Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Q & A XXXIII: Aliens / ETs and the Universe

Q.  Of the eight planets in our solar system, how many harbor life as we know it? Not bacterial life, but human/alien life as we know it?
A.  The only planets that jump out at me are Mars and something about Neptune..??  What I am really drawn to are the moons in the solar system more than planets  Mars and Neptune serve more as "pit stops" rather than a large population of ETs.  The moons, however, function more like established bases or homes.  I want to say the moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Earth are the bigger homes of ET life in our solar system.

Q. Do other universes exist?

A.  I first get yes, and then I get that our solar system has some kind of a sister system and we share some of the same bodies (like some of our planets are seen there and some of our constellations are seen there too and vice versa).  That system feels close if not intertwined in some way... 

Q. Where do men originate from? From extraterrestrial origin? Or tweaking of ape-man on earth?

A. I get the creation of man came from all the above.  There are alien geneticists that created ape creatures, and kept fine tuning that DNA until humans were made.  Different variations of DNA were used, some of which was their own (then I get that in the bible when it was referenced that man was made in the creator's image, there is very much truth to this).  The goal was a humanoid creature capable of self-sustaining ability- and the ability to evolve.  

Q. Does the Galactic Federation exist and who are they?

A. I get they do exist, and they are here to maintain balance.  Without balance, even good intentions can become corrupt- the most honest people occasionally need balanced and grounded.  

Who are they?  I get they are the older races of ETs.  They show themselves in my mind as some kind of Star Wars meeting.  Various appearances- no two are the same.  As if different races of ETs gather together to discuss different things or voice concerns.  The conferences are oddly quiet, I notice that all the communication is done in a telepathic sense. The dominant image that pulls forward is an ET that I would describe as a grey.  I get the impression that even though they all have an equal voice, the grey ET is the organizer and the dominant figure.

Q. Hello again! I wanted to know which alien races are actually angels/incarnated angels, and can angels materialize into human form? I know they can incarnate in human form but can they transform from spiritual into physical form without incarnating? 

A. When I put the intent out there for the question, I see an alien that is purely white (never seen this before??).  The light given off is SO bright you have to squint to see it.  I get the impression that this alien is of the highest vibration- so pure, so bright. I get this race of aliens is what was interpreted as being angels.

 I cannot see an "angel" toggling into a human form. They can have a huge influence, and you may feel an overwhelming source of guidance or clarity, but they do not take the form of humans (they find it too constricting- the human body I get it too suffocating for them and they do not like it).  These aliens, at this level, rarely incarnate into the human form.

Q. Are the fallen angels that slept with human women and rebelled against God actually angels or were they referred to as being angels by humans(i.e. Azazel, Lucifer etc.)Thank you as always!

A. These angels were ETs that rebelled and came to earth and bread with the humans.  They loved humans- saw their beauty.  They were viewed as angels by humans (I also get there is more meaning to the word "angels" than what we understand, but it isn't coming through clearly). because of their abilities (flying or appearance of being weightless, and their vast knowledge).  Humans looked up to these angels for answers, and to breed with them was an honor.

Q. Hi Lynn, Thank you very much for all your answers. could you please tell me something about Sixto Paz Wells, he is from Peru and since the 70s he claims to be a 'contactee' with a race of ETs from the Orion constellation who have established a large base on one of Jupiter's moon's Ganymede. He says he has had a number of UFO sightings and physical contact with ETs in the desert area of Chilca, Peru. I ask you this cause some people say he is a fraud. Thank you, Light & Love

A.  In reading the question I do get there is truth to there being aliens from Orion's constellation (I want to say the center star), and there is also significance to Jupiter's moon.  I cannot see he has had physical contact (he may have I just cannot see it).  The image I have is someone laying down, and a "thought bubble" appears, and within that thought I see an ET communicating with Sixto as if it were a hologram (within this "thought bubble").  It looks to me that he has had contact spiritually  or mentally, but I cannot connect to the physical aspect.

Q. There is this woman named Omnec Onec who claimed that she came to Earth from Venus in 1951. At first, she stayed in a monastery in Tibet to adjust herself to the lower frequency on Earth, then in 1955 she went to US and took over the life of a young girl who had just died in an accident. Is she really from Venus? http://omnec-onec.com/

A. When I focus on her I cannot see that she was from Venus during this human life.  I get she has some ET DNA, and has many residual memories.  I will never discount anyone, and I get she really believes she was from there during this life- I just cannot connect it being from this life, but rather a past life that she is still very connected too.  I get when she incarnated her previous existence as an ET enabled her vibration to be so high that she was able to incarnate with many memories still intact.

Q. Hy Lynn, My question is about the Starchild skull found in Mexico that was claimed to be the product of extraterrestrial-human breeding or genetic manipulation, however mitochondrial DNA recovered from the skull has established it as human. so could you see something about it and tell me which one do you is correct? http://www.unacknowledged.info/starchild-skull-alien-human-hybrid/

A. In looking at this and tuning in, I get this was a hybrid human / ET child.  I get that the DNA is mostly human, but will have trace amounts so something else, and that something else is ET base.  The issue they are having with testing is they don't know how to single out the ET portion- there is some flaw with their thinking of how to separate it out (referring to the ET portion of DNA in order to identify it)??

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Mysterious Hum

I have a request , about the "Hum"..It seems like this is something that's been around for some time, I don't remember ever having had ever heard this myself before, Basically its about a really low frequency "hum" that people have been reporting hearing around the world ..its persistent and annoying to most..seems like nobody's really put a finger on whats doing this..heres a link to a wiki on it.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hum Just in the last year we had had a power outage and things got really quite, Then I heard it myself, I can hear that it sounds like a far away truck or engine..but the thing just stays consistent..it fluctuates a little but more so consistent..

