Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Giant Spheres in the Solar System

[As a continuation of yesterday's reading / entry, I also had this article sent to me. It was so interesting, I thought it deserved it's own entry...]
Q. Does this article look accurate, and what are these giant spheres doing here?
A.   As I looked at this, what David Wilcock states resonates as true. (I mentioned this on a comment earlier today...) What I get is the spheres are the shield surrounding ships that are carrying the necessary material (genetic and physical) to create life within our solar system.  I get an image of a scene on Superman in which everyone was fleeing Krypton to find a survival location- in this case that survivable location is within our own solar system.

When the ETs war occurred thousands of years ago and many ETs left, these Avian species were among them.  I see they went to our sister solar system (where our sister sun resides).  As this sister system approaches ours, it looks to create some kind of hostile environment in that system, causing ET life in that system to leave.  At one time many ETs lived in our system on planets and moons, and earth was viewed as an oasis.  Now that they cannot live in the sister system they are coming back to this system, and want to make earth the oasis that it once was.

The Cabal is scared as this threatens everything they have built over the years.  The Cabal knows they cannot win, and are tying every tactic to spread lower vibrational energy (to keep us down as long as possible).  I see some kind of anxiety and desperation behind this- there is a new flavor of fear constantly- war, terror, ISIS, viruses, Ebola, Flu, false flags, etc... They have to "re-juice" the feelings of fear as soon as one loses it's impact.  I get that they want us to argue among ourselves to distract from the bigger (universal) issues.  It is critical for the Cabal to survive, we must be suppressed..

Q. Are these ETs hostile?  
A.  No, the Cabal just wants us to think they are.  If we fear them, that helps to strengthen the lower vibrational force.  They feel advanced and vibrationally much higher than humans.  They want to help in creating the energetic shift to upgrade earth to a 4D or 5D planet (which is like their home planet and also unsurvivable to the lower level beings.)

Q.  What will happen to the lower level beings if they can't survive on earth? 
A.  I get a message that they cannot survive on earth, but can survive "in" earth.. They will either burrow deep or be forced to leave.

Q.  How do these Avian ETs relate to the Cat and Dog Humanoid ETs?
A.  I get this "sphere" shielding houses not only Avian ETs, but Cat and Dog Humanoid ETs too.. There has been an enormous unification of forces aligning to help "reset" this solar system.  I get the analogy that earth was like a toy that was played with, and then put aside and forgotten, to later be rediscovered.  Now it needs cleaned and polished to bring it back to its' natural state and true potential. 

We do have the power to regain the planet by elevating our consciousness.  Educate yourself, focus on the unity in the universe and truly listen to your gut.  Realize fear is just fear, and let it go rather than absorb it.

Link to previous reading regarding fireballs and UFOs in the sky:

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fireballs, Downed UFOs, What is going on in the sky?

Q. Within the past two months there have been a lot of fireballs and sky explosions.  Here are just a few:
According to David Wilcock, these are Cabal ships being shot down by light forces.  (Full article here:

Why all the activity and what is really going on?
A.  I get that David Wilcock is very accurate in how he explains what is happening.  There is a lot more than just one event occurring though...  

I get there is a group of lower level ETs that have claimed Earth as their own, and want to maintain that power and control.  I get they worked hard early on to ensure their position, and they are not about to give it up without a fight.  I always see these ETs as the Reptilians that live in the ground, and there is a smaller group of more "intelligent and stronger" ETs (however, still lower vibrationally) that reside in ships to the right side of the moon (if you were to face the moon they are at about the 2:00 position).  

These "Reptilian" ETs have tried to strengthen their force by activating the reptilian brain in many people (then I hear the phrase that it is just like on Star Wars when they tried to recruit Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side).  They tell you things, awaken some kind of selfishness, describe the power and potential- you get dark thoughts, and they grab a hold.  They really focus on pulling in people with influence (people in the media, famous actors/actresses, political figures).  They look at it as if they can convert one, that one person can influence many.. I see the leaders of the Reptilian army being true ETs, and the infantry on the front lines are the people they were able to grab hold of and manipulate through their reptilian mindset.

We are seeing more and more activity in the sky, because a clash of the ETs is occurring.  The ETs that were driven from Earth thousands of years ago want to reclaim Earth and help it.  They want to see the people ascend and get out from the control of the darker forces holding us down.  

Many (not all, but a lot) of these "fireballs" or "meteors" are really UFOs crashing to Earth.  I don't see weapons being used on each other that create explosions (like a bomb) but rather weapons that involve pulses (which deactivate the UFO shielding) followed by some kind of EMF device that creates a "self destruct" type event...  It looks like many of these "attacks" appear to be invisible, and before you know it there is a downed ship.. ??

