Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Random Sampling Short Answer

Q. Can you explain the Israel-Palestine conflict beyond what the (re)written history textbooks want us to believe? Should we support the establishment of Israel or freeing Palestine?
A. When I first tune into Israel, I get they are not to be trusted.  I see that what they say (government / leadership) is not really supported by their actions or their underlying agenda.  As I look, I understand Israel wants their land to be a safe haven, and they also want to accumulate as much land and wealth as possible.  I hear they are an antagonist, and feel superior (and more intelligent) to the non-Israeli population.  Lastly, I hear to "be cautious because they are masters at outwitting you in ways that you don't even realized you have been outwitted (even worse, they make it seem like your idea, all the while they have been in control the whole time").

Q.  What's going on in Marawi in the Philippines right now? A (temporary) martial law, soldiers (including US soldiers), the Media making the "other side" look bad. The "other side" is currently known as Maute, who are purportedly linked to ISIS.  Where is the energy for the war coming from? Who is funding this, and what is the purpose? Is this event linked to a larger world event? 
A.  I hear you have to set the stage to have a political conflict.  There are currently issues with Russia, China, North Korea and now Philippines.  I then get that when a political crisis happens, look at what that country has to offer and you will get to the root cause.  Do they have natural resources of value, or is their geographic location desirable (as soon as I typed that I heard "bingo").  It appears the Philippines will be some kind of staging station???  The guise of ISIS instills fear, and fear is one of the most powerful ways to subdue a population.

Q. How are men supposed to look like and behave? The big media has been pushing a lot of gender confusion tactics (like the transgender agenda, being metrosexual, feminism used as a tool to hate men, redefining adult male roles, etc.)?
A.  I get in its purist form men should embrace the divine masculine, and women should embrace the divine feminine.  I too see that society has blurred lines, enhanced by media, marketing and social media.  We have become an "ultra sensitive" population that is shamed into being "politically correct."  This focus is turning to a society that is always looking for reasons to be offended rather than looking for reasons to be happy.  The Universe gifted the divine feminine and masculine, and each should be appreciated for what they are.  That doesn't mean that people can't be who they are or do what makes them happy, but honor men for being men, and women for being women.  We need each other.

Q. Can you recommend some child-friendly TV shows that are not loaded with PTW propaganda? Disney has a lot of subliminal messages, and some are pushing different agenda such as consumerist, gender confusion, pedophilia.
A.  I get if you want child friendly tv you have to get away from the mainstream.  Either go old school, (Leave it to Beaver, Dennis the Menace, etc) when shows respected parents, and taught lessons, or look to PBS learning shows.

Human beings:
Q. What did the very first humans look like with less mixing and dilution of DNAs? Did we have more variations in appearances? How have the humans changed over time from the original state?
A.  Humans look to be created from various forms of ET DNA.  There were a few versions, and it was a real life survival of the fittest.  I see one that was very light skinned, blue eyed and blonde (almost white) hair.  Another had olive skin, dark hair and dark brown eyes.  I then see a very dark skinned (so dark there is a blue tint, like midnight blue), black eyes and very black hair.

Another emerges, and they are much smaller, maybe 4 feet as an adult, light skin, blue eyes and very yellow, golden hair.  I hear the flaw with this type of human in so many died during childbirth, that the population eventually died off.

My impression is that there were other types (too many to list), but they feel unsuccessful as well.

Q. By design, for how long are humans supposed to live? If we didn't have GMOs, chemtrails, artificial sugar, microwave, cigarettes, etc.
A.  I hear that humans could live a quality life into their 120s without the environmental hazards we have today.

Q. Where did white / Caucasian people come from? Are they really from Europe? I recently came across an article:

A.  I get when Caucasians were implanted on earth they were placed in the Scandinavian countries first.  They later migrated to Europe.

Q. Do aliens have sex for pleasure just like humans do?
A.  One of the fundamental differences between humans and ETs is their inability to feel emotions.  Many ETs see emotions as a weakness in humans, but they can actually be a strong and powerful tool when understood.  ETs view sex as a tool for procreation, whereas humans experience love, lust, infatuation and desire.  These emotions (regardless if they are soft or more carnal) create pleasureful sex.

