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Monsanto / Pro GMO / Tobacco and Marijuana

Q. Wealthy tobacco companies were in the pocket of politicians and looked unstoppable in the 80s- though eventually they were toppled. Now Monsanto and pro-GMO lobbyists are in that position and seem to be making permanent changes to our food system. Do you see them being overthrown - and when? Also, will we be able to reverse the damage they have done?
A. As far as tobacco companies, even though the question didn't specifically ask this, I see that they weren't exactly toppled, but rather saw a vision and allowed the perception that they were toppled.  They have their focus on the manufacturing of marijuana, and that is why they allowed the cigarette industry to take some heat.  They have the infrastructure to process marijuana, and make a ton of money at it, so they are actually have a clear vision of where they want to go.  It will take a few years to get the acceptance level where it needs to be, but it will be a steady move in that direction.  

Monsanto and Pro GMO people are out to make a lot of money.  With the increased chemtrails, pollution, weather manipulation, etc, it is harder and harder to grow organic food unless it is protected in greenhouses (which I see the trend for this either rising or soon to be on the rise.).  They (the Pro GMO) people are using what they say is a "phenomenon" of strange weather as an excuse to use their products because they (the GMO) are resistant to natural things that effect organic food.  

The GMO food, when I focus on it, is in a sense (I always get) "false" food.  You can ingest it, but it doesn't give you the same nutrition as "real" food.  It doesn't have the nutritional content, and when you eat it your body may feel full, but it is in a sense starving.  You need more of it, and it still doesn't fulfill a void in your body.  

I don't see this as overthrown for a long time, because our government politicians are making lots of money with lobbyists.  I cannot see a time in a near timeline where they are taken down.  As far as reversing the damage, we just need to not use their products and plant real seeds. It "feels" like an issue that could be reversed if we planted 'real" seeds on a huge scale.  I see "real" seeds having a HUGE value with the proliferation of GMO taking over so much.  The more GMO foods are grown, the more organic food will be valued and "real" seeds will be a very hot commodity.  

That is all I have for now.  It is 10:30 AM.  Thank you.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Question and Answer XI: Religion [Group Request]

6:46 AM
In doing this post I feel I must say that I know this can be a sensitive topic.  I feel a form of caution even doing it because I understand the sensitivity that is tied to personal belief systems.  I am giving you strictly what I see..

Q. Who is Jesus Christ? Should he be worshiped? Why do Christians worship him? Is that the way he looked as depicted to us?
A.  When I focus on this, what I see is that he was a great man.  He has special abilities in that he was very connected to his higher self.  In a sense he was very intuitive and was "psychic."  His connection with the collective consciousness, higher power (some call this higher power or universal knowledge or oneness, God) were very strong.  Visually he was a normal man, but he had a unique ability to see and understand things with a lot of clarity, so much clarity that he was said to be the son of God because of his connection on a spiritual level. 

Q. Should he (Jesus) be worshiped?
A. When I put his image in my mind and ask that, I see him shake his head no.  I try to pry more, and it is because he was truly a humble man with a special gift that he wanted to give people.  He cared and loved people, genuinely.  He was real, honest and just wanted to make this place on earth better.  He feels honored to keep his memory alive, but the word "worship" almost seems too much.

Christians worship him because of his sacrifice.  He was real, his story as he existed on earth was (mostly) real, they saw him attempt to share his gifts of enlightenment, and he was punished for that (it intimidated the powers at be).  It was so powerful, they couldn't not share his story (they were compelled to share it!). 

I also see that part of the worship was out of fear because he did have special gifts, and viewed as how people see "seers" on tv now.  They thought his death would somehow bring down a wrath on those that didn't show their respect and appreciation. I get that some of the stories have been embellished to make him even more than he was, but the base foundation of who he was is very true.

Q. Thank you very much for you attention to all. When one reads this headline: "Pope Francis 'stuns' congregation by confessing to an 'ordinary' priest" do you get the feeling it is just another one for the show? Thank You again!
A.  When I focus on this, I get that these are some of the feelings Pope Francis has on his own self.  He is trying to express some humility, and relate himself to his followers.  The Pope views himself as a man that is married to his religion, but he doesn't think he is better than other people for it (but I get he enjoys the following and he views it as an honor).  I wouldn't say it was "show" but rather him being humble as a way to connect and built trust in his followers (and possibly build up his following.).

Q.Hi Lynn, as we near Easter, was wondering is the cup that Jesus used in the Last Supper still around, and if so, where? ("The Holy Grail")
A. I see this image of it being dropped in molten rock(looks like gold).  Then I see a bunch of people (men in white robes with different colors of velvet adorning them) doing some kind of ceremony and saying it was being given back to the earth..??

