Monday, February 5, 2018

Happy Monday (Group Posting)

Q.  What is this thing that is leading us to your blog? If you maybe have noticed, a lot of people in your blog found you by accident (including myself).
A.  I don't believe in coincidence, but rather synchronicity. People attract things to their life when they need it.  They may not search for it, want it or even know they need it, but the subconscious is always at work.  You may desire the feeling of community (people embracing alternative ideas can feel alone), or maybe it is challenging old paradigms.  It could even evoke an emotion (good or bad) that stimulates the person.  No two people are the same, and people find things in their path for the ultimate goal of learning and expanding through experience.

Q. . Can your subconscious become your enemy? I know it's unlikely but if you blame the subconscious mind for every bad thing that happens, would it think that it's his job to be your enemy and do bad things to you?
A.  Your subconscious is really your best friend.  It will be honest and steer you in the right direction.  It is your pathway to connect to your higher self and helps to open your intuition and create a connection with your spiritual senses (the "clairs").  When your rational (conscious) mind conflicts with your subconscious mind it can feel like your enemy, but that is more often because the right thing to do isn't the easiest, and you are fighting it.  

Q. The way life works is, you can't jump from level 1 to level 10. For example, we are not advanced enough, and we have a lot of things to invent and discover to level up. In order to level we have to spend like 2 years inventing and discovering, but if aliens could contact us, and give us some techniques, we could skip to next level. It doesn't work that way though. I don't care what they say, I'm sure there's not going to be a disclosure until 2020. So first, why do you think life works that way and second do you agree with me?
A. If ETs were to come here and share techniques with us, we would still not be able to skip levels.  You cannot gain experience and truly expand via shortcuts.  Having ETs help you go through various learning levels would be like reading the summary of a book, and saying you know the whole story.  You may know the gist, but you have left a lot out.  The Universe would see this as cheating and it would not be allowed.  IF ETs shared techniques it would be PART of the learning and growing, but in no way would it substitute what you would need to do to expand your own mind, emotion and thoughts.  You have to go through this process yourself because it is your journey.  

I'm not sure I understand the "2 years inventing and discovering," but in the Universal or Spiritual frame of time, there is no exact years or number if incarnations.  You are ready to ascend to the next level when you are ready, even if it takes 200 earth years, or 23 incarnations.   I hear the phrase "you have to learn to walk before you can run."

The following are a few questions I have looked at before, but still great questions.  I attached a link to my previous readings in case you would like to review.  I do need to disclose I am not a doctor, and I have not studied medicine.  The following are what I see from an intuitive perspective.: 

Q. Hi Lynn, I was wondering if you'd look into the Divine Healing Codes. They are said to be quantum healing tools working with energy like Reiki. Here's the link to the blog
A.  I see these being very effective as long as the person is open to the healing, and puts the vibrational intent out there that they they will work.  Your perception will become your reality, so know in your mind that you are being healed as you use these tools to strengthen your intent.

Q. Can you tell me if Anthony William (Medical Medium) is giving accurate information in regard to what causes a lot of the auto immune diseases? Thank you.
A.  I have tuned into him before, and see him as a brilliant man that is very in tune with spirit.  Even though his information may be overwhelming (just take it in small segments), he does look to have and want to share valuable information regarding health and healing.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Portis said...

I recently read Medical Medium, and found it most intriguing. While his claim that his source for his information is, essentially, the right hand of God, might initially be offputting in its grandiosity, his book is well worth reading. I am trying his plant- and supplement-based heavy-metal detox. No idea whether it is working.

Serene said...

The Medical Medium book has helped dramatically improve my digestion. If you have any chronic aches, pains or symptoms that aren't healing you might find relief here. XOXO

Charles Smith said...

Was feeling like I have millions of question to ask you. All is gone now, for some reason.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments! I agree, the Medical Medium is brilliant and very intuitive. Definitely worth reading.

Darryl T. Barnes said...

I've been significantly helped by the Medical Medium information. Highly recommend. Btw, Lynn also helped me with an issue and her suggestion worked perfectly to clear it up.