Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Life Detective #1

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a new segment where Lynn and Da-da look at the lives of various people in an attempt to humanize and understand what makes them do what they do... and maybe a little glimpse into who'll they'll be next time. (Just so you know, Lynn's going to be a supermodel next life -- again -- and Da-da's going to be a sea sponge. Damn.) 

Note that when Lynn taps in to each person, she usually gets one or two dominant lives of people that come to the forefront, showing what's most relevant to who they are today. I'm not going to say who the person is in the article, but I'll put the answer below in an easily deciphered code. Note that the lives listed will be in the order they came to Lynn, not chronologically. 

Here we go.

Subject A
Life 1: I see this person as a woman in the 1800s, wooden cabins, poor insulation, hand-pumped water. Looks like she's a teenager. She has three or four brothers, so she has to do a lot of household chores, while the boys work in the field and on the farm. She secretly resents it. She hates it. She wants to do what her brothers are doing. But back then she was in a role and that was that. Not a happy person. Never a smile. Did everything begrudgingly. No one really talked to each other in the family. They were very stoic, quiet. Conversations were all task-based. As she got older, close to 15-ish, it looks like her mom passed away, so she stayed and took care of the family. Later, when she got married, she moved her family into the same house, where she did the same job. An angry and dysfunctional life.

Life 2: I see this person as a woman, again. She's young. 16-17, really thin. Looks like she's in a wooden cage dragged by horses, taking her to a Roman gladiatorial arena. She looks like a slave who'd escaped but was recaptured. Looks like they traded slaves in the city. She was bought and forced -- again -- to do household stuff. The landowners treated her poorly. She had to sleep with other slaves in a barn, and they kept her alive and fed in exchange for the labor. Again, I see her not having a voice, or any power or control.

Life 3: Now, I see this person yet again as a woman in the early 1900s. I see her as a tall and beautiful brunette in a bright red dress. She's very fashionable, wearing a form-fitting dress. She's very cutting edge in her fashion choices. She wants all attention on her. Her family is very well-to-do. She's a debutante and used to getting what she wants when she wants it. Now I see this handsome Clark Kent-looking guy coming into her life, very handsome, but... she paid someone to poison his drink and kill him. Now she's walking around with this smug, entitled, evil look on her face about it. A personality trait of who she was during that time.

Future Life: This person isn't going to incarnate on earth next time around, but will be elsewhere. I see the next life as being lower-level ET-based. I see a typical gray male ET, starting at a lower vibrational level to work their way up.

Subject B
Life 1: I see this person as a man in Europe this time, when Christianity was really hot and heavy, transitioning from pagan to Christian. I see a big pile of boulders. He's standing on the rocks and he's got all these followers; he's preaching to the crowd about religion, and then he claims that he can heal people. But what he doesn't mention is that he's planted people in the audience to pretend to be healed. [Jeez, this scam goes way back.] Then he passes the hat around. An early church swindler.

Life 2: Next... we're still in Europe. This person is a boy, 7-8 years old. He's with his dad and they tend to the farm and gardens in order to sustain this enormous castle. He's a peasant. This castle has huge walls, but he and his dad work outside the walls. He's got a sickle and is whacking the grass down for the castle livestock. He stops for a second and looks at the castle and wonders what life would be like inside the castle. He has this infatuation with castles and being rich. He had all these pie in the sky dreams of living in the castle; he got that dream in his head and could not let it go. He never made it inside those castle walls in this life.

Life3: Next image, I see one of those felt gambling tables. I see this person as a man again, in New York in the 1900s when jobs were tight. He's got dark hair and is smoking a huge cigar, playing poker at the table. He's the organizer. Factories were nearby. He's a mobster who runs a gambling ring, loansharking, protection, etc. and he had his territory. He looks like a stereotypical, notorious gangster. He took over from his dad's gang.

FutureLife: I hear that, in this person's next life, he's going to be humbled... then I hear this chuckle. He'll be on earth in a 3-D body.
And that's it. Go here for the solution. It's a simple substitution cipher. Enter the key into the KEY box (the below key is the site's default) and the below Subject A/B code into the CIPHERTEXT box. Voila.
key: phqgiumeaylnofdxjkrcvstzwb
Subject A: eannpkwqnafcdf
Subject B: gdfpngckvox

If anyone has any trouble obtaining the names, let Lynn know. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Wolfgang Halbig

Q. Wolfgang Halbig , the man supposedly fighting on the side of the truthers to discover what really happened during the whole Sandyhook fiasco, is he really on the truthers side?
Is he somehow connected to the people acting in the Sandyhook hoax and pretending to investigate them only to lead us down dead ends? Like let us see little truths in order to hide big truths. Either way, who exactly does he work for or what's his agenda?
A.  I do see him as a man that is trying to fight for the real truth.  He had an innocence about him that looks to have evolved.  It was like he was trying to investigate safety and how to prevent something like Sandyhook from happening again, but upon further investigation he stumbled upon some truth that led him down a totally different path. 

