Friday, December 27, 2019

Cryptids and Crawlers

Q.  I live in a very rural area of Missouri. I have 1 neighbor within a half mile of my home and there's easily 10,000+ acres in a few mile radius of me that is completely unoccupied and probably hasn't had a human explore it in 100 years. A lot of the area is very hilly forest full of caves and lakes in the valleys/ravines.  During my time here, I've witnessed two different Cryptids.

The first one you already talked about a few weeks ago, the Dogman. I had a couple sightings of them 2-3 years ago that I kind of blew off as my mind playing tricks on me, until I had two life threatening encounters with them. I actually talk about those on a YouTube series known as Dogman Encounters.  

But my questions are related to the other one that I have seen... Crawlers.

I had my first Crawler sighting in the early to mid 90s. I mention my first sighting and my best visual encounter with them at the beginning of the Dogman interview above.

Back in the 90s, we had something getting into our chicken coop at night that was slaughtering chickens, it also ended up getting a goat as well. It wasn't eating them. Just straight up ripping them to shreds and leaving them on the ground outside the coop. My parents thought it was dogs, but it was getting in by tearing the chicken wire apart in the top corner of the wire caged yard about 5 feet off the ground. I made my case with them that no dog would do that, and if they wanted in they would probably dig under the wire. So then they started to think it was a raccoon, which once again made no sense to me. That was until I caught the crawler red handed one night coming home late, as I pulled into my normal parking spot my headlights shined directly onto the chicken coop were a Gollum from LotR like creature was on the roof. It had very pale white, almost translucent skin, was hairless, dark sunken eyes, very thin were you could see its bone structure and ribs and almost no nose. It hissed and growled at us until I started flashing my brights at it and laying on the air horn of my truck, after minute or so it jumped off towards the woods. This was my best look at it.

Over a decade later I had another close sighting late at night, I was playing video games in my bedroom at like 1 or 2 am, only to hear a scream that sounded like the mix of a girl and a pig squeal in my window a few feet away. As I looked over I saw the crawler with its face pressed against the window screen and I fell over in my desk chair which I guess spooked it away from the window, giving me the chance to run over and close my window and blind as fast as I could.

I've had other sightings and signs of them over the years, but those were my two best sightings.

I was hoping you could look into these things for me. I've been trying to learn about them for decades now.

From what I've gathered in my studies over the years is they are probably cave dwellers. Most sightings seem to be around places that have cave systems or large abandoned sewer systems nearby.

They seem to prefer to eat dead stuff, often slaughtering things and then coming back later to eat them.

They are incredibly good climbers and can move very fast and quietly, and seem to be able to move through tight spaces.

I also came across a story from some soldiers who encountered these things in the Mideast. They said they were spying on an insurgent camp in the middle of the night in the mountain, when they witnessed several of these things come out of a nearby cave and make their way into the camp where they slaughtered everyone. The soldiers said they could see them on night vision, but they didn't show up on the infra-red heat vision.  I've also wondered if the old world stories of Ghouls are actually talking about these things.

If you got anything for me about these things I'd love to hear it.

A.  When I focus on these "crawlers" I do get a strong reptilian connection.  The look to be part of the Reptilian ET race, and do live underground.  They carry a very low vibration, and are very primal beings. 

I see that they only come out at nigh because their eyes cannot take in that much light.  They are so used to being underground, their eyes have developed to see in very low light.  They are also very pale due to their generations of evolution in the ground.

I get they are starting to come to the surface more and more due to food shortages.  It used to be that they were more like slaves for the underground bases, and they were fed and cared for in exchange for working and mining natural resources.  Some bases feel like they have been abandoned (the have the resources extracted in certain areas so they have relocated), and the "crawlers" were left behind to fend for themselves.  

They do not feel friendly, and lack many emotions and feelings humans possess.  Imagine them as the sociopaths from the underground that are starving and in survival mode.

These are not beings to approach or interact with.  Be cautious, and keep your distance.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light, Lynn

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Robert Schoen said...

This story of a Ghoul creature and the video are very compelling. One of the first things I thought of were all the Missing 411 cases that occurred in national parks. "Ghoul" seems to be the perfect name for these creatures, & suggests they've been known for a long time. Lynn's read that they were cared for and use for labor by a higher order of Underground reptilians who abandon them suggest one possible reason they are encroaching on homes in isolated areas is that they might be seeking out a new higher order being, almost like how a cat would leave a dead bird or Mouse at your door to prove their usefulness.

I suspect that these creatures would only reveal themselves to the intuitive, and that most other people would just write off Missing Pets or dead livestock to coyotes or Wolves.

Johnathan said...

Thanks for looking into that for me. Can't argue with anything you've said. I've actually wondered about a reptilian connection as well as underground slaves myself, found it very intriguing that you mentioned it. Might have to look into it a little more.

Like the last guy, I also have read a few Missing 411 cases that sound like it could be crawlers.

There's also a tale from a farmer who was having livestock getting slaughtered, and asked the neighbor to find out if he was as well. They started seeing what they believed to be Dogmen. The neighbor next door was hiring a posse to go and hunt them. Before they set out a Dogman come up to them carrying a dead crawler. It threw it down in front of them and pointed at it. Then picked it back up and ran off with it and the livestock killings stopped.

@Watch said...

Thanks Lynn! What used to be one of the most famous Hotels in South America (even Einstein stayed there) later became hiding place for Adolph Hitler, is now a haunted place (Hotel Eden, La Falda, Córdoba, Argentina). This would be a great "100% free" reading suggestion! :) ( )

Robert Schoen said...

Did a bit more reading on these creatures and one thing that resonated was that they were amphibians, linking them to the reptilians and also explaining why they'd be drawn to living in caves and drainage systems. As for the Missing 411 cases, it seems obvious that the authorities are suppressing knowledge and serious investigation into these creatures, the same way they've never acknowledged alien visitations, so as not to spread alarm.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for the comments. I really enjoyed reading them. I also thought about the 411 reports. so that really resonated with me too.

@Watch: Thanks for the suggestion. I will save it for a reading.