Friday, December 23, 2016

Life Detective #5

by Lynn & A Man Called Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a special — and intriguing — holiday-esque segment of Life Detective. As usual, Lynn and Da-da look at the past, present and future lives of various people of note. Typically, when Lynn taps in, she gets the most apropos life of the subject come to the forefront, showing what's most relevant to who they were/are today — and who/where they are now/in future. We don’t reference subject names in the article, but instead put the answers below, inverted. Try not to peek. Da-da’s questions/comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

Subject A
Past Life 1: When I look at Subject A’s earlier lifetime, I see them as a boy. People at this time, all over, are really really poor, struggling. I see a young boy and his family living in cold, wet squalor. Everyone’s coughing and sick. I’m drawn to the boy's hands. Looks like someone brutally smacks the back of his hands as hard as they can with a cane, as punishment for some kind of crime. Looks like he was stealing. Frustrated at seeing his family starving, something in him just snapped and he stole a loaf of bread that was hanging out front of a bakery (I see lots of loaves hanging outside) to feed his family. Later, in Subject A's dominant life, they had a great sympathy for people in need, having learned the contrast between haves and have-nots. He carried that little piece of karma with him.

Future Life: Subject A is still around, in spirit, pervasive. You can call on them. They feel very angelic, very spiritual. They’ve been helping a long time, now.

[How pervasive is this spirit, today? And can you tell how they feel about the current image that’s been created around them?]

Subject A is strong, and I see him really gravitating toward evoking the "empathy” emotion in people. And he’s sort of disgusted at the materialism tied to him now, and it should be more about gestures rather than making a buck. 

Subject B
Past Life 1: I get that this person was a school teacher — a math teacher! — in the early 1900s. Looks as though he played guitar on the side but never really did much with it. I see Subject B doing algebra on a blackboard, one of those teachers who really made a difference in pupils’ lives, made it enjoyable to learn. Here’s the funny thing: I see Subject B grab his guitar and use it to sing algebra! He’d make up little limericks to help people remember the algebraic equations. He was just the coolest guy before he became who he became.

Future Life: Who is this person now… he’s not ready to jump back in yet, so he’s still in spirit and watching over his family. He’s also disgusted with music today [sounds familiar], with computerized voices and such. He thinks that, if people who made music 30-40 years ago were around today, they wouldn’t be chosen, as things aren’t as genuine as they used to be. Famous groups in the past would’ve been passed over as the current music industry is so disconnected from real talent, out to make money above all else. What he would want to contribute wouldn’t even be allowed today. When the time is right, he’ll come back.

Subject C
Past Life 1: I see this image of a man. Looks as though he had some mental challenges in his life; I see him as a mute in a kind of church-run mental institution in the late Middle Ages. I get an image of his brain working overtime. I see his thoughts running, coursing through his head. And I see him twitching as it happens, as if he’s recording everything around him, every thought, making it physical each time. He records everything he sees and thinks and feels. His mind never stops, but since he’s mute, he has no outlet. But then… he goes into his next life and he’s WAY more socially involved and connected, and everything he takes in he sees as a story or a potential story. He broke some social norms and was awkward to deal with, but was very very talented, making himself into a household name today… but under a different name!

Future Life: Ok, I get he’s a writer in this life, a man. He’s in Ireland, in the countryside, and he can see the water from his backyard. He’s kinda old fashioned, works on a typewriter. Likes to sit outside when he writes. He’s about 60, with reddish hair turning gray at the temples. He rewards little successes with a cigar. He has a favorite black writer’s hat, a fedora. He wears glasses. I get he writes mysteries (I hear Angela Lansberry???).

[Makes every impaired person a potential future genius/person of impact!]

Subject D
Past Life 1: Oh boy. What I get is that in a previous life, Subject D was an ET in origin, a Pleiadian. This was a time when there was a lot of ET interference and seeding on earth. Earth was seen as an oasis at the time. This person watched and knew of this beautiful planet from their own planet. When they passed into spirit, they wanted to be a part of earth, so Subject D incarnated as a human in their most famous lifetime, to experience earth firsthand. But to them, part of this 3-D body/earth incarnation thing was keeping past Pleiadian lineages alive, too. Looks like the Pleiadians would come and visit this person and get a report on earthly experiences. It’s not an abduction thing; there was no fear; it was a telepathic thing, them trying to understand the demands of earth/human life. So, there was that interaction… and at one point, there was discussion of this person procreating -- but maintaining a certain purity. Looks like Subject D allowed that to happen, seeing it as their contribution to both earth and their Pleiadian ancestors, striving to combine the best qualities of Pleiadian and 3-D earth humans in one person, for the greater good of all.

Future Life: Today, i see this person in Africa, as a woman. I see her filtering water for cooking, cleaning. She lives in a modest, small house, but yet she’s so humble and joyful. She’s older, but doesn’t have any kids of her own. She’s known and loved by her neighbors, but doesn’t boast or brag. She’s quiet and private, and cares for everyone. She’s always happy, a pure person.

[Is she now the same spirit who was here before, or has she split off into multiple people?]

It feels like a split where one’s in spirit, as a guide, and the other in a physical 3-D body. 

Subject E
Past Life 1: This is weird… I see Subject E was created as this hybrid human/Pleiadian… ohh, not just the body, but *the spirit* was also created just for this lifetime! That’s why Subject E was so innocent and pure, and could ascend so quickly. There was no karmic drag on them. They incarnated as an ordinary human, but different. 

Future Life: After they died, they remained in spirit, as a guide, acting as a liaison between us and SOURCE. They're still there!

[How did the Pleiadians create *spirit*? I can see creating a body, but spirit?? They made a body and SOURCE just popped in there? with them providing intent?]

Yes, that’s how it feels. [Amazing.]


And that's it. To find out who we’re talking about, flip for the solution. 


s7even said...

I hope you will do more Life Detective readings in the future!:
Princess Diana
Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc)
George Soros
Barack Obama
Adolf Hitler

Thank you!

s7even said...
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icqgirl 2 said...

Ah, incredible! Thanks for the reading, Lynn and Dada.

You have read Mary Magdalene in a previous Life Detective installment. I assume she is the same person as Mother Mary.

The preserved remains (body) of Brother J is purportedly at Thiaoouba, along with the bodies of other beings who have made great contributions.

Alex said...
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Robert Schoen said...

What a great Christmas present Dada and Lynn, which makes you wonder what else we owe the Pleiadians and our connection to them. On a lighter note I was almost sure the math loving musician you did a reading on was the original Paul McCartney! I wish everyone a wonderful holiday and New Year!

Buddhist Lady said...

What fun!!!

I just finished watching Henry VI, Part I on PBS' Great Performances. I was thunderstruck. Indeed, this fellow could see a story everywhere! PBS did a great job of bringing both the times and Shakespeare alive. For most modern people, reading Shakespeare can be torturous at times...but even using the original text, they did a phenomenal job.

I loved the final description of Master Jesus as having both a body and spirit created. The life of the universe is infinite and beyond conceptualization, alas, for those in 3-4D.

Happy holidays! May the New Year bring you all happiness!

"Then sing, young hearts that are full of cheer,
With never a thought of sorrow;
The old goes out, but the glad young year
Comes merrily in tomorrow."

Emily Miller 1833-1913

The enlightened one said...

I think it would be more interesting with more living or recently deceased people being included, like Elvis Presley. Historical persons that lived aeons ago are not very relatable.

Freestar said...

Mary Magdalene was a priestess and purported wife if Jesus, but the Bible says she was a prostitute/disciple.

Mother Mary was Jesus' mother. I've read Mary was a term or status in the religious or social culture of the day, like Sister is a nun.

They Live said...

Nice reading and many thanks for this!
What was Jesus's real name? A big chunk of his life is unknown, was he part of the Mystery schools of that time until age 33? I know 33 is a Masonic number and am unsure if he truly reappeared at 33 or that 33 is a code for those with secret knowledge. Also, when he spoke of his father in heaven was he referring to a Pleiadian? Many thanks!

Freestar said...

Hi Lynn,

I once was in a kindergarten nativity play as an angel, but the next year as Mother Mary. I felt, and still can feel, the infinite, divine energy of the angel. I haaaated being Mary.
20 odd years later I witnessed looking down at a scene of a pregnant woman on a donkey and a man walking beside her. When I snapped out of it I realised it was Joseph and Mary. I wasn't the only being looking ups it, the atmosphere was filled with us...

Something I've been confused about is that I believe the Jesus story to be fictionalised, based off Osiris. However, it conflicts with my own personal experience as the angel and a familiarity in my soul.

Could you clarify this at all? interestingly I had a reading done years after, which said my soul in this creation birthed into the archangelic realm of the that fits with Mary, as you saw, and my familiarity with her and Jesus.

A Man Called Da-da said...

No, Mother Mary was Yeshua's mother. Mary Magdalene was his wife. Both Marys split into guide-spirit and 3-D incarnations after that lifetime, and both current 3-D incarnations are helping out in Africa. It's a little confusing.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Alex: Actually, Subject E was most recently SOURCE. Doesn't get more spiritual than that. There are many paths, etc.

@Robert Schoen: I thought so, too. What we found kinda made me wonder if the Pleiadians have some special karmic debt owed to earth and earthlings for some reason. I could just be projecting!

@TheyLive: Jesus' real nae was "Y'shua," or "Yeshua." When he referenced "the Father," he meant SOURCE, not an ET.

@Freestar: FYI, Mary Magdalene wasn't a prostitute. The bible was written 99.99% by men, and most of the disciples were jealous of Mary M's relationship with Brother J, hence the passive-aggressive down-writing of Mary Magdalene's character. She was indeed his wife, which is why she was allowed in the burial chamber, along with Mother Mary, after the crucifixion, which by law at that time was only for immediate close family. Brother J's story is not fiction. He was an actual person and a spiritual master.

Alex said...


Jesus was 'SOURCE'? I thought 'GOD' was only a man-made invention to control humans through some religions.

Moreover, I thought all souls evolve through millions of lifetimes and only very old souls are qualified to be spiritual masters. Read Michael Newton's research.

There is another website who said that Jesus's father was Gabriel of the Pleiades system and Jesus's mother was Mary who was of Lyran descent. So physically, he was an ET.

scorpio said...

All Africans are of atleast part Pleiadian descent. Mary and Jesus were black. she's here for the great awakening. it'll be cool too see our long lost brothers that are coming and in the process of us.

Mark Noeth said...

Thanks as always for the readings...

Freestar said...

I know she wasn't a prostitute, as per the comment I made pasted below. I said she was a priestess/Jesus' wife. I said the Bible says she was a prostitute and disciple, not that she was one.

"Mary Magdalene was a priestess and purported wife if Jesus, but the Bible says she was a prostitute/disciple."

They Live said...

Many thanks @DaDa I wanted confirmation that Yeshua was his true name. I also wonder why he is called Jesus Christ, from what I've heard and read Christ is a title and Jesus comes from Greek, as opposed to Yeshua.

Raymond G said...

That was fun, All my guesses were

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the great comments. These sessions are really fun! I am glad that you enjoyed it, and I enjoy seeing the discussion and answers in comments. I learn and ponder so much from all of you. Feeling really humbled and blessed! Much love-

Craig said...

@they live, I think the title would be Jesus THE Christ, as he embodies the Christ principle so strongly. Other figures can also be seen as being representatives of this universal energy like Buddha or even the Mary's. Between all the translations from the original Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English and with the decisions made about what to include in the Bible at the Coucil of Nicea and how it would framed for public consumption, there is a lot of confusion. Blessings

They Live said...

Many thanks and lots of confusions indeed, all by design.

Raymond G said...

Merry Christmas Everyone !

Chatty Cathy said...

Yes, Merry Christmas to All!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!

Anthea said...

Sometimes I am able to connect to Jesus and His love is so amazing, pure and beautiful. So overwhelmingly beautiful that I can't help but tear up. I feel that there is a lot of controversy with religion and Jesus, and it is sometimes a cause of so much doubt for me... but at times I choose to ignore all of those and focus on how real my spiritual encounters are with Him and The Divine... It's just so amazing and it makes me feel there's so much more to life than just working dead-end jobs and trying to make ends meet.

The enlightened one said...

The works of hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon mentions Jesus as an old soul, but also mentions him having a continued engagement and presence on Earth.

The enlightened one said...

Great suggestions! I have myself suggested Michael Jackson, Prince, John Lennon and Uri Geller.

I also hope for more frequent life detective posts in the future, and I hope Lynn will allow for other readers as well (apart from A man called Dada) to provide subjects.

A Man Called Da-da said...
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Alex said...

@The enlightened one

If Jesus is really an old soul, Lynn wouldn't have seen him as being created as a new soul with no previous life experience. This is the part I am confused.

From my understanding, all spiritual masters in the past like Buddha are very old souls.

PimpMyBrain said...

@Da-da sad to see you close the Cats site (or it is an hack?). As par your last word, i wish "bast of Love" to all of you Cats and thanks for your great support !

Thanks Lynn and all for your works, comments, reflexion, little disagreements and help to each other ! Have all the best end of this year and maybe, see you the next one !

SB said...

Now this was just a dream I had a few months ago. And I was brought up Atheist by my father. I'm currently Agnostic you know middle of the road. In the dream I saw the person people call Jesus. He was being led into what looked like a dungeon that had several jail cells in it. He was in the custody of what looked like roman soldiers. I was a man in this dream walking behind a woman who looked like she might be his wife. I felt like I knew them both on a personal level though that was never officially revealed to me in the dream just a feeling I had. When they put him in the cell and he looked back at us she passed out. I caught her before she hit the ground. The reason I am even sharing this is I got a good look at him. And he did not look like a typical human from any age of man. He was taller than everyone his body was skinny but still looked manly. He looked more like a Nordic type of alien in the face but with darker hair. He just really stood out like if someone had made a human hybrid that could sort of pass for human. So I think this is very interesting that I dreamed this and you get this kind of description about him in the reading.

Carlene said...

@ Da-Da What? I sure hope not. You are a wonderful complement to Lynn's blog. I have found your follow up questions as well as topics in general to such a great addition to the insights of Lynn. I was just thinking how much I love the mystery pics you came up with and hope they can pop up once in awhile in the new year. Everyone is entitled to their opinion yet no one speaks for everyone. Also, it seems that Lynn provides a way to make suggestions either through the requests or the responses herein (which we all see). I hope that the person was making a suggestion and due to text not having the nuances of the spoken language could be percived as harsh language.

Please continue to work in the light in unison with our wonderful guide, Lynn. Thank you for your continued support of getting to the truth.

Bee E-lightened said...

For good⁉️

Bee E-lightened said...

Just email your suggestions, no⁉️

Sean Nash said...

The energy that is directed at earth and us right now feels like a bombardment. Ever since December 21, culminating today-December 27. Had a pretty big earthquake and every day there is someone in the mainstream world (mass awareness) that is having heart attacks-every day there is someone! I can feel this energy right in the heart center . Even the slightest discerned connotation will be magnified X 12000. Hold fast, it'll pass.

Buddhist Lady said...

Bravo, Carlene! Well said!

Language--and certainly written language--is a limited and limiting structure. I hope everyone always feels welcome here.

Happy, happy New Year!!!!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Buddhist Lady: I hope so too! I appreciate and have gratitude for all of you. xoxo-Lynn

John Casey said...

Outstanding, you two. Just terrific.
What do Pleidans look like, I wonder, compared to humans.

icqgirl 2 said...

"There was no karmic drag on them. They incarnated as an ordinary human, but different. After they died, they remained in spirit [...]"

Why is Subject E in the plural sense? "Them" and "they", for example.