Friday, July 25, 2014

Reptilians HIding in the Public Eye

Q. Hi again! Love the help you have given to help us learn truths. In the search to find out how the world works and who's in charge..(knew it had to be something without a soul)..I've stumbled upon the realization (on YouTube) that pretty much everyone who is famous, in a high power/public position is possessed by reptilians or some kind of force in one way or another.

Q Why would anyone agree to let these beings take over their bodies? Are they tricked into it?
A.  I first see the image of "1s" and "0s" as if this reptilian influence is either on or off, but contained within many of the people in power or of influence.  This component of reptilian DNA has bread into a lot of people. Some it is more intense (I get that certain bloodlines or families focus on maintaining a more saturated amount of DNA in their blood because they like the power and influence that is associated to it.- It is similar to a Royal bloodline, but of the reptilian influence.)  In some people it is heavily diluted, and in others (especially if you have the intent to maintain the bloodline) it can be much higher.

Back to the question, so you have these people that are influential or in power.. It would seem that we chose these people through popularity, voting, or choice or some kind.  The reality is that people with reptilian blood exude some kind of energy that has a subliminal quality to it, and they "make or influence" you to pick them or put them in power.  

I also see a situation that if a person that "wants chosen" doesn't have reptilian DNA, or have enough of it to create the subliminal "type" thinking, if someone with the DNA wants them in office, then THEY can actually create the energy to make that happen.  It really is quite powerful, and I see this has been going on for centuries- Since reptilians first mated with humans (they were considered the "chosen" children of that time).

It isn't a trick or an agreement, but rather who they are.. "If" the DNA is present, and "turned on" it is there.  The person may feel as if they are superior, entitled or worthy- and may (depending on the family line and talks of importance of maintaining purity) or may not know why..

Q Are there different kinds? Full blooded, hybrid, mind controlled, cloned...
A. I don't see full-blooded, everyone I visualize is a hybrid of sorts, some more saturated with the DNA than others.  I don't see any clones (they may exist I just don't see one).

The thing I notice is that some appear to be more in control and others seem to be more mind controlled.  The ones in control are very clear on their ancestry, and feel they are here on earth for a certain purpose.  They are very clear-minded and goal oriented.  

Others that are more unsure of themselves or direction I see the "1" being turned on remotely.  As if something is using that piece of DNA within the human to connect remotely and provide influence and create direction. The direction may come in the form of inspiration (I see movies?), a goal (I see campaign posters), an idea (I see a doctor giving an injection), etc..

Q I guess the most important question is how to avoid becoming "taken over or possessed" by one?

A.  Do your best to maintain self awareness.  Keep your mind focused on who you are and what you want to believe in.  Question things- does it make sense?  I get your mind is like anything else, and if you continue to use it, then it will continue to work for you.  When someone is stagnant and allows others to do their thinking, they can become influenced easily (by reptilians, and then I see a Fox News emblem pop up??).  

The thought I am left with is to always focus on the greater good.  When you find yourself having doubts, or something doesn't add up, if you have a mental thought during meditation or just through the day that doesn't sit right with you, ask yourself "Is this (whatever it is regarding) in my greatest good?" Many times asking that simple question you will either give you a sign, clarity or give you strength to filter out the reptilian influence and allow your OWN thoughts to flow.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Technology- Providing Freedom or Enslavement

Q. I've noticed that we would not have international banking, the global economy, global satellite communications systems, and advanced military defense weapons without the explosion of technology that has occurred in the last 100 years. We would not have television "programming" which has caused society to fundamentally change in America. We would not have Hollywood and its movies and television shows which are shown all over the world. So my question is, what, if any, connection is there between technology and Satan and "God"? Why now? And what does this new age of technology mean for us - more freedom or enslavement?
A. The first thing I get is that technology isn't bad, it is people that make it bad.  I get that most things (technology based), when they are created, are created with a good intention..(I get a picture of a presidential race being televised- once this was able to be done over media voters could see candidates and hear issues much easier- information was spread and shared and the masses could experience it rather than just a select few in high population centers.)  Then I see corruption begin to take over like a virus- some people saw a vision of how to use this technology in their favor to manipulate people through selective news reporting, marketing, etc...

