Friday, October 2, 2015

5 Mysterious Travelers

Q. My last video related submission (about the miracles) went over very well so I have another one for you to do a reading on. I like that these readings get a lot of mysteries answered at once. I personally find this video even more interesting than the miracle one.  Here is a link to the YouTube video: 5 Mysterious Travelers from Other Dimensions

Green Children:  Two children appeared one day in Woolpit.  They were green in appearance, one of them passed away, and the other survived.  As the survivor ate a larger variety of food, she lost her green appearance.
As I tune into them, I seem materialize as if they were walking out from the fog.  They look as though they are coming from one vibrational layer of earth into another (our current human layer).  I then am taken to a cave near Woolpit, and get that within this cave there is a portal that made the transfer from one layer to another layer physically possible.  As I try to see why they didn't just go back through the portal, I hear that it worked in some kind of "glitchy" way to where it isn't always open to allow this two-way travel (I see it like on Back to the Future when they could only travel one way, and in this case they traveled laterally, but to a different layer of earth).

Man from Taured:  A man showed up in Tokyo with a passport from Taured, which is a country that didn't exist.
When I tune into him, I see the image of separate time lines propelling into the future.  At one point, this man's timeline "jumped" to another timeline.  

In his beginning point on his original timeline, there was very much a country name Taured, and he traveled all around the world.  It looks like he had a situation where a near death experience occurred (part of a plane crash??) and when he came back, he shifted to a different timeline.  I get that universal laws work at correcting these "jumps" and he disappeared as quickly as he appeared when he was returned to his original timeline.

Utsuro-bune: Woman that appeared from nowhere in a very strange, hallowed out boat.
A. I get that this was a UFO craft, and the woman inside was cloaked as a human and sent here to relay some kind of message.  The message feels frantic, like a warning, but yet I cannot understand it (my impression is a disaster of some kind happened shortly after her arrival).   She looks to be sent by the "protecting" ETs.  These ETs knew that humans would be scared of (and may not listen to) an ET, but would listen to a less threatening woman.  They were wrong, and the woman was sent away...  I get the warning was never passed on..

Jophar Vorin: Man who showed up in Germany claiming to be from land called Laxaria. 
I see very similar images to the ones tuning into the Man of Taured.  It looks as though this man was very sick in his birth timeline.  He was at a point where he was close to transitioning to the spirit world (passing away), and was spiritually "visiting" back and forth during his final days. At the moment he passed away he physically jumped to the time line we are living on, and appeared (I hear it is like how Quantum Leap did it on the tv show).

Jerome: Man that appeared on a sandy beach, and was amputated.  He mumbled, and couldn't be understood, and they referred to him as Jerome.
I keep seeing a battle.  It looks like a group of men (pirates??) that injured him.  He was terribly hurt, hungry, dehydrated and I get he drank a lot of salt water which made him delusional.  He also looks to have head trauma.  I hear something about him being left for dead... 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-


Watchand Knock said...

Hi! regarding this man from Taured! how did he get there,I mean what flight had he booked to arrive at the international passenger's terminal? Had he arrived with a domestic flight nothing would have happened with the passport control!Thank You!

Raymond G said...

Amazing ! I wonder what kind of stories that could tell us if they had been given the opportunity to share them with us.

Dante said...

Are there any caves with portals to another reality layer of Earth in the United States?

Juli T said...

I still can't figure out this timelines issue :/
Like when you did that reading on the different recalls we have about the same historic events. Is there another 'me' in different timelines? Or is it totally different people? Are they plain human beings like us?
These appearances are 'mistakes' of the universal laws?
I'm sorry, too many questions. But it's hard for me to figure out this one.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

There are different versions of us in different timelines. Sometimes (rarely but they do) glitches occur in which timelines jumps, but there are universal laws that try to reset these "glitches."

I didn't see any other caves, but that wasn't my focus either. I have seen cave systems in the northwest part of California that look to lead underground, but not a true "portal." I would need to do a reading focused on that (which would be interesting) to see if there are areas that light up.

Juli T said...

Ok. Is one timeline more 'real' than another?
Like all these Julis are making different choices in different timelines, so karma is different for all of them, so how does it work? Maybe in another timeline I'm fulfilling things I can't in this one, so my next incarnation should be different for different Julis. Or maybe the differences between Julis in different times are not big enough to really modify karma?
Thank you!

The enlightened one said...

Dolores Cannon states the same in her books, that there are different timelines with different alternative selves. She also mentions "glitch" like phenomena, such as different individuals recalling the past differently.

By the way, are we gonna see some more answers on the topic of inner Earth? I'm getting inpatient, lol.

@Juli T
I would suggest you look at it this way:
To create a new state of being (for things around you) is a way of travel to a place (in the continuum of realities) where that state is true.
And to travel to a location, is a way of creating a state where your being in that place is true.

You can change your extracorporeal (outside of the body) surrounding by moving to a new location, but the old location will still exist, only in a different location in the continuum of possible places. In a similar fashion, all alternative realities exist simultaneously, although we currently only experience a few. (According to Dolores Cannon, we can live several parallel lives at the same time).

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Juli: Enlightened One described it well. There are various timelines, but the one the "feels" the most real is the one you experience with you conscious mind. There are occasional glitches, and the universe does its' best to reset it.

Juli T said...

Thank you both. I'm watching conferences of Dolores Cannon to go deeper into the subject.
If it's all an illusion it should be easier to change it right? I wish I could to something better out of this one, so far is not working.
Thank you both again!