Friday, April 27, 2018

Life Detective #8

by Lynn and Da-da

Hi, all. Welcome to Life Detective #8, where Lynn and Da-da look at past and future lives of various people, sharp and blunt. Typically, when Lynn taps in, she gets the most dominant past life of the subject come forward, showing what's most relevant to who they were/are today, and then who they’ll be in the future. We don’t reference subject names in the article, but instead put the answers below. Try not to peek. Da-da’s questions/comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

Subject A
Past Life: This is really weird. I see this person lived in the Middle East in a previous life, about 50 years ago, in the military, high up. No family. Had a big black mustache. He was ruthless. Devoted so much of his life to his army and country, that he had nothing else. Finally, when he lost his life in some Middle Eastern conflict, as he passed over I hear, “Alright, I paid my dues with this rough life; for my next one, I’m calling for a charmed life.” His current life is his reward. He’d lived this super tough life in a war zone, a lone wolf living in the desert, literally in the trenches, with no luxury of any kind, so he wanted to incarnate as THIS guy he is now, all about money and fame and the cushy life.

Future LifeNext… I see him in the New England states... as a little girl! He’s going to come back as a nobody — on purpose. This next time, he wants to be a totally unrecognizable person, poor and nondescript. He kinda got buyer’s remorse for the life he has now. 

[ Not that it shows. ]

Subject B
Past Life:  I get this next subject was a Russian spy during the Cold War! [Hilarious!] Everything for this person was about getting ahead. In some ways, he liked knowing all the dirty little secrets, more than the job or loyalty to the country. He liked knowing the scoop on everyone. In fact, he loved it.

Future LifeWho is this person in the future? I hear something about him becoming a politician… [great]. He incarnates into the BUSH family [!!], as a man, and will somehow be involved in politics. We’re not done seeing his face just yet.

[Well, some of us are, as you’ll see.]

Subject C
Past Life:  I see him in Europe, affiliated with some monarchy about 300+ hundred years ago. This royal family had several children, several boys. This guy was 5th or 6th in line, but because he was so far away from the throne, he ended up becoming a big joke: partying, acting like an idiot. He was totally frustrating to his parents, and consistently conducted himself in a silly and irresponsible way. Finally, the family went so far as to disown him, making him a kind of court jester at their court, behaving like a clown, a total mockery. [Wow.]

Future LifeIn future, I see an image of a fishing boat. He’s going to be a deep sea fisherman, away from all people. He just wants to be away from people, and live far away from society. No puppet strings, just fishing. Just a rogue life where he does his own thing out in the middle of nowhere.

Subject D
Past Life:  This guy was in an accident when he was very young; got knocked off the back of a horse by a limb that caught him across the chest, and almost died. He had some brain damage from this, and some facial disfigurement. It really messed him up mentally. This was in Europe back during the time when if you did something wrong, you got hung or your hand cut off. So, when he grew up, he became obsessed with the hangman job, and he grew up to be that man; who wore a mask because of his disfigurement. He was obsessed with being The Executioner. He died young of some disease, around age 30.

Future LifeHuh. I see him coming back as a mute boy, and his parents didn’t know how to deal with that, or how to help him, in a poor country with little resources. Looks as though he ends up somehow at a monastery! He’s taken in by some monks and is forced to learn about finding inner peace. All he can do is listen, since he can’t speak, so he listens. He’s forced into a peaceful existence that he ends up embracing! A forced lesson.

Subject E
Past Life:  I see this subject as a teenager in the ’50s. He was part of a gang that wore leather jackets, hair greased back… he was a bad boy, a bad influence. [What a surprise.] He raced cars, was generally reckless. He actually died in his teens because of this reckless behavior -- died playing chicken; hit another car head-on.

Future Life: I hear he’s going to come back as... a history teacher! He has on a tweed jacket and is obsessed with US history. [Huh, a teacher, just like Curt Cobain. Makes you wonder about teachers.] He’ll be in… Philadelphia… and will be really passionate about teaching, the "proper way.” He’ll be super-passionate about teaching, and really fascinated by old-timey stuff, which takes him down the historic path. He’ll get a little push-back, because some of his ideas about the past aren’t well-accepted, but he’ll do really well.

[So… some general questions: Are people allowed to do whatever they want by way of reincarnations? What are the rules?]

You have some say as long as certain lessons are addressed. Some are opposite life experiences, some are re-balancing karma, some are just life lessons. 

[Are most of these above subjects coming back on the 3D earth, or some on the 4D? I’d ask about timelines, but that’s probably impossible. I’m really surprised some didn’t learn as much this lifetime.]

