Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Humans and Brain Access

Q. I've seen the trailer of the new movie Lucy. And I have been wondering based on its trailer that when a human accesses 100% of their brain, they are able to change their physical appearance, move objects, and see the information sent wirelessly. 

My question is, are the geniuses of today's time only access 10% of their brain capacity? Or is this a myth already? What are your thoughts on this? Thank you!

A. When I first tune into this question, my mind sees a brain, and then different portions starts to light up.  There are places randomly lit up, but there is a significant portion that remains dark (especially near the central back of the brain).  [I cannot get a clear percent, but based on my image it was 20% or less}. Then I realized that our brains are much like other advanced species (ie Extraterrestrial life), but the difference is that we only have found out how to use and access certain portions, whereas much of ET life is capable of accessing more, which allows for the advanced thought and also mental abilities such as mental telepathy to occur.  

I will say too that even the most advanced ET life cannot access everything.  I get that is something that is earned and learned over several lives.  Humans (and ETs) cannot handle using that much of the brain at our current density and vibration. Even species that are able to teleport, shape shift and see things outside the normal scope of vision accesses far less than 100%.  I cannot get a clear picture of what 100% would be (my human vibration range won't allow me to see it), but I will say it has a feeling of magnificence.

As people learn to tap into other parts of their brain (through mental exercise, meditation, detoxing, etc), you can unlock more of your brain, but even then you may only gain 5% of less.  (However, that 5% can make a huge difference.)

Then I got that in instances of mental disabilities (autism, schizophrenia, savants) something has happened where they have access to alternate parts of their brain, but there was some kind of a tradeoff in the process where the traditional parts were either closed off or a rerouting effect occurs where they can access the routine parts of the brain, but the nerves have to use a different pathway to get there and information can get "jumbled" in the process.  The medications used to either tame behaviors only cloud up the access to the other parts of the brain (and at times the whole brain is compromised and cloudy).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Cassiopaean Experiment

Q. Can you look at the Cassiopaean Experiment and give me your thoughts?  Information on this can be found at: http://cassiopaea.org/
A.  [I read though the first page of this website to get a good connection to the content, but I didn't dig further as I wanted to try to keep my impressions raw]  As I connected to this, I felt SO much truth into what Laura (the channeler) was describing as her experience and philosophy.  I see time as a circular reference, and layers of time overlap.  The past, present and future are all coinciding, which allows (within reason) many future events to be seen in our current time (they have already or are about to happen, depending on what timeline you are viewing).  I see Laura as very gifted in a direct, no nonsense way, and able to filter out through her channeling what is truthful and plausible.

I also get some kind of mathematical algorithm come into mind, as if she is able to take her information and apply some kind of set of principles to it which allows for truthful, real, information to "pass" a test.

Q. Who is she connected to, or who is she channeling?
A.  I get she is connected to her higher self, and channeling her own future self.  I get a conflict with this because I see her present self as an energy bubble, and what she is connected to is its' own energy bubble, and yet there is an intense connection spiritually between the both.  I get her future self is trying to warn her of events, and explain things that she finds perplexing.

I feel like there is so much more to this reading, but I was stopped (for some reason, like an energetic block or some kind of protective block) at that point.  I welcome questions, and will monitor the thread.

Thank you. Narrated reading on YouTube.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Q & A XXXIV: Random Questions (Group Post)

The following questions are a compilation of questions sent to me.  I combined these into a larger group reading...

Q. Do you see Muslims taking over Europe and Europe becoming a Muslim continent in the future?

A.  With the growth of ISIS, and their slow, but steady momentum, I do see some of the eastern countries in Europe being effected and Muslim populations growing.  Some muslims go to Europe not out of taking over (I don't see a big ISIS occupation), but out of retreat from the war and fighting.  I see this happening now, and continuing to happen.  Even when things appear to be calmer (I see this ISIS situation being a threat for the next couple of years before it is controlled), there is little trust that things will really be calm, and I see people fleeing.  

Q. What do you see about Noah and the Great Flood? Is it a metaphor for something?
A. I don't see this as a metaphor, but as something that really happened. I see that something (like a comet) came into earth's field, altered the tilt/wobble of earth on its' axis, and the result was an enormous flooding in conjunction with tides being affected (much like how the moon pulls on the water, but much more intense).  What we know as the equator wasn't always the equator.  When true north was adjusted, the oceans shifted to compensate.  When things leveled out (which took a short time) some areas (new lands) were exposed and others remained flooded (then I hear of Atlantis).

Q. What do you see being the end result of globalization or does globalization basically goes on forever?

A.  I see some form of globalization going on forever.  We depend on globalization in so many aspects of our life from food, products and resources.. I see individuals slowly breaking away and becoming more self reliant, but at a national level, there is too much dependence.

Q. Do you see a conspiracy in United States to reduce psychic powers in people?
A.  I see a huge rise of people opening up, becoming more spiritual and awaking abilities.  People want change, and realize change starts with them and how they look at the world. The government dislikes this because self empowered people are much harder to control and are able to see through the media tactics and stories.  They do what they can to keep people "asleep" (and more toxic) by putting fluoride in our water (this is HUGE) in order to make you more passive, making unhealthy food cheaper, allow medicines (and other things like sweeteners) here that are banned in other countries (and prohibiting medicines other countries have that promote healing).  They can't prevent psychic abilities from forming, but they can make them cloudy and slow them down so people aren't able to think as clearly.

I also see that there are people out there that have a sole job to spread disinformation and label people with psychic abilities (or original thoughts that go against the norm) as "crazy."  Then I hear that "the real truths are out there in plain sight, you just have to look with your eyes".

Q. What do you see in the future (about 50 years) for Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon areas?

A. I see this area as being geographically very different and people moving away from those areas.  The first thing I saw was rain, wetness and land that looked like a marsh (not everywhere, but a lot of it).  Then my mind zoomed out on a map, and I saw what looked like sink holes erupt randomly, and as the earth itself dropped inward, it immediately filled with water.  Many new lakes and ponds form almost overnight.  I feel like the signs of this are happening now in that (or close to) area, and it will continue to get worse.  

Q. Do you feel we will have any changes politically, socially, or economically with Obamacare (ACA)? 

A. I see the biggest thing going on first will be the battle we have amongst ourselves determining who is wrong with Obamacare and who is right, rather than take what we have and improving upon it.  We go against each other for a long while (at least anther year) and I still see people in politics that don't fully accept ACA.  I see that ACA mainly effects the lower class (and some of the lower middle class) and serves as a way to replace some of the social programs we have now.  The BIG DIFFERENCE I see is that we this new program they will be able to acquire a lot of personal data regarding the health and habits of individuals and begin compiling data bases (that they have yet to determine how will be used).  I get when you go to the doctor some of the "standard" questions will change and when you are asked by the doctor or nurse you will have the conscious thought of "What does that (marital status, occupation, etc) have to do with my health?"

Q. While we are on a political discussion, what are your feeling about the election in 2016?
A.  There will be a new spin on this.  I get the republicans are frantic to get a really great (and appealing) candidate out there.  I see that something untraditional will happen to appeal to the people.  Typically republicans are older, caucasian men, and I look for something totally different.  I also get that they will try to really appeal toward the Mexican / Latino voters (because they feel the current supporters are a given so they are trying to reign in more votes.)

I see the democrats also going non-traditional.  I look for them to get some feminine energy on the ballot.  I immediately see Hillary Clinton (but that could be symbolic of a woman in general??).

Q. I have a question about Karma. "The experience of a "Karmic Relationship" is never supposed to be a lasting one-unless you enjoy arguments,unhappiness and resentments in your daily life. If you do not choose to embrace your happiness, and find out where you wish to be in life, then you will remain in these type of relationships-or keep attracting them."
From What I know about Karma. It is something that you must pay back. Kind of like the balance or Yin & Yang you mentioned in a previous post. My question is: If I am the person being hurt in a relationship (Constantly being cheated on, lied to, physically abused), does that mean I am paying back karma for something I did to this person in a past life or current life?
A.  In a past life you could have either wronged the person you are choosing to be with, or you could have been the one in a relationship (with someone else) causing the hurt- there is no exact science.  Once you see (the pain and experience), feel and realize this is not the life you want, it is like your lesson is learned- you have come to that understanding in your mind.  You have the power to break free of the cycle (and watch for this cycle to appear in a future relationship as well- it will sneak up on you like a test), you just have to chose not to be or live in it. 

And that is all I have for this session.  Thank you.  Link to narrated version on YouTube.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

James Foley

Q. Was the recent ISIS beheading of an American journalist... faked??
A. As I focus on James Foley my mind keeps wanting to jump around- I keep flashing to Osama and readings I did on him (specifically that he wasn't killed how [by military] and when [he died of natural causes many years ago] the media described it).  I get a huge connection between that event and how this event played out.  I get James was really being held by a rogue group in that area that is associated or backed by US military (if his captors were once ISIS they are no longer).  He is still being held there (by this US affiliated group) to come out again for something else (a negotiation or trade of some kind- but will NEVER show in the media).  The video was falsified as well as all of the components, and this is really served as an illusion of a threat (but a believable threat and demand) when viewed by the rest of the world. [As I look at the picture I am drawn to this man in black and hear him talking clear english and telling James to stay calm and be still, everything will be ok.]   In a complicated way this was used as propaganda toward the world to give further justification for involvement into a conflict in Syria.  

That is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

As a side note... James's family is a victim to this too.  I see them as innocent and really have no idea what is going on.  If you have a moment please send positive, protective intent and energy to James and his family.