Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Deforestation of Brazilian Rain Forest

Q.  Do you think you could do a reading on the future of the Brazilian rain forest?

A.  When I tune into this region, I do see the landscape changing.  I view this like a "time lapse" and see the wooded area receding making way for farm land.  I get that right now the government isn't seeing this as an area to protect or preserve, but rather sees the money that can be made from the goods on this land (which is turn can be taxed in some way and turned into revenue).  

The Brazilian rain forest is rich is resources.  The timbered wood can be sold for high dollar amounts to countries outside Brazil, bringing revenue back to the region.  Not only are they able to bring money into the country, they are creating jobs, and boosting their economy.  For these reasons, the government supports the deforestation (or at least looks the other way as the process occurs).  

I also get that the deforestation causes some unrest in the country.  The people see the revenue going toward the government versus making their life better (kind of a socialist economic flow).  Again, this makes the government turn a blind eye, because they ultimately benefit. 

I don't the momentum of the deforestation speeding up, but I do see it being steady in its' decline.    Some portions of the cleared forest will be used for farming/food, and others will be replanted (the justification for the process).  I don't see the entire forest being consumed, but it will most definitely shrink in size.  Please send some healing to this region. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light, Lynn

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Raymond said...

I understand the need to produce foreign revenue, but the Rain Forest is special.
A lot of plants and animals living there are not found anywhere else.
And researchers have found a lot of medicinal uses for the plant life there.
I have heard a few times that the Rain Forest represents the Lungs of the Earth.
Hopefully, someone will find a reasonable solution to protect it and still create jobs for Brazil.

@Watch said...

Hi Lynn thanks very intresting indeed! Many essential oils like Copaiba are from trees that originally exiated only in the Amazon Rain Forest. There are still many medicine plants there unknown to us (Indios have knowledge of their healing properties but in many cases they are dying/getting killed faster than the Forest.).

Psychic Focus, Lynn said...

@Raymond and @Watch: Thanks for the comments. I agree it is sad to see these areas destroyed. Lots of love needs to go there and hope the earth can heal.

@Watch said...

Sure! This time, Good news from South America: Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo (Buenos Aires/Argentina) are in party mood. They recoverred another grandson, his name: Javier Matías Darroux Mijalchuk who now is in his early 40s! Back in 1977 he was taken from his parents during the military regime. ( )

Robert Schoen said...

It's ironic that the Rain Forest is in such an impoverished area where the people naturally seek development for jobs and to provide for their families. The Pharmaceutical industry, one of the richest industry sectors that benefits most from the healing elements found there, should be made to pay to keep large sections as a sanctuary free from development.