They all look to come back on the 3D earth, with the exception of the last guy. He has a good chance at 4D (at least it looks that way). 


And that’s it! Join us next time for LD #9. Answers are at bottom.


Alex said...
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Alex said...

Thanks to Lynn and Dada, my favorite Life Detective series is back!
The rules of reincarnation explained briefly by Lynn is insufficient so please explain further. This is how I understand it.

1. Opposite life experiences

If you have a life full of riches (eg. king), then you need to have a life of poverty (commoner) in order to see what the other side experience. This I understand.

2. Re-balancing karma

If you hurt/cheated/killed someone in the past, you need to pay your debt to that same victim. This I understand.

3. Life lessons

Aren't issue 2 and 3 life lessons? So why is there a category 3? I am confused.

4. Teach lower living beings

I would like to add another category which is to teach lower living beings to ascend such as those spiritual gurus.

Anonymous said...

Zucc is human? Methinks you're pulling my leg.

Bee E-lightened said...

Loveeeeeeee life detective.....great job guys

Ryno said...

I think it would be interesting to have a "life detective" for the regular commenters on here! ;)

Are we connected to Earth someway with our reincarnations or can any of us choose to go to another planet? I'm not saying that I would necessarily choose to go to another planet, I'm pretty partial to Gaia!

Bee E-lightened said...

HOW do I make sure I do not return to 3D? Do I just request not to?

Robert Schoen said...

This group was a lot of fun and so many of the subjects' past and future lives make a lot of sense. I wonder if you can choose your next life, why more don't choose to be rich or powerful, especially when you consider the generations when millions were starved and killed by wars? While I realize not everyone's priority is not comfort or wealth, it would seem many would have the same circumstances of subject 1 and I wonder how come it only works for a few if it's that easy?

Buddhist Lady said...

I have a friend who's more like a sister; I've mentiioned her before because she's very psychic. She won't say much, but if I catch her looking a certain way or saying something a little "off," I'll ask what she's sensing or feeling and she always responds. She had hypnosis when she was a younger woman, and when the guy asked her what she "saw" for 2040, she said that she was still living (!) and teaching kids how to use their telepathy!! She remembers lifes where she worked with mermaids on Atlantis; took care of crystals on Atlantis; brought crystals from the Pleiades to Earth; lived as a black slave and another life as a black man in America; white lives to balance....

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Meh ~ I know! That's why I asked!

@Alex ~ The post was a Life Detective entry, not a piece on reincarnation, hence the apercus. Life lessons are for raising your vibration, and getting back "home" to SOURCE. This is the main goal of all Ascended Masters and higher-order beings -- and those who aspire toward becoming such. It's a long story, but we all come from SOURCE. We are each basically a tear-drop of SOURCE, an extension, a "son." We are ALL children of SOURCE, with a will and a mind, both of which we borrow from SOURCE, they don't belong to us. We each have an innate need -- even if you deny it -- to use our will and our minds to reunite ourselves with SOURCE. Everything else is a stalling tactic.

@Ryno ~ Sorry, that would take forever, but you can always hire Lynn to look at your own life.

@Bee E-lightened ~ THAT is the $64,000 question.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Sorry, that should have been: "aper├žus," a hasty glimpse. Typing too fast.

The enlightened one said...

What do you mean "that would take forever"?
Why would it take longer time to do readings on visitors to the blog, than on celebrities?

Raymond said...

That was fun, even if I was not able to guess any of them correctly.

It's interesting that Stalin had a previous life of an executioner and his future life will be in the ministry. Because he was actually a Seminary student when he was a young man and then he ended up killing millions of his own people while he ruled the USSR.

I wonder how much of our current lives is related to the past and the future and how many of us live lives that are unrelated to successive lifetimes?

Thanks Lynn and Da-Da.

Kalamota Kook said...

Fascinating as ever, thanks to both Da-da and Lynne for doing this series again. I didn't guess any of them! Were you not a teeny weeny bit disappointed that Zuckerberg didn't pop out a mutant gremlin or turn into a yak in the spirit of Soros?

This post and subject have taken on an extra resonance for me right now. I don't know if anyone else caught it but there was a live group past life regression meditation which is now parked on youtube:

The script was written by Candace Craw Goldman and was facilitated by Allison Coe. I had never tried past life meditation before and was blown away by what came up. It was a deep dive and people were sharing their results. I have done several sessions to get a fuller picture and am now going to progress through a range of queries just to see what else comes up. The strange layering of familiar and foreign threads and themes is quite intoxicating, and I've made a leap forward in my relation to unity, space time, multidimensional living and all of that kind of thingy.