My wife can't hear it..ever since that day I have been able to shift my hearing to hear that it is still there..How strange..and late at night its soo right there in my hearing..that I have to ask what in the world is that? I was wondering if you could shed some light on what is doing this..is what I'm hearing the same Hum that every one else is hearing?..What is that hum that everyone else is hearing? Thanks so much for your time.
A. The first thing I get when I tune in is I see the earth as a living thing itself.  The components of earth have a specific vibration (such as the water, specific rock, structures, etc), but as a whole, there is an overall vibration.  Then my mind wants to relate the way earth works to the human body- each organ or part of the body has it's own vibration, but the body as a whole has an overall, specific vibration- we are made of our individual parts just as the earth as a whole is made of it's own individual parts.

Then I switch back to earth, and I see the ground breathe much like how you see lungs expand and stretch a chest.  I get the earth is going through some kind of a process or evolution.  There is an energetic shift and people that are more sensitive are starting to sense the vibrational frequency change.  I relate it to a dog whistle- dogs can hear it, and people can't- dogs are more sensitive to it and have a wider range of hearing.  As earth begins to change and shift, the more sensitive people are beginning to have their senses altered and are becoming more sensitive to sounds they could not hear before. I also get that it may range from ear to ear, and you rarely hear it in both ears at the same time (occasionally you may even get a moment of silence in one ear that sounds like your ear is full of water)- that is how it starts to process and register in your mind.

This change the earth is going through is a SLOW process- could take hundreds of years, but has started and is happening now.  It feels like a shift to a new time in which people will understand and feel connected to something bigger than the physical plane we live in now.  I also get that some ET forces want to block this change, while other, more protective forces want to aid in the conversion.  This power struggle feels difficult, and creates surges of energetic force versus a smooth transition (sensitive people may even feel the inconsistent tug)- meditations, etc may feel easy one day and more forced another.  Overall, I see the weight being sided toward the protective ETs..

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Remote Viewing

Q. Can Remote Viewers be foiled by interfering thought projections from some source? Can Remote Viewers have their findings compromised by such projections?
A. I focused on this for a while, and truly I don't see a complete block on anything.  I see images compromised in the form of being hazy or feel confusing, but general ideas still connect.  I get many devices have been made regarding frequency emissions or electromagnetic alterations, but those really only have minimal effects- again some clarity or orientation issues, but most times something will still come through.

I get when someone can't see something, it comes from within and not because of something man made.  Your guiding force (can be spirit guides, higher self or subconscious) is designed to work in your greater good, so if you get into a situation where your greater good is compromised, you may not get clarity into what you are seeing (I instantly flash back to readings I did on the MH370 where I could not see the face of the "mean man" guarding the plane- he was scary, intimidating and had an unstable energy about it which instantly started to shut me down).  It is a defense that we have wired within ourselves as protection.

Sometimes we stumble upon disturbing things when we remote view and the emotion (or rational, conscious part of our mind) shuts down the image. But again, that is internally inflicted rather than a man made device.

Q. Can you get impressions from multiple specific sources, psychic-wise? How do you know which sources you can and cannot trust?
A. When people tune in you do get many sources.  When you first "connect" you put the intent out there that you want information from the highest vibrational source that is also in your (and your family's) greater good.  From that strong intent you  place someone or something will step forward and convey information.  While that exchange is happening many times people will have a feeling (mine comes from my solar plexus) that confirms that it "feels" right and the exchange continues.  If your intent is out there, and it doesn't feel right- stop and clear yourself and come back to it later (I have only had this happen a few times- your guides really will work if you put the intent / allow permission to do so).  If the positive intent is there, and it "feels" right, you can most generally trust your connection.

Then I get that remote viewers are actually disliked by many governments.  The government feels threatened by them.  Since they cannot completely block the communication, it is easier to label them as 'crazy" or use employees that have a sole job of spreading dis-information and leaving negative comments on websites, in the media, etc.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to Narrated reading on YouTube.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

ISIS - Quick Update

Q. Please could you do a reading on ISIS? I just find it weird that during this Israeli-Gaza conflict, they have decided to come up and their atrocities have now taken over the news. Has ISIS been designed by the US to serve as another distraction?
Is there a plan against Muslims in general. Please if you could just look at this. Are they doing things to incite those 'terrorists' in Muslim countries, to get angry, so that they commit crimes that they can then broadcast? I am so hurt, and angry at the same time. These people are ruining the image of millions of Muslims, and the religion itself.  Is there anyone benefiting from this? 
A. What I see happening is a group trying to grow and strengthen and develop an area to rule.  This group looks to be independent of the US (I don't see the US funding it).  In fact, I see this group despises the US. It is as if the leaders in this group have realized that money systems are bound to fail, but those that control resources (especially oil) will have the ultimate control.  I get they are trying to take over larger parts of the geographic area that control and produce oil.

The ISIS leaders are actually very methodical in how to recruit.  There is an element of fear, promise of a better life and ISIS gets people to believe in their cause.  I get a lot of Hitler references in my mind as I go down that path- as if this power struggle, treatment of people and vision relates to how Hitler reigned.

The people benefiting are the leaders of ISIS.  They are gaining wealth and power by acquiring land and natural resources.  They are going to continue to grow until they are forced (physically) to stop.  I see this eventually ending up in a military conflict with other countries within the next 18 months to 2 years.

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