What we have witnessed in these examples are combinations of UFO explosions and UFOs falling to Earth.

Q. Why did these "good" ETs leave in the first place?
A. I get there was a battle between several races of ETs.. There were humanoid ETs of all kinds- cats, dogs, reptiles, ants, etc..  There was a war and the ants went deep into the ground, the dogs and cats left, and the reptiles remained on the surface and just below (in caves).  The dogs and cats (that opposed each other at the time) have reunited and strengthened, and want to come back and reclaim Earth and bring it back to the "oasis" state it was once in.  

Q. Is there anything to fear?
A. There is nothing to fear, but fear.  I get that we are existing in one of the lowest vibrations, and the natural progression is to advance and move up.  Shifting from our center-self to a universal-self is a beautiful, powerful thing.  If the lower vibrations either evacuate or burrow deep underground, we are left with our higher vibrational path to experience.  We can open our minds and allow our minds to reach their potential... I am left with this final thought, "imagine a world in which we no longer need medicine or doctors- we learned to heal ourselves with our own mental thoughts"  that is the type of world we could have..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you all.  Love and light-

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Interview with Wendi Morrison on Gaia Rising

Wendi- Thank you so much for having me on your show!  I had a great time and we covered a lot of topics!  Love and light- Lynn

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Q&A XLVII: Random Pick 10 and Short Answers [Group Post]

Q. Dear PF, please do a reading on certain tragedies in human lives like a prolonged illness, joblessness, deaths of dear one, love failures, heart brakes, etc. that never leave a person despite constant prayer/solutions. Are those events predestined to happen for certain time due to karmic debt?
A.  Some actions happen due to acts of free will and others are due to chosen life paths.  Karma does play into what life path you are on (predetermined before you incarnate), but depending on the lesson learned (and how well it is really understood) that path can change.  If you force it before it is ready, or go on an act of free will, fate will bring the lesson back, even if it is in a different way.  You will have to learn, understand, and expand through experience, and at THAT point, you can move on...

Q. Hello Lynn, I was wondering..... Sometimes people come to Earth to fulfill a purpose. They often die prematurely, usually as an act of violence. So, if Jesus came to Earth to die for our sins then that means Judas was suppose to turn him in.  Perhaps John Wilkes Booth was suppose to kill Abe Lincoln. Joan of Arc, JFK, RFK, MLK...they all died before their time and I wonder if they came into the world knowing that they would leave it early.  If they knew this, does that mean that the people responsible for killing them don't go to Hell?  If they were doing what they were suppose to do, fulfilling another man's destiny, why should they be punished for infinity if it was agreed to before they were born?
A.  It is true that some people incarnate to fulfill a mission, and part of the mission is to die once a specific event or action has occurred.  The inverse is true for the person incarnated for the mission of killing a person- still a mission, but viewed in a different light based on our perspective.  Both sides of the coin exist for the purpose of completing a purpose (one viewed bad, the other good, but in the bigger picture just doing what they are here to do..).  I don't see anyone being "punished" (that word feels off) because from their individual perspectives they were doing something for the greater good (and it is important to mention that we are discussing the scenario of these men being assassinated as we were told and not in truth [such as in the fable of JFK]).  I also get that throughout history, true victims have come back to be assassins and vice versa (not an eternal punishment, but rather a completion to a lesson).. 

Q. Have you heard about the 'dogman' sightings in the US? Where do you see them coming from? Thanks!
A. I tuned in on this and I cannot see that these are accurate pics.  I get that a few pics that have come forward are actually glimpses of Bigfoot, but I don't see a dogman...

Q. Do you see climate change (ie man made/influenced) as being a real thing or is it due to the natural carbon cycles that peak and drop every 2000 years or so? I know we definitely do have to have some kind of impact but are they over emphasising our effect?
A. I get that they are using this as a money making tactic for those in power.  There is some buying/selling/trading of carbon credits making some people very rich, and in reality the amount of pollution really effecting the climate is minimal.  Pollution is a very real thing, and it affects our surroundings (i.e  the air we breathe in our surrounding towns), but it isn't creating an overall climate change or global warming on earth.  I also get (and visually see) that there are alterations of temperatures on other planets (like the solar system itself is warming or changing, but those making money on the carbon credits won't bring this to light).. The system is going through a cycle, and it will peak and then drop off..

Regarding the man made changes- that is very real, and weather manipulation is used as a military tool.  They haven't perfected it (I always see what looks like kids with a new toy trying to figure it out).  It doesn't create an overall climate change, but does create localized effects where it is used. 

