Friday, May 5, 2017

Life Detective: NEXT #2

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to the new Life Detective segment where Lynn looks primarily at the NEXT (dominant) future life of various people. As usual, Lynn’s words appear “in quotes,” and my questions appear [in brackets]. Ok, here we go.

1. Qin Shih Huang, 1st Emperor of China (and Winner of the Mister Crazy Eyes Contest)
“It's funny how these things sometimes come to me. When I thought of Qin Shih Huang, my mind flashed to this radioshow I’d been listening to a while back, where a radio personality was talking about HRC and her pantsuits, and how they make her look like Kim Jong-Un. Well… Qin Shih Huang CAME BACK as that guy! He’s now Kim Jong-Un! I saw his pantsuit and this past event just popped in my head.” 

2. J.K. Rowling, 1st Empress of Pottermore (being a billionaire becomes her: she’s aging backwards!)
"Who is she going to be in her next life? Hm. This is interesting, I see her coming back as a meek English teacher. She’s still into literature and writing, but she’s very private with it. Writing is just a fantasy for her in the next life, as she’s afraid to put pen to paper, publicly — she’s super humbled in her next life — and she becomes too afraid to take a chance. Where?… I want to say Virginia. A professor at a college. She never has the courage to do anything with her talents in this lifetime.” 

[That's surprising. Does she currently feel like she doesn't deserve all the fame?] 

"More like really wanted, and once she got it, she wasn't sure she wanted what she'd wished for... I get it is harder to be famous (most times) than what you think especially if you really desire to be a private person."

3. Mohandas Gandhi, 1st Emperor of Non-emperor-ness
"I’ve never seen this before. He’s not going to reincarnate any time soon. He’s staying in spirit, hovering over a region of the earth like a protector. I see a world map pop up, and I hone in on South Africa. I never realized this, but you can have a very strong spiritual force protecting a certain area, just as we’ve seen with certain ETs. Gandhi feels very connected to that part of the world. He’s currently both a protector and a guide for the people of South Africa, instilling peace and a sense of calm wherever it’s needed. Interesting.”

[This region must’ve really made an impression on him when he was younger, starting at age 24, when he was a civil rights activist in South Africa from 1893-1914. It was there that he developed his political acumen, leadership skills, ethics, and peaceful resistance/non-violence philosophy he became famous for.]

4. Sigmund Freud, 1st Emperor of Freudianism
“This is cool. i see that he’s been here twice before, and they were no big deal, but his next life will be a WOW one... 70 years from now. He’s going to make huge breakthroughs in documenting TELEPATHY. He is the breakthrough scientist in understanding this. He will not only know how it works, but how to enhance it between two people who may not actually be telepathic. He’’l show that, once you know how to do it, and practice, its easy. It has something to do with vibration. He’ll use water as a medium. Once one feels it and understands it, the frequency and how it feels, you can replicate it without the water. He’ll make huge strides in this field.” 

[Can you tell what frequency he's using in the water? Like one of the solfeggio frequencies?] 

"I couldn't tell, or get an answer to that, but I will say it makes an amazing geometric pattern!! AND it felt familiar, like I've seen it in a crop circle, but have no idea when or where I saw it.” 

[I showed Lynn the cymatic “watermarks” of 432 and 528 Hz, but she said it was more elaborate.]

5. Bill Clinton, 1st Emperor of Restraint
"This is weird. Next life, I actually see him as a homeless guy. Looks as though in his next life he has a lot of battles with addiction. He’s born into another charmed life, has a pretty good wealthy life coming... but something happens to him in his teens and 20s and he gets hooked on alcohol and he loses everything. 

[Is it possible for him to understand about the addiction around the time it's happening and turn his life around so that it's positive? Or is he "fated" to live that homeless-guy life? That is, do we have timeline choices in mid-stream?] 

"He is fated, unless his free will overcomes the addiction. We do have choices."

6. Justin Bieber, 1st Emperor of Dork
"Hm. In his next lifetime, it looks like he still has this internal NEED for attention… but it doesn’t happen this time. I see him born as a girl in his next life, one who so desperately wants to be in Hollywood, onstage, etc. I see her move to Vegas... and become a showgirl! And she never becomes more than that. It’s not like she’s slutty; she’s actually a decent dancer, but she never gets that break. Sadly, this next life will be heartbreaking and disappointing." 

[Tangential question: Does all of the above happen on the new earth... or the old earth? This whole new/old earth thing is confusing. What percentage of people are going to the new earth?] 

"The new/old earth IS confusing. Every time it feels super clear to me… I get confused again. I don't see it like a specific percentage, but like a gradual migration."

Well, that’s it from Lynn and Da-da and Justine Bieber. Join us next time for another fascinating future-life puzzle.


Bee E-lightened said...

I loveeeeeee these‼️ So amazed by them every time.

Robert Schoen said...

Very cool, pant suits, Ghandi, Kim Jong Un, Freud, Bieber and an addicted Bill Clinton. What a party! GREAT GROUP AND READ!

John Casey said...

Another great session. I love the idea of Ghandi up there somewhere helping out SA.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments! These are fun!! Hugs.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Poor Justine.

wendy tascione said...

