Monday, July 27, 2015

Fertility (Are We Less Fertile?)

Q. This could be an interesting topic.  I read that the sperm potential on average is becoming much lower than before. Then I thought about the companies behind this: Pharma, Oil, Monsanto... What are your thoughts regarding this and the overall human reproductive system? 
A.  I see two paths presenting themselves to me representing two main reasons more developed countries are having more fertility challenges when compared to many years ago.  I get that the lesser developed countries don't have the same issues, and they reproduce at the same momentum (or very close to how) they have reproduced in past generations. 

The first path I see is very much related to all the things in our environment.  We are bombarded with electronic waves, chemtrails, fluoridated water, GMO food, immunizations, pharmaceuticals and preservatives in our food.  These things (that I previously listed) can create a toxic environment in our body that weakens us (physically, hormonally or emotionally) and can result in sexual challenges that can include healthy sperm.  Not every person exposed to those environmental factors has sexual challenges, but if some is weak due to another reason (illness or injury), sensitive to these elements, or has difficulty excreting the toxins, they can most definitely show signs of it effecting the body in the reproductive system.

The other path I see (labeled like a street sign) is age.  We as a society are waiting (on average) longer to have children.  From a biological standpoint, when girls begin having a regular menstrual cycle, they are the most fertile.  (This is referring to physical ability to conceive and not from the emotional effects of being a young mother).  Past generations (on average) starting having children when they were much younger (some great-great-grandparents were even in their teens).  I see each generation getting older and older when they begin. 

Q. Then I ask, What if the man and woman are healthy?  Why does the age really matter, especially for the man? 
A.  I get this is actually tied to the first path, as if the paths merge together in the end.  The longer a man and woman wait (or the older they are when they try), the more toxic environmental elements and outside stimuli there are built up inside their body.  This build up can have adverse effects on the man, and alter the health and quantity of his sperm. 

Q.  How do we detox or change this around? 
A.  Based on what I see, I get if you are having trouble conceiving, start with a detox.  Eat a healthy diet, stay away from preservatives.  Drink lots of filtered water.  Cut back on electronics (keep them out of your pants pockets).  And the last thing I get is to get ALL of the electronics out of your bedroom (that is where you spend a good amount of time so make it free of electronic waves to give your body a chance to purge and heal).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Q. Europe's Medieval Cathedrals, especially Notre Dame de Paris, have a lot of gargoyles that look to me as low energy soulless ETs, who perhaps were really the builders of these astonishing buildings. Am I right on anything of this - are these ETs-builders? Who managed the projects and invited so many different forms of ETs (birds, animals, humanoids, etc.) for the jobs? What was going on during the building of these gorgeous architecture? I suppose those were not allowed to have interactions with humans (they are all shown looking down from the above), yet some sculptural fragments show some humans among them. Some of the famous Cathedrals do not have any ET images in their art, only humans and human-like angels- does it mean that the building of those cathedrals were supported by only human-looking ETs (Hard to believe people could build such buildings on their own)?
A. I get that at the time the inspiration for these structures came about many types of ETs walked the earth.  ETs and humans worked together to erect these buildings.  I see the ETs had the "know how" and the humans were the work force driving it.  In some way, the humans were honoring these ETs for their help and guidance, and willingly put forth effort to build these intricate buildings.  Because of the involvement of ETs, and their higher intellect (at the time), these buildings were created to celebrate and honor the spiritual aspects of the universe (I get that is why they were built so tall, and also why many have a point, like an antennae, on the top as a way to "beam down" and connect to those beings on the ground.)  They were later changed to be more religious buildings (like religion took them over??) versus a spiritual "connection point" to the universe.  

These gargoyles were incorporated into the design to both honor the ETs and also as a way to create a feeling of protection.  They are looking over the people and also protecting the building.  I also hear, why do you think that because something isn't our definition of attractive that it is incomplete or negative?  A beautiful soul can reside in many types of "shells" and the beings that these gargoyles represented were of very high vibrations.  I also get that the incorporation of bird, dog and cat "type" humanoids were incorporated because that is our history, and ETs of that orientation are how human came to be.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

Friday, July 24, 2015

Missing Holistic Doctors

Q. Can you please do a reading on the mysterious rash of deaths of holistic doctors and practitioners, mostly from Florida:  This is truly worrisome - many are outspoken anti-vaccine advocates. What / who is behind this and why? Thank you!
A. I first get that many doctors and healers are coming forward, sharing truths about what is in immunization and what these medicines / toxins are doing to the human body.  These truths are resonating within the subconscious of many people, therefore, people are listening and waking up to these "truths."  As people "wake up" and start to resist the push for immunizations, the government (mainly due to the "politicking" from big pharma companies) is feeling the pressure to quiet down this "movement" toward more natural health approaches to these diseases.  There is so much money to be made in immunizations, and also the side effects created from the immunizations that the health care industry doesn't want to miss out on these potential revenues.

I get that some of these doctors that could not be quieted were killed under the disguise of suicide (or very random, unexpected events) and others are in hiding.  I get a lot of references to the book Atlas Shrugged as I go a little deeper into this. I then get that some of these missing doctors (after feeling threatened or being harassed) left and went into hiding on there own free will.  I further get that when they left to go into hiding, they have met up together at a secret location to pool their efforts so they can later emerge as a unified stronger group, using their collective efforts to REALLY start a movement and share knowledge.  I see more and more of these doctors "disappearing" as their group grows.  I'm choosing not to go into where they are, or details of their plan as I feel a tremendous action working in the greater good is set in motion.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light- 

The following is a reading I did on Dr. Bradstreet (one of the doctors).  You may also first this interesting.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Plasma Tubes Around Earth

Q. Can you please take this photo for a future reading?

This is the image of plasma tubes, which according to Cobra (, are part of the negative plasma implants constructed by the dark ones that keep us quarantined here on Earth and delay the planetary Shift (Event) and Disclosure.

"Earth primary anomaly quantum fluctuations well, or in other words Earth primary anomaly accretion vortex, maintained by the plasma implant grid and supported by plasma strangelet and toplet bomb retaliation mechanisms is the background meta-strategy of the Chimera which maintains quarantine Earth status and still prevents the Event, Disclosure and First Contact." (Cobra)

However, I personally do not feel any negativity regarding these plasma tubes that an undergraduate student in science has recently discovered. I mean implants did exit that connected to our energy field as a mean to control us, but not these shown in the above photo like Cobra stated.

What do you feel about this?
A.When I look at this picture, I see these plasma tubes as showing energy tied to various portals and energetic vortices.  I also get that (not sure where this picture came from or who made it??) there are portals and energetic vortices  that exist that are not shown, and some of the ones shown are not accurate.  I see the way they [the portals and vortices] are drawn are good representations of what they look like, but the locations look off.  I also get that some "tubes" should be drawn with one end connecting to the earth, and the other end open into space (to show how other dimensions come to and from earth). 

It is true that there is a field around earth that is holding us at our current vibration, but that looks more like a bubble that is encapsulating us, not a tube.  I also see this bubble as thinning out as the collective consciousness rises.  We also have some ET friends that are guiding us along this path.  It is a long path to get to our freedom, but definitely a realistic possibility as long as us humans work together and keep the current momentum.

And that is all I have on this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-