Q. This is in regard to the Latter Day Saint religion (Mormon). Was the Book of Mormon written by Joseph Smith himself, and was he a true prophet? Was he really a good person or did he try to deceive his followers? Did he really receive a visit from Jesus or Angels? And did he start the practice of polygamy for selfish purposes? The Mormon church is filled with wonderful, kind hearted and well intentioned people, I'm just curious about the true foundations of this church. Thank you very much for all you are doing.
A.  I see Joseph Smith as a normal man.  I get that he meditated or prayed in hopes of connecting to something bigger than what was here on earth.  I also get that he found a connection through a spiritual conduit.  I don't necessarily see that when he did make that connection it was with Jesus or Angels (when I get that type of connection I usually see something beautiful or a white light) but rather something in the form of an ET (I see an image of "ET" which is my mental symbol for alien life).  The connection was strong, even though I see it as mental only and not in a physical connection sense. During that mental connection he received a message that he wrote down.  He (after the spiritual event) sat and deciphered the message and put it into words that he later could share with people. 

I see the reason as why the Book of Mormon accompanies the bible and isn't a bible itself is because it is a completely source of information coming from different place.  The bible are stories as they were recorded as they were remembered.  Then I get a message about "history is only remembered and retold by those that write the books." Then, I hear that even with all the interpretation of the bible, so much was left out.

Polygamy...I see that part of the perpetuation of this belief was to either convert people, or have people be born into it.  I see that polygamy was a way to increase the population while still having the unity and responsibilities of a family base.  One man could have several women pregnant at once, versus being loyal to one woman and have one child at a time.  They were boosting the population in order to increase the religious base.  

Q. Is there really a prime creator God among all other gods?Does he look like a tall human being with Trishul/Trident in his hand,very long uncombed hair,wearing a snake in his neck,known by the name "Shiva", in his manifested form?Then is there, Brahma(Creator god),Vishnu(Preserver) god as depicted in Hindu Mythology?
A. When I think of who is "God" or who / what created all the "Gods" I see a bright light, as if I am staring at the sun.  I get an impression of a soul without a body living in this light.  I also feel like I want to turn my head and not be able to stare at this light.  My impression is that in our physical bodies were are unable to see "him" or "it" directly, and that is a privilege we gain upon death (to see that bright light of energy and gain full understanding of the universal consciousness).  

As far as giving the prime creator physical characteristics, I can't really see any.  The image is light, energy and heat / warmth.  These other people may have seen something different from me, but for now I can't confirm or deny what they are saying.

[As a final note, I am not religious, but I am spiritual.  I have had exposure to church as a child, but have never studied the bible.  My impressions are strictly what I see and hear. Love and light-]

That is all I have for now. Thank you.  It is 7:40 AM.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Question and Answer X: United States (Government, Economy, International) [Group Post]

7:10 AM
I have had several questions regarding the affairs of the United States.  I wanted to take some time to focus on these. 
Q. Oh dear, a new article came out today about some major budget cuts in medical, social security and vet benefits. What is really going on?
A. I see this as a warning of the state of the solvency of the government.  Higher people in government realize that it cannot continue at the current pace (unless some kind of drastic action happen.).  I see some kind of talks going on that if the top earners (like top 5%) in the country paid a higher portion of taxes they could fund these programs, but there is a resistance.  I see the top wealthy folks saying that this system is so broken, that they can't make up for people on the lower end not contributing as much into the system- it just perpetuates it even more.  I see government trying to reason with them saying the divide in wealth is the problem- they are taking money from the system faster and taking more than what they put back in which continues to create an even bigger divide- that is what is perpetuating the problem.. It looks like a stalemate..

Then I ask myself, why doesn't government just make a tax law on the top 5% if they feel so strong that it would help?  I get that the top 5% have a HUGE influence in politics, funding, backing campaigns, etc that they have to give them some kind of preferential treatment.  They have to win their decision rather than force it.

Q. What is the relationship between the United States and other major world powers like the Chinese and Russians?
A. I see China and Russia as a clique in high school.  The United States tends to float from clique to clique, saying what they need to (and quite good at it) to be apart of the various cliques and gain ultimate popularity.  I see the US behaving as if they are neutral, but with an agenda of being and maintaining popularity.  Many countries even feed the ego of the US "clique" because it is easier to get along with the US "clique" than go against it, whether they believe in what they say or not. 

I do see a shift of energy happening, and some other countries don't really care if they are popular or not.  They are tired of worrying about popularity, and realize that if they work together, they can make their own "clique."  I see the US being called out more and more (regarding truths and actions), because the fear and intimidation isn't as effective as it was.