The first life I got was as a 19th century boss or owner of a mine who was responsible for a disaster with great loss of life. Then I had a life just after that one as a girl taken to California by her brother who was trying to find work in the mining there. She eventually worked in a department store in San Francisco and ended her days in the bohemian community of old cable/horse cars out on the dunes called Carville.

The thing that amazes me is that even if a sceptic were to put it down to *just* imagination, then the sophistication with which the imagination weaves these meaningful narratives to make you aware of life patterns is impressive anyway. It really felt like I'd dredged the lower reaches of my brain to a degree that decades of mental health 'support' never even touched. There was a strange sensation of parallel lives resonating with each other and echoing in everyday life. Apart from which, it was fun! I've done dream work for years but this was like landing on another continent. I know I'm gushing but something really changed for me this week through this.

If you have any curiosity then do try the video. There is an introductory discussion, then the meditation begins at around 23 minutes. I've been meaning to try this type of hypnotherapy for years and now I'm a bit hooked (perhaps I was a trout at some point too...)

A Man Called Da-da said...

@The enlightened one ~ I'm sorry, free readings would take time away from paid readings -- time that Lynn doesn't have as a mom of FIVE -- and, frankly... Lynn is PAID for her gifts. It's the least we can do for the level and depth of the information we get. I personally subsidize the Life Detective series and Five for Friday posts, and the others we work on together. If Lynn offered to do free pre- and next-life readings for visitors, she'd have time for little else. She is, like all professionals, paid for her time. It's actually presumptious to assume that psychics will "read you" for free when they have other paying clients and families to support like everyone else. If people want a private reading, they can sign up. Few psychics work for free. Try asking Lisa Gawlas or Diane Canfield for free readings and they'll read you the riot act!

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Kook ~ Did you see the Soros reading Lynn did in one of the past Life Detectives? We'd never seen that before. I was definitely expecting something like that from Zuckerberg. He may not fully like his life right now, but how hard is it to do the right thing while you have the ability to do it?

Alex said...


You're missing the point here. I am saying that cases 1 and 2 are also life lessons which once learned will raise one's vibration so there shouldn't be four cases but three cases as I've listed. I am just trying to find out how many cases are there.

Alex said...

@enlightened-one @Ryno

Dada's right. There are too many people requesting too many free public readings in the 'Blog Requests' section and also many more requests coming through private emails so Lynn is very busy with her family life and also all these requests.

It's reasonable for us to pay for any private readings. Her charges are quite reasonable although there seems to be an increase in the price recently. There are many fake psychics around who even charge for fake readings, that's not the case with Lynn.

Alex said...

@Robert Schoen

Not everyone can choose their next life or else everybody would want to come back in a comfortable rich life. If you have heavy karma, then you have to work out your rebalancing karma first (as mentioned by Lynn).

A lot of people are poor in this life (when compared to percentage of rich people) because they steal/cheat others in past lives. If they still haven't learned their lesson of non-stealing, they would have to undergo poverty again.

If you make other people poorer by stealing or cheating, then you have to be poor to balance out the karma. Does this make sense?

The enlightened one said...

But the suggestion to do past-life-readings on blog visitors I think, was meant as an installment in the past-life-series that you subsidize. So the issue you pointed out wouldn't exist.
I think it was also very clear from Ryno's comment that he didn't mean for it to be done in the personal interest of the person being read, but in the general interest of all blog visitors, just as all the other free readings, that are made because there is a general interest attached to them. But perhaps that wasn't entirely clear to you?

Kalamota Kook said...

Yes Da-da, as soon as I saw the answer to A I was reminded of the Soros reading. That white llama was a real cutie though.

Bee E-lightened said...

TOO bad you missed the “free readings” boat. Lynn did free reading in the early stages of her blog, back in 2012 - she did a couple for me and was on point. I still have her do readings and make the donation

Raymond said...

Enlightened one.......No one works for free. If you are so compelled to see the past/future lives of regular posters or even yourself, then feel free to pay for a reading or purchase an emergency reading. This is the link for your convenience.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hi everyone. Thanks for the comments and great discussion. I just had a chance to sit down and read through.

