Friday, May 12, 2017

Royals and a Random (Yet Important) WWIII Question

Q. Hi Lynn, I wonder if you could have a look at the younger Royals, and especially Kate Middleton. I have seen and heard numerous hints that the lid's about to blow off in some way. Two remote viewers have seen a dark haired royal woman about to reveal hidden knowledge that may or may not be about child abuse or something secret but explosive. 

It is notable that she, William and Harry have been speaking very frankly and publicly about their concerns surrounding mental health. Needless to say it has been very much a break from the Windsor way and much more like Diana (and the old guard won't like that one bit!) Other psychics and astrologers point to big changes in process behind the scenes, likely due to the Queen coming to the end. I have also looked up Kate's astrological chart and she has a bunch of truly epic transits going on right now. What do you see emerging in the coming months? It feels like something significant is round the corner. What do you see?

I have read your previous post about the Queen that touched on Kate's need to learn the ropes to qualify to be accepted as part of The Firm. I always felt that the perfect facade couldn't be kept up forever, and she strikes me as a much tougher character despite the surrendered wife facade. What's going on? Will this be like Diana The Sequel? Thank you!
A.  Kate really does have very pure intentions, and good energy.  I see both sons (William and Harry) also being good people, and align more with Diana versus Charles.  Part of what drew William to Kate was the likeness she had to his mom.  I get their was some tension as William was choosing a partner, and something about the Queen and Kate didn't mesh.  Kate is very intelligent, and knew how to play the game to gain acceptance because she really does love William.  Kate isn't fully accepted as of yet, but she hasn't been shunned either.  Kate is sort of riding in a neutral light right now. 

Realizing that the Queen is getting older, it looks like she will hold power as long as possible, but it won't be forever.  When she does decide to step down, THAT is when the HUGE SHIFT happens.  The Queen looks to be the last in a long line of people to posses the genetic equivalent of a VERY powerful, lower vibrational being (I hesitate to say this, but it has a Reptilian vibe).  I get this DNA has been diluted over the years.  Certain members of Royalty have tried to keep the lineage pure, but future generations have stepped outside of "what is ideal."  I also get that a strong focus has been put on those that look to have a serious chance at the thrown (and that is why the Queen was very analytical of William's choice).

When she does step down (looks like within the next year), she will still have an enormous influence over her successor, but it does have a different feel.  I hear that her successor is scared of her and her judgments, even follows some kind of routine to appease her, but once she passes all of that starts to fade. I cannot see that Kate or William will fully disclose the happenings of what goes on in Buckingham Palace because they do respect royalty and don't want to tarnish the family name, but they will change the practices and make it more about serving the greater good.  

In many ways the PTW (Powers That Were) look relieved to get the Queen out of control.  They bow to her our of fear, because she looks to have more power than they do, so when she is gone they are relieved (and someone new looks to emerge).

Q. Today it's even on my main news page that Anonymous has said we're in for a sudden World War 3 - and it's come up on other sites as well. What do you see and what can we do? How does it leave us (mortgage/living wise). They say it's going to be devastating environmentally as well.
A.   I do see North Korea as a place to watch.  I see many countries being put on alert, but it feels more like talk rather than action (not that it feels any better with regard to concern or worry).  There looks to be attempts made by Korea, but most are either mitigated or intercepted, and when that occurs, and they do not head the warnings to stop this nuclear production, I see the actual confrontation being handled over the Korean soil.  There doesn't look to be major attacks elsewhere, but Korea will have a certain amount of destruction.  Some major countries look to get pulled into the turmoil (US, China and Russia), and I get that the US will make some unlikely allies, but it will be in the best interest of all.  

I hear to tell friends, family or anyone you know to get out of Korea while it is still possible.  I get they will lock down their border when things "get real" and it will be difficult to leave. ??  

Please send some healing to this area, and encourage the leadership to focus on the good of the people and not live in a negative, vengeful mindset.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Bee E-lightened said...

Evil is hard to die

A Man Called Da-da said...
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A Man Called Da-da said...