Q. Can you see how the Occupy Wall Street movement started, how it got so big so quickly, and eventually vanished? What was the spark, and when did it start falling apart? Do you see something similar happening again?
A.  People as a whole are tired of the current state of the economy and government alluding they are working for us, when in reality they are working for themselves. I see this energy move over Wall Street like a fog, and people just reacted on it.  A small group talked about it and organized it, and the momentum grew- it did get huge fast.  I see that it would have continued but Occupy Wall Street was more of a peaceful protest, and they were countered with threats, violence and fear... I see you can only fight peacefully in violent situation so long before you are defeated. I do see these types of protests rising from time to time, but the government will be sure to shut them down.. Government will do what they can to make sure a takeover by the people doesn't occur- even if our rights are infringed upon.  They will say they are "protecting people" as an excuse to turn on their own people.

Q. Do you see a "bank holiday" in the near future for the USA? Or a bank "bail-in" in the USA (like Cypress) whereby the banks will essentially steal a portion/percentage of American citizens' money in banks' savings accounts or retirement accounts (ex. 401k, IRA's, etc...). Thanks for all you do!
A. I see what they do when things are close to a collapse is there will be a skimming from the top, meaning they will go into any electronic fund (stock, IRA, etc) and anyone with a predetermined amount (I want to say $1 million), will have a portion automatically deducted.. I then get this image of rage, revolt, people are in an uproar- the government will then say for the next "x" amount of years, they will give certain tax breaks to those individuals that had their money essentially stolen as a way to repay the money back.

The other thing I see is before this happens the rich get some kind of warning.  This warning allows them time to pull their money and stick it in an account with another country.  Part of the "rule" of this bail in is that they can only touch US funds, so this is how the top avoid being as involved in the "bail in."

Q. What do you see about new world order? Is it real?
A. I do see a flip in power.  I see China rising, with Russia right behind them.  I see the UN getting involved in a lot of world affairs.  Our financial system will be completely redone.  Gold will be sought after more than ever.  The US will get the checks and balances forced on them.  It will be a big adjustment and life will be different (and in a sense very humbling to a lot of people in power).

Q. I am wondering if there will indeed be some kind of emp in the US. Whether it be from the sun or an "enemy". I know that preparedness is always a good thing..sometimes I question myself on if I am doing the right thing in trying to prepare..I know we can't prepare for everything. I think you get what I mean? :-)
A. I don't see a military EMP hitting us, but I definitely see radiation and solar flares coming our way that creates disruptions to our grid.  It doesn't look like a nationwide blackout, but I see "pockets" of electrical outages, some rather severe. It feels extremely hot outside when it happens (it could be summer 2015, but it feels sooner like summer of 2014).  Above food and water, the concern is gasoline- that seems like that is the item that is most needed, but not accessible.

The other side effect I see is people with autoimmune issues will experience more symptoms or flare-ups when these flares are ejected toward earth. 

Hi Lynn. The city of Detroit suffered from the loss of 70,000 industrial plants sent overseas and subsequent bankrupting. I recently saw on tv that young, unemployed Detroit citizens are removing scrap metals from abandoned buildings as a means to earn money. After the war in Liberia, West Africa young men there also removed scrap metals from bombed out and abandoned buildings to earn money to survive. The fact that America has been brought low to the same level as a third world country is shocking. Was the corporate exodus of industrial jobs and bankrupting of Detroit a planned event? Was Detroit a test-case to see how Americans would respond to becoming impoverished?
A. I see Detroit as having a much bigger plan.  It looks to me that they bankrupted (or allow the bankrupting to happen) Detroit in efforts to make money in the end.  The once thriving city is left in shambles, but the current state is allowing investors to come in and make a lot of money.-Invest cheap and make a ton of money in the end. I also get a sense that the much of the investing will be done by over seas corporations and people. I see that allowing this to happen was part of a larger master plan to fulfill predetermined agreements. and business deals.

Q. Russia hopes to sign a natural gas deal with China in May which would bypass the US dollar(petrodollar). Is this of significance in your earlier timeline regarding US/Russia/China events?
A.  This is significant!  China and Russia are doing there best to aid in the collapse of the dollar.  Once the dollar is bypassed a new currency can enter the market, and China wants to control the new currency in the way that they US has controlled the dollar.  The only difference is that China has the gold to back the dollar, versus what I see with the US.  It looks as though the US has skimmed gold from its holding and only has a fraction of what they allude to have.  

Q. Much is being heard of New US treasury notes.It is told that they have been printed and ready for circulation.It is a matter of time that old US dollar(USD) is replaced by new US treasury notes(USTN)by making an announcement to public in general.Do you see this happening soon?If so, will the US federal reserve become dead?
A. I see them trying this when the dollar is close to collapse (it won't be announced in that way), but I don't see it (issuing USTN) going over because it is still essentially backed by nothing.  The US is really struggling to find a solution to fix the dollar and keep the control out of the Chinese hands.

