Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Australian Fires

Q.  Hello Lynn,  can you do a reading about the Australia fires and DEW, (Direct Energy Weapons). I have heard that they have been intentionally set, like the fires in California. As always much love and protection to you and your family and thanks for all you do.

There is also a group emerging called CLARA (Consolidated Land and Rail Australia) which is interesting.  Are they playing any role in this?

A.  When I tune into this disastrous situation, I do get an element of these fires being intentional.  The energy around Australia is very similar to what California felt like when it was enduring a similar situation.  In both scenarios I see something that looks like a beam being shot from a ship, and then it bounces back down off the atmosphere (similar to how HAARP works) and hits direct targets in Australia.  These enormous fires that are rampant look more like they are being observed than being stopped by people that have some power (There are heros out there, and they need our love).  It is as if there is action that could be put in motion to lessen the severity, but it is being overlooked.

The real question I have is, Why?  Why let these fires continue on?  I get there is money to be made.  Usually a group of people make money or gain power with each devastating event.  Someone always wins.. In California I get that the power company won because they could bill customers for much needed updates to the infrastructure, and even get funding (or some kind of financial break) from the government.  California now also has open space where developers can look at building. 

In Australia, they (The Powers That Were) can create a reset of sorts by allowing these fires to continue.  The government has been trying to gain more and more control of the people, and a rebuild will allow more of this.  Not only can they develop some of the land that was destroyed, they can build "cluster" or compact housing that puts people closer together.  At first that may sound great, but "cluster" soon translates to control.  Yes, you may have a close supermarket, you can bike, walk, etc, Cars may be deterred as "rail" systems are introduced.  This can be developed on the guise of helping the climate, but the bigger picture is the voluntary taking away of independence and freedom to easily travel.  As developments and cluster housing grow, and people revert to more and more public transportation, they (the PTW) will know where you are, and when you go there.  And, if you cannot drive, and don't have a car, you cannot travel freely.  It is just the next step in removing another layer of privacy and helping to advance the agendas at work.

To expand on the physical ramifications of these 3D actions, there is a spiritual component to all this too. It is as if Gaia is allowing this to happen, and she is controlling it somewhat.  This is a 3D lesson and experience.  She has more power than you know, and could create her own event should she want to.  There is a HUGE energetic vortex at Australia, and she is allowing the energy to shift.  In fact, when I focus on Australia, I see her as a bellybutton (please don't take offense, this was a beautiful image), which is not only where life starts, it is connected to our solar plexus which houses emotion (and Gaia is purging).  I also see this as a sign that 4D is upon us or she would not allow this in the 3D.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Please send love, light and healing to Australia and the people living through this.  -Lynn 

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Robert Schoen said...

On the news last night they were trying to blame the Australian fires on two Islamic kids setting off fireworks. DEW we're definitely used to start the California fires both this year and last year as part of the goal was to enact a proposition 21 to create communities in small condos instead of suburban sprawl. Out of necessity Australia has more need for concentrated communities because of the lack of water, Lynn's reading seems very logical and consistent with what was done to Paradise and other communities in California blamed on the Santa Ana winds.

People have to speak out or else these things will just keep happening out of ignorance. there are also those that are trying to use this event to push the phony climate change agenda, a subject you can talk intelligently about without mentioning Chemtrails are harpa,which is also a big scam to push the same type of restrictive control over the population.

daisy said...

I'm in the hinterland area in Australia and we experienced the earlier, less catastrophic fires and continue to have smoke around 2 months later. Normally we would be experiencing lush, even flooding conditions this time of year, summer, as would all of the mountains up and down the east coast.

The past 2 years at least have been dry and we're now in a drought no one has seen before (we've lived here 30 years). Along with little rain we've had hot, dry winds and some storms that have snapped many grown trees leaving a lot of debris we've been unable to remove from a year ago, so the fuel load is immense. We've been told many of the fires have been started from lightning strikes when no one has been observing them and conditions don't seem right.

I feel Lynn's component of the spiritual connection hits the mark and is the beginning of the 'Something Big' for the world. If I may recommend a video from 3rd Jan. of a reading by Amanda Ellis, I think she feels into this in a very insightful way. This weekend of 11/12 Jan will be a consciousness conference at Uluru and an astrologically significant time.

@Watch said...

Thank you Lynn! Drugged Trump?

Unknown said...

Its all a scam. Same as 911
Trump now spends a Trillion a year on Defences
Buy stocks in Climate Change companies,
billions of dollars will be poured into a hole

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you to all of you for the comments!

@Robert: I agree. We do need to speak up against this. It is horrible what is going on there.

@daisy: Thanks for sharing. I am glad you are safe. I wish I could be at the conference. I have a few clients going, and it feels to be amazing! It is also a full moon, which makes it feel even more special.

@Watch: I actually watched this when it was given, and he didn't sound like that. Someone has altered the video and sent it out..

@Unknown: yes....

Thanks again. Have a great day!

Amanda Nicolich said...

Really interesting. Elizabeth April had a YouTube video the other day and she said the same thing. She said it was Mother Gai purging(so sad since it is resulting in death!) And the 3d animals needed to pass so they can be reincarnated to 5d beings.When I heard this, I felt some hope in the world again

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Amanda: Thanks for sharing. I think its interesting that so many people are getting similar things..