Friday, February 17, 2017

Wikileaks Big Reveal

Q. Hi Lynn, Just watched this video in regards to Wikileaks tweeting encrypted messages. There's some speculation that it may be related to 911

It brought to mind the reading you did about Julian Assange and him being held captive and there maybe being a dead man's switch that Wikileaks has. The commentator of the video was questioning why the encrypted tweets had anything to do with Hillary Clinton they would just release the info as they have before. So maybe it's related to the 911 cover up.

So a few questions. What is happening with Julian? Is he still being held captive, if so, is he okay or have they killed him. Do you feel the encrypted Wikileaks tweets is their dead man switch and these tweets are a "warning shot to the bow", are they related to 911 and is thus one of the "big reveals" Wikileaks mentioned that would be coming out in 2017?
A.  When I tune into this, I do get the Julian is alive and being held captive.  This is Wikileaks way of saying if you hurt him, everything will get released.  Wikileaks is trying to bully a release of Julian, but the Powers That once Were (PTW) don't necessarily believe or trust they have as much information as Wikileaks is claiming to have.  The issue is the PTW are guilty of a lot of things, so they don't truly know what Wiki has.

I hear that Wikileaks is ok playing the long game with this, and making the PTW sweat.  They release cryptic things slowly, and make them draw their own conclusions.  I even get that some of the things they tweet or spread mean absolutely nothing, but the paranoia that accompanies guilt has the PTW drawing their own worst conclusions.  This is sort of becoming a game to the Wikileaks people.  As long as Julian is unharmed, this will play out slowly.  If he gets hurt, I hear that "Wiki will rain a hurt on the PTW like they have never felt."

Q.  I want to know what is Vault 7.  What information do they have?
A.  I hear "Vault 7 ties the past, present and future together in a way that has never been seen."  It is evidences composed of transcripts, voice recordings, whistle blowers, etc.  Then, I see a play of Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol unfold in front of me.

In comes the "ghost of Christmas past" and he is dressed in a military uniform.  He takes my hand and I realize we are sitting in a board room, and it feels like a secret room with no doors.  Inside the room are a few people, one of which is Osama wearing a shirt and jeans (and he is talking perfect English??!).  They have the blueprints of the towers and the pentagon hanging on the wall and discussing intently the entire plan for 9/11.  I also see a blueprint for various missiles and some kind of mathematician that keeps talking trajectories and math calculations.  They are pointing to the blueprints, rubbing their foreheads and pacing around.  It looks like they settle on a plan, but not completely confident.  This Osama guy stands up and is handed a briefcase full of cash, and then shakes the hands of this older guy (I can only hear the older guys voice, and it sounds like Bush Sr.). As the Osama man leaves, I sort of 'teleport' to current day. 

It appears it is now the "ghost of Christmas present."  As I realize that I am in the hear and now, I see a man standing by me that I have never seen.  He puts a jacket over my shoulders and takes me to a control room.  I see hundreds or monitors all around and realize we are all being watched.  It is as if the world is a TV show.  Then I hear a voice saying, "we need to kill that story" and pointing to one of the monitors.  I see that all news, all media, everything is manipulated and altered to make us believe what the (the PTW) need us to believe.  We are not just being watched, but being influenced and directed in what and how we think via phone, tv, radio, marketing, etc.  I am seeing and questioning if everything is some kind of subliminal message. Then, I hear "if you say something long enough, people believe it to be true."  

Then, I hear this roar of laughter, and in an raspy older voice a man says "hey, watch this" as he points to one of the many monitors.  I look over and I see like 50 politicians on a stage and they are moving their mouth with these gigantic hands control them with marionette strings.  Then, I see them moving their mouths and dancing, however, the sounds of their voice are different than their mouth movements, like a terrible ventriloquist is behind their talking.  The laughter picks up again, and now it is a full room of people (my impression is that it is the PTW is behind this laughter).    I feel a panic, like I don't even want to know or recognize specifically who is in there (very evil, very dark energy in there, and the vibration of the laughter feels like I am in a horror movie too scared to look) and I run out of the control room to get away.  

From above comes what can only be described as a light being.  It is the ghost of Christmas future. Pure white, peaceful and calming.  He puts his arm around me, says "it's ok, let's get out of here" and up I go.  I am now up above, and looking down (like an astral projection).  This being says, "you have the power to change your future."  The cycle was broken, and we control our fate.  To some extend chaos is inevitable, especially with the constant interventions of the PTW, but if collectively we get on a harmonious vibration, we are unstoppable.  We also have the underutilized resource of our ET allies, and the PTW are stalling disclosure in a major way.  We keep wanting disclosure, it keeps being put off, but if we come together and collectively demand it, we will have the ability to make it happen.  Disclosure is in OUR hands, and WE have the power and control.   The control the PTW has is merely an illusion of control (remember "if you say something long enough, people believe it to be true" ??).  

