Friday, January 31, 2020

February 2nd "Big Game"

Q. I know this question isn't that necessarily important; however, with the Super B**l (which I have to refer to as "Big Game" due to trademarks) coming up soon, and the fact that so many million people are into sports, maybe we can shed some light in an area that doesn't get a lot of talk in spiritual communities. Most things in the entertainment industries and the media have satanic elements or are one satanic practice or ritual, but maybe this aspect needs to be investigated a little more to bring some awareness. It seems that the NFL is involved with the cabal agenda to distract and make money, but maybe it's darker and more nefarious than simply being pawns in the Illumidonkey game. If this information got into the public's awareness it would be a scandal that would help to wake a lot of people up.

This is such a great and timely question. Please allow me to break this down into sub-parts:

Do teams use black magic to help them win or hurt other teams? Do they summon djinn or demons to carry out particular plans?
A. I don't see the teams going that far.  I do get that there are predetermined "requests" for how the game is played, but it looks to be based on behavior rather than "dark magic" dictating it.  I then get that the people (gamblers) that have lots of money to lose wouldn't leave it up to chance.  They want guarantees.

Do they cast spells to hook the public in and form allegiances?
A. I get that the "spells" that are done occur during the commercials and half-time performance courtesy of the PTW (Powers That Were). It is the media that is running the subliminal messages. I hear to take note of how you feel and what emotions are triggered when you watch both commercials and half-time. I also get that the PTW utilize the half-time show to communicate via symbology to influence the masses, and to also strengthen the intent driving their agendas.

Are teams cloning players and using adrenochrome? (Seems like Tom Brady never gets old and the Patriots always win.)
A. I hear a message that the athletes are easily replaced that they wouldn't waste that type of effort (cloning or adrenochrome) on a player. They reserve this process for nobility and elite people that have lots of money to pay for it. They are willing to clone a celebrity if they have influence, and they appear to be useful for a good length of time (ie Taylor Swift and Britney Spears).
[Previous Reading on Adrenochrome:]

Are they fixing games for gambling purposes and to create better story lines? It is known the original owners in the NFL were connected to the mafia and known gamblers. Is the primary intent of the league and the owners to entertain and generate money or is it something more negative?
A. I get there is a lot of "acting" when it comes to these games. Players do work hard, practice, and play hard, but they are "encouraged" to make certain plays.. There is a huge goal of making money, and that is the driving force before this organization. It isn't the NFL that is sinister, it is the people the use the NFL as a tool (ads, commercials, half-time) that are they negative influences.

And that is all I have for this reading. I'd be really curious to see what you all pick up on after Sunday's game. Please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you. Love and light, Lynn

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Robert Schoen said...
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Wendy said...

LYNN CAN U EXPAND ON THIS? WHAT type of messages and symbol do they use on commercials. WHAT DO THEY PROMOTE?

Robert Schoen said...

Never been a sports fan but it always seemed Super Bowl had a particular Dark Energy about it. it's been revealed that the games themselves become the epicenter for a lot of child trafficking and prostitution. Many of the halftime shows, such as with Madonna and Katy Perry, are obviously Illuminati themed, while a lot of the commercials seem to pitch messages connected to social engineering. No doubt there's a lot of mind control seeded into the programming.

I'm sure Lynn's point about the PTW & gamblers making sure who the winner is true. I had the strange experience of being in Philly the day and night before they won the Super Bowl where there was so much excited energy in the air. I then was in Boston the day after the game and the people were so quiet it felt like Cemetery. are the Patriots really that good or is it something else that powers their winning streak?

NLTCrow said... is a blog written by a guy who's premise is professional sports are a billion dollar business, do you think they would leave such up to chance?
Very eye opening if you happen to be a naive sports fan.
I just like watching football but try not to take it too seriously. Having a bit tougher time with this one as my dad took me and my brother to our 1st 49er games almost 50 years ago, so a tough balance between having a rooting interest and the reality of what is actually going on.

Anonymous Reader said...

It would not surprise me if major sporting events have that sort of "fixed" mentality to it. There was a major scandal about the Houston Astros "sigh stealing" technology which also includes the usage of trash bins and that set off a huge red flag about the 2017 World Series being fixed as far back as 2014 when a Sports Illustrated issue made that prediction.

Robert Schoen said...

2/02/2020 (a Palindrome date read the same backwards and forwards) was a beautiful day filled with a lot of good energy which I spend mostly Outdoors enjoying nature instead of watching a game. Maybe this date was picked for the Super Bowl to exploit that energy.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks so much for the comments, everyone! I think I will follow this up with a post today. I'd love to see what any of you picked up regarding the "big game" and the symbology involved. :-)

Chatterbox said...

Interesting. I noted the gold and silver symbology as well as involving young girls in the quite sexual performance.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Chatterbox: I totally agree. It was a VERY sexualized performance for family tv.