The real thing that is changing weather is the earth wobble (and the slowing of the earth due to another solar system rotating through ours).  True north is changing (almost daily) causing temperature changes in drastic ways.  I have discussed this in greater depth in previous readings, and I attached a link to this being discussed in a recent post:

Q. The United States government is one of if not the most corrupt governments in existence right now, going to extreme lengths to fulfill their agendas to which no one is safe, whether they be other countries or even citizens within the US itself. One need only look up "Operation Northwoods" for clear evidence of that, which is just one of many examples. Considering that level of corruption and bullying: Do you see any actually legitimate outside, or internal, attacks on the US government anytime in the near future?
A. When I focus on this I see two different time lines emerge.. They both vary depending on the acts of free will and level of consciousness that is applied... 

The first path I see is that the government grows so large, that it has nothing to govern and sort of self destructs.  It takes and takes until there is virtually nothing left to take, so it starts to take from itself (departments try to control each other).  Then I see a tic that is full roll onto its' back and it cannot move (????), and my impression is that the government reaches a point where it is tapped out of resources and people to extract from, which renders itself helpless.

The other path I see (which involves a huge amount of conscious awakening) is an outside (ET type) force coming in and resetting us.  The way it comes about is this ET force emerges, and the government puts effort into fighting them off, but while that occurs the distraction is away from the people, which allows people the opportunity to unite (raise consciousness even more).  With the increased consciousness, and the ET intervention, things "turn over" and the people gain control... Both paths are long and difficult (will require work), but inevitable.
Q. What is the reasons the aliens have blessings of such high technology?
A. It isn't a "blessing" but rather they have been around for a long time (thousands and thousands of years).  They have also ascended into another level of consciousness that allows them to tap more easily into the universal knowledge, which gives them a better understanding and ability to create what they can see (and know) when they connect.  Then I am left with the saying "Einstein received some of his theories from something outside this world, imagine a race of Einsteins (and you can see how technology can advance to quite a sophisticated means.)"

Q. How does God/Creator come into place with regards to ETs/aliens??
A. I see what we refer to as the main God, or Creator, being a name used to describe the universal consciousness or oneness. This main "oneness" is the source from which all things were created.  One of the things that emerged from that source was the genetic material that combined and created ETs/aliens... 

Q. Hello Lynn, Thank you so much for all of your insight that you offer to us on so many subjects. I have really been wondering lately what is the truth behind the US giving up on our space program. We were a pioneer in space exploration for so long and then it just seemed so sudden, they just tossed it all out. Is there a specific reason that our government shut down this program that we may not truly be aware of? Thank you for any insight you may have. Love, Light and Peace to you.
A.  I get there is still a program, it just isn't official, the budgeting is hidden under some function of the military and we are very much still exploring things, but not doing so in the "space shuttle."  There are a lot of things going on with this... We have extracted enough ET technology that we have begun to build some of our own space crafts (some of what we see is really our own).   We have also been "warned" in some regards to stay away from certain location (for example we are prohibited from landing on the moon).  There have been some complications with close ETs that have caused things to be done more in private, but the US is still very involved in space activities.

Q. I know you did a posting on mental illness, but I wonder if you could do a reading on depression. What is the spiritual cause of it, why some have chronic cases and what is the learning of it and how can someone work around it? Many thanks
A. When I read this question I hear the word depression is slow motion..and it sounds like  d-e-e-p  r-e-p-r-e-s-s-i-o-n.. I get the main reason people experience depression is due to deep repression of something.  It could be feelings, thoughts, events, something you should (or should not) be doing, something important or significant to the person.  Doctors are quick to give you something to alter your mind and bring you out of it, but if you have never dealt with the underlying cause the drugs don't heal the underlying problem, but rather hide it deeper.  I get the best cure is meditation. If that isn't possible, seek out a good therapist or even hypnotherapist to help you sort out your repressed thoughts and show you effective ways to process the emotion and rid yourself from it.

Q. Can you give you thoughts on this article I came across?
A.  When I read this I immediately see that there is a disconnect and sides are being chosen.  I get an image of teams being chosen, and Russia and the Ukraine are the team captains (however, Britain and the US are the coaches for Team Ukraine). I also get an impression that the stage is being set for some kind of an attack... I see it happening in the Ukraine first (inflicted by one of its' own team captains) to give Team Ukraine a reason to REALLY attack Russia... It looks rather confusing (like they don't have a good plan figured out or know what they are going to do yet), but they know they need to do something.  

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  Love and light-