Thank you.  It is 8:14 AM.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Question and Answer IX: Health [Group Post]

6:24 AM

Q. Please do a focus on natural remedy to cure Disease TB, infection in chest area, especially in Old-aged person. What could be eaten to boost immunity so as to ward off the infection?
A.  The first thing I see is a person inhaling what looks like steam.  Then I see a Koala Bear in a eucalyptus tree, and realize it is telling me that some natural herbs or oils should be put in this steam or vapor bath that someone is inhaling.  This action some how opens up the airways and provides some kind of relief.

As far as boosting the immune system.... I see all kinds of fruit.. oranges, grapefruit, limes.. and they are all citrus based.  Then I see an image of a kid chewing on the rind, but spitting out the inner juicy part as if all the nutrition is in the peel and not the sweet part in the middle.  (Is is possible to juice or grind the rind and eat it?).

The last image I get is someone putting something on the bottom on their feet (it is greasy and I want to say coconut oil) and wrapping their feet in saran wrap. I get the impression that the person is hot (at least their feet are) and in a sense sweating something out of their feet.

Q. Are radiation based devices like Cellphone,Microwave,Wi-fi,etc. a real threat to health? How can we avoid all those?

A. They are not generally good for anyone, however I see some people are very sensitive, and these waves can trigger certain autoimmune responses that are not desirable. It would be difficult to avoid the waves (unless you geographically remove yourself) but you can try to manage the effects. 

I see two things happening.  For sensitive people these waves interfere with the way your nervous system works.  In effect short circuiting some the natural flow and creating issues that way.  I see this image often (twice yesterday!), and I see it again now, but a form of oil (could be fish, omega 3 fatty acid, etc.. depending on your body and what feels right for you) can help to minimize these effects. I always see this the same way- healthy oils to a person is like oil in a car, lubricating and soothing to the system.

The second thing I see is that they waves can mutate cells or cause some kind of free radical in the system.  In my mind I see a constant detoxifying process going on (especially in areas where these elements are high). to rid yourself of the free radicals or toxic buildup.  I see your body tries to naturally purge the results of the waves, but potassium (I get the image of bananas) can really help with this. I also see people drinking huge amounts of clean (no fluoride, chlorine, etc) water to flush their systems out.  

Q. What is the most effective thing you see that can either be ingested or applied to scalp to support regrowth or prevent further hair loss?

A. I see a few things with this.  I see a fruit that is green on the inside, and the guts look mushy, has an oily residue with black seeds on the inside.  It looks like a kiwi, but that word doesn't "feel" like the name. I see a map of South American, and feel like this fruit is grown in the northeastern part. I also want to say that it starts with the letter "G" or "Gu".  I see people making smoothies and drinking them, and also applying the oily inside to the scalp as a lotion.  I haven't researched what this fruit may be, but I am hopeful the person asking may know or someone can help to expand on what that may be.

Q. What is your take on ADHD? Is this for real or pharma invented to push ritalin on kids, or maybe a little genetic and exaggerated? Thanks

A. I first get that there is a time and a place for pharmaceuticals, however, most things can be treated by looking at the environment.  I get that a lot of ADHD is food related.  There are a lot of things added to food, and people have various sensitivities.  To some, it isn't as evident, but others, especially growing children, it can make a big difference.  Artificial sweeteners are one of the worst (is the message I am hearing), and food dyes (I see Easter egg coloring pellets) are also up there.  For kids experiencing ADHD, it looks to me that if parents really monitored what food there were putting into their body they may realize that it is an allergy or sensitivity for a certain ingredient causing their behavior or attention issues.  

This is a real problem, but can be managed (many times).  I also get that there is no money to be made by telling parents to eliminate certain chemicals from a child's diet, and it is also requires a lot of effort to pinpoint what the sensitivity is to.  It is much easier to provide a pill, and the pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money off of it.

Q. I have never believed the idea that AIDS came from Africans that had sex with monkeys. I'm suspicious that it was a man-made virus created to decrease certain populations. In the 80's AIDS hit the gay community extremely hard. If the powers-that-be did in fact infect homosexual men to decrease their numbers, why are the powers that-be-today doing everything possible to encourage homosexual activity?

A.  I see AIDS as being created as the result of humans being tested for various immunizations.  I get that during the various stages of developing a vaccine they tested the vaccine on Africans... which started the onset of AIDS. I do not see that Africans had sex with monkeys, but what I do see is that monkey DNA was a component of the immunization... which infected monkeys transferred their AIDS disease to humans. They didn't intentionally make AIDs, but it was a side effect of negligence. 

