Friday, August 28, 2015

Five for Friday #18

Hi all, and welcome to an intriguing Five for Friday #18. You'll have a lot of questions when we're done, so let's get started.

Image #1: The Mysterious Tracks
Backstory: According to a Russian geologist, these are 14 million-year-old vehicle tracks. Are they? And if so, what was the culture like that made them?

What Lynn Saw
"When I tune into this, I'm puzzled, as I see people digging these out kinda like a plow system, then they were filled with water. It looks more like an irrigation system. And I see it as 3000 years old, not 14 million. Culturally, I see this as some Egyptian sub-culture. There may even be a pyramid nearby."

Image #2: The Mysterious Thing Over Florida
Backstory: This thing was recently photographed over Florida. What the heck is it??

What Lynn Saw
"I can't connect to this at all. Something about it isn't right. So I keep watching it in the video at that bottom, and it gets me too… There is something genuine about it, but yet I am blocked to get this full story. It is ET in nature, and they are doing something (not just cruising), but I cannot get a clear image as to what. It doesn’t feel malicious, actually very neutral. It bothers me that I am blocked to it, but it isn’t coming through."

[This is unusual. To Da-da's knowledge, Lynn hasn't been able to see what's what only when it's in her best interest NOT to see.]

Image #3: The Mysterious Maree Man of South Australia
Backstory: This is the largest geoglyph in the world, of a man with a bird’s head (which we’ve all heard about AGAIN, of late). It was carved only 16 years ago, but no one knows who did it — or HOW they did it. The figure is 4.2 km tall, and was made about 60 km from the tiny town of Maree (pop. 60). Only one track led into and out of the site, but there were no footprints or tire marks. A police investigation came up with nothing, but Da-da is guessing that Lynn's going to fix that. What’s that wand in its hand supposed to signify? [Da-da later asked if the wand the being is holding was the basis for human magical wand lore.]

What Lynn Saw
"First thing I get is that this is a different version of a cropcircle! These ETs, which are more avian... this is how they wanted to convey a message to us. It was done by them, being very blatant and obvious about who they are. I feel that they're very authoritarian. This species is very dominant. They want to help us, direct us. But that wand is a weapon. I get that energy can shoot out of it like a cattle prod, like a high-tech taser. It's almost like they're saying 'you will obey.' They have an authoritarian mentality. In the past, people would bow down to them in fear. They want to come here and take over, rule. I don't have as good a feeling about them. This has a different feel than the sphere beings, like a branch of them that went in their own way looking to seek some kind of authoritarian life (they like to rule). Yes, what you said about the wand resonates with me (but they used it for malicious intent)."

Image #4: The Mysterious Sahara Eye
Backstory: THIS is Da-da’s favorite terrestrial geologic feature. Called “The Sahara Eye,” it’s predictably located in the Sahara (and, psst, it looks like an eye), AND geologists of course argue over how it was created. Is it an impact crater? A long dead volcano? A landing pad for a big berry danish?

What Lynn Saw
"I keep getting a vision of a ship in the middle. When the ship took off, it melted and PULLED UP the sand; this blast created a rippling effect, peaking the ground up, pulling it up like peaked egg whites. When you superheat sand, you can create glass, and you could find these tiny glass fragments all around this site from this take-off. It lifted off so forcefully that it burned everything around it. They look like humans with cat features (human/cat facial features). They don’t look in a hurry, it was just the result of the ship taking off." [Werecats, activate!]

Image #5: The Mysterious Stone of Destiny
Backstory: Without further ado, we present for your consideration, “The Stone of Destiny,” or the Stone of Scone (pronounced “scoon”) as it’s sometimes called. This is the stone that all monarchs of England had to sit on for their coronations, but no one knows why. (Well, until you tell us.) Questions: Where did the stone originally come from and why is it significant? And what’s with that rectangular outline chipped into it? Is it a stone from another planet? Or a stone from Solomon’s Temple?

What Lynn Saw
"This stone is a key to something. You see the metal rings on it? The stone slides into something. It's a key to something, like a final puzzle piece. There's a structure that's missing that piece, almost like the piece has been stolen, and the structure won't be integral until it's replaced. It feels so powerful. I keep wanting to say it's something associated with Oak Island. It's a key to unlock either a secret vault, or something major there. It was stolen. And it feels SO coveted. There's something to unlock there with that key and it's a pretty big deal. I feel like the throne was made to fit around the stone, but the stone belongs to something else (something special and significant). I get Oak Island, and feel there is a mystery there connecting this stone key to that location… then I hear, "and it's under the butts of those people.""

Da-da needs an unlimited budget so he can go investigate all these sites. Someone get right on that.

Join us Friday-after-next for episode #19!


Watchand Knock said...

img. 3: Autoritarian aliens in Australia? Guess who? US americans did it, silly question! ;)

23 tulips said...

Da-Da could start a Kickstarter campaign!

Anyone who contributes 20 bucks receives a complimentary Mystery-Stone-of-Destiny keychain! ;)

Baku Matsumoto said...

Lynn, you mean Oak Island Skull Stone??? Hidden treasure....????

They Live said...

Nice read as always! Are these bird headed beings going to fight the Reptilians to gain ruleship? That'd be great if they fought them and got rid of the Reps but than we got rid of them so no one will end up ruling us at all.

@Lynn: it's off topic but could you please send love and light to my grandfather who is currently on the other side of things. I dreamt he was trapped somewhere and was crying. Much appreciations to you and all you do!