The being then drops me off in an all white room with pictures thumb tacked to a wall.  Each picture is connected with strings, and it looks like a jumbled mess of yarn spiderwebs.  In the middle of the web is the Clinton's.  I realize that the Clinton's knew a deal was made with Osama at 9/11, dirty deals are made with Saudi Arabia, Osama died many years before he was "caught", deals were made with the PTW in exchange for securing the presidency, and she know this destabilization efforts going on now to attempt to regain control.  Even the "blueprint" to suspicious "accidental" deaths can be traced to the root source.  I see emails and other evidences supporting this, and THAT is what THEY don't want out.. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Please send some love and light out on this horribly dark and uncomfortable reading.  Love and light-

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Watchers, Guardians and Keepers of Earth

Q. Can you please do a reading on Watchers, Guardians and the Keepers of Earth?

A.  On a previous reading I tuned into the Watchers.   I revisited that reading, and focused more to see if anything new could be revealed.  I have copied and pasted my previous reading here, and italicized anything new or different that I was able to see.
Q. Who exactly are The Watchers and where did they originate?A. I see the Watchers as being ETs that went against some kind of code or ethics to come here and protect humans.  It looks like at one time there was a group of ETs that left earth.  [They were here to guard and look after Earth, and then left to watch over from afar.]  I see them as having characteristics of Greys, but they were taller, and gave off a white glow.  There was some pact that they could be around earth, watch over earth, but could not interfere with humans or effect life paths.  This group of ETs did watch over earth, and observe humans from afar, but it looked like the path of earth was heading in a bad direction, and these ETs knew that with some interference, and guidance humans could evolve (share technology, inspire through innovation, inspire leaders to emerge, etc).  It became hard to just sit and watch, and a group of ETs that just "watched" became "doers" and came down to earth to help guide humans through a more direct interaction. [They were not to come back, but there was some ego part that would not allow them to sit back, and they felt that they knew more than the "rule maker" and came back to Earth.]
Q. What does a Watcher actually do and what does being a Watcher entail?A. Some people know they are a Watcher, and some have a nudge for the inside that they are meant to be here to guide or help people, but don't know why.  As people / humans incarnate here on earth, the DNA from the original Watchers is somewhat diluted, but as they (the incarnated Watchers) become in tune with their higher self, and act from what resonates within them, they begin to realize why they are here. 
The true goal is to recognize the nudge to help society with whatever gifts you have been given at birth (nurturer, mentor, leadership, teacher, etc).   A Watcher will know they need to do something, the real challenge is to figure out what by listening to themselves and paying attention to the signs.
Q. How does one become a Watcher? Is it something one just is, a part of them, or is it something one chooses to do?A.  I see a Watcher being chosen for you at the point of incarnation.  You have to be specially chosen to handle the burden / responsibility.  You have the choice to act upon fulfilling your destiny, but you are who you are on the inside.
Q. Are there a lot of Watchers spread across many beings, or are there only a few of them currently incarnated, or are they only currently incarnated as humans?A.  They are here in [the capacity] as both themselves, and here as humans.  There are several thousand of them here, but not all of them realize their importance and act on it.  
[Overall, in looking at this, I wasn't able to see much more additional information, but I did see many confirmations of what I said originally as resonating true.] 
A.  In tuning into the Guardians, I hear they are the "peace keepers."  Then I hear they are the "strong arm of karma."  It looks as though if there are disputes, their job is to settle the disputes to try to keep things in harmony.  I also see that things aren't viewed as "good" or "bad" but rather work on harmonious vibrations.  If a vibration is off due to an action or event, the "Guardians" come in and work on resetting the balance.  

They are not static to Earth, and events surrounding Earth.  They deal with the balance in our whole solar system (but don't look to extend to other systems or them sister solar system).

I also see that violence and physical action is frowned upon.  They use a sort of "mental telepathy" to guide, influence, reason and direct things toward the "greater good."  

Keepers of Earth:  
 A. I see Watchers as beings that help to watch over the dynamics of human interactions, keeping things on certain path.  Watchers look over the cause and effects of lower vibrational and Reptilian activity, and how it impacts humans in general.  

Keepers of the Earth are an extension of that, always looking toward the good of humans, but also have a deep appreciation and connection to the Mother Gaia.  The see and feel Earth as an extension of who they are, deriving energy and strength from her.  It is a very symbiotic and deep relationship.

