Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ancient Egypt

Q.  Some have suggested that the pyramids were a source of power that used water as a pump that radiated through a crystal at the top.  Was the pump noisy.....could it have been heard outside the pyramid?  How did it use oscillating water to create energy?
A. I do see the pyramids did sit on an underground water source or river.  The pyramids also had a large crystal quartz capstone at the top point. They did serve as a powerhouse, and it looks like they would build up electricity using a mechanism and the running water, and the current would then flow to the inner chamber of the pyramid via some kind of primitive wire or tubing.  This wiring feels like it was insulted in the channel by using a pink colored store to line the channel.  Within the center of the pyramid was a metallic looking apparatus and hear it was a capacitor and worked like a battery.  When the "battery" was full it would expel and electric charge upward through another pink stoned lined channel and out the top (it was how the battery discharged).  When this happened, it would look like a lightening bolt was shooting out the top of the pyramid and into the sky. 

The pyramids did make noise, similar to a low hum when the current was flowing.  If you touched a pyramid and were grounded, you could even feel a little static shock (even thought the majority of the energy was held within the channels that carried the wiring).  

Q. Ancient Egyptians used Hieroglyphics and many people that have seen aliens and alien aircraft have reported that they have seen writing on the sides of the aircraft that resembled hieroglyphics.  Because aliens have been associated with ancient Egypt and the Pyramids, is it possible that Hieroglyphics evolved from alien writing?  Or did hieroglyphics naturally evolve from using pictographs to represent ideas and objects?  
A.  I get hieroglyphics evolved in Egypt because they were an advanced society and wanted a way to keep records and advance knowledge to future generations.  It looks as though Egyptians came up with their own way of documenting through pictures.  

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Islam, Thought, Intent and the Veil

Q.  There seems to be a war against Christianity and a rise of Islamic Fundamentalism. 

Two thousand years ago, Paganism and Judaism were dominant.

Is it possible that as our values change, and people become more educated, and critical; that current religions will decline in the future and another belief system will replace them?

I was just wondering, because 2000 years ago in ancient Rome; they had hundreds of religions and cults to worship, not just the state sanctioned gods of ancient Rome.  And Quakers were relatively common several hundred years ago but they are a rare breed today.  So it is logical that today's religions may cease to exist or morph into something new as well.
A. We are constantly changing and shifting.  I do see very controlling religions emerging because under that reign people are easier to control.  As the religion gets accepted within society, then people begin to be punished based on religious based laws.  For example, if you have a religion that requires women to be covered by a burqa, and she removes the burqa, she could be sexually assaulted.  Even if you don't personally believe in the religion, you have to fear those around you that do and it can be easier to go along that try to resist it.  

The goal is, and always has been to keep people suppressed and easy to control.  Fear is the easiest way to control and manipulate people.  The migrant crisis in Europe is already shifting the culture.  This shift of people (instigated by the PTW / Powers That Were), was designed to start to attack Europe and it's descendants.  There are two dissimilar cultures and belief systems colliding, and the governments are standing down and allowing it to play out as these migrants refuse to assimilate.  A (more) free thinking group of people is being broken down by a very aggressive collection of people. 

Please hold onto your beliefs, and do what you can to preserve your way of thinking.  Send some love to Europe- these people need it!

Q. How is 'thought' transmitted?  Is it faster than the speed of light?
A. I see thought as an energetic pulse.  I would say it is faster than the speed of light, as I see it happen almost instantly.  The interesting thing is that even though the thought "pulse" happens instantly, it may take a moment for your body to interpret the received message (either through an intuitive nudge, vision or even clairaudiently).  

Q. I bought a 'Jesus' candle last Easter.  Its' one of those candles that are popular with Catholics and Hispanics.   I bought it to celebrate Easter and I burned it several hours a day until it ran its' course.  I recited the prayer on the back when I lit it the first time. Many times when I passed the candle, while it was lit;  I said 'Hello Jesus' or 'How are you doing Jesus' and when I blow out the candle at the end of the day I said
'Good night Jesus, say hello to God and my Mother for me'

Are these just amusing antics from me or does Jesus, God and perhaps my Guides actually hear me? 
A.  With or without a candle, Source, angles and guides always hear you.  They are always around, and when you call upon them or talk to them, they know what you say.  They like to help and be of service, so your wishes are important to them.  You can speak to yourself, or out loud (but out loud creates a stronger intent).  

Q. If people on Earth are the only ones that live in a 3D world, and time does not exist in other worlds........ what creates the difference?  Is it a hidden veil, like an invisible fog that exists around the Earth or our Galaxy?  Or is it a state of Mind that we are not aware of, like psychic abilities? We often hear about raising our vibration through meditation, but how does that occur?
A.  There are other worlds that experience time on a linear scale because they too live in the same density as earth (just under different circumstances and "rules"). Earth does have a veil that keeps us here (possibly the firmament as described in the bible- which is a topic I've talked about in past readings???). 