But... isn't the Queen on life support? Or in a coma? She'd have to be REALLY scary to be hooked up to machines and still be menacing! ;)

Admin said...

Hey Lynn, right now my brother and his wife is sleeping in my room. And it's midnight in my country. It's been like one and half week since they married and ever since they married, some kind of spirit is playing with them. Tonight something hit their rooms windows glasses so hard that it was supposed break, but it didn't. You see I have years of experience with dark entities. Tonight I went in their room, and the truth is I myself got really scared. I was wondering if it was normal getting scared or because I felt something subconsciously.
But anyways, can you plz have a little look at what is going on.
We are from a religion who doesn't believe in in spirits (Islam) so there is no other way but you to tell us what is going on.
If you need more information just ask me.
Btw, right now I can go out and have a walk alone in city without being scared, but I got so much scared just for going into their room that it surprises me.

The enlightened one said...

What country are you from, and what do your friends and family think of you dealing with the esoteric. Do they view you as a heretic?

Admin said...

I'm from Afghanistan, and yes, in fact bunch of them think that I have some spirits( not your kind of spirits, but our kind of which is called Jinn)with me. But it's not about me it's about my brother and his wife.
BTW, I gotta mention that I'm empath and psychic (not as psychic as Lynn). And when I try to communicate with the damn spirit, i don't get any feeling or vision. Don't know why.

Christina Gould said...

The media photographed and published a photo of the Queen supposedly driving herself around in her Jaguar after church this past Sunday. So if she's in a coma or otherwise indisposed, they are planting fake stories.

Christina Gould said...

@Admin, it may not be a spirit at all, but a very much alive human with the power to torment others using, for lack of a better term, black magic. I know because I have one of those humans stalking me ethereally. They can do everything that the average spirit can do, if not more. Did the wife or husband have a former relationship that may not be happy with their new union? Just a thought.

Rachel Banik said...

Hi Admin,my husband is removing entities remotely,if you wish to send me an email,I can ask

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Admin ~ Dark spirits do the same thing to my windows all the time. They're attracted to the situation for a number of reasons. Don't forget that you are very powerful as an extension of SOURCE, much more so than you realize. After you ground and protect, imagine a glowing white force field all around your dwelling and that only those with your greatest good are allowed within -- even if they have someone inside them (possessed people can sometimes slip in without this proviso). Then, turn on your inner light brightly and enter any room you like. If you feel fear, turn it into your spirit detector and shine your inner light in that direction. If necessary, tell an offending spirit that it isn't welcome and that it needs to go where it is better served -- NOW. Be firm. The living outrank spirits. Being in flesh is a big deal. Above all, be confident. Know that the light is inside you, and that nothing can hurt you. YOU are in charge in your own house. Even djinns know this. Out on the desert, however... be polite and respectful...

@ChristinaGould ~ the media would NEVER lie to you, esp about the Queen. ;)

Admin said...

It's been 5 months since we moved to our new house. And the reason was because of our neighbor( which are also my aunts, and relative). They were using black magic to against us. They dont want us to be successful. So yeah it really makes sense.
But something's don't make sense 1. Something locked my in my room from inside my room, before even they were married. 2. Tonight I saw two signs of a spirit being in our house first I saw a light and second something fell on my while I was searching house for intruders. Other than those two reasons it actually makes perfectly sense.
The spirit/dark magic was scaring my brother and his wife, it didn't had anything to do with me(except with the case where my door got locked) if you could give an explanation for those two reasons, it'll be good.
And BTW, when you say dark magic, do you mean dark magic or you mean some kind of astral projection kind of magic or other things? Could you tell me how is it done. And how to fight it?
Thank you

Admin said...

Thank You, Da-Da.
If some other time, you are free, could you please tell me, why would they do that?
Really curios, cause it used to happen to me before, and kinda makes me think that, it's meaningless so it's not spirit, but hallucination.

Bee E-lightened said...

It could be her clone

Christina Gould said...