I also get that Keepers of Earth have very intense healing abilities.  Light work and reiki feel very natural to Keepers of Earth.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, February 13, 2017

Migrant Ban

Q. With the recent controversy around the Trump migrant ban, can you please share some insight on the rape migration crisis in Sweden,Germany etc? Why is the media covering it up and is it as rampant as a Google search demonstrates it to be?

A.  I do see this as a crisis, and it is as bad as alternative new outlets report it to be.  It looks like this was an agenda carried out by the Powers That once Were (PTW) to cause some worldwide destabilization in areas that were determined as threatening.  Countries with inner turmoil cannot unite to fight or worry about a bigger fight.  

The PTW instigated issues and got this enormous migration of Syrians into Europe.  The goal was to weaken the economy, and also create stress on the population and culture conflicts.  I see Europe in a very fragile state.  If they do not pull their resources and get control soon, it will be hard to reverse the damage.  The PTW ultimately created the problem, and want to be the ones to go in and solve it (but it feels like they will "own" Europe in the process.). 

Aside from everything else, Trump is a businessman and can see how things will pan out if there is not some kind of stern control taken.  He sees what is going on in Europe, even people from the US media have been assaulted in Europe.  I get that he is trying to keep this country strong and wants to protect the fundamentals of the country.  I hear "his ego is on the line with this."  Then I get the analogy of "allowing any and every person to enter the US would be like putting in a revolving front door for anyone to use without ever asking questions."   Then, I see the balancing scales of Libra, and watch it tilt back and forth as I hear, "it is morally responsible to help your fellow man ONLY if it isn't to the detriment of you or your family."

I see that at the heart of it the majority of people feel Trump is right to be cautious (on this topic), but the PTW keep emotions stirred up with biased news stories and articles.  They continue the division to prevent unification.  The PTW will stop at nothing to avenge the loss of Hilary.  I am left with this final phrase, "Are your thoughts genuine and of your own volition, or are they imposed on you from other sources?  

And that is all I have on this very sad situation.  Please take a minute to send some positive energy out in all directions.  Love and light-

Friday, February 10, 2017

What is going on in the sky???

Q. Hi Lynn, A friend of mine took photos  and all show a turquoise dot...  Can you see what it is?  A planet?  Sun?  Sphere being?  Camera issue?  Thank you...
A. I do see this as a form of a Sphere being UFO.  It looks like these beings have a craft that is encapsulated by a shield.  The vibrations of the shield are interpreted as "blue" by our human, 3D eyes.  The "bluish" dot that you see, is actually the protective shield that surrounds the ship, and not the ship itself.

As I try to look inside the ship to see who these beings are, I see an image of a hybrid bird/human ET.  They walk upright, have two arms and two legs, no wings, a "bird shaped" face.  The only place I see feathers are where humans would have hair.. Their coloring and appearance feel and remind me of a peacock.

I also want to know what they are doing, and I hear "Nothing for now."  They are observing, and sort of holding out.  It is like they are staging for something, and on pause.  I feel like I'm either not allowed to know what they are waiting on (but even more strongly I get they don't even know yet???).  After posing these questions, my impression is that they are subordinates of a much larger cause (like they work for a more powerful leader).  I asked where they came from, and heard the phrase "Men are from mars, women are from Venus, and they are from Jupiter" followed by laughs..????

Q.  Hi Lynn! I was also curious about the green Kelly fireballs. You would think that if it was a meteorite that was going to touch down like it did (I think) that they would have known about it ahead of time. It just feels like things are coming to a head cosmically so any phenomena like this has me very curious!  As always, much gratitude for your insight and time!!
A. In a "singing" type voice I hear "there was a battle in the sky, in the sky, in the sky."  I was then shown a small battle between UFOs, and it looks to be over some kind of territory dispute.  I then hear "As above, so below" and see that they have disputes of spacial boundaries just as human do on earth.  It looks like as this battle went on, some ricocheting that occurred was deflected toward earth.    

Q. Hi Lynn, This Friday (Feb 10-11) 2017 a penumbral eclipse is going to occur and there will also be a comet that supposedly crosses our orbit every 5.4 years. With everything that's going on lately I'm unsure if the current "disturbance in the force" is from our local events or if what I'm picking up on is celestial in nature... any thoughts?
A.  We do live in very energetically shifting times.  It is a time for awakening and dimensional shifts.  It is celestial in nature, but also aligns with the physical and spiritual timeline that we are on.  Everything works in sync, and the natural flow of what is happening on a celestial basis allows our current progression to continue.  I don't see it as a disturbance, but rather a natural progression that needs to happen to allow other events to consequently occur.  Everything is tailored to grown and expansion.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-