Thursday, March 26, 2015

Colors in Environment, Lost Esoteric Knowledge, Samarpan Meditation and Shielding Negative Intent

Q Can wearing certain colour clothes as a child, or the colours within the family home affect the way a child develops? For example, does always wearing bright earthy colours lead to a happier higher vibrating child than a child who wears duller coloured clothing? Or, if in the instance of girls wearing a lot of blue colours, can they then tend to show more masculine part of their personality (only by association that we are told that blue is "meant" to be a boy colour).
A. As I tune into this, I don't see any physical differences, but emotional (and to some degree intellectual) development can be influenced by the colors around the child.  Brighter colors look to be more stimulating (which in turn helps children to remember things and exhibit better recall) versus darker colors.  

I also see that if a child is seen to be having a concern, certain colors (like the chakra) help to balance out the issue and allow the child to move on.  For example, if the child is having digestive issues, being around large amounts of yellow can naturally help the child (like a subconscious meditation to the solar plexus) work through their issue.  If they are nervous about public speaking, being around bright blue can help them find confidence in their voice.  I see blue, magentas and purple associated with intellectual stimulation.  Overall, if you take the basic principles of the chakras and apply them to your environment, you can work on different aspects of life through the use of color.

I cannot see this being gender specific or a influence on masculinity or femininity- this idea of colors looks to be a universal understanding.
Q.There is a guy that says a few years ago he started having dreams (visions) from a woman that gave him a lot of forgotten knowledge about the birth of the planets, God, Earth etc...M.O.E.E (Matter, Organic, Energy Elements)  He says he has recorded 4000 pages of lost secrets and esoteric knowledge. He says he is going to release it in a book form and that he has been approached to do a tv special on it.  He does have some interesting ideas. He says that gravity is a push, not a pull. He says that the first sun was created from a coalescence of elements floating through space and that they 'congealed' and God was created from them. God created everything in existence. He says that Human is the name of a shape, that we are beings but that we are Human beings based on our shape...interesting. He has a lot of other new ideas even though his writing skills need improvement. English is his second language.  Anyhow, is this guy's story legitimate ?
Thank you very much for sharing such wonderful information! 
A.  I see this person having a lot of insight and understanding on the concept of how things were created and how they align.  I get a image of a dot to dot puzzle, and he received "dots" of information, and allowed his mind to connect that information (dots) to make coherent sense of it all.  He sees things a little differently than I do (but I don't discount anyone that has good intentions as I think we all know little pieces, and the overlay of those pieces are what shows us the truth).  His concept is interesting, and definitely worth looking at objectively.  

Q. I would be glad if you could perform the reading on the following - There is an organization in India called "Samarpan Meditation". It has around million of followers. The interesting part is that it is not just another meditation group, and the master (guruji) Shivkrupanand Swami is also no ordinary person.  The guruji, who got his spiritual knowledge from spiritual masters of himalaya, tells that this organization will act as kind of "Religion of Future" and help a lot in the "Golden Age".  Also, all the followers meditate regularly in morning at the same time in connectivity, and later pray for peace and spiritual enlightenment of all. 

I think it would be making an considerable amount of impact in terms of positive energies. It would be great to hear more from you about its impact on current situation.

A.  I see meditation being highly beneficial both now and in the future.  We are at a special point on the timeline in which we are beginning to ascend into the next level of existence.  Meditation is one way to work at achieving this innate human goal (because we need to process and understand certain concepts before the ascension can be complete).  We learn through our higher selves, and this connection also creates a universal understanding of being part of the whole while also having the power to manifest our destiny (through thought and principles of the Law of Attraction).  It creates love, belonging, empowerment and an element of control.  

I see this guruji helping to share this knowledge and bring people on board- offering guidance and support as they learn and grow.  Overall, this feels like a beautiful thing and he "feels" to be truly working in the greater good.

