Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dr. Bradstreet's Mysterious Suicide

Q. When you have time, would you please read this report from "Russian Intelligence" and post your thoughts? As a mom who likes to keep up on the pro/cons of vaccines (and that you have suggested we avoid vaccines in relation to Jade Helm, if I recall correctly), I was concerned when I read about Dr. Bradstreet's suicide and how the relatives have set up a GoFundMe account (as well as his office being raided, and then he committed suicide immediately afterward-maybe he knew too much?) to find out the truth of his death. (Absolutely no one who knew him believes he would have taken his life.)  http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1882.htm
Thank you so much!
A.  I first get an image of a man and he is reading, writing, basically taking very detailed notes.  My impression is that he started to read up on the topic of vaccines, how they interact with your body and also long term effects from an educational standpoint.  That initial research led him down the path of the adverse effects of vaccines.  Once he was led down that path, I see some kind of obsession with it.  Like he learned something new, and couldn't stop.  I also see many sleepless nights tied to it (he looks to be just tossing and turning).  It looks like he stumbled upon a truth that he didn't want to believe because it felt so disturbing, but yet had to believe it.  

He realized there is more to vaccines than what we are told.  They (meaning vaccines) were intended for the greater good, but there are a lot of things to consider that we aren't being told.  Then I hear the phrase that "they are willing to sacrifice the few to protect the many."  I understand this to mean that most people do not have an adverse reaction to vaccines and the chemicals put in them, and the government would rather have a larger slice of the population protected against things such as measles than to relay the truth of the outcomes that can happen resulting in reactions to the drugs (ie the vaccines).  

I get that Dr. Bradstreet understood all of this.  He researched it thoroughly.  I also get he was wanting to publish something in regards to this, and he was respected enough that people would listen, and the government wanted it shut down before he could do "any more damage."  I get he was confronted and told to stop, and Dr. Bradstreet refused, which ultimately got him killed.

Q. Why is the government just be honest and allow people to make their own choices regarding vaccines?
A. I then get again, "they are willing to sacrifice a few to save the many."  I also get that if they truth came out many people would elect not to get vaccines. The government also doesn't want the liability, nor  do pharmaceutical companies, therefore, they keep it quiet.  

Q. Who really killed Dr. Bradstreet?
A. I get that somehow his research went through [or to] the CDC, which was forwarded on to someone else... That someone else flagged down a group (I want to say CIA) which hired a hit team to "convince" Dr. Bradstreet to stop.  When he refused, there was type of scuffle, and ultimately he got shot at very close range.  It was set up to look like a suicide.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Canada C-51 Bill

Q. Bill C-51 just passed in Canada. We get the feeling it's kind of like Canada's version of the Patriot Act but is it? Do you see major changes in people's daily lives because of it or life going on as usual? What do you think the main reason for it being passed is?
A. When I first tune into this I see Canada looking to other countries and wanting help and guidance.  Canada looks to be independent, but also unsure because of all the unrest in the world, worries of global economic shifts and fights over natural resources.  I also see Canada wanting a clear defined path to who is an ally and who is a threat.  I see the allies convincing Canada if you want to remain an ally, you need to do as we say, and if you don't you are welcome to defend yourself on your own.  I get the Canadian government was highly influenced to get this bill out there and passed in the name of protecting the people, but more importantly, to know more about what is going on at all costs.  I also see the information gathered (by now legal forms) isn't just limited to the Canadian government, but also Canada's allies.  The US is particularly interested as Canada border it to the north.

Getting this bill revoked looks to be of high interest to the people, but it will be difficult.  I see closer to voting time if the issue is pushed there will be some "false flags" occurring to demonstrate why you do need this bill.  People will convinced that the government needs this kind of access in order to protect the people.  I cannot see it getting reversed because too many people in power what it to exist.  Then I hear "it is easier to defend rights that you have rather than try to regain rights that are lost." 

[As a side note, don't ever stop working toward what you believe is right as long as it is in the greater good.  Then I hear as I type "If you only do what you always did, you will always have what you've already got.  Change requires action."]

And that is all I have on this. Thank you.

Tunisia Attack and ISIS

Q. Hi Lynn, would it be possible to do a reading on the shooter at the latest Tunisian atrocity were nearly 40 people were killed and many injured.? I understand that ISIS is behind this or claims to be, and their backers are the UK and USA, Most of the victims are British and find it hypocritical of our government to put the flag at half mast. Please, what is your take? Many thanks.
A. I first get that the term "ISIS" has essentially supplied the world with a scapegoat term for any type of terrorist activity. It is as if almost anything can be done, and then blame it on the term "ISIS." It doesn't even have to mean that the act itself is carried out by Britain or the US (which I always see in my mind as the root of the ISIS sources). Then I get that the first countries to report and confirm an act as being carried out by ISIS are in reality (in some subliminal way) saying "IS US." I also get this is why the president has a hard time saying "ISIS" and chooses the word "ISIL" because he understands the underlying mind trick being used by this term.

To go a little deeper into this attack on Tunisia, I see it really being carried out by some Israeli group using "ISIS" for a cover. I also get that all these countries know the "real story" of who is doing what, but play along for the "sake of the people." It is easier to hate one group than go into several issues with several different countries. Israel wants some kind of support or backing, and is trying hard to make it happen by getting people on their side. Then I hear that "the enemy of your enemy is your friend," and that is the thoughts going into this. I see Israel as being in a tough spot right now and is trying hard to sure up alliances.

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Boston Bombing: Jahar [Quick Update]

Q. Did Jahar Tsarnaev (Boston Marathon) after final death penalty verdict in court today really apologize for what HE and his brother did, or it was misrepresented by media? Did they break him down to extend that he really accepted the idea that THEY did that, or his apology was misunderstood / misrepresented? It was the only opportunity for him to be heard publicly, and by this apology to victims' families he admitted his guilt instead of saying that he did not do it. Was he afraid to stand up for himself (a little kid in the monstrous system)? How are he, his mother/ sisters, and his convicted friends in jail doing? Will all of them heal, physically and psychologically, after all?
A.  I wanted to do a quick update on this. I know many people are concerned with what is going on... 

I first get that he was forced (like a punishment) to apologize to everyone.  It was like it was some part of a deal that he had.  When I ask what kind of a deal (because to him he feels like he has lost everything), I get it comes down to the safety of his family and friends.  He has come to a point where he has accepted his own fate, but he still feels like he has some control of what happens to his family and friends.

I see him and his family really looking toward faith and some kind of spiritual guidance to come from above.  I see images of a black book that has the feel of a bible, but it has golden triangles on the front.  It looks like the people in his "bubble" are reaching a point of acceptance, and looking beyond their physical being and knowing that in a spiritual state all things will be "reset."

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-  

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