EA RW said...

#4 "They look like humans with cat features (human/cat facial features)." Reminded me of the cartoon thundercats.

Ossian MacUrcrin said...

The Stone of Destiny was stolen by Edward I of England from The People of Scotland in 1296 as it was a symbol of Scottish sovereignty.
Debate has ragedas to whether this was the genuine stone, or whether a substitute one was left for him to steal whilst the genuine one,( which is allegedly made of smooth black Basalt), was hidden away and kept safe.

It was later "re-appropriated" from Westminster Abbey by four Scottish students in 1950 who managed to get it back over the Scottish border and sparked a nationwide hunr for it and them.
It is alleged that they themselves may also have handed back a replica of the stone they took. !! ;)
The Stone was known in Gaelic as the " Lia Fàil" and was originally from Ireland where it was used to crown the ancient High Kings of Ireland, before being brought to Scotland by the Gaelic speaking tribes of Dàlrìada.

It is said that the stone used to scream out when the rightful king was elected and sat upon the stone, which is probably why its been asked bit quiet since Edward stole it! ;)

Ossian :)
It is said th

Ossian MacUrcrin said...

Please excuse autocorrect induced typos! :)

Vortex Spinner said...

I'm a fan Da-da. Love your bits!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Thanks for the nice comments, folks, but Lynn's the real show! Da-da's just this man behind the curtain...

Ryno said...

I have heard that when our current universe was founded, Feline's and Avians were the first two species invited to start this universal polarity integration game. The Avians were to play the "negative" and the Felines the "positive. Avians "created" the Reptilians (including the "elites" boss the Draco) and Felines "created" humans. Is this correct, I don't know for sure but feels right to me until I discover something that feels even more right. How many cultures have myths of "feathered serpents" or the mix of Avians and Reptilians?

I believe tha the "Law of One" was channeled from Avians who became messengers of RA (aka Marduk, Nimrod, Ares, Mars, etc.) here on Earth. Sure, like most things it contains good info but it also has some disinformation. For the longest time, I just couldn't get past the fact that this material was associated with RA (Marduk) somehow until I realized the Avian and Reptilian connection.

I wonder if the Maree Man is pointing his wand towards Pine Gap, Australia (Home of SAALM or the Supreme Annunaki Assembly of Lord Marduk).

Another thing I wonder is if David Wilcock is intentionally misleading people with mind-controlled Corey Goode's "Blue" Avian story or if they are just using Wilcock and he actually believes it?

Never stop questioning and trust yourself.

Ossian MacUrcrin said...

That's what I hate about alternative sources like Wilcock and the various climate change advocates / deniers and also most spiritual practice's of a non mainstream disposition;
There always seems to be some bloody hidden agenda, or " oh that's just a false flag in order to distract you!", or a selection of demon goblin ETs are feeding off the fact that we're worrying and making sure we endlessly reincarnate so they feed off us and it all just gets either weirder or more preposterous with every day that passes.

I might just stop worrying about it all, go ride my very old motorcycle, listen to some very old rock'n'roll and then drink some very old whisky and grin a lot.... How d'ya like that energy ,ETs or whoever the hell ye are! ;)

Ryno said...

To add to my post, shortly after I posted the comments the first thing I saw on Facebook (yeah, I know I shouldn't have it and the technology addiction is hard to kick) was a lion (feline) hugging a man. Yes, felines love humans. How awesome would it be to get back the ability to communicate directly with animals and to live side by side with them again like pre-Atlantis!

Ryno said...

@Ossian MacUrcrin: "Stop worrying about it all" is actually a pretty good idea. Karma, raising vibrations, densities, symbolism, rituals, etc. are all out there to limit your imagination! If you got a (free)will, an imagination, and don't interfere with others then that is all you need in my opinion. I do like to try figure things out though I know I never will (in this life anyway) because there is so much compartmentalization and distortion of "truth." I just stopped worrying and fearing about what I know and don't know. IF we ever cross paths we will have to share a whiskey! :)

Ossian MacUrcrin said...

Sounds good!
Always up for sharing a few drams with like minded folk! :)
I'm kinda in the same boat as yourself in that I've done a lot of exploring of esoteric spiritual paths ...mainly Northern tradition type things like Celtic stuff, Runes etc but also Tarot, Shamanic and what not , but although I find it all deeply absorbing, I finally came to the conclusion area months ago ( after years of striving!), that I'm about as psychically gifted as a pencil and that those truths are not to be revealed to me in this lifetime either...ach well, no great misfortune.
The beauties of the Scottish Highlands are more than enough compensation, are as a fine 12 year old Balvenie Doublewood .;)

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Ryno: Da-da has wondered all that as well. Good call on Pine Gap.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the great comments. @Ryno: Great thoughts to think on!

@They Live: I will absolutely send love and light to your grandfather. I will put the intent out when I do my nightly meditation.

They Live said...

@Lynn So many thanks to you ♡♥

Astrolofting said...

So the keystone belonged to the king who built the traps on Oak Island. And to keep it safe, he sat on the key everyday as noone could touch his throne.

magnolia said...

In regards to Image #2, something over Florida. I found this article on, some pictures of sky energies and Dolores Cannon's explanation of what they were.

Bilal said...

@Ryno "Law Of One" is very unique channeling and those being on that level does not poses any form that we are used with. Pure energy .For those being it is more important to maintain energy balance between different level of dimensions and galaxies and that´s perhaps what you will need to learns when you are in that level of awarness