I also get that when the Africans were infected, there was a time delay between the vaccine and the onset of symptoms, making people think that this vaccine was safe and ok for use.  They made a premature judgement before using it on the US population.  I also get that as people got the illness it took them a long time to specifically determine the exact modes of how it was transferred to another person.  

This immunization was put into population dense areas.. and I sense a negativity about it as if it was intentionally (after realizing the results) released in geographic zones that had a high homosexual culture.. Both heterosexual and homosexuals contracted it, but the homosexual population was very much adversely effected.  Then I get this feeling of fear and uncertainty, and actually see a gentleman walking and this target is following him as he keeps looking over his shoulder.

I then get a final message to be cautious of all these Shingles vaccines.. I get that some of these "batches" may be off and not tested as well as what they should be. (??)

The following are links to readings I did concerning cancer.  You may also find these interesting:

And that is all.  Thank you.  It is 7:18 AM.

Malaysia Airline MH370 [Shortcut to Reading]

I had some requests to bookmark this blog entry on the front page so it would be easier for returning guests to find.  I have attached a link that should direct you to the blog entry. Last update 4/19/14 at 9:48 AM (includes reading on JU Kan)

Reading on Fariq Abdul Hamid and mary Burrows
Reading on Paul Weeks - 4/15/14
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Question and Answer Session IX [Group Request - People of Interest, Past and Present]

2:27 PM
Q. What happened to Steve Fossett?
A. I see him flying in a plane and something gets into the propeller or engine- it looks white and I want to say it was a bird.  I get that the engine somehow quit and he was floating or coasting.  It feels windy, and I sense that he glided a while (I get a long while as if the "wind ride" was a ride on its own), but he was at the mercy of where the wind could guide him.  I get that he really did crash, but it is much further away from where they thought he should have due to the wind blowing him so far.  

Q.There is growing evidence that Hitler lived comfortably in Argentina many years after the end of WWII. ( 
Can you see if this is true and why would the OSS help him? What did the US have to gain from hiding his survival?
A. I do not see a connection to Argentina, but I do get a connection to Antarctica.  I have attached the link below to a previous reading reading what I saw and him being hidden in Antarctica.  I still see it the same way- he got out of the country through this underground tunnel system, and escaped south.  He also hired a body double to stand in for him during the final days of the war.  I see Hitler as the stern, strong man on the outside, but on the inside he was like a very scared man.  His insides and confidence didn't match how he carried himself on the exterior.

Q.What really happened to Autumn Radtke, CEO of Bitcoin exchange First Meta?
A.When I focus on her, I get this sad, depressed feeling.  She had so much as far as career and intelligence, but I get she was very depressed, as if she felt all alone.  When I look into her eyes, I get this sense that people didn't really know her, and I see this image as if she was screaming for help, but no one could hear her.  She had some kind of disconnect, and her confidence in her work life was not equal to those same feelings in her personal life.  Her smiles seem forced, and I get that many times when she carried herself it was an act- she had to fake her smile. I do get this was a suicide, but I don't 
see it related to Bitcoin.  I see this as surrounding a lot of personal and emotional issues.

[*Update: Something about this post was nagging at me, and for the past few days she was off and on in my mind.  I get a strong impression that even though this was a suicide, someone or a group of people associated with her work had a huge influence on this.  She tried to hide her feelings, and put a smile on her face, but I keep getting this bullying vibe. I still don't see it related to Bicoin itself, but rather some treatment by people associated to Bitcoin.]

Q. Hello Lovely Lady, Karen Hudes, a world bank whistle blower, recently stated that:
"There is a second species on this planet. They are not extraterrestrial, they are very much with us, and they made maps in the previous ice age. They are very distinct from homo sapiens." I would be grateful if you could check out your perspective.

A. As soon as I read this I get the image of a being that is half alien, and have human.  It looks like Karen was describing a race of people that interbred with the aliens and created a hybrid human / alien species hundreds of years ago.  That DNA is still alive today on, however heavily diluted.  People with that DNA do walk among us, but I don't see the first generations of that species in our current day.  

In my mind I want to summarize this as hundreds of years ago aliens mated with humans and created a cross-breed of human.  Those humans were intelligent, and shared some alien characteristics.  They created maps of the ice age, and were given that knowledge by their alien ancestors.  Those people in that form are not alive, but there DNA lives on.  Those people have interbred with all human races and this DNA is very diluted.

Q. I am grateful for your insights and clarifications into so many questions. I am curious to know more about ORGONE. Wilhelm Reight a scientist from Germany came to the United States only to be persecuted by our government. One of his discoveries was about Orgone. Can you see how this benefits our existence now and in the near future?
A. I first see him as very spiritual person and had a connection to his higher self.  When I focus on orgone (and my mind is an image of metal and crystals compressed in an organic medium - picture on the right). 

