other countries who don't rely much on China to keep it's exports and businesses sustained.  More on the "China Crisis" here:

A. I see China being calculated in their business decisions.  I am going into this question with the intent of seeing what the wealthy investors are doing.  It looks like they are doing this tactic where they buy up what they can (especially over seas), pay the minimum payments (but consistently pay and have good credit) and are intentionally diversifying themselves very thin.  The goal looks to be to have claim on a lot of properties.  When the dollar fails, and the value of gold and gold backed currency kicks in (which they will control), they can easily pay their debt (because they will be in control of the money, and their money has a lot of value).. I don't see China being in a bad economic position.

And that's all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-