I do not get a connection of technology to Satan or God, but rather technology creates a division of free thinkers and followers.  Then I get that you choose whether to make technology your path to freedom or enslavement.  Free thinkers will use tools to gain knowledge, seek truth, make life easier (I see someone looking up a lawn mower manual online to do their own repair).  For a free thinking person technology can allow freedom and convenience.

Followers will gravitate to believing what they are told, use tv to tell them what they need to buy, look like, or live (then I hear that reality tv is the worst for creating false expectations of how life and relationships should be).  Followers also rely on tv to tell them truth instead of seek it out for themselves (I see someone going to the local Walmart and getting a flu shot just because it is free without asking any questions.).  I see these people more like the slaves of society...and don't even realize it.

As I was doing the YouTube recording it came to me, "why now?"  It is because as humans we are highly competitive.  It is a quality found in many of us, and that is how we have continued to propel as a species.  We just needed pointed in the right direction, and from there all things are possible.  I see at first technology was slow to get started.  It required work, vision and inspiration, but once it did it grew exponentially.  It see it growing even faster in the future. 

I am left with the final thought of there is good and bad in everything.  Everything that is a gift to humans has a factor of being detrimental, and technology is one of those things.  As an individual we have to make that conscious choice of how we are going to use these "gifts."

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  Narrated version available on YouTube.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Soul Contracts and Suicide

Q. According to information from Dolores Cannon, when one commits suicide, they are essentially breaking their soul contract and whatever painful issue they were unable to deal with in that lifetime will have to be dealt with in a future lifetime - a karmic debt that they are not able to escape. I read your recent reading on suicide and I presume the unique situation is considered on an individual basis? For example, the karmic "debt" would be different between the suicides of an individual that cannot cope with the stresses of life as opposed to someone that suffered an extremely traumatic experience due to someone else's free will? I was wondering if you could see if there is, in fact, a difference? Also, I am wondering how abortion and euthanasia fit into the scheme of things? If, on the other side of the veil, we have a choice of the life we incarnate into and the soul enters the body at conception, why would one choose to enter a life that will be terminated before it is even fully started? And with euthanasia, do you see that humans are meant to suffer through death or will there be a karmic debt to repay for that also? What about animals? Humans, with the intention of compassion, "put down" suffering animals quite often. Is this viewed as murder or compassion from the universal perspective? Thank you!!

A.  Regarding the first part of the question "when one commits suicide, they are essentially breaking their soul contract and whatever painful issue they were unable to deal with in that lifetime will have to be dealt with in a future lifetime" to an extent you are right.  If you are given a difficult life path because of a lesson you are here to learn, and you chose to leave that life before the lesson is complete, karma will follow you into the next life and you will be forced to deal with another situation that may be different, but essentially the same situation.  Then I get the example that maybe in this life you felt neglected by one or both parents, in the next life you may be neglected by your spouse you have children with, or maybe your witness your spouse neglect his / her children- you will be forced to deal with the difficult issue of neglect.  How to overcome neglect, deal with the feelings, see the hurt in your kids- you will have to deal with it..  Once you effectively process your lesson and truly learn through experience, your debt will be paid and you can move to the next lesson. 

In you are in a situation that someone's free will causes trauma unto you, and you cannot deal with the pain and take your life, you will still have to come back and learn what you were sent to learn in the life you left early, but it is "forgiven" in the universe.. Be clear, it is still not encouraged because we learn from all life experience- both good and bad, but it is forgiven..

With abortion I see two things... One, it is the life lesson / experience of the woman making the decision.  It is her experience (and I hear loudly - It is also the man's and that shouldn't be discounted- men have emotion too) to do this (and carry the feelings emotions associated with this) or not have the abortion..  Fate knows what will happen even before we do- it may feel like free choice, but I get that deep down gut feelings will overrule and either allow it [the abortion] to happen or not too happen.  Some women are very torn, may seek a sign, and find what they are looking for in an answer... In some ways this is predetermined.  