I actually do see many benefits.  I see the energy of the crystals being compressed and magnified and the metal partials serving as a beacon to draw the energy down onto itself. It looks to be very effective in drawing in energy and for doing energy work (or Reike) on ones self. I also see that orgone has a property within it to repel negative waves (such as cell tower waves) because the energy of the crystals creates a bubble effect (in my mind looks like a force field) to inhibit those waves from coming near the central point of the force field (where the orgone is located). NOTE: The picture I found somewhat illustrates the force field effect I see in my mind emanating from the orgone itself..

Q I am so amazed by Dynamo ''the magician impossible’ ‘Could you explain if he is like Jesus or those are just magic tricks. Really hard for them all to be magic tricks.Truly amazing..
A.  I get some message about him being a master at illusion.  He most definitely has skill, but these really are based on his keen perception of the mind, and understanding how people think.  He has a strong intuition, and I sense a psychic ability about him where he is very good at almost instantly reading people. I also want to use the word mentalist.. He just understands the mind, peoples thought processes, and almost knows what people think before they do.  I see him as a gifted individual.

Q Would be interested to hear from/about celebrities who have passed and the truth behind their passing- 
A. JFK: I see that he was really was killed by the CIA for being (the message I get)  "too honest." There was a story he was about to uncover, and it was or felt threatening to a lot of people, and they had to quiet him.  I get they pleaded with him for a long time, but he stayed true to what he thought.  I also see him speaking, as if some of the "story" got out, but they made sure that he didn't get the rest out before having him killed.

Michael Jackson: There is a such an imbalance of energy when I focus on him. I get that psychologically he was very confused.  I get an impression that even though he was an entertainer, he was uncomfortable around people.  I really do see this as drug induced (or playing a large role), but more out of carelessness than being an intentional. He was in a sense haphazard with his health.

Princess Dianna: I see a lot of aggression with this.  I also get a quick glimpse of Price Charles, but I can't get a complete connection.  It is as if he had some knowledge or this- but again, I can't get anything strong connecting it. I get a strong sense of aggression and anger behind her death.

Marilyn Monroe: I get a message about this being an "encouraged suicide." It was centered around alcohol and drugs, but I get that someone else was there, that was in much more of a sound mind encouraging her.  It was as if she was in this sad, depressed state, and someone was feeding her alcohol and drugs until she overdosed.  When she passed out, it looks as if they snuck out of her room (or the room) like a dark shadow.

Q Can you do a remote viewing on Amelia Earhart?
A. When I focus on her, I see the map of Africa pull up.  I get that her plan ran into trouble and she was able to make a very rough landing in the western part of Africa,but she suffered some serious injuries.  I also get that she was helped by some locals that lived in the area, but she was never conscious enough to even tell them her name.  I then see that she suffered an infection, that led to a fever, and she passed from those complications.

Q. Can you please do a reading on the mysterious death of the young Canadian girl, Elisa Lam, whose body was found inside the water tank of Cecil hotel. Thank you so much.
A. I get that she was mentally off. Not ill, but very off..  It was like she was sleep-walking as if it was induced or hypnotized...  I get a sense that if you tried to wake her, she would be startled when she "jumped back" into this reality as opposed to her sleeping one.  I also see that how she was that night, was not her. As if when she walked into the hotel, something transformed. I can't see drugs, I can't see alcohol- it is as if mentally something happened to her. I believe when she died she was in her "sleep walk" frame of mind and had no idea what she was doing.

Q.There has been a number of wrestling fans that have been surprised by CM Punk suddenly leaving the WWE after the 2014 Royal Rumble, keeping himself away from the public eye ever since. Some have speculated that there were a few reasons for him leaving the company: fatigue, not getting what he has been working hard for, a sudden change of plans, etc.

Q. It would seem that based on recent events since leaving, he is said to have completely moved on. What seemed to have been going through his mind at the time? What might he plan on doing later?

A.  As soon as I read this, I get there is some illness he is sorting through.  I also get that he takes performance enhancers, and it is negatively effecting him (his life and physical health)  and he needs to purge his body.  He doesn't feel he can continue wrestling without the enhancers because of the changes his body will endure and the adjustment to living a healthier life.  I see he will come back (eventually). He just needs time to sort his life and health out.

Q. Hi. Could you please see if Michael Schumacher would come out of his coma? If so,when?
A. I do see that he will recover slowly.  The image in my mind is that he is starting to now, but it looks like how a kid wakes up from a nap.  Their eyes are closed, and I see body jerks and twitches.  It is as if he wakes, but it is a slow and steady process.