@Dada: Thanks for answering a lot of the questions. I really enjoy doing these and since I haven't looked at this in detail since I posted it Friday morning, there was a lot of interesting things brought up. Thanks for all your work putting this together too! I know how much goes into these! :-)

I did see a few comments about me doing some past life readings for blog commenters. Unfortunately, I just cannot offer this for free. When I first started all my readings were free (to help people and further develop). Then, I woke up one Christmas morning several years ago to 50+ requests in my inbox (something on the blog must have been a popular post and drew people in). Even though I was VERY humbled and grateful for this, and I fulfilled my promise and did all 50+ readings for free, I had to start charging to give back to my family for the time I took away from them as the blog was growing overnight. I will always do the blog, general interest, public topic readings for free, (I love you guys and he community we've formed!!) but I just cannot do personal readings for free anymore. They do take a lot of time, and it wouldn't be fair to those that pay.

Thanks again for all the comments! I do enjoy working with Dada to put these together!

Beware of the Evil Xbots said...

I dont have paypal. Is there no other way to pay for readings? I would also prefer them in text rather than audio, but that is a minor gripe.

The enlightened one said...

I don't know If you and I have read the same comments. I haven't read any comment at all suggesting you to do free personal readings, that is just a straw man created by Dada to be able to dismiss the suggestion made to him by Ryno to have a past-life installment on blog visitors.

If you do a reading on a person not because the person in question is interested, but because there is a general interest, the it's not a private reading, but a reading done because there is a general interest.

I get very angry when people create straw-men like this to try to dismiss an idea on false grounds.

Raymond said... can pay for a Reading using Paypal with a credit card or a debit card. Just go to the paypal link and set it up for a one time use and it works just fine.

When I paid for my Reading, I used a gift card I bought for the occasion. That way, Paypal doesn't have a record of my CC or Debit card on their file. If there is anything remaining on the gift card you can just spend it somewhere else and then throw away the card. It is more time consuming to do it this way and you have to pay a fee for the gift card, but you don't have to worry about hacking etc...

Beloved Shingstar said...

I really liked the reading! Johnny Depp was always my favorite when I was growing up. I remember the movie Crybaby where he played a greaser role! Did you mean he would be a teacher in the 4d realm or he has a choice to come back to the 3d as a teacher or move on to the 4d as something else? It’s interesting how one of the Bush is gonna be a lonely fishermen, I thought he would get something else to be honest lol. I’ve always wondered how long the ptw will be stuck in a 3d loop.

Robert Schoen said...

I just read this thread and feel anyone who reads Lynn's blog should be extremely grateful for her posts she not only gives out to everyone without charge but sometimes even with risks because of the subjects, while most here go about with Pseudonyms and little risk for the hot potato questions they pose for her to answer. I also think lynn makes a great gift to everyone offering personal readings for a very cheap donation when she could be asking way more.

As for doing past life readings on the posters here as part of the Life detective series, I prefer to keep my past life skeletions in their past life closet and don't want to have my future life leaked out before I know it, thank you very much. There are far more interesting subjects and the whole point of the Life detective series is that you can only appreciate the past and future lives of someone everyone knows in the here and now.

The enlightened one said...

@Robert Schohen
Sure, some people may not want to have a public reading on their past life. At least that's a real argument, instead of the straw man argument, that some lying, deceitful folks have brought up here.

I absolutely agree that Lynn's unveiling of PTW-lies merits gratitude, but that doesn't mean we should put up with fake, straw-man arguments in the discussion.

Beloved Shingstar said...

Well said Robert! I’m very grateful for what Lynn does too!!! ��

Watchand Knock said...

MD Adolph Fritz from Northeast Germany reportedly died during WW1 when he was hit by a granade. For about 70 years he reportedly reincarnates temporarily in psychics who start performing surgeries on people and the (healing) wounds never gets infected despite the old knives and needles he uses as tools. What makes him perform like this instead of reincarnation (skyrocketing university fees for those enroled in MD schools?)? Thank You Lynn!

Hope said...

@Robert Schoen, you're right. Lynn's personal reading is really a "gift" to us. Before I came to know Lynn's blog, I did a search on some psychic blogs for personal reading and it is at least $100, and some even more.

She is too generous and kind, let alone the free postings in her blog.

Couldn't thank her enough

@A Man Called Da-da, thank you for subsidizing the Life Detective series and Five for Friday.

Robert Schoen said...

@Alex, thanks for you thoughts to my earlier question which seem right on the mark.
I think posters here should show respect and courtesy towards each other and not make accusations over things that make no sense or have any basis. Expressing gratitude would have been a better and more appropriate response. There's enough division in the world right now without having to endure it here.

@Da-da, You have made great contributons to this blog and irrational attacks are just that. Thanks for creating two ongoing features that literally hundreds of thousands look forward to.

Andrew Dyson said...

