Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Ouija Boards

Q. Sometimes we hear about people playing with Ouija Boards and being negatively effected by paranormal events, including possession.  But, why does this occur if we are always watched by our Guides and Angels?  Is it free will? How come they (our guides and angels) don't intervene to help us, or is there a order of seniority that allows the bad ones to overcome the good ones?

A. First, ouija boards are not toys.  Spirits and beings in other dimensions want to be heard, so if they see an opportunity, they will flock to it like a beacon.  

When someone uses a ouija board, they approach it knowing that they may (and probably will) connect with another being.  The intent of the user is to communicate.  If the user doesn't set proper protection (through intent, mantras, and a belief in their own strength), a low vibe being can come through and attach to the user.  The low vibe being see it as a way to be heard through communication and/or influence.

Guides are there to protect and nudge you in the right direction, but if you go on your own, especially with the intent to connect to something not in this dimension, they can only protect you so much.  This is an example of how the Law of Attraction works; setting intent to connect (without protection) can give you any connection (because you didn't set boundaries). 

Even though the question didn't ask, it is coming through strong that it is no coincidence these are found in the toy isle of the stores.  The PTW (Powers That Were) want us to be reckless.  Keeping our vibrations low through fear, negativity and low vibe interactions.  This prevents us from ascending and growing (which inversely keeps us weak and easy to control).  

I also get there is an agenda to keep people afraid of the spiritual planes.  Spirituality, and connection to a higher power is empowering and teaches people they can manifest their own destiny.  It encourages people to be empowered rather than powerless.  Free thinking people are much more difficult to control.  In the right environment (always set protection),  spirituality and connecting to both your higher self and high vibrational beings is a very beautiful thing. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Be safe.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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wodasi in North Dakota USA Charlebois said...

may I remind you all .. One of the worlds most informative sites and proper use
of a board is at also the sister site SOTT.NET,,
(Lynn has done a reading on Laura ..she was screened from doing a full reading ..
but it was largely positive over all.....)cc

A Man Called Da-da said...

DON'T use Ouija boards, ever.

wodasi in North Dakota USA Charlebois said...

Don't use Guns Ever !

Mark Noeth said...

Good reading and advice... I actually make my own talking boards (Ouija). Got the idea from an interview I heard from a couple that has written several books on the spirits they contacted. I got another idea from an interview from an author talking about spirit guides. I combined the ideas and tryed to find information on a missing kid using his spirit guide team. I thought this was crazy kewl. All the information I got I had checked by a friend of mine who is an awesome pendulum user. He said everything was spot on. Wrote a few alphabet groups and got no response... Did another on the Vegas shooter, got some info but the guy is super rude. Their is a process you have to follow to stay safe and get who you want. Not going to go through that. This is still a work in progress and takes a lot of time. Wrote some countries to see if they were interested in getting information on technologies this way. Actually a few ways now, have the page of knowledge and sigil solutions and variations of both. Still no one wrote back. Doing a project with my wife now. She can see and hear spirits/entities. Still focusing on technologies. Free energy bubble needs to be cracked. (Although I want to know who was in the Elvis grave... Lol) Think I'm going to do videos instead of writing people/groups... Sorry this got so long and a bit off topic...

Raymond said...

I have played with them a few times and nothing happened. Maybe that is a good thing.
I'll stick to meditation.

Thanks Lynn !

Andrew Dyson said...

Mark Noeth, can you keep us all updated as to your progress on this project please? Not sure I advocate what you are doing, but remain curious nonetheless! cheers

Melly said...

Reminds me of my part time job selling used items some time ago. One of my tasks was putting items on the shelf, and throwing away anything that seemed like people won't buy. When I saw an Ouija board in one of the bins for the kids board games shelf, I immediately threw it in the compactor.

Good thing I believe in these things, otherwise some kid might actually buy it just to do daring games with other kids.

A Scholar Heart said...

Dear Lyn,

King Ludwig II of Bavaria, the notorious mad king that drove his kingdom into Bankruptcy by building famous Neueschwanstein and Herrenchimsee castles had a strangely mysterious end. After being dethroned on account of being mad and unfit to rule, he was found dead in lake water along with his doctor the next day in mysterious circumstances. The official verdict was death by drowning even though he was a strong swimmer, the water was only waist deep and no water was found in his lungs.
125 years have passed since then but speculations continue that he was murdered. Several evidences have surfaced that indicate his murder and a huge cover-up but still nothing can be proven. The evidences keep disappearing and Ludwig’s family refuses to exhume the body to find out the truth.
Here are my questions. Please forgive me for asking so many questions but your psychic input may just help clear a 125 years old mystery and clear the tragic king's name.
How did Ludwig meet his end? Was he murdered or committed suicide or died of sudden heart attack?
1. Was he mad as alleged by his psychiatrist Bernhard von Gudden?
2. What was the role of Bernhard von Gudden in the death of Ludwig?
3. Why does Ludwig's family stubbornly refuse to investigate his murder theory? Were they also involved in some way?
4. Are those people or their successors still alive who may have murdered the King?
5. During his life time, Ludvig had an unusually strong fascination for Louis 14 and . Marie Antoinette of France almost to the point of craziness. Was there any soul connection between them?
6. Above all, has Ludwig passed on to higher realm, reincarnated as he strongly believed or still haunts his castles or his place of death? What is his mental state now?

Thank you so much! You are blessed!

Tanner said...

What Da-da said

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Dada: Agreed! Do not play with them.

Melly: I'm glad you had the intuition to get rid of it. ESPECIALLY with it being used, it could have had an attachment waiting on a user..

Raymond said...

Art Bell was the guy that started the paranormal / psychic genre on the radio.
He recently died in April, on Friday the 13th.

Jimmy Church, host of Fade to Black Radio; recently had a guest on his radio show that used a Ouija Board on the air to contact him. The results were interesting.

Christina Gould said...

There are two things that are forbidden in my home: Ouija Boards and conjuring. There are many stories out there of what these can do to a family and a home. You're playing with fire with either.

I read about a doctor who worked in mental institutions. He said that the people there who acted possessed all had one thing in common--they were heavy users of Ouija boards before they ended up there.

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Serene said...

Something interesting...we were watching an episode of "The Waltons," (primetime family show from the 70s) and in the first of second episode there was a shot of the inside of Godsey's store (local merchant) and what were we shown on the bottom left of the screen??? A Oujia board. I never noticed this as a kid, but there it is. Very weird that this would be shown on a family show during the 70s but nonetheless a clever marketing ploy.

Olivia Walton would never have allowed this into her home and I'm surprised Ike Godsey even ordered it. I wonder how many letters CBS received about this.

Anyhoo...yes, avoid Oujia. I have seen firsthand what it can do to those that use it. Not good. Don't even go there. Get rid of the thing. Blessings and Safety to all. XOXO