Meditation does help to raise your vibration because you are more connected to source.  Heavy or negative emotions keep your low, but meditating and being in tune with your subconscious and higher self helps you to rid yourself of those negative emotions (similar to unloading a heavy weight), which helps you to elevate yourself.  When you meditate focus on grounding to the earth (she welcomes everything you purge) and reaching to Source.  That intent and motion will help you to increase in vibration. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Friday, July 13, 2018

Intuitives, Psychic Awareness and Emotions in Spirit

Q. If you were in a room full of psychics and intuitives, would you get along with them on a personal level?  Would you be friends with each other because there are so few in society (statistically) and have similar personalities (helping others)? Or would it be difficult because you would be in a room of mentally active people that would give you discomfort?  
A.  Intuitives and psychics are like everyone else, some you mesh with, and some you don't.  It really depends on the person.  I do have friends that are very gifted and intuitive, and I'm blessed to have them cross my path.  We have great discussions, and the synergy that forms makes me feel like it recharges me in some way.

I have also come across some very spiritual people that focus on love and the greater good, but have a hard time accepting things such as the existence of the PTW (Powers That Were) or negative activities in the world.  I still get along with them, but I do have to hold back and watch what I say because they are not ready to hear it.

Q. Is there a level of psychic awareness that is considered the best or the highest?  There are several abilities like Clairaudience (hearing) , Clairvoyance (seeing), Telekenesis (influencing objects), Remote Viewing......

Does knowing one in particular elevate you to a higher Spiritual level than others?  In other words, does learning one Gift make you a white belt in martial arts, another make you a brown belt and another one make you a black belt?

Are there any psychic abilities at higher levels that the average person is not aware of that might be withheld from the general public?  
A. All psychic and intuitive abilities are gifts, and I cannot see one being better than another.  Having and recognizing abilities is just the beginning.  Developing  and trusting your gifts is what will help you elevate to a higher spiritual level.  

You may have the most amazing, vivid clairaudience, and not experience other "clairs" and be more advanced than someone with two recognizable gifts that are undeveloped.  Take what you have and work with it, and don't worry about "rules" of advancement.

At the higher level, there isn't anything hidden that I can see.  The big difference is the clarity in your messages, and your ability to relay those messages without altering the meaning.  

Q. When someone dies and passes to the other side, do they 'sleep', do they dream?  Do they feel sad or happy?
A. I cannot see that they sleep / dream.  They look to always be active (and "on call" should you connect with them).  I do sense emotion from them, so yes, a wide range of feelings can be detected from them.

A Few to Revisit:

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Role of the Millennials and Generation Z in France's Riots

Q. I have an odd question, Lynn. I've just finished reading "Large-Scale Riots Continue in France for 4th Straight Night" and a question arose in my mind. Isn't this age group defined by terms like "starseed," "indigo," "crystal children," and so forth? Is the population of (probably) younger Millennials and Generation Z equally split between spiritually adept and the "lukewarm" some have said will remain on a 3D Earth for another major cycle after the final completion of the Ascension process? This age group appears to constitute very violent groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, European African immigrant groups, etc. What's the dynamic here? How do you see their respective roles playing out? 

A.  When I tune into the special beings, the starseeds, indigo and crystal children, I don't see them as the portion of millennials that are filled with hate, but they the balance to the hate groups.  Even though these genuine special beings may get confused and wrapped up in these groups (because they are open minded and free thinking), they don't carry a hateful vibe.  A starseed, indigo and crystal child will not feel right or feel they belong in a group filled with anger, and I don't see them staying.

There is a portion of millennials (good portion) that is being swayed by the media through emotional tugs to join (what appears on the outside) to be a meaningful group.  Many of these groups (like Antifa) are hateful, and promote exactly what they claim to protest.  All of this labeling and anger creates division which is exactly how the PTW (Powers That Were) want it to be.  Agendas are being cultivated as we continue to divide, and the anger forms a smoke screen to allow the PTW to sculpt society into what they want.  They are emasculating men, breaking down the families and forcing people to live submissively (and if you speak out or make an observation you are labeled).  

There is also another (unexpected) role of these groups and people too.  I see these groups escalating to the point where there is an uprising.  Humans, by nature, can only be controlled so much.   People opposing these groups realize what is happening, and go in defense mode.  Something drastic needed to happen for change to occur, and this is the fuel.  I then hear the quote by Edmund Burke "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

People living in a vibe of division that cannot free think and begin to question things do feel doomed to remain on the 3D earth (through at least another incarnation). Ascension and various phases of ascension are constantly occurring.  I see that if you aren't ready to ascend this time around, you don't have to wait several incarnations or cycles to get there.  Maybe you are ready the next time you are here. You may not be ready in this life, but you could experience a lot of growth in a future life (or lives) that makes you ready for the next step.    

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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