The other thing I see with abortions is that it was that souls life plan to come here for that short time.  For what ever reason, they needed to come to earth for that short period as a reset and then go back to the consciousness (I got an image of some kind of discharge of energy??).  That soul will return and if it is meant to be in the woman's or man's life, it will (other children, etc..).

Euthanasia...  It came to me that a certain element of pain and suffering [can] be a normal part of the life cycle.  I get ideally everyone and everything would pass in its' sleep.  Then when I ask of needless prolonged pain- how is that viewed?  I get that if it is inevitable that a person or animal is going to die, allowing it to pass peacefully or ending the final traumas on the soul is allowed.  I also get that if something horrific happened that is unrecoverable, stopping that pain could even prevent a future life trauma (such as a phobia) from happening... Then I see someone in an inescapable house fire that resulted in an unnatural fear of fire in a next life- if the person could escape the pain of the fire before being tortured by it, they could have highly reduced their phobia of fire in their next life. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Enlil and Enki

Q. Who was Enki and Enlil? What was their role, if any in creating humans on Earth?  Is Enlil blocking our knowledge of the things we know today?
A. Enki-earth water, enlil air
The first thing I get when I focus on them is that there is something off with the names.. As if these gods (or aliens) did exist, they came to earth, but the names feels like a place holder and they were either said differently, spelled differently or existed in tones that our human vocal chords cannot say.  I get they came to earth after humans were already here (I see an image of them communicating mentally with the humans).  I cannot see they created humans, but there was definitely a connectedness with their consciousness- as if in some way they (Enki, Enlil and humans) were all connected in a spiritual/psychic/subconscious level.

I see the Enki and Enlil came to earth to lay claim to portions of it.  (I get an image of Columbus laying claim to America- not really owning it, or even having rights to it, but claiming it as his own (or rather his country's).- This feels like the same thing.  They came here for resources and a haven from home, with no real right or ownership, but took command.  Enki ruling the land and water, and Enlil controlling the air and atmosphere.  They did a good job of keeping balance for all life, and earth had a "good feel" to it during their rule.

Something then happened that tilted the scale.  The balance of energy became off (jealously, control, competition??).  I see the weather was effected, and therefore, life was effected too.  I see air infiltrating the earth (like a downspin of air causing huge waves in the water, and winds damaging earth).  I also see the earth and water trying to infiltrate the air in the form of volcanoes and flooding.  The imbalance was hostile, angry and detrimental to earth overall.

As I see this hostile atmosphere I get that there was a debate about the humans that were there.  One god/alien wanted to wipe the earth clean and start over (of which he would have been a part of), and the other god/alien wanted to save earth and felt with the guidance or interference humans could be redirected- they needed some kind of enlightenment, or energy come over them that would increase the density / vibration that we lived in... 

The battle between these two gods/aliens lasted a long time until someone else came in and intervened (I am looking at Orions belt and I want to say Zeus??).  I get it was a powerful, strong god/alien.  They were both forced to retreat by Zeus? and his small army that followed. (There is also an importance of the sun, or a god affiliated with the sun that was very influential in this peaceful retreat as well. I images are intense, and the sun feels very relevant, but didn't see it clearly..)

After the retreat, earth regained balance and life resumed.  There was a lot of loss of life, but those that survived were strong, and a repopulation began to occur.

Q. Is Enlil blocking our knowledge of the things we know today?

A. I do get we are being blocked, but my bigger question is "why?"  I get it has to do with the punishment of not being wiped out and allowing a fresh start of a new type of human.  We were unruly and in Enlil's eyes destroying earth.  We evolved from being submissive, to more analytical.  We were evolving in a way that was not approved.  Since they were forced into retreat, the way to punish the humans is to block them from the truth.  It stunts their spiritual growth- it is possible, and you can grow, but it is harder (I get an image of walking through mud, as if that is what it feels like on some people's spiritual journey to enlightenment..). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.