Tuesday, May 17, 2016

More Trump (and Other) Politics

Q. I have been thinking lately about the state of the nation.  The things that I see going on in our national politics, i.e., the race for the presidency, suggest to me that things may be much more serious than most of us believe.  I think that the Trump Phenomenon is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of people rejecting the status quo.  The phenomenon has made Trump, not the other way around, in my view.  The question that arises is where is all this going?  It came to me that it may be going toward something like the collapse of the Soviet Union that happened back in the 1989-1991 timeframe.

The USSR collapsed not from a violent overthrow of the government, as was done in Russia in 1917, but simply by people withdrawing their support and participation in the business of governing the Soviet Union.  I am wondering if the American people have now become so fed up that a similar process could occur here.  Could people just simply walk away from their government jobs and could people just start ignoring the government and its orders, as they seemed to have done in the USSR?

Here is a crazy one for you. The last week I'm watching Trump and he seems even more clownish physically and with his words and actions. Oddly enough, I'd rather see him in office rather than another of the same (Illuminati/Reptilian) aka Hillary. I do feel Bernie is a good guy but will be controlled. I can't shake the feeling that Trump has been replaced already! Even still, they are starting the serious attacks against him to bring him down (Trump College). 

Seems Bernie Sanders is gaining a lot of momentum. Can you give us an update on the election? 

I would love to know what you think! As always, I appreciate all you do! L&L. 
A. Let me start by breaking this down... 

Trump...  People are so tired of traditional politics that even as outspoken as he may be at times, a good majority can overlook it.  In previous elections, I get that if the "standard" politicians, such as Romney or McCain were to say a tenth of the things that Trump has said, they would have never been supported by the people.  

Another thing I see is that many people like being entertained, and Trump used that fact to help propel his campaign. He did what no one has done before, and created a "reality show" effect (another reason he was so outspoken- free media coverage).  He drew people in to see what he would be doing next, got tons of media coverage, and gained popularity.  

I also see a shift in how the people view the government.  People have lost faith in officials helping and supporting them.  There has been so much double speak, that they at least feel like what Trump says, he means, even it is not politically correct.  

Trump has a huge ego, and that ego is what would inspire him to want to make America great, because it is a reflection of him.  He would treat the country as a business, and focus hard on the economic system.  He will have a hard time getting respect at first, but see him working aggressively at it. Obama feels a little passive at getting bipartisan support, but Trump feel very "loud and aggressive" at getting both sides to work together.  I also get that if he were in office he will not tolerate "time wasting" and will resort to using his executive order to get things that he feels are in the greater good of the country to move forward.

Trump looks to engage the middle and lower class working people more so than the upper class.  The upper class tries to "check out" and not support Trump, and look for any work around they can find.  The lower class looks to embrace some infrastructure projects and a better overall economic system.  I see that in the timeline that Trump makes it, the PTB will work hard at taking him "out" and that will be a HUGE new story..  Trump will not be bought, and that scares the PTB. I cannot see things getting to how they were in the USSR, but things are definitely changing..

Hillary... She is very much affiliated with the PTB group.  I get she has already been bought and influenced to work with those that are in power.  They want her in office to help push through agendas that are already in force.  The PTB are doing what they can to see her succeed, and the most dominate timeline has her projected to win the election.  I get the PTB have already crossed the line, and are working with the Republican side to try to discredit Trump and get people to have an overall perception that he isn't presidential.  

I get the real reason some of the "Republicans" such as Bush and Romney are not supporting a fellow Republican is because the fellow Republican party member doesn't support the PTB.  The real issue going on in the Republican party is who is with the PTB, and who is against.

Sanders.. His energy is sincere and he has a passion to help the younger generations.  He has a genuine concern for the youth, and realizes the future of the country relies on them (education, drive, morals).  He feels that focusing energy on them and ensuring jobs are on our soil will help the overall picture.  

He also realizes that people have been beat down with false promises and taken advantage of by bank usury and the ease of loans.  We have become a society of instant gratification rather than delayed gratification.  If people could eliminate stress of financially straining issues (like health and college debt), they have a better chance at being able to save for their future and do things the "old fashioned" way. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Unknown said...

Thank you Lynn, but to my knowledge its the 2 post (in a row) where youre statements could have also been taken from a recent newspaper report! In other words I knew all that ahead of reading it. Thanks!

Truth & light said...

Who do you u see winning the "selection"⁉️

Alice L. said...

Hey Lynn, I feel like your readings about Hillary have been guarded...careful. So to approach it in a more oblique way, can you say anything about the allegations of voter fraud in Arizona and New York, and the fiasco of a convention in Nevada? Thanks!

