Saturday, March