More big questions:
Q. Considering that money is a theoretical construct by Rothschild banks, how are we supposed to view money? In what ways should we minimize participation in this system?
A.   I am reminded of a phrase that I have heard before, "Gold is for Kings, Silver is for Men and Paper is for Slaves."  The best way to begin disengaging is to barter and trade when you can.  Try to eliminate middle men (for example, if you don't need a realtor, go straight to the seller or buy a car from a private person rather than a car lot).  It isn't always possible (or practical) but doing what you can makes a difference.

Q. How do you see the concept of soulmates? Do we all have "The One"?

A.  When we incarnate, we come back with a group of souls (your soul pact). Throughout life people from your group come and go as you help each other learn and grow through experience.  In your life you do have someone that is meant to be your partner, but sometimes an event (could be from free will or destined) shifts things to create a situation in which your partner served their purpose and it is time to move on.  There could be a tragedy, accident, near death experience, health issue or some kind of miracle that reframes the way you think, helping you to evolve into another life lesson.  In this situation you can multiple "Ones"  because different phases of your life may require different needs.

Q. Do last rights performed on the newly deceased have any impact on the movement of the soul / spirit from the body? What if a person was say... Buddhist, but given a Christian service upon their death ... what would be the significance for the deceased?
A.  I get that a service for the deceased is more for the living than the deceased.  Humans need closure, and a service, memorial or even celebration is about saying goodbye and wishing the person well in the afterlife.  At the moment of death the soul and spirit move on to where they want to go regardless of what is said or done by those left behind.  I get no matter what is done, what will be, will be.

Q.  What is the purpose of mosquitoes in the universe? From a human's perspective, they are just pests?

A. I hear they were a genetically engineered delivery system that got out of control..


JJ said...

Lynn is on fire today! Fantastic fully loaded reading. The one about is mosquitos... Is like a mic-drop!

tara said...

fabulous readings Lynn. I have a weird picture for you to look at. Alien/ paranormal in nature or something else. An FB friend's nephew took it. Can't recall the State but think its Arkansas. Its very odd looking. What email should i use to send it to you please?

John Casey said...

Wow, great stuff. I couldn't agree more about this post, especially the mosquitos entry. My jaw hit the floor, maybe because it makes sense in a non-obvious sort of way. The ring of truth?

Might be interesting to do a reading on the rising number of TV series that deal with scientists opening a portal between dimensions, such as The OA, Stranger Things, the new Twin Peaks series, and the new Counterpart series. I wonder if anyone is pushing this meme or whether it is rising out of the collective unconsious.

whitelite 1111 said...

Great post!! I always thought what the purpose of mosquitos were. What delivery system? Can you explain that? As always, gratitude!!

Robert Schoen said...

I love these groups of collected question readings and hope it becomes a regular feature. About the kids entertainment, it is so difficult for parents to go against the peer pressure wave in which the other kids in their school rave about such and such and then parents are put in the role of denying if they don't cave and let their kids watch the same stuff.I'm old enough to remember those old TV shows, and they were made in the era when there was Mickey Mouse club, so the whole point of any "programming" is programming. Think of the "Wizard of Oz" from the Forties and how that became the Gold standard for mind control. A radical idea: books???

As far as the mosquito problem goes, I think the solution is to create a race of even smaller nano-mosquitoes that will only go after regular sized mosquitoes to let them know how it feels and buzz around them to distract them from biting humans. Until then,a more practical solution is to catch a live mosquito, dismember it, then tape all its dismembered pieces onto your wall as a warning to others.

Robert Schoen said...

PS: It occurred to me after posting,that kids programming is a bit like giving them a vaccine shot full of baby sized BS so that their little bodies will be able to accept the way bigger BS programming we all get subjected to as we grow up. Talk about mosquito bites!! Therefore I recommend as cartoons for kids,old episodes of Sealab 2021, and instead of some inane Disney kiddie show, let them watch "Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Those two should inoculate any impressionable young mind from wearing little princess dresses, liking Katy Perry music or whatever seriously.

