Thursday, May 26, 2016

Flat Earthers

Q. Hello, You spoke in a previous reading about not being able to connect to the flat earth theory as being true. If that is the case, would you please look into who is pushing this agenda and why? There is a fierce agenda pushing this on the internet, especially on YouTube. Your finding substantiates my hunch that it is a controlled disinformation campaign, but who is behind it and why? Is it being done just to test and see how gullible people might be? Or is it more sinister than that?

Thank you so much, I love your site.

A. When I focus on this I get that the evidence is very compelling and really makes you think.  Some of the points can make you pause and really analyze if they could be true or not.  I am visualizing an image of what "they" say the earth looks like when it is flat, and in my mind i see the "flat" image roll up and form a ball.  Then, I see this earth ball align with the sun and moon, and see a dotted line in the shape of a circle surround each body.

I further get that the earth isn't mapped out correctly and that fact helps to keep the flat earthers questioning things (the maps aren't exact, so there  are valid things that don't make sense).  The size of the continents are not to scale, and the maps are the "best guess" based on what they are able to see, but are not wholly accurate. I hear that the Van Allen Belt prevented getting the needed images when the globe / maps were formed and never corrected as technology improved. I also hear that the more powerful countries "enhanced their size" (such as US and Europe) and didn't give Africa it's justice (I heard that Africa is "ginormous").  [Not to mention the earth is expanding, and the north pole is slowly shifting, but that is for a different reading...]

I also get that when a plan flies from point A to point B, it doesn't always take the shortest path (which is a good point that is brought up).  So I pose, Why is that?  I get that there are portals and entries / exits to the hollow earth at those points, and that is why planes cannot fly over those areas.  They have been sectioned off and quarantined from human use. 

Then the bigger question: Who is behind this?  I hear the government loves debates like this.  Anything that causes differences in opinion or distraction is great.  I then get that forms of government have been providing us with distractions for a long time.  Then I see a King, talking to his court, he is telling them that the city is in ruin, they are almost bankrupt, however, he insists on holding a gladiator event for the people to keep them happy (and distracted from reality).  It is the same scenario (though in a much different time and much less dramatic).  I even get that government disinfo agents will leave little "bread crumbs" out there for people to nibble on just to keep the different debates going.  "They" know things like that earth isn't to scale and reasons we don't fly over certain zones, and they use the truth in a different form to keep people wondering and hypothesizing.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Concerns All Over the World: Short Q & A

Q. Hi Lynn. love your work. I live in South Africa and in the last few weeks the violence in this country has been escalating at a frightening pace. Its not being shown on the international news platforms. Its disturbing to say the least. My country is going up in flames. who is behind all of this and why? Thank you.
A. I get that the PTB are destabalizing Africa in order to devalue the land so other countries can come in (save the day) and either invest or buy the land.  I see that the momentum of this really started to pick up when the Ebola scare came out, and it has escalated ever since.  I hear not to underestimate how many natural resources Africa has and there is hidden value there beyond belief, and countries like wealthy US investors want a piece of it.  As economies struggle, the real money will be in resources and assets, and the PTB are planning for that time.

Q. Lynn,  With the recent fires in Alberta, some people are speculating that this may have a connection to companies who want to mine the land for uranium, and that the fires *may* have been a deliberate attempt to remove people to make way for mining efforts. Is there any truth to this? Were the fires just a natural tragic event? Here is a link of one such speculation.
A. The first thing I hear is that "actions speak louder than words" and if you watch, I mean really watch what is happening you can an unusual approach to this situation.  I get in the earlier part of this, they refused Russian assistance because they (and I hear "those seeking the black gold") wanted the fire to take hold to where it would be harder to stop.  NOW, they allow assistance, whereas early on they weren't as proactive.

I get that Uranium may be present, but the real driving force is oil.  I hear the PTB would love to make Canada the "Saudi of the west."  They knew they wouldn't be allowed to destroy a natural forest, but if the forest is in ruin the land can be used for something else.  Then I hear again "wait and watch what really happens.."

Q. Hi Lynn, I have sent you a graph on messenger relating to the projected forecast of Australia's population in 2025. I found this on YouTube from the "Before it was News" site. I've chosen the graph for Australia, as I live in South Australia to be more specific, but all countries were listed.

The forecast for the Australian population will be decreased by (get this) 8.9 million. That population of Australia now stands at 23 million. Would you please do a reading on this, as this concerns me greatly, for obvious reasons. Is there anything I can prepare for? Will the PTB be successful with this agenda, if it is by their design, or are there other factors at play. Thank you sincerely for all you do...
A. I get that Australia is struggling with helping people by providing various forms of assistance and being able to afford these programs.  There is some imbalance occurring (and it feels economic) that will eventually cause an instability.  The "answer" is to have a radical change of some kind in which those that contribute are supported, and those that rely heavily on assistance have an abbreviated life.  

Then I am taken to various vaccines.  I get that there will be some mandatory vaccines to receive some benefits, and the vaccines are how they maintain "control."  I see a trend evolving that those requiring government help (and have to take the "required" vaccines) will have more issues with chronic illness, autoimmune diseases and cancer.  The statistics will play if off under other categories such as lifestyle, but the bigger category (that will be ignored) is who needs help versus who is contributing to the government in the form of taxes. 

Q. Can you please enlighten us on the Animas River toxic sludge spill. Was it done on purpose?
To add to the atrocity, what is the justification of sending OBVIOUSLY polluted water in tanks to the Navajo Nation? Frightening - where can anyone turn to anymore to get a quality of life when evidence points to the government willfully poisoning us? How is it that the legions of people working in government service can go along with this mounting insanity? Thank-you
A. I do get the EPA did this intentionally.  The spill got way more out of control than they originally thought, and they thought the toxicity level would be much less.  I hear this is a classic example of "creating a problem, and then charging the people to fix it while trying to become the hero."  

I also get that the EPA was under scrutiny by the government regarding budge allotments (and even talk of defunding the organization all together) so big people at the top of the EPA created "a necessity" for the organization.  (Sort of like "See you need us now..") Between government reallocations and tax dollars due to this disaster they were able to raise enough to keep the organization in force while even creating a buffer.

Q. Hi Lynn! please could you do a reading for these two stories coming from my local area of Kingston-upon-Hull, UK.  Please tell us what the heck is going on here and if they're connected,  if only to put people's minds at rest. There is a tale of this swimming "drain" having a dark energy living there, and recently a deceased man was just found there.

A. I do see dark energy tied to this "swimming drain," but the odd thing is that it looks to be "seasonally dark."  I see the darkness coming and going based on moon cycles and also seasonal changes.  It is like this area is caught up in a loop.  When I ask for clarification, I get that there was a lot of death (related to the building of this structure??) that occurred in that area many years ago, and the death (or culmination of the dark energy) occurred over the autumn / winter months.  This "dark feeling" comes over the land, but then leaves as if karma is tied to it, purges, but then comes back.  I also see the negativity can manifest as a beast or a paranormal experience.

As I focus on Steven Wallace, I do get he went to the swimming hole, but his fate was truly an accident.  He went there to "clear his mind" and was just walking and jumping around. Then, I get  when he was there, and injured himself (I see a broken ankle).  He didn't intentionally commit suicide, but rather fell, hurt himself, and he drowned.  Please take a minute to send love to his family..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Random Short Q & A

Q. I hope you will do a group post:
Is long hair really as an extension of the nervous system? Does it mean that it's better to make my hair long?

A.  I do see hair as an extension of our body.  I hear it being called an "antennae or feelers" to the universe.  I also get that it is part of the reason that many Pagan people had long hair (then I see an image of a Native American).  It was a connection to the earth and the spiritual universe.

Q. What is the purpose of circumcision? Is it good or bad for the person?
A.  I get there is no real purpose.  It looks like this was something made up by the PTB (mainly the PTB tied to the church) to decrease male sensitivity to try to keep procreation more controlled.  They felt society was more civilized that way.  In their idea of a controlled society sex was viewed as a tool to reproduce, and not something used for enjoyment.

This idea became further reinforced when the medical industry got involved (I see circumcisions being done by the church??  Not sure if it was handled that way before??).  Medicine said it was more sanitary, but I don't see that as being true.  I hear that boys have to learn potty habits, and with proper self care, it is perfectly fine.  Then I hear the phrase, "What other part of your body is cut off when you are born?"  The ultimate creator (the Universe, Source, God, etc) makes us each the way we are suppose to be, so (I hear) "Why are we messing with that?"

Q. In your previous health posts you discussed the cure for hair loss, scar, etc. What about the cure for skin hyper-pigmentation?
A.  When I think of hyper-pigmentation, I see a freckle, and when that freckle is exposed to the sun, it grows.  If the person goes in the sun, it shrinks.  I get the way to get the skin to normalize is to try to avoid sunlight or overexposure.  I also get that applying coconut oil to the affected area will help with this adverse reaction to the sun (I looks like a mild allergy). 

Q. Is using microwave oven bad? Does it alter the vibration of the food? There are a lot of articles online on both sides.
A.  I do get that a microwave is bad for the food. I hear that it "kills the nutrition."  In small doses it doesn't hurt the user, but you aren't getting the full value of your food.

Q. Can you do a reading about the Apple logo? Is it just a flat picture of an apple or it means something?
A.  I see the Apple logo as very symbolic of the agenda of the company which will lead to power, control and money.  They have their products all over the world, and keep making the technology smaller, smarter and faster.  Customers share their information allowing them to create a huge data base.  

The apple in the logo looks to be symbolic of the apple from the tree of knowledge (as in the bible story), and Apple (the company) is taking a bite of the apple (as they extract  and gather all the knowledge). They are telling you exactly what they are doing.

Q. Is it possible to change eye color?
A. I get that if you were to look closely at an iris, it isn't one solid color, but rather a main color and other shades combined. The reflection of the light (sunny, dark, natural light, artificial light, etc) can all effect the overall color of the iris by intensifying or relaxing the "other shades" that are also present.  I also see that emotions can create subtle variations.  It looks like eye color can be influenced by doing things to bring out the "other shades" (such as wearing a certain color), but you cannot permanently change your eye color.

Q. I have a simian line on my right hand instead of having separate heart line and head line. What does it mean?

A. I first see someone put their right hand over their heart, and then I see the green, heart chakra light up.  It looks like in this life (or a previous life that may have residual karma tied to it) there was some kind of heart condition involved.  Specifically, it looks to be associated to the thin tissue sac that surrounds the heart (like a type of inflammation??).

Q. What is the real use of the appendix in our digestive system?
A.  I get a (very odd) image of a small, dormant brain. It looks as though this organ "sleeps" until it is necessary, and then awakens and goes to work if need be.  It looks as though the "awakening" is trauma induced by the immune system.  The immune system looks very weak, and needs the appendix support to rebuild.  (I can't seem to connect it to the digestive system, as it looks more immune system related.  I am curious of the comments as I have never seen anything like this, and it came through in a strange way.)

Q. In the 90’s I’ve seen some shows explaining backmasking in songs as a mind control tool, e.g., You will recognize some coherent sentences in some Beatles songs played in reverse and it is claimed that it reaches to the subconscious of the listeners. Is this true?
A. I do see this as true, and the Beatles became active (I get) at or around the time the "real" Paul died and was replaced.  The subconscious is intelligent, and even though in our 3D reality things are filtered, the subconscious runs freely.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, May 20, 2016

Five for Friday #34

by Lynn & Da-da
Hi all, and buckle up for Five for Friday #34, where mysteries go to become more mysterious. Here we go.

Image #1: That (Fake) Double Sun
Is this a real photo of the sun’s companion? If so, what’s going on right now?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that this is fake, but... this is instructive, as the real sun's companion kinda looks like this, but is much smaller; it's a quarter that size. It'll look further out, too, much farther from the sun."

Image #2: It's a Dry Heat
THIS… is the surface of Venus, as seen by a Soviet probe in the late ‘70s. Did Venus ever support life? Was it perhaps changed in its composition/orbit by that same force that knocked Mars to a different orbit and destroyed that planet between Mars and Earth? Are there any beings still living on Venus, somehow? Any ruins, bases? (It’s currently a balmy 900 degrees there and the pressure is 100 times greater than earth, crushing and burning everything into that flat burnt blah you see pictured.)
What Lynn Saw
 "I get that the solar system wasn't structured the way it is now. There was a time when all the planets were clumped together, the orbits much smaller. They were closer, but the orbits worked. However, I don't get that Venus ever supported life. Some ET crafts go to Venus, but they need a special protective shell, as the surface is very hostile. It's like it's angry, there. I don't see anyone ever being on Venus. No ruins or bases or anything."
Image #3: Yet Another Nazi Saucer Pic
This is apparently (another) Nazi flying saucer prototype, supported by a balloon this time. Real or fake?

What Lynn Saw
"This is real. It was one of the earliest prototypes. They still didn't have all the technical puzzle pieces at this point. It feels like a very old prototype."

Image #4: The Missing Cornerstone
This painting documents the laying of the first cornerstone for the White House, back in 1790… which vanished the next night (the stone, not the painting). Where is it today, and what’s its significance?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that a rebel group took it. I see them in white hoods, but it's not the KKK, I don't think (perhaps it's a group that pre-dates the KKK). They wanted to hide their identity. They felt that this government was trying to tell them how do things and they disagreed with that, and they took this symbol of everything they didn't like about this new country and put it on an altar somewhere in order to be anti-government. They left England to avoid this kind of thing and they didn't like where it was going." [Talk about timely.]

Image #5: The 'A' Word
This is part of a Mayan frieze from Tikal that was in the Berlin Museum till it was destroyed by allied bombers back in 1945. (Nice work, guys.) What is this artwork documenting? It looks like the fall of some civilization. Atlantic or Pacific?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that it's showing an earth event; things are crumbling, volcanoes are going off, earthquakes. The fish seen there on the bottom of the image is unlike any fish you've ever seen, so things have changed a lot over time. I see this as something to do with the Atlantic, on the Northeast coast of South America.
[Was it documenting a specific event? Can you get a name off the doomed island? And can you tell what the nearest country is to it by this map?  Was it... Atlantis??]

I want to say it *was* Atlantis [!], north of Brazil and east of Cayenne (French Guiana), located right at the 'O' in 'North Atlantic Ocean' on this map. That's it. O marks the spot. This frieze documented an enormous life-changing event. It was a constant catastrophe for days and days, and people were escaping this situation." [Hm. Could this be one of the reasons why Brazil is so important to the cabal?]


And that's it. Lynn and I get 10% of all treasures found. Join us Friday after next for episode #35!