Q. Thank you so much for your amazing work. I love your site!  Is it possible for someone to cast negative energy on another because of jealousy and envy and cause that person to be denied success?  If so, what can be done to neutralise the effects of such an intent if you are unable to avoid the negative person?  Are there tell-tale signs if the person is carrying negative intent, like getting sharp headaches in their company, or something could be picked up as a warning? Many many thanks for your time and your effort. Much love x

A.  A person can cast negative energy on you, but you are capable of rejecting it and sending it elsewhere (if you feel it).  If you get the feeling that you are carrying negativity (you are grouchy, angry or irritable) as soon as you realize it, stop, take a few breaths, and ask yourself "Are these my feelings or someone elses that are projected onto me?"  At that point, if they are not your feelings, you can feel them begin to lift away, and mentally tell them to leave- state in your mind that you only hold the capability to maintain the highest vibrations (or create your own mantra directed toward the positive sense).  

Keeping yourself in an elevated state can also ward off negative intentions of others- positivity and love will prevent negativity from even entering into your life.  The vibration of positive intent will always win over lower vibrational thoughts.

Most times when you are around someone that is sending negativity you will feel it when you are in their presence.  It is your subconscious telling you that their energy does not mix well with yours.  You may feel ill, tired or exhausted, or even immediately irritable- it is your body's way to telling you to leave the environment.  If you cannot leave the environment (for example they work in the next cubicle) try very hard to show them kindness- even through a smile.  Many times negative people will stay away from signs of positivity because like attracts like, and if you rise above they will try to avoid you (or in some instances they will change for the better because your positive energy flowed back to them.).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Germanwings A320 Plane Crash

Q. Hi Lynn, Could you please do a quick reading on Germanwings A320 plane crash in French Alps. Looks odd to have so many planes falling recently.

A. As I tune into this I see myself sitting in the cockpit and staring out into the sky.  The weather looks fine (nice actually).  Things feel calms, it has the "feel" of a normal flight.  Then as the plane nears the mountains I see this image of the air being different- I want to use the word thin.  It is as if they approach a patch of air that was so thin (or lacking of substance) that it could not hold the plane afloat, and I see jerks in altitude, much like going down steps in an elevator.  At this time they sent in a message that they were in trouble.

I see the pilots were quick to respond (looks like a high level of competence even though very shaken), but they could not get the plane to "float" in that current air condition. I don't see any kind of fire or explosion with the normal engines, BUT there was some motor (or engine/backup/plan??) they used to try to pull the plane through this area of air, and I see that there was some kind of mechanical failure with this equipment (I get the feel this motor/mechanical device isn't something frequently used.  Then I get the analogy that it was like pulling your backup parachute and finding it tangled in knots).  They then found themselves in this "strange air" with no feasible plan to escape.  

I see the media will broadcast this as tragic, and then add a fear spin to it.  They will try to tie to it terror or to ISIS (and ISIS likes the negative publicity because it just gives strength to this cause).  In reality, it was a horrible situation followed by a mechanical issue that led to this crash.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Much love and light to these families-

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Beatles and Paul McCartney and more... In Depth Q & A) Part II

Q.When the big news of the “Paul is dead” clues on their album songs erupted in September 1969, did that spell the beginning of the end of the Beatles as a group? Did his fans subconsciously absorb this was true?
A. It was the beginning of the end.. It was like a huge secret that they were tired of bearing.  The guy replacing Paul disliked it very much, but was terrified to do anything about it.. The group also disliked it, but fear kept them quiet- the only power they had was in the form of a passive aggressive approach (through their photos and music).  

The fans did subconsciously know- the energy was off and their music evoked different feelings... I see the color red (which takes me to the root chakra), and from that I get this sense of intense emotion (almost like an intense aggression) and the people felt it too.

Q. The fact that the second Paul has embodied this persona twice as long as the original seems truly karmic. In some ways the replacement’s story is more remarkable than the original’s in that it is much harder to fill someone else’s shoes so completely and he seems to have proven own his music credentials many times over. Does the real Paul work through him? Has he been blackmailed over the years, such as by his ex Heather Mills?
A. As I connect to this, the "real" Paul actually feels sorry for the second Paul because the second one is living the life that the first was doomed to carry out.  Being someone your are not, and being scared to do anything about it was a very difficult life.  He got fame and fortune, but there was an inner integrity that was crushed- he was very depressed and did his best to hide it.  
Was he blackmailed? The only blackmail was from the power that be... I don't see any people doing it- most that new were either angry at the situation but too afraid to speak up, or felt sorry for this guy- I get an emotion of compassion toward him- his life was very difficult.