@Beloved Shingstar;
Regarding Johnny Depp - so he accidentally passed due to an accident in the 1950s, and reincarnated in 1963, if we understand this time line correctly.

So that might factor perhaps 10 years or less between incarnations? That sounds a little "tight" for time. I say that because aren't we supposed to have others in our karmic cycle pass with us within a certain number of years? That we our souls can collectively re-calibrate for the next lifetimes to workout whatever karma is due? I'm presuming passing early would throw that arrangement out of sync? Our was he simply meant to pass away young in that lifetime in the 50s, and it wasn't therefore an "accident" at all?
Kind of poses more questions than it answers, perhaps?

My understanding of past lives is that we can expect a solid 50-100 years between incarnations; but perhaps that paradigm is off the mark somewhat?

Bee E-lightened said...

All happens at once in spirit is not impossible

Alex said...

@Andrew Dyson

From what I read, the time between next incarnation varies with the soul level of the individual. The higher your soul level, the less often you reincarnate, that's why Buddha is still in the spiritual realm (Lynn's past reading) after 2500 years.

We don't have to wait for the others in this life to pass away first because we have many karma attachment with many other souls from many previous lives. We don't just have one previous life but many. People with heavy karma usually reincarnate faster.

According to a previous reading by Lynn, death by terrorist attacks are actually planned so I supposed death by car 'accidents' are also planned.

Ryno said...

I agree that Lynn's gifts are a blessing and the fact she provides so much for "free" is amazing.

My comment carried on farther than I thought it would. One of these days, I am going to pay for a reading! I want to know what my past lives were (are?)! :) Thanks Lynn, Da-Da, and everyone else! This an amazing place.

They Live said...

@Bee E-lightened in regards to your question on how to avoid re-incarnating, do not go to the light and turn to the darkness. @Da Da do I win the 64,000?!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks again everyone. I love our community on here. :-)

One World Society said...

Can you please do Elon Musk!!!!! I'm super curious.

The Sharing Bridge said...

Thanks Lynn & Dada - I do so enjoy these and think the very idea was a brilliant one! I personally have a wider view on reincarnation, karma, karmic debts and so on as I have been exploring this topic via different authors, personal psychic development study and so on and I encourage others not to limit their view to soon in the initial phase of exploring this topic. Although, I do get why one would want to start putting these ideas to paper as it is a mind expanding journey for certain! I still consider myself a student and always will :) Cheers!!

Me too said...

How can Comey be in the cold war and reincarnate, he was born in 1960 and the cold war was during 1943 until 1991, seems to be a shortturnaround to reincarnate

The enlightened one said...

@Robert Schohen
It wasn't my "attack" that was irrational, it was Dada's
counter argument that was irrational.

Since so few here understand this simple fact, it must be that people around here are unusually dumb, and follow their emotions/what others expect of them, rather than what's sound and rational.

Beloved Shingstar said...

I understand why Dada won’t pay for Lynn to do reading on blog readers and I’m perfectly fine with it and many others are too. I will pay for my own personal reading. I don’t know why you are so angry, but name calling is not necessary.

Alex said...

@The enlightened one

I believe that the list of candidates on life detective series are given by Dada because he paid for it. I know this because I've requested for other candidates like Russian and Chinese presidents a long time ago but....

So we should be grateful to Dada because no other regular readers here are willing to pay for public readings.

Darryl said...

Re: (a) Zuck . My past couple of lives have strung together like this. I've had many dreams about my past lives. During my last one, I was a black female slave in the South. I had no possessions or power. I was told that I needed to learn more humility in preparation for this life. Before that I was a Russian commander during the Tsarist period. I would stand up and fight anyone, which got me great respect from my troops, but I was a political nightmare and those above didn't trust me...for good reason. Fast forward to today and I'm still crap at office politics, but at least I don't take out those who move against me now. : )

Craig said...

@me too, yes this seeming contradiction can be understood if you think in terms of our soul being able to sort of split itself to have multiple incarnations at once over different time periods, different timelines, different dimensions, different planets, past present and future being experienced all at once, subliminally bleeding through at different times in a particular life

I guess I could have just said soul lifetimes are not linear, that's a construct that we put on it to make sense of it. There is also something I found fascinating, it seems in the spirit state that one can choose to experience a whole lifetime of someone else, with all memories and feelings, as if it was their own, but not incarnate. It still feels real and may be remembered as a past life even though it was not "lived".

That's my take anyway.

Darryl said...

@me too: The Law of One states that if your heart chakras hasn't activated at all, then you re-incarnate immediately. This is true of about 40% of the population. The more advanced down the path you are the longer the inter-carnational period can be.