Thank you.  It is 3:38 PM

Friday, April 11, 2014

Oak Island

4-11-2014 1:56 PM
Q. I watched the first season of "The Curse of Oak Island" and I'm intrigued by the whole concept of the "money pit". Who built this elaborate construction hundreds of feet deep- containing platforms, messages and even booby traps?
A. The first thing I see is the discovery of this island, and it looks as though someone of power.  I see red velvet which leads me to the direction of nobility...The nobility sent people scouting, the scouter were to look for treasures, whether it was resources, gold, food, even trees.  Specifically I see enormous pine trees.   I even get that smell of Muir woods in California.  It looks like a scout actually found Oak Island hundreds of years ago.  I want to say early like, the 1500 to 1600's.  What brought them their or attracted the scout, were these huge trees.  I feel like there was something special about the height, strength, and look of these trees.

So as they were scouting the land on this island, I see some kind of a cave system that like went down and had different open caverns.  It had a unique feel because it seems like it did not take much struggle to go fairly far and deep down.  The discovery of this island with this cave system had this feel of finding a treasure.  It is like I see this excited scout coming back to tell the King of the great thing that was found.  It seemed more important than the tree that originally took him there.

I see the King as being really excited too, but he did not act upon it right away, but I see him talking with this small group, it was like a council of some kind.  It was like people were slowly allowed to join this group, but the King was definitely the organizer of it.  Then it looks like it was determined within the group to go to this hidden cave system, and I hear something about them making one of the caverns a backup vault.... Then I ask myself why and I get that it was very unsettling times, people were always at battle, there was always a war to get more, but keeping wealth or something of value away from the castle and the realm was almost like an insurance policy.  So this place was a secret location used by the king and only known about by the King and his most trusted allies.  I get that the King and his council would take secret excursions there, hold meetings....I also get that the more that they put there, the more secure they wanted it because there were times where it was either unattended or guarded by only a few people.

I get this Indian Jones feeling about this cave system.  It naturally was very easy to go through, and all the booby traps were added, it was like the current structure was manipulated.  I also hear something about it being so dark...and the King made a big deal about how dark it was in the cavern that they met, and he actually held a meeting in which a lot of his councilmen painted something reflective on the walls to make it less dark....only in the cavern though.

Q. Why did they build it. Is there a treasure/artifact buried there?
A. As I focus on the island right now, and think about what is there...I do envision some gold...but I will say that when I see the pile, it feel haphazard as if someone ran down there and could only grab what would fit in their hands and ran they were being chased or someone was behind them and they had to hurry.  The  other thing that I see in the Cavern where they met, are these old historic looking maps.  I feel like the paper isn't paper but it is like cloth.  I also feel like I see skeletons, one has a sword in it's hand, it looks as though that skeleton tried to fight off whoever was coming in to grab gold by the handfuls.

And to back up a little, it looks as though what happened was the King that organized this died or was overthrown and when that happened one of his councilmen betrayed him, told someone about the treasure and that is what lead the action to the island to try and steal what they felt as though the times were unsettling.

Q. What were the Maps of?
A.  The image in my mind is like the northern part of Europe, England, the Northern part of Asia, and their were a bunch of waterways outlined on that same map that went to the Northeast of like England.  Out towards Norway / Sweden, and that area.  Then there was another map that had like the southern part of Europe, and then it had the Mediterranean sea on it, but it just had certain cities pinpointed around the sea, and it has this very incomplete feel to it.

Q. Who was the King?
A.  I cannot get the specific, but when I stare at a map in my looks as though it is coming from the southern part of England.  

Q. Is there treasure still there and can it be retrieved ?
A.  I do see that there's still some gold, from a historical perspective I see these ancient maps, I get an image of battle armor.  I see clothing, but I get this sense that when you touch any of the cloth under their, it falls apart like it is all dried out and half rotted. 

Q. Are there any entrances to this cavern system still in existence?
A.  The image that I saw was submarine circling the perimeter...and it looks like they are able to go into this cave from the outside of the island, and then I ask myself "How does that work?"  and then I get an image of how the toilet flushes, and the water goes down and then it goes way up high like a trap, and then back down.  It looks to me that once they go into this cave, they will go through this tunnel system, it will appear to stop...but in reality if they go up, then it looks as though the cave dries out and they are able to proceed from their.

Q. Some believe the Ark of the Covenant is hidden there by the Knights Templar, is this true?
A.  That actually....feels like that could be true, but I cannot get a clear image to verify it.  I see the gold, I see the guards, I get the Indiana Jones connection....but I just can't see a confirmation on the final piece.

Q. Was the pit that we see today an entrance that was sealed, and if it was sealed, is there another way into this pit?
A.  As I said, it looks like there is a cave system that exist either on the perimeter or underneath this island.  Back when the island was functional, that did not even occur to them as and entrance because they did not have that type of underwater technology.  And it just looks that if you can get into that cave system, you reach a point where you are able to come up from the bottom and manipulate yourself into the dry caves.  I feel like people are going about it the wrong way, trying to enter from the surface, when in reality they need to come from underneath.