Q. I’ve seen compelling visual evidence that Pope Paul IV was substituted by a lookalike actor during the later part of his papacy. The Saddam Hussein that was supposedly captured in 2004 was not him, according to his wife. If so, the creation of doubles seems to some sort of standard practice in high end secret service type operations. What are some other instances of notable people who have been replaced by lookalikes that the public never knew about?
A.  There have been many doubles in history- I see Putin using a double now. Hitler used one at the end to aid in his escape.  

Many times stories are held, and it isn't a double, but rather video trickery in which the truth of a death isn't relayed, such as in the instance they claimed to have shot Bin Laden- I get he died several years prior do due a chronic medical condition relating to his abdomen.  This happens so often that there are too many to document in this reading..  

Q. Many have speculated that Yoko Ono was a negative and controlling influence on John. Was she some kind of agent sent to keep him in line? She was said to have first tried to go after Paul’s replacement before she got to John. I see her as dark, but is she?
A.  I keep getting flashes of the show The Americans in which someone (a spy) dresses up to pretend they are someone they are not to influence, guide or extract information from an unsuspecting person.  Then I see that when she was brought into the new Paul's life, he didn't realize that she was really there to watch over him and report back to someone higher (like a spy) as to what he was doing and if the new Paul was "playing the game."  When Paul realized who and what she was doing, it started some kind of battle between the two of them, and that hurt their relationship.  He really cared about her, and was devastated.   

Q. George Harrison was the real spiritual heart of the Beatles. What was the purpose behind the seeming mind controlled attacker who broke into his house and nearly stabbed him to death in December 1999, almost twenty years after Lennon’s murder?
A. I get that he knew too much- as if he actually saw a face or a name of one of the powers that be... I get that these "powers" really were (and still are) smart and hiding by working through other people and rarely showing their true face to anyone. (I keep getting images of the movie Eyes Wide Shut where these powerful rich people are dressed in robes and masks).  George Harrison got a peek at someone that he wasn't suppose to see.

Rock music has had a long history of tragic deaths, the “27 Club,” those who died at that age, includes Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse among many others. What is the story behind these deaths and is there a common link to them and what happened to the Beatles?
A.  These readings really deserve their own reading.  I am happy to look at these in a future session.  

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  Love and light-

The Beatles and Paul McCartney (In Depth Q & A) Part I

Q. Hi Lynn, I love your work and would like to propose that you do an in depth focus reading on a topic you've touched on before look concerning the Beatles.  Growing up in the sixties I was a big fan of the Beatles, but in the eighties I started to feel a very strong aversion to their music, as if they were my generation’s Michael Jackson as far as mass social programming goes, and I wanted to resist that programming I had been a part of. It is interesting that they were introduced to the US almost right on the heels of JFK’s murder. There is a theory that they were chosen and hoisted to fame in order to influence and shape their generation, but later rebelled from their assigned role and developed a more independent and evolved outlook which lead to them being dangerous and open to assassination.

The introduction of the Beatles initially was a huge rollout, complete with fake mobs of screaming girls trucked in to their concerts before they were even known and wall to wall playing of their songs on the radio and television. Was their introduction part of a social programming, and if so what was that purpose? Did they do the same thing with Elvis the decade before?

A. The first thing I get is the analogy of the Beetles being in that time what Walt Disney is to our youth now.  Disney was once wholesome and entertainment for our younger people.  It along with other media outlets have now turned into role models that portray parents that don't know anything, children encouraged to deal with issues above their maturity level, and a disrespect /breakdown of the family (then I hear to watch the programming of the Nick Jr. channel on tv sometime- iCarly and Victorious to name a few)

Then I get that what Disney (or the higher up Powers that Be) did to Hannah Montana (aka Miley Cyrus) is exactly what happened to the Beatles during their time.  Wholesome, loving and fun music turned into something more...

I actually see two different paths happening at the time the Beatles were introduced to the US.  In the first, kids and young adults are dancing, singing and being happy.  They were drawn to the music because of how it made them feel.  It was joyful.  Then, something flipped - like overnight there was some kind of surge of drug use.  The Beatles didn't cause this drug use, but the environment of a mass collection of people made it easier to introduce and spread.  People would flock to see the Beatles, and when people were happy and dancing, rather than grab a drink (if they chose), they could get high- and I see the popularity and ease of access increasing.