Hey guys can you expand on earth old earth.....are we in control of our incarnations or does a computer pick them next? Do we? Or do we get recycled by the annunaki recycling center located on the moon? Or do we ho to the new earth? Are they on new earth or old?.... or are we already on the new earth and we just dont know it?

Chatty Cathy said... doesn't seem like Disclosure has happened in any of these future scenarios. Women are still being showgirls and teens are still doing drugs. I guess I'll stop holding my breath waiting for the ETs to return. :)

Alice Liu said...

I know there's a lesson about resistance in the J.K. Rowling reading for me.

Me too said...

Thank you! Very good

Me too said...

Thank you!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@wendy: I see the new earth more like a new reality or layer on earth. It is a slow migration to that reality. We do have some control of our incarnation, but it also have to coincide with the lessons we are to learn.

Happy Friday Everyone! :-)

Alex said...

Kim was Qin Shih Huang in a previous life? Why is he so powerless now compared to when he was emperor of a great empire?
Why didn't he get reborn in China instead?

Me too said...

If possible I would like to see Princess Diana next life

mosmos said...

I'm not sure about all these. So if one decides to be born in a particular country/continent then his/her next lives will always be in that country/continent?

Kalamota Kook said...

I love these and I love Lynn and I love Da-da!

1: I wonder if KJU will be cycling off towards his next new life rather soon? What on earth will he rule next? Or will he be reduced to the torturous grind of a life only fit for a llama? And why did Qin Shih Huang wear a Bakewell Tart as a hat?

2: This had a deep resonance for me - and by the sound of it Alice too. I was destined to be a great writer when I was still at school and through my youth (that was what everyone around said, including professionals, it's not inflated ego.) I got the breaks, it came easily, but I kept having flukey bad luck and strange self-sabotage, and the big career never happened. I'm happy being anonymous now, and sharing whatever scribbly ideas I have with online tribes. This post makes me wonder what I achieved in the past and whether it turned out to be a poisoned chalice.

3:South Africa needs all the help and guidance it can get right now. The country's on the brink of collapsing into Zimbabwe 2.0. It is very interesting that Gandhi's spirit has returned to the birthplace of his activism rather than his birthplace. Was he guiding Mandela when he turned to a path of wisdom and reconciliation? I wish him all the best for saving South Africa, as it's in danger of trashing everything Mandela stood for in the space of one generation. It's utterly tragic.

I believe we all have ties to other places and circumstances which resonate with previous lives. Old experiences send us ripples of recognition and fascination in current incarnations. There's even a branch of astrology that is all about geographical locations and speaks of these kinds of connections.

4: This is amazing. I would love to know about Carl Jung, if your list isn't already long enough. He managed to decode the fabric of humanity when cultures around the world weren't seen to have anything in common. Now the globe has truly become global, what would he develop and reveal next? And would he have a future connection to Telepathy Freud?

5: Very interesting points about free will and choosing a path of addiction or being fated to follow it through. If people are fated to go down that path, what can their soul learn if they don't change and recover? Or would it simply instil some empathy for addicts and down and outs which would be key to a future life? How much are our current lives karma for the past, and how much are they necessary preparation for roles still to come?

6: "Every time it feels super clear to me… I get confused again." Every new born baby should be given a plaque with Lynn's words on, to take with them through life and refer to from time to time. It seems like a good primer for the experience of being alive!

As for that Bieber photo - can we have the llama back instead? He was dead cute...

Bee E-lightened said...

Read "Journey of Souls". Souls get to pick where they want to go and usually go back to familiar countries/cities just like they return to familiar souls.

Domestic Goddess said...

It's really strange that everytime I open your site, I always know when it will be a Life Detective or Five for Friday post, as in I gotten it almost 100%. I just thought it was strange that as I type your website address in the URL, I know I will see the Life Detective and the Five for Friday, just like today :)

Beloved Shiningstar said...

What do you see when people "migrate" to this new reality? Do they "walk" through a veil? This stuff is so fascinating! I hope I can experience this new reality in this lifetime.

They Live said...

Right, I thought he was born as a girl in this current lifetime. Some may even say he's a reptilian shape shifter even.

wendy tascione said...

Do you for see yourself in this incarnation going to the new earth?

Raymond G said...

It's a shame that Justin Bieber is going to reincarnate and we have to live with him again. The Universe should do us a favor and make this his last trip.

If you were to channel or RV Freud, would you be able to explain more about the use of vibrations and how it is used for telepathy? I keep seeing vibrations being used for healing, moving large blocks of stone, transportation and levitation. I wonder what it is that we are suppose to learn in the future that we don't know now? The Egyptians, Leedskalnin and the Druids knew how to use it. I am convinced that it has to be something simple, something in front of our face that we don't know how to do because we have been accustomed to think in a different direction.

Thanks Lynn and Dada.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the great comments, and questions... Lots to think over (maybe we need a followup to the series??).

@Wendy: I am hopeful that I will be in the 4D (or higher) dimension the next time around, but it is a little bold to assume it until I meet my guides when I too am on the other side. I am doing what I can to grow and evolve through all of life's experience. :-)

Thanks again! Hugs-