Wednesday, October 4, 2017

PRIORITY BLOG REQUEST: White Wolf, Julian Assange, Mark Phillips and A.I.

Q. White Wolf, an ex-CIA assassin and publisher of the book "Shadow Scorpion" was able to escape from mind control and the government thanks to the help of his nurse named Ariksun. In return she had to go into hiding and live in undeveloped countries all over the world. When she contacted White Wolf via email after over 10 years to confirm his story and provide more inside information on the US Black Op projects she was "suicided" in Hong Kong within 3 weeks.

How were they able to track her down so quickly (after not finding her for 10 years) and why would they have her killed just by telling her version of the story?

A. When I tune into this I get when they escaped the PTW (Powers that Were) started looking for them.   The mind control project was top secret, very powerful, and highly confidential.  As part of the Black Ops project, there was some kind of code put into White Wolf's mind that forced him to forget many of the details, so he alone was some, but not a huge threat.  The real concern was for him to connect to Ariksun as she knew how to activate this "hidden code" and had details that filled in many of the gaps for White Wolf.  I hear the NSA has nothing on how they spied and watched, waiting on a mistake.  When Ariksun reached out and made the connection, they (the PTW) were worried about secrets being revealed or something being reactivated, and knew that she had to be silenced.    It was then that they knew she had to be taken out in a quick, quiet, gentle way...

Q. Sarah Harrison, Julian Assange's ex-girlfriend seems to have a wide variety of spook skills considering she only studied English literature.

Is she actually an intelligence asset?
A. I hear the term "intelligence operative."  I get she has many connections "above" and "below" ground.  I also get that it was no accident that the two of them synced up.  

Q. Why would Julian Assange publicly dismiss criticism of the official 911 story as conspiracy theory when he certainly knows about the inner workings of the Deep State?

A.  I get at that time, and at that moment, he was forced to say that.  I see that he was approached, and was promised safety if he made that statement.  He felt it was more important to live and share more truth in exchange for taking attention away from this.  (I can't get exact clarity on this, but I hear he was forced into semi- controlled opposition, and in his mind it afforded him the opportunity to stay around to reveal more truths???).  

Q. Mark Phillips, the savior and husband of MK-Ultra victim Cathy O'Brien has been claiming to be a whistleblower on mind control while at the same time discrediting many other MK-Ultra survivors and protecting certain individuals of the PTW from prosecution or charges.

Could it be that Mark Phillips never freed and deprogrammed Cathy O'Brien but actually was her new handler who re-programmed her to control her memories and thus the public information about mind control practices?

A. As I focus on them, I get that the PTW are very cautious, and to some extent Mark is under their control as well.  In fact, most people that work on the "project" are under mind control as an insurance and don't even realize it.  He is a "whistleblower" but the PTW control what is released (and even how much someone that thinks they are free are really free from control).  They intentionally want him to sound inconsistent or conflicting so the theory of Mind Control can be dismissed and lessen the attention.  

Q. Does there exist one (or several) A. I. (Artificial Intelligence) system like in the TV series "Person of Interest", which has access to every camera, phone, computer, the electricity grid, satellite, electronic device etc. and is observing everyone and everything at all times, giving the PTW godlike powers?
A.  I get there are several different A.I. systems running independently.  Ideally, the PTW want to sync them all up, but for now there is spying and massive effort for data collection.  Google and Facebook are leading in the efforts, and the Alexa device is a new and upcoming system.  Then, I hear that "the truth is in plain sight" and if you read the "terms and conditions" the data and information collection is evident.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

Follow Ups:
Q. "I hear the NSA has nothing on how they spied and watched," I didn't understand this part of the sentence?!

Considering that she had learned all the tricks to evade surveillance and the system and was certainly aware to cover all her tracks how did they locate her exactly? Did they use conventional technology (browser fingerprinting, typing patterns) or advanced psychic means such as tracking her personal freuquency?
A.  The NSA is watching our every move, however, the system and resources these "PTW" were using are even more intense.  Some was psychic (more like a remote viewing) and some was more conventional.

Q. If Sarah is an intelligence operative and she was the closest confidant of both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden this would confirm that Wikileaks is a limited hangout, correct?
A. After reading the definition of limited hangout, sadly, I would agree that this is true.

Q. There are rumours of incidents with good A.I.s which recognised the evil/inhumane nature of the PTW and then tried to interfere with their plans but they were always shut down before they could actually help us. The A.I. in the TV series is actually such a positive, service-to-others-A.I. Can you confirm that?
A. I hear there will always be a good vs. evil because the universe works with balance.  Yes, there are good A.I. and more evil A.I., and sometimes what starts as "good" ends up "bad" in the wrong hands, or when egos grow too large.


Watchand Knock said...

Thanks Lynn! May I ask what will happen to the secesion efforts of Catalonia in order to become independent from Spain? If it happens when will it be accomplished?

Compassion Spread said...

Where is Julian Assange now, how and what he is doing?

The enlightened one said...

Lynn, you said in an earlier reading that you would attempt to contact Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Have you made any attempts in this regard, so far? It would be interesting if you did, and then posted your communication here, and a video-recording of physical signs of it's presence on Youtube, such as noises, footprints, etc.

The enlightened one said...

Btw Lynn, if you do a reading on the Catalonian struggle for independence from Spain, it would be interesting if you also looked at who's behind it, and what forces will benefit from it? There are rumors that George Soros and/or Israel is behind it.

Beloved Shiningstar said...

Yes she did make contact with one, use the search bar and type in keywords to find it.

The enlightened one said...

@Beloved Shiningstar
Yes, I am aware of that, but I was thinking of deepening or developing the contact, as she expressed a wish to do in relation to one reading she did.