Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Grenfell Tower

[I know this is really late, but I just happened to see it in my drafts.  I felt it was most definitely deserving of a reading]

Q. Please can you do a reading on the recent Grenfell Tower tragedy in the UK?  Approx a couple hundred people, including children and babies died in their own homes as a public housing tower block in a poor part 
of London's richest boroughs burnt to a crisp. The inferno was so huge that firefighters couldn't get above the 
2nd floor and people watched helplessly as trapped residents screamed.  Did these poor souls have a pre-incarnation agreement to die in this way together to raise social consciousness and open people's hearts? I cant think of it in any other way than that.  Looking at it that way helps it feel less awful, godless and hopeless. 
Thank you.  So much light to them and their families.
A.  We do chose our life and also agree to when we want to consider it served.  The way we go isn't always agreed, and I get the Universe may redirect you (depending on what you learned when the time comes, what you still have left to learn, and what service you can provide to others for learning).  For example, you may agree that you want to experience only a short life, and you are headed down the path of an illness.  You may have met life lesson goals, faced challenges and gone above and beyond, so you have a quick, painless accident.  You still came to do what you needed to do, and you were subconsciously ready to hit the reset switch, so you allowed the necessary path to align.  Even though things are hard to make sense of, the Universe really does see the much larger picture.  Things happen the way they need to happen, and from that miracles (survivors of tragedy) are born.

Q. Adding to the previous request regarding Grenfell Tower, before the fire, a Demolition Application was filed in 2014. Notice under the "Further Information" tab, the agent name for the application is Rydon Maintenance Ltd which is the same company that did the refurbishments (with the flammable cladding that they did not use on any other building) for £8m. https://www.rbkc.gov.uk/bconline/buildingControlDetails.do?activeTab=dates&keyVal=_RBKC_BCAPR_123520

Also, in initial reports, the company said they did NOT use that cladding on other buildings, but then the city started removing tenants from the other low income buildings and putting them in camps in public places. Housing was offered, but without the rent guarantee they used to have. And many were offered residence outside of the city. How deep and deliberate is this social cleansing, and will it succeed?

Thanks, Lynn.
Q.  I get that money is the biggest corrupter of morals.  As I first tune into this I got there is a "social engineering" agenda going on [that was the phrase I heard].  There is an analysis going on to determine the amount given to help the lower/middle class versus how much the lower/middle class contributes to society.  They (feels like the investor sector of the PTW, Powers That Were) are trying to extract more and more while providing less and less (while teetering the fine line of "human rights").  I cannot see this trend stopping (unfortunately) any time soon.  In fact I see investors buying this land for pennies on the dollar, and erecting more expensive housing (which looks to be the trend in many locations).   

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light to all those touched in this tragedy.  


Jac JacJacqui said...

thanks for this reading!

but did they do this on purpose to get people out? apparently they wanted that space to build a high rise for rich people?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Jac: It does feel like some intentional acts...