Friday, May 19, 2017


Q. Could you look into the importance of sun light? I know it is best to obtain vitamin D from the sun, but with the chem trails and living in a more northern region it is very hard to get vitamin D levels up. I've read where there is only a few months out of the year that we can get it from the sun and even those days there is a short window (solar noon). My gut feeling is that chem trails serve a dual purpose in weather manipulation and blocking us from the sun to keep our immune systems down (another way to keep us docile). Do vitamin D supplements do more harm than good? Should we look into alternative methods like uvb lamps or safe indoor tanning?
A. Many people are vitamin D deficient.  That deficiency does create health problems.  For example, people with (or genetically predispositioned to) autoimmune issue NEED vitamin D to help balance and strengthen the immune system.  I get it also has something to do with the health of the blood too (I don't quite medically understand this though??) I also get that even though you may get sunshine, it doesn't mean you are getting enough or the right quality due to chemtrails and other toxins / pollution in the air.  I hear the phrase that "Even a tan goddess can be deficient because the rays that make you tan may not be what is able to nourish you with vitamin D."

I hear it is more profitable to continue down the current path (using chemtrails for other purposes and fulfill agendas) and put band-aids on the problems that arise, than fix or eliminate the root cause.  For this reason alone, unintended (and intended) health consequences (depression, diseases) keep doctors and big pharma busy.  

I cannot see the environment changing, but I do see we can do things to help mitigate this.  Taking a supplement of vitamin D looks like the best defense.  I get that there are no "safe" indoor sun lamps (they look to do more home than good). I do hear something about making sure you also have proper levels of folate to ensure and aid in absorption.

Q. Also, through channelings, the Pleidians state we obtain information from the sun. If so, what kind of information is this? Is this the information you spoke of when you mentioned our gradual awakening? Is this why the sun is being blocked? Could sunlight accelerate our shift?
Thank you in advance :)
A. We do feed off the sun and it does nourish us as we take it in.  I see the sun promoting physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  I cannot see the sun sending messages, but I do see a connectedness that can be reached by absorbing the sun into your being.  Feels more like an enlightenment rather than information.  It looks like something you feel and understand rather than express in words. That connectedness helps to achieve and maintain a higher vibration and also get in tune with your higher self (I see a monk gazing at the sun from a mountaintop and meditating as I type this) .  The sunlight, pure sunlight (without the chemtrail and pollution filters) can help to accelerate the shift, and help you to reach your spiritual goals because it looks like a gateway to the Source Consciousness. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-



I personally enjoy sun gazing ..very uplifting ..But only when it is on the horizon. Our eyes do not have heat detectors be very careful. If you feel heat on the cheeks..don't focus the sun. The eye lens is like a magnifying glass to the back of the eye-retina will burn. :) Thanks Lynn.

whitelite 1111 said...

I found out by taking vitamin D, my acne is reduced. My mom went blind temporarily staring at the sun when she was young. Thanks Lynn!!

Watchand Knock said...

Don't know why we should ask medicalmedium's opinion!? We are pretty well served where we are! Try booking a private reading concerning health issues with Lynn and you'll be amazed, I guarantee!

Judy Koons said...
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Judy Koons said...

I agree, Lynn is extremely intuitive and insightful. I was served well by my last reading with Lynn.

Bee E-lightened said...

The sun makes me happy. I take vitamin D 5000 IU and it energizes me. I can feel the difference.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for the comments and kind words. I appreciate them all. :-)

Raymond said...

Is there any validity to the idea that some people can live without food just by absorbing the sun's rays? I find it a bit hard to believe but I guess anything is possible.

Thanks Lynn.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Raymond: I get that you can get nourishment, vitamins and even healing, but you can't get everything from just the sun.

Raymond said...

@Lynn, Thanks !

Cathari said...

Once again things are described in purely material terms. The physical Sun we see with our eyes and experience with our 5 senses is merely the material body, or physical manifestation, of the lofty spiritual beings who exist behind it. And when I say "behind", I do not mean behind in the spacial sense, but in the spiritual the same sense that our own true self lives within or behind our physical body. The Sun is the home of the loftiest and most advanced beings in our local system.

What we know of as Earth was once united with this Sun in primeval epochs, but at a certain point in time it ejected the Earth from itself in order to move forward in evolution. Before this occurred, the "Sun" did not shine down its forces upon us from above, but from within...for we were united with it. Now it sends its life- giving forces at us from the outside, so to speak. In the future we will reunite with the Sun, and therefore with the spiritual beings who reside there.

Besides the life-giving and healing forces raining down upon us that can be studied by material Science, there are countless unseen spiritual rays emanating from the Sun which enliven the various aspects of our soul...the etheric and astral aspects, for instance.

And it should be noted that just as all things have their shadow side, so does the Sun.