Chatty Cathy said...

@Lynn - How did Israel become masterminds at manipulation? I am reminded of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion where they state that they ONLY have the true knowlwdge of Governance of the World and that the Gentiles (everyone else in the world) will never be as knowledgeable as them in laws or politics.

Obvious next question- Were they aided in this advanced knowledge of world governance and political manipulations by ETs, and if so, which ones?

Alice Liu said...

@Lynn, Fantastic...especially about the mosquitoes. Any idea who engineered them?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

@Tara: You can send it to

@Chatty Cathy: I get some of the most powerful PTW are from Israel.

I found the mosquito thing really interesting too! It felt like they were used as some kind of virus spreader on certain populations so they would become docile / easier to conquer. I get the time frame goes WAY back (no exact numbers) and it was based on a military type funded organization of about 6 people. I also get that certain blood types are more affected by their bites that others (can't be clear, but O looks to be less affected ???).

Thanks again!

Alice Liu said...

If ET's don't feel emotions, but we incarnate as both humans and ET's, won't our emotional experience bleed into their consciousness? Even if they are us from the future, time isn't linear. If our emotions do bleed into them, will they perceive it as a positive or as a virus...Emotional Intelligence (EI) instead of AI?

Hope said...


1) In one of your earlier post, you mentioned “The ET geneticists took a portion of their DNA and modified it to get the perfect combination to create humans”

Where do the souls for these humans come from? Created from ET too?
If not, did ET have a say as to which soul go to the human created by them?
Since abduction by ET is still going on, does it mean they are still trying to create humans?

2) If the last rights performed on the newly deceased have no impact on the movement of the soul / spirit from the body, does it include how we handle the ashes after cremation? What is your take on ashes being scattered to the Nature or into the sea?

I do hear about some souls, when being contacted by loved ones, complained of being cold and wet, giving the impression that their soul is still stuck in the sea. And yet it was their request to have their ashes scattered into the sea then. Why is that so?

P/S @Judy Koons, if you are reading this, thanks for your advice on toxic heavy metals detox. I just came upon your comments when I re-read that posting again by Lynn. It has been two months of roller-coaster emotions for me.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Lynn, are there *any* ETs who are even a little emotional? Pleidians? Arcturans? Ferengi?

tara said...

Hi Lynn photo sent to you. tara

ken said...

If ETs are all connected with the source and they all have access to other ETs mind and share the same info/data, then I can understand there is no need for any emotion against others because you are them and they are you.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Alice: Yes, there is some residual EI in their DNA and also their subconscious. They don't seem to understand it though (like us trying to understand our intuitive abilities- can be confusing, we know it is there, just trying to make sense of it all and what to do with it).

@Hope: Great questions! I see the souls coming from a source consciousness. ETs only created the physical, but source creates the spiritual. ET abduction is more about understanding emotions, and also they are interested in how our reproduction works.

The see the comments about spirits saying they are cold and wet as more of a confirmation of their presence than a complaint of what was done. I don't see they can feel cold and/or wet, they are much more complex.

@Dada: Of all the ETs, Pleidians have the most aptitude for emotions, but even they are lacking. Humans were a truly brilliant design.

@Tara: Got it. Thank you. That is one to think on

@Ken: It is a different life experience with different circumstances. Humans are very limited by a 3D body, and ET are limited by their emotional blockages...

Thanks for all the comments! Hugs!

A Man Called Da-da said...

So... who first conceived of and designed the human emotional component? SOURCE?

Robert Schoen said...

It sounds almost as if emotions are the animal residue of our dna concoction.

Caleb33 said...

Hi Lynn, I hope you are well.

Some say that Angels are higher dimensional ET's, if this is correct then aren't they emotional too?

They come from a state of pure love and compassion, in this way they exceed us surely, albeit bereft of the negativity of course, I think...?

Thank you.