Then I hear that you cannot undo a truth once you accept it, and that is what happened to him.  It was his "ah ha" moment, or rather a gateway to other discoveries.  The more he investigated, the more I see he found. And, the more he found, the more publicity he gained.  He started to gain such a voice that I see disinfo agents really had to work hard to try to discredit him and also try to "plant" false leads so some items he uncovered were valid and some were just made to look valid (so they could use this information against him to make him look like he didn't do his due diligence in research).   The dead ends are really a result of intentional false information being planted to throw people off (more disinfo agent work).   People in power do not want this scandal revealed as it would start to probe other concerns (Kennedy, 9/11, Pearl Harbor, etc). 

I cannot see him working for anyone, and his popularity came much to a surprise to the PTW.  His only agenda (that I can connect to) is to reveal the truth so the bigger picture can be seen (and help to diminish some of the fear that is being spread). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-

Friday, August 19, 2016

Short Friday Q & A

Q. Greetings, Lynn,  This was just posted on Steve Olsen's YouTube channel:
Navy SECCHI Footage They Don't Want You to See, or Believe
A.  As I watch this, I get that this is ET (and ET craft) based.  I see that the labeled planets are far into the background, and this "force" as they describe it is much closer.  It looks as though there is a craft traveling, and the shield that is surrounding the crafts creates a "bubble" effect around the craft (that you cannot see through on the photos). 

When I try to see who this is and what they are doing, I get that they are fleeing.  Earth looks to be on a lock down right now, and they are leaving because they were able to escape (barely) through a portal.  The beings on the ship look to be tall greys and they are heading back to their home planet.  I get they have the samples and  have made the observations they need.  They are doing something to prepare for disclosure, but they need to go home in order to gather more ETs and prepare.

Q. Hi Lynn! I have a video submission. This guys seems to be doing telekinesis and his videos "seem" genuine. I wanted to get your insight. Is he really levitating this object? 
A.  As I look at this I hear "that is a great magic trick."  Then I hear that telekinesis would have a more fluid motion in this type of experiment.  I get that there is some kind of magic string, and I am shown dental floss (but I get that magic string is more thin sort of like a hair and also a little stretchy). 

He did do a great job though and created a fun illusion. 

Q. Hi Lynn,  We had some weird weather today in New Orleans, mainly a strange looking tornado. However when I looked at the videos of the tornado posted online, I noticed these strange beams in all the videos. The funnel cloud was sideways and never appeared to touch the ground yet there were houses destroyed. Could you please give some insight into what these are? Thanks!

A. I get that some funnel clouds built up the strength to touch down, and others remained funnel clouds.  It feels like a huge energy blew through this area with hot and cold mixing with so much impact (like the two extremes slammed against one another) it created a vacuum feeling in the atmosphere as the energies try to stabilize.  

Love and light to these folks!  This feels very heavy and devastating. 

Q. Is this really an ancient computer and what did it do?

A.  I hear this was more of a tool than a computer.  I hear that you would set it up much like a sextant, and it was "programmed by the stars."  It had a wind up feature (I get) that would allow things to be put into motion and astrologers could predict things based on the motion of the stars. They predict weather patterns for food purposes, when it was "right" to go to battle, illnesses that had a probability of hurting their village, etc..  It was a very important tool, and i get there were very few of these (maybe even just one) made.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Voluntary Donation of DNA

Q. This is going to sound really weird, but I have had a nagging question in my mind and want to ask your opinion on what you get with it. There is a push in recent days with TV commercials and online ads from genealogy companies encouraging people to send in their DNA to learn more about their heritage and to shed light on what hidden ethnicities they may have. On the surface, this seems harmless and interesting to people who are into that kind of thing, or who have questions about their particular heritage.

However, I have a red flag in the back of my mind that I just cannot shake. I just wonder if this is a ploy to collect DNA from people to use it for "other" purposes of which we may have no idea, and no say. I have heard that there are secret underground bases and rumors that these are used in cloning experiments, and I wonder if DNA samples are needed to keep that program going? 

Perhaps I just have too active an imagination and sending off one's DNA to learn about their heritage is helpful for people and a harmless endeavor. Can you put my mind at ease with this? IS there an ulterior agenda behind the push for people to submit DNA, or am I just reading into things? I would love for it to be the former, and for this to be a worthwhile thing for people to do, if they wish.

Thank you for your time.
A.  As I look into this, I do see an enormous gathering of data from many sources.  This isn't unique to just DNA, but location (Facebook), habits (store cards, credit cards), and spending trends (credit cards, and partly why the drive to force everything to be electronic).It also appears that the collection of data is designed in such a way that the person volunteering doesn't even realize that there are uses for this information aside from providing entertainment or information to the volunteer  

I don't see people being "cloned" off this, but I do see the population being analyzed in respect to geographic locations.  For example, where are the population shifts and what effects do certain immunizations / spraying / chemicals have on certain population groups.  I also see a huge need for this in the marketing arena.  

Not all information gathering is bad, but sometimes that information is used by the government to know what areas may be tougher to control (and let them ponder what may need to happen in the event some social unrest were to occur).  It also allows the media to know how to treat a certain area, and gives marketing teams an edge when pushing their products.

In evaluating this, I see everything as a balance.. If you provide them with something they want, they will provide you with something you want.  Sometimes trading a photo with a location is worth the entertainment of sharing on Facebook, and other times you may want to keep things private  It is a personal choice depending on how you feel about the exchange. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-