Friday, September 25, 2020

Original Aboriginal Prophecy

Q.  Hi Lynn, Have you heard of The Original Aboriginal Prophecy?  It states that the Earth is ascending and a machinery left by the Pleiadeans at Uluru, Australia needs to be switched on by enough positive human energy at 9.04 pm on December 21, 2020.  If not the Earth’s axis will tilt and the oceans will clean the planet and virtually everything will be literally washed away? What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks for all that you have shared and wishing you the best!

A.  When I focus on Uluru I do get this is a very special and even mystical place.  I get there is a huge energy vortex there.  What really stands out is this vortex does not feel to have ever been manipulated and taken over by any other being (which isn't the norm).  This area feels to be very protected, and the vibrations there make it difficult for anything of a low vibration to use or exist in this space.  The vibrations create a frequency that has the same effect as a shield.  

As I focus on the portal more, the other thing I note is the sound it makes.  There is a slight humming to it, and through musical devices (looks like tubes of bamboo that they are blowing into???) the people of Uluru can energize and also call on the vortex (mainly done during ceremonies, etc).  There is definitely something very special about this location and the people that live there.

Back to the prophecy... I do get that December 21st is a significant day in the shifting of earth.  Earth has been and is going through some major changes.  We feel the energetic change, and see the physical changes.  We are in need of a rise in the collective conscious energies to allow these shifts to happen with greater ease, and in the greater good.  In the event we cannot raise the human energy, I do not see a tilt and rise in the oceans.  However, I do get the struggles will continue.  The challenge feels to be more energetic and socially between people.  The divide is greater, and people will separate more rather than come together.  We truly need a huge boost to the collective, and as more people awaken, the easier it will get.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, Lynn 

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Robert Schoen said...

Never heard of this Australian prophecy before but it seems to be coming just in time when there's so much conflict and stress in the world. It's almost as though we humans are acting like animals right before an earthquake, We know something big is coming and in some ways we're either acting out irrationally or preparing ourselves for it. I hope this date brings a new spiritual awaking to everyone.

Kentwoodguy62 said...

Here is a recent message about Uluru from JC Kay. She saw some interesting things under there and apparently, her vision caught the attention of the Aboriginal elders. She now has been asked to attend the sacred ceremony there on the Solstice. This is a very poignant video about the Stolen Generation of Aborigines.

The enlightened one said...

If this prophecy is true, then we're all fucked. Look at the world, anarchy in the US, riots in Paris trying to overthrow Macron, anti-restriction protests in Berlin, an emerging full-scale dictatorship in Victoria, Australia. The world seems to be in greater turmoil than in a long time.

daisy said...

The humming pipe sound would be didgeridoos, traditional instruments made from small, termite-hollowed out trees. It's an evocative sound, distinctly Australian.

The term 'Aboriginal' has been consciously replaced with 'Originals' or 'Origines' in some circles as the prefix 'ab' means NOT (original or first).

La Realidad said...

Yes the didgeridoo is very powerful healing and trance inducing to listen to :)

I wonder why Pine Gap is very close to this location - US military.

I heard at the beginning of this year some people said the Australian fires were a deliberate effort to try preventing this portal from opening, even though the fires weren't near Uluru, there are ley lines connecting Uluru to other parts of the country, it was estimated 500 million animals were lost who were linked with this energy too. It's the heart of Australia.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: I like your analogy and I think you are really on point.

@Kentwoodguy62: Thanks so much for sharing!

@The enlightened one: You are kind of right... We have more global turmoil than I can ever remember. I'm not sure what the generations before me experienced, but this is def bad.

@daisy: Interesting. Thank you for sharing!

@La Realidad: I did a reading on the fires, and I got similar results. I don't think they can fully prevent anything. It will happen as Gaia thinks it needs to.

Thanks so much for all the comments!

Unknown said...

You are correct ley-lines have a lot to do with everything that's about to transpire it is the grid of the Earth whoever runs the grid runs the Earth this is why you see the Vatican, Washington DC,Stonehenge pyramids and everything else on these Ley lines especially where they intersect it's my firm belief after years of studying that all people with good intent should take a trip to the Ley lines on December 21st when Jupiter and Saturn have their great conjuncture this year with quartz crystals to magnify the effect of their hearts magnetic field.
It's very odd that I came up with this to do with a bunch of friends of mine and a couple months later we came across the Aboriginal prophecy which matched exactly what we all plan as an event to do this year
Nothing happens by coincidence