Friday, January 30, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #2

Hi, all. Back by popular demand, here are another set of five puzzling images where Lynn was asked, "What's going on here?" Please note that, while Lynn has the uncanny ability of determining if something is genuine, these are only Lynn's opinions; anyone revisiting any part of her blog can see the quality of the information, but judge for yourself.

Image #1: The Giant's Finger? Really?
Timeframe: pre-history.
Backstory: Believe it or not, this image is allegedly the finger of a giant from long ago (!), the scale of which can be seen when compared to the foreign money in the top image. Said artifact is about the size of a petite woman's arm. Da-da immediately thought it was the leg of a goat doctored to look like a finger, but let's see what Lynn says.
What Lynn Saw
Lynn saw this as a finger (!), the digit of a giant ape-looking creature that once existed on earth about 20,000 years ago. It lived in a jungle and was terrified of humans (jeez, who isn't?). The one that's missing a finger was captured by said scary humans, and... humans put it to work! No wonder it was scared. Humans were apparently much smarter than these giant creatures, making the latter easily captured, but Da-da has his doubts on that one.

Image #2: The Thing on the Beach
Timeframe: 2011, Japan.
Backstory: This thing washed up on a beach in Japan after an earthquake. What is it?

What Lynn Saw
This was an organic object that came from the ocean floor. It's the shell of a creature like a giant snail, the head of which once darted in and out. There was a small earthquake that allowed it to be washed up on the beach. Something feels toxic about it. If you see something like this, don't touch it with your hands; be sure to use gloves.

Image #3: The Time Traveler Pic

Timeframe: 1941
Backstory: This photo was discovered a few years back and allegedly shows a time traveler -- on the right, wearing sunglasses -- captured in a group shot of bystanders viewing a bridge opening in Canada. He's also apparently holding a modern camera, looking for all the world like a hipster-doofus.

What Lynn Saw
This is a fake. Lynn sees someone using Photoshop to alter the original image. Damn.

Image #4: The Green Door
Timeframe: 2013.
Backstory: This is a pic snapped in Ireland of a strange green light... but all the strange lights in Ireland are green, so there you go. Da-da initially thought this might be reflected light from a window captured by the camera, but let's see what Lynn says.

What Lynn Saw
It's a kind of beacon for a mini portal which is opening, surrounded by a little green tornado of energy. If the pic had been taken three seconds later, you'd have seen a little ET appear! It's how they get from their ship to the ground. (The ship was apparently not far above the house.) The ETs here are like miniature greys.

#5: The Pacific Bubble
Timeframe: 2013.
Backstory: This strange bubble was seen by folks last year in skies over the Pacific Ocean, near Hawaii.

What Lynn Saw
This is a cloaking/force field for a ship coming up from an underground/underwater ET base in the Pacific. It's a bubble around the ship that follows it up and out of the atmosphere. The ship belongs to one group of ETs who have a base on the dark side of the moon. They feel a little dark; not "full" reptilian, but a hybrid type of reptilian.

That's it. Stay tuned for the Friday after next's post, which will be on all things ancient.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Guy That Shows Up in Dreams ALL Over the World

Q. I'd like to know about that guy that allegedly shows up in random people's dreams who have never seen him before, as documented here:  I'm not even sure if this is true or not, but it sure has grabbed my attention  
A.  I do get this as being true.  As I tune into him, I see that in his physical existence he was a monk and had a very religious and spiritual connection to his higher self and a higher source.  I see that during a meditation he was told to that he was "chosen" to stay on earth to guide people to listen to their subconscious- I can't get the term for what this was called- It was as if now he was in training (due to the limitations he had within his human body he couldn't realize his full potential) and in his afterlife he was going to be like an angel (but angel isn't the right word..??)  I see he died in the 1800s and when he did he did not go into the light, but rather stayed in a spiritual form within the spirit realm on earth.  He maintained a high vibration in his physical form, but upon dying his vibration increased tremendously (to this "angel like" state)!  

I see he is called upon during times of stress, and comes to people in their dreams to help them.  It is as if he is a conduit or translator between the subconscious and conscious mind.  When people are experiencing trying times, or having a hard time following with the "universe" is telling them, he comes in to help makes sense of the messages in their dreams.  

I don't see him as fearful or malicious.  In fact I see people feeling better after connecting to him in their sleep state.  It looks like he enables people to find clarity that otherwise feels lost without a little guidance. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-

Japanese Hostage

Q. Could you see about the Japanese hostage by ISIS?  Are they still alive?  I think it's same case as James Foley which you read before.  If it's so, what is the purpose of US(CIS)?  I also think that the US didn't think that the Japanese would use their technology to analyze the video so well  so I think it's possible that US handed them over to ISIS.  Also I think that nuclear stations will be reactivated and the Prime Minister set right to collective defense because of the US...  I worry about the Japanese future..
A.  I see this exactly like the situation I saw with James Foley (Then I hear they even wore the same costumes??).  If I take a map and zoom out, I see many "pockets" of terrorist activity that are said to be committed by ISIS.  When I go a little deeper I see that ISIS is a front (I get the reference to money laundering???) for a much bigger plan.  ISIS itself (and I feel the name or acronym means something that I haven't been able to fully decipher) feels like a disorganized group of men trying to hold down a plot of land that they have claimed for their own- I get they were promised this land, and all they have to do is guard it and all the supplies, weapons and support they need to do so would be provided to them.  

Back to the map..  many countries on different continents have been effected by the word "ISIS."  I see a war being instigated, but to brew up a war there has to be a cause, and several countries against that cause.   

Q. Who is behind ISIS? 

A. I see this started as dominantly a Britain "project" that grew into something much bigger.  I get that when the plan started to have these men in the Palestine proximity due to the natural resources available.  These resources were to be shared with Britain, and then other countries wanted a part of it.  Then, as ISIS was able to be painted as something to be feared, troops were able to be on the ground.  Eventually there will be bases created to "protect' the world from ISIS, when in reality they are guarding their own natural resource claim. 

Link to previous reading on James Foley: