Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Wild Fires..

Q.  I just came across a post on social media that has many pictures of neighborhoods and houses after the recent California fires and there are some strange anomalies as far as I can see. It looks like whole blocks are turned to ash and yet there are some green trees interspersed between the decimated houses. Very strange. Usually there is some semblance of the structures left, but there is row after row of flat land covered in white dust. Strangely reminiscent of the debris from when the towers disintegrated. What's going on here?

I will second Craig's request. I would love for you to look into the California fires. Seeing pictures of streams of melted aluminum from car wheels. . .but running down asphalt that isn't melted in the least. And disappeared houses--now just white ash--with not even a ceramic bathtub or granite countertop or even a chimney remaining. . .yet the plastic garbage cans out front are untouched. Yes, very reminiscent of the twin towers where microwave weapons (according to Dr. Judy Wood and others) may have been used. Who is really behind what is happening? And what is the agenda? Karl Mollison, in a recent channeling (interviewed by Denny Hunt), said it's from off planet. What do you get, Lynn?

Q.  [I have had a lot of requests / emails on this, so I did want to address it, but it feels best to keep it somewhat brief). 

When I tune into this, I get this was a form of arson.  It looks like prior to the onset of fires special "chemtrails" were released that contained unstable / semi-flammable chemicals that peppered over the area.  On the ground there was a small team of ex-military, privately hired people used to detonate special (I think it is said "thermite bombs"?).  The bombs were detonated in very specific areas, and certain times, resulting in these fire storms.  

I ask, Why California?  Why is this a target?  
I get there has been a lot of talk of California becoming independent which is being supported by both strong people and rogue members of Hollywood.  This situation is compounded by the divide emerging between those that want to break away from Hollywood and the agenda (that is stronger now more than ever), and those that are controlling and following the agenda.   The PTW (Powers That Were) need California to stay a part of the US to keep their desired control and influence over US politics (and federal reserve policies).  This feels like a punishment and message telling those that are trying to defy the PTW (Powers That Were) that they will obey, and if they don't they need to recognize the power, influence and force they hold.  

Please take a moment to send some healing love and light to the people of California!

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Here are a few articles I found after the reading.. I do encourage everyone to do their own research to see what resonates with you.  I am anxious to read the discussion in remarks. :-)


Empath Rving said...

I think it is very troubling that evacuation orders were not given until way past reasonable time.

I do agree with the post, but I sense that they are planning to run several distractions a month now to keep people on edge emotionally and overloaded with stress.

The sad thing is... I can relate. My house caught fire last year. It's terribly stressful and devastating. Prayers to all those affected :(

Carol said...

Wow....thanks Lynn for making this more clear as to what is going on...prayers for the families!!!!

NLTCrow said...

Lotsa good info on YouTube about the fires and DEW (Directed Energy Weapons). This guy shows a connection between where the fires burned and Agenda 21.

Hope said...


What interest do PTW have in undermining "Make America Great Again"? Is it not like "cutting off the nose to spite the face"? If USA/Americans are weak and divided, would it not be to the advantage of Russia and China?

Are there cabals or equivalent of cabals in Russia and China?

My heart and prayers go out to those families and that in Portugal.


A Man Called Da-da said...

Lynn, is law enforcement aware of this? And how did these guys perform this in such high traffic areas? What was their cover?

Alice Liu said...

Very sad and frustrating. This takes me back to your Oct 9th post...when will people wake up? What will it take? Very sorry for all the consciousness caught in the wake of these fires.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

This is a sad situation (leading to even more chaos and distraction)... This "group" is a pro, and are paid to assimilate while carrying out their mission. I get it only takes a moment to "set and detonate."

Please continue to send love and healing to this area. It is very devastating to those enduring this tragedy!

Robert Schoen said...

@nlt Crow, thanks for posting the link to the Youtube video which is amazing. I noticed Youtube is doing a subtle thing with such videos by eliminating the control bar that allows full screen or pause, advance, ect. There were similar fires going on in Europe, showing that as with Chemtrails, this is not just a US problem.

wendy tascione said...

The core of the problem is gaia is ascending and they the reptiles,archons and annunaki do not want their food/genetic material ascending with gaia....gaia is splitting off to a higher demension. To ascend with her to the new earth or be on that timeline you need to vibrate high. They are creating all this so we vibrate low fighting in fear. They dont want their food to go. They also want to round us up and keep us living in misery and dependent on them so we eventually take the chip which keeps our vibration to low to ascend too.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: Thanks for the comment. I didn't realize when I focused on CA that this was going on elsewhere. I appreciate you mentioning this as the whole world is being affected by these power hungry people. We need to send healing all over.

@Wendy: I agree. :-(

Beloved Shiningstar said...

Did you know water has turned purple in the Sacramento area and residents are advised to not drink the tap water, but won't disclose what is going on or what chemical it is...... **twilight theme song**

Beloved Shiningstar said...

Do you see an end to this soon? Will it stop when the event takes place?

Trust in ourselves said...

You say that fear is a low vibration
That is exactly what your over-active imagination is creating.
Scientific speculations (e.g. Chemtrails by non or idiot scientists)
Spiritual speculations/ projections of malevolent entities
At least you realise love is tops
Yet are part of the invention of (unreal) things to fear
There is plenty wrong in reality
And plenty of spiritual truths to study too
It's easy to project fantasies..myths gather energy
Those feelings are in the collective ..yet not true
Yet still caused fear which caused pogroms in the past.
Do not deny your possible flaws
Examine your assumptions
Be honest
Perhaps you will find that the universe is more filled with love
And less filled with incredibly horrible yet stupid yet amazingly ahead of the rest of us in 1 organization 2 secrecy 3 technology people/entities:

Alice Liu said...

@Trust in ourselves — There are those of us whose intuition says something is not normal about the wildfires. Lynn's reading gives us clarity and, with that, it alleviates our confusion which means LESS fear. That you interpret it as creating fear is where YOU are at. Being in denial about what is happening is Spiritual Sidestepping. Being dismissive of things you don't like or understand is Spiritual Arrogance. Having the username Trust in ourselves is ironic. Lecturing is annoying. And, BTW, it's as easy to project denial as it is to project fantasy.

Beloved Shiningstar said...

Chemtrails are a real thing. Look up operation popeye. It was declassified and the documents openly discuss cloud seeding and weather modification to win the Vietnam war. I think awareness helps us overcome these issues and bring up vibrations. If we replace fear with knowledge it makes it easier.

Yad Daniel said...

Is happening the same in Galicia (Spain)? Or is it related with the political atmosphere and the tensions between Catalonia and Spain?

‘Fall from hell’ in Galicia as fires lay waste to region
Spanish PM and regional leader label deliberately lit blazes “incendiary terrorism” in wake of devastation


Charlotte Bailey said...

Agreed!!! "trust in yourself", get a mirror and spend time looking at yourself.

Charlotte Bailey said...


Interesting info. Yea, somethings not right. House/ forest fires leave structures, not get turned to dust and get over 2000 deg to melt
Glass and metal. Then how do regular maple trees still keep their leaves. Cars don't melt in ordinary fires, but do in thermite/ chemically
Assisted fires.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks again for the comments and sharing!