@Admin, I'm no expert on how it's done, but I'm an expert on what can be done, since I've been victimized by psychic stalking for 3+ years now. My human stalker is a master yogi who has been honing his remote skills for 20 years now. He can astral project himself anywhere, including my bedroom. I can physically feel him moving around on my bed at night. He has lifted my limp wrist off the bed, he has caused my dishes in the sink to crash loudly, and so on. He can access any part of my body through my central nervous system, and is therefore able to literally torture me. Because I have (limited) psychic ability myself, I am able to telepath conversations with him as well as feel what he's doing. Non-psychics may not be able to feel or sense a thing.

My understanding is that there are various avenues to black magic and other occult powers like astral projection and remote touching. They all take a great deal of training and practice, unless you're born with a gift. Some practitioners learn through yogis, some through witchcraft, some through voodoo, and some just read books on how to do these things.

Lynn has helped me with my situation by giving me advice on how to get rid of him. She was able to "see" him and verify that it was who I thought it was, and advised me to try to raise my vibration energetically and use positive mantras so he can't connect with me. She may be able to give you advice too.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@ChristinaGould ~ Wow. That is crazy! The good news is the light is WHOMPING in and giving all who ask the power to transform and overcome. It's nothing short of miraculous. Dark users are being crippled and light practitioners are being boosted. Hang in there. Not much longer to go till this is all turned into light, from the inside out. The vibrations are increasing hugely, even as I write these words. One thing I used against something very nasty and very powerful were this simple technique. i imagined the being and i spoke to them, saying: "YOU are immortal spirit, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released." Dark entities and beings HATE THIS, and will flee. Exposure to light and love and forgiveness are (sadly) painful to them. But even the darkest of practitioners are our spiritual brothers, just terribly misguided. Leave them to SOURCE. This will all be a distant memory a year from now, a story you'll tell around communal fires of warmth and spirit.

@Admin ~ Dark entities are cowards, and not very bright (if you'll pardon the expression). Find your own light inside and shine it on them. Use the above mantra on them, if you can see them. IF YOU CAN SEE THEM, even for an instant, you have them. They will take orders. Tell them what to do! Say, "SHOW YOURSELF!" Then hit them with the words in quotes above. You should also search out a good medium in your area. If you meditate on it and search, you'll find the right person. The right medium can do much, and you will learn 10X faster just by being around them.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Admin: Dada is right. We are in control of our space. Have everyone in your house tell it is leave. Be forceful and demand it leave. Say over and over, in every room "You must leave this space and go to where you are better served. Leave now!!" It will listen, and must obey you. Sometimes people sage their home to strengthen the intent for them to leave, but the real power comes from within. Do not have fear, but express this in confidence and BELIEVE what you say. Once your space is clear you can even set up some clear crystal quartz to help hold your space in a higher vibration.

@Rachel: Thank you for your offer to help Admin, and Admin, I would trust her husband (we have talked back and forth a lot). He is a good soul, good energy and good heart.

Love and light to all-

Christina Gould said...

@A Man Called DaDa: Thanks for the pep talk. What you say about forgiveness rings true. I will try your mantra. :)

Alex said...

So Korea will be cause of world war 3 and not some Muslim country? How ironic.

siketa said...

Pleiadians say WW3 will not happen.

Robert Schoen said...

We should never give into fear mongering which is exactly their agenda and what they've been doing in the media for centuries to create the climate for wars or other disasters. Personally I try to tune out abstract looming danger because so many previous similar fear possibilities went bust. Remember the Millenial disasters predicted, or SARS, or Avian Flu? I gave up following local news reports decades ago because it was all about murder and now I'm ready to ignore what passes as national and international news, except to monitor their lies and deception. I choose to be optimistic about the future, believe people are wising up, and that past manipulation will end. Try to visualize the world you want because they hope with fear you will visualize the worst.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments.

@Robert: Good advice! :-)

John Casey said...

I agree with R. Schoen. It's true that a sort of "palace coup" in which the NK armed forces (with the help of China, et. al.) remove the current leadership is very likely. But it isn't in anyone's interest to start a regional or world war. Time to send lots of love and light to nudge the situation toward as non-violent a resolution as is possible.