Alex said...

Hi Lynn

Will the collapse of the dollar occur before or after the election?

Serene said...

Joao, exactly which news reports and from what news source?

Unknown said...

The real question should be are we going to make it to the next president?

Unknown said...

before you guys digitally hang me, just a real quick (5 min) review: 1) 60 days from Rep Convention US senator hitting its party major (and only) presidential candidate. (this is very unusual and confirms what's going through the media for a while, Trump may win the primaries but not the parties convention: maybe you wanna confirm this in this MSM outlet article:(http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/mitch-mcconnell-donald-trump-tax-returns_us_573b6255e4b0ef86171c36ad?utm_hp_ref=politics)). 2) Sanders (my favourite BTW) will be the new Nader (actually Washington Post never was a candidate for becoming an alternative media outlet: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/does-bernie-sanders-want-to-be-the-ralph-nader-of-2016/2016/05/17/b091d75a-1c5f-11e6-b6e0-c53b7ef63b45_story.html?hpid=hp_no-name_opinion-card-c%3Ahomepage%2Fstory) 3)Hillary is the democrats candidate and they'll do everything to support her: Judge Napolitanos case and the threat by Putin to release her 20,000 emails pose no threat to her candidacy. (from Forbes and Foxnews... no traditional whistleblower channels... http://insider.foxnews.com/2016/04/22/judge-napolitano-fbi-has-evidence-indict-and-convict-hillary-clinton-email-scandal.http://www.forbes.com/sites/paulroderickgregory/2016/02/12/vladimir-putin-hillary-clinton-emails/#30e63867fe61) An last not least, this article is out there for 12 years now and everybody has seen it in different forms: it basically states that the 2 party system in the US is OK with the PTB, because either way they allways win the elections (http://www.rense.com/general58/suspre.htm) TKS

Cathari said...

In response to Joao Gomes:

If anyone attempts to digitally hang you, or digitally execute you in any manner, I promise to come to your aid with a gallant horde or digital soldiers who are especially trained in hunting down such murderous swine. Fear not.

Pathphinder said...

Lynn, thank you for the reading. I think the running mates these people choose will really make a difference. Who owns or makes the voting machines could matter as well... last night was watching RT on PBS. One story mentioned Putin and Russia may not use banks on their next bond offering. This sale could go directly to the people. This would be a first, the bond market hasn't changed in 50 to 70 years. Russian bonds on ebay would be awesome...

Shifting said...

I don't have any psychic ability that I'm aware of, but I am very sure that Trump will never be president. Additionally, Lynn and others allude to him being somehow more honest, or a very adept business man, but that simply isn't true. He is highly dishonest and from a number of reports, not a particularly great business person either. He inherited a huge fortune and I read the other day, that if he had done nothing other than invest that inherited fortune in the bank for the past decades, that he would be worth FAR more than he is today. That is, he has completely mismanaged the funds given to him and his talked up and misrepresented himself over and over. HE has created the Trump myth. Here's a youtube clip from John Oliver that contains a stack of facts about the guy and is both humorous and scary to boot.



Unknown said...

well at least we got a healthy discourse going! if you queston lynn ability so harshly .why bother to tune in to her impressions at all? you must have been drawn to something genuine in her delivery at some point to even be on this blog....

Shifting said...

@ c chavous, yes, I"ve had a couple of private readings by Lynn, and while some events she thinks could happen, haven't come to pass yet, her impressions of some situations and people's personalities were spot-on. Her readings were via email and I presented her with very little info to go on. So she definitely has ability, there's no doubt. But no psychic on the planet is anywhere near accurate all the time. Probably somewhere between 50-70%. I have to confess, I find it a little bit disconcerting that some of the regular commenters on this blog seem to take 100% of what Lynn sees or interprets, as being true. All of this being said, I think she's a lovely, generous person and I am frequently drawn to this blog. I appreciate what she does.

joy said...

Dear Shifting,

RE: "I'm very sure that Trump will never be president"

you have lots of CHUTZPAH, my friend.

People might believe you. their subconscious will.

So, here it is....


all of you who read this and agree , please recite it LOUD,EYES CLOSED,WITH FOCUS AND INTENT.

As far as Lynn.... She's one of the best that I know off. But,.,...even when she is 100% accurate , there will always be glitzes in how the prophesied future will come to pass. Too many variables involved that we know nothing of.
I'm delighted with Lynn. Thank you, Lynn, for your presence in this time /space where we are now. your contributions are invaluable.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Joao: I'm not sure I follow. There was a paper out that stated what I got during a reading? I don't do research on what I read (even though sometimes things get sent to me or I hear about them on the news). I would be curious whose thoughts are aligning with what I got.