Then I see the second path emerging- I see the media bringing attention to the Beatles and also the issue of drugs.  The constant discussion of the both looks and feels more like advertising, which in turn made the problem worse.  This joyful music that made people happy was starting to cause family issues (parents with their children)- and I hear a parent saying "this is because of that rock music you are listening to."  In reality, it wasn't the music- it was the environment the music created and was exacerbated by the media.

As I type this I realize that the government had something to do with the introduction of drugs during this time- I see them seizing drugs from other countries and those drugs were filtered out to peddlers that started much of this usage at these concerts- the government was the problem (and the solution?).  When I ask WHY, I get because at that time people were getting upset with the management of the government, there were too many questions, and they needed this (big) distraction- therefore the "drug" problem (that they created) in America was being blasted all over the media.

Q. I know you've already done a reading that said Paul’s death involved something embarrassing, but could you elaborate on specifically how did Paul die? Did he balk at something he was ordered to do? Was he killed, with the foreknowledge that he would be replaced?

A. I get that Paul considered leaving the group, going on his own or just completely going against the system.  He could see what people were tying to the Beatles and it didn't make him feel good.  He wanted to change the message in the lyrics or do something else to get them back to the good place that they were once in- but by this time they were in too deep and the controllers at the top would not allow it to happen (There is this feeling of being owned or indebted to someone else).  When Paul rejected doing it- I see these "powers" getting angry and started to plot how to work around him.

Several things came into play to remove him from the group- a sex scandal, "accidental death," gambling situation gone bad, or their favorite idea- a drug overdose (supported the shift in the country and the youth would see this not as scary, but as the "Beatles" are doing it too).  They knew they couldn't actually kill him with the drugs though, because the Beatles would be ever changed, so the best thing would be a silent death and replacement.  [In my original reading I saw the gambling issue / situation coming forward as if that was the favorable way to deal with Paul, but as I dig into this much deeper, I see that isn't what they chose...].

Q. Embarrassing deaths happen often and it is common practice to fabricate a more socially acceptable cause of death, such as an illness, for public consumption rather than to pretend with an impostor the person never died. Such an elaborate scheme would certainly require government authorities to pull off which suggests the Beatles' role in social programming was too important to abruptly end. Some even suggested Paul’s death could have prompted massive suicides from a his grieving fans. Was the UK’s MI5 involved to the replacement and if so, how was he picked?

A. The UK was involved, but I also see the US being partnered with this as well.  I get as soon as Paul started to show resistance to the agenda, they started to search for a double.   I have an image of the replacement starting to make appearances before Paul's death just to see if he could fool the people.  It was like Paul was being held (while alive) hostage while the impostor started to pose as Paul.  Once the plan went off fairly well, they laid the real Paul to rest.

Q. Did the replacement have a prior relation with the Beatles and what was the process of him becoming Paul, particularly to be able to write music consistent with the original?

A. I get that he did not... I see that he wasn't even from the UK...?  The sought him from a different country, and I get they found and started to mold him in Australia???  He semi looked like Paul, but he had talent- so they did a few minor plastic surgery procedures on him to reinforce his "Paul" appearance, and slowly introduced him to the people

Q. Is it true they went to India in an attempt to have Paul’s soul transferred into the replacement?

A. I cannot connect to that being done.

Q. How did they get away with the switch to the new Paul? Certainly lots of musicians, friends and press that accompanied the group must have noticed the switch and that this new guy had different eye color was 2 inches taller and wore false ears and had a more wooden personality? Did other feel a sense of danger to speak out or was there some sort of mass hypnosis in play?

A. I get a lot of people noticed it, and they were afraid to talk about it.  (There were A LOT of whispers about it though). Everyone knew who was controlling the Beatles, and knew not to mess with them.  (Then I hear that they knew not to speak up or they would end up like Joan Rivers...?)

Q. Charles Manson seemed to code is plan for the Tate Bianca murders after the Beatles' Helter Skelter. Was there some kind of frequency or coded message embedded in their music that had some subliminal effect on listeners, particularly Manson? 

A.  I thought for a while on that specific song, and I see Manson read something into that which was not there.  He was in an altered state, or mental imbalance- and I get he heard voices.  He was right in seeing the Beatles (as a whole energy) changing America, and he understood the overall agenda, but I don't see anything encoded or specific to that song..

And that is all I have for this portion of the reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-