Q. How did the King and his men enter?
A.  I get that when the King used this, he did enter from the top, but he did use a different entrance, and it looks like something intentionally closed his entrance off.  It sounds loud, like an explosion or something, and I see water filling this hole. 

Q. Then what was with the booby trapped shaft, and how was the King to ever retrieve his treasure?
A.  I get something like, He's the one who helped to design the booby traps, so he knew how to deactivate them, or at least his people did, and then I hear that if he could not keep his gold, he was going to make sure that nobody else got it either.  He was very protective and was determined not to let someone else come in and take what he felt was his.

Q. Is the treasure even worth pursuing?
A.  I kind of hear this laugh, and then get that it depends on who you are....the historical feel of like the maps and then items and the swords are amazing, but it just depends on what it is worth to you.
2:47 PM
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hi can you please do an update on the Boston bombings? How is Jahar doing over all in this? Does he know he may get the death penalty? if you could let us know anything else about this case,i would appreciate it.

6:50 AM:
I have been asked several questions regarding the Boston Bombing event, so I thought I would take some time to do a follow-up.

Q. How is Jahar doing?
A. He actually looks kind of numb.  I see him walking about, his head is hanging low, and the best way to describe him is numb.  I don't really see much emotion from him.  He is rather "blank."  I will also say most times when I see him he is carrying a black leather covered book with golden triangles on the front.  This book mean a lot to him, and in some sense it feels like a "friend."

Q.  Does he know he may get the death penalty?
A.  He does realize this.  At first he had this sense of injustice, but I see that he has sort of given up and he is leaving this to both fate and faith.  He has a strong belief in religion and is really praying. Most of the energy he has goes into praying.

Q. Is there anything else?
A.  When I focus on him, I get a sense of him being alone and forgotten.  He spends a lot of time reflecting on his life, thinking about his brother, he goes through periods of anger, but overall his is numb. I don't see his attorney working for him, and he is going to be punished for this crime.  I even get the impression that his attorney is getting an incentive to not really work for him, and the US government wants him to be the label for this crime.  Jahar has accepted his fate, and is working on making peace with it.

I have done several readings surrounding this event.  I have attached links to those readings as well:

Thank you.  It is 7:04 AM.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hi, could you please do a reading on blood types? Is there any value in eating for your blood type? In the future will people still need to donate blood? Where do they originate from? Any other information? Thank you!

7:03 AM
 I see two different things happening simultaneously with regard to the development of a blood types.  My mind takes me back to the the early onset of life.  The first thing I see is this mini explosion happening.  It looks like something imploded on its own self.  It appears to be this smallest molecule that was so pressurized it created an explosion, which created the first life forms. The image I get is a person holding a piece of dust on his thumb, and then he takes his forefinger and pinches the dust as hard as he can, and from that an explosion occurs, and then life appears as if it is a magic trick. Then I get the message that this created the base blood type of O.

During the same time frame as this implosion was occurring, I also see the alien races creating life forms on earth.  It was as if earth was a experiment, (I see an image of an ET looking in a microscope and at earth is the image they are viewing).  They experimented and created life.  I also get that this explains how different genes were introduced (dark hair, blonde hair, blue eyes, brown eyes, etc). Evolution and geographics also played into what genes were turned "on" or "off" but that is how the various genes were introduced into our DNA.. The base blood types from this experiment was type A and B.

I also get a message that people can't judge and determine who came from what, or what their lineage is because it is so much more involved that just a simple explanation. What I now see is an upside down family tree where the roots are at the top.  There are two huge roots holding the tree to the sky, and those look to represent both forms of the onset of life. From there we interbreed, mix cultures, and interbreed more.  The result of our melded lives created all types of people and genetic combinations.  It also caused our blood to be further distinguished as positive, negative and sometimes both A and B.  You may have O blood, but no one is purely anything anymore- it may just represent a base- The main message is that no one is elite so this information is not a judgment tool, it just provides you a starting point.

People do need to continue to donate blood.  I don't see a synthetic for this.  I see blood as oil for your body, and just as certain engines require certain types of oil, our body is that way with our blood.  

I cannot connect to a value in eating your blood type- I see that blood is broken down by your stomach acid into its basic components. Eating blood gives you vitamins (I taste iron as I type this), but the nutrition is equally absorbed regardless of blood types. For example, if you are type O, but ingest type A blood, you get the same nutrition as if you would have eaten type O blood.

That is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 7:45 AM.

I did a reading on Rh factors a while ago, and since this is sort of related (in regards to the reading) I wanted to attach the link below.  Thanks.