@Bee: Hillary has the most dominant energy in the timeline I see (could change, but would take a lot of collective effort).

@Alice: The PTB want Hillary. There will be scandalous behavior of all kinds emerge.

@Amy and Alex: I see it right after (something big like a huge force of "credit money" versus physical). We will survive. Humans are strong, but we will go through a shift.

@Mark: That is interesting! Never head of that.

@Shifting and Joy: I do appreciate the kind words. I try to be as honest as I can, and focus on truth. I give what I am able to see, but you are right, it is impossible to be 100% right all the time. Things can be misinterpreted, free will can change and sometimes forces on the other side block me for some form of greater good. My intent is to guide and help people and I am very grateful that all of you have found and support me.

Truth & light said...

Well obviously she cannot be 100% correct bc she gets signs or signals and interprets it the best she can. Unless she specializes in spiritual language her readings will always be her unterpretations of what she see. Similar to when we get a dream that symbolizes something. We try to interpret it the best way we can - our physical body/mind limits us how we interpret the spiritual world.

Craig said...

It would be a shame if Hillary got in. It wouldn't bode well for the next 4 years. Although many psychics are saying she will be president, anything can happen. It becomes a contest of wills, the powers vs the people. Although the primaries are supposed to be the vehicle to determine the candidate, there is no law stating that one has to vote for that person. (One can always write in, if states allow) A minuscule percentage actually vote in the primaries so you really are getting a distorted picture of the race. People also change their minds.

Predictions will show the trend and emotional elements at present and if these factors continue, then the result will be foretold. However, at this time we have much more free will than we've had before, so I visualize the future I would like to see and put that in my meditations.

Even if you can't or won't vote, never discount the power of your will, putting out the deep emotional desire for a better world for all. It will make a difference. That energy will join all others who desire this and form a wave that influences our direction, even if it is in subtle ways that are hard to see at the moment. A better world is coming.

John Casey said...

It's worth noting that Soviet Union collapse was engineered. A combination of a collapse in oil prices (from Saudi Arabia flooding the market at US "request") to $10 barrel and USSR's Vietnam-style quagmire in Afghanistan, made costly, unpoplular and protracted by US supplying Mujahedin with man-portable missile systems, proved a fatal combination for the Soviets.

It is also worth noting that the identical tactics are being attempted again, in the US effort to lure Russia into quagmires in Ukraine and Syria while collapsing the oil price. It looks like this time the Russians have been better prepared to weather the attack. Presumably, the build-up of NATO forces in Eastern Europe is preparation for creating the war they so badly need right now.

Ryno said...

@Shifting: It's not that hard to be more honest than Hillary. Hell, the devil himself is jealous of what she gets away with.

If anyone is expecting to find a 100% accurate source on anything, well I wish you good luck with that goal. This blog is just another campfire of many which I like to visit to learn, share and discuss from other travelers.

What a time to be alive! I'm so thankful I get to experience this moment in time.

Conrado said...

Hey Linn! another great reading!
Still on politics but not so 'Trumpy'... I see sometimes out in the web that the recent brazilian political crises is in fact due actions from US against the BRICS nations. Did you see during your reading any aspect of US plotting against Brazil currently?
A few days ago, the president was taken out from the charge with the support o people hoping this is the better for the future


Hannon said...

Wait, that's what Trump will do? But the TV keeps implying gas chambers and ovens. Anyways, if he does do what you say, won't he be as bad as Putin :-)

lalucas said...

Lynn has read that the most likely outcome is that Hillary will win the election. Humankind has chosen, together with the One God, a specific path to follow at this juncture in our history. Like on a road map, alternative routes exist and we have free will to change our path. As Lynn said, however, it would take a lot of collective energy to change the most likely outcome, the delineated path we have collectively chosen, to move us along in our spiritual evolution. With that said, each election I vote my conscious choice and trust that all is as it should be.

Buddhist Lady said...

Ladies and Gentlemen--I present, for your amusement, a Grand Charade called the elections of 2016!! The laughs, the fun, the chortles, the upsets, the gaffs, the exposes....ad infinitum!!!!!!! Where are you Faulkner? Ahhh, yes...much sound and fury signifying nothing!!

Shifting--the problem is...I can present sites which say just the opposite about Trump. I.e., that he took his fortune and has amassed unbelievable growth and wealth from land development and construction. He's smart, sharp, blah, blah, blah.

I don't believe who wins makes one iota of difference. Cosmetically on the surface...yup. Otherwise, no. You think any President is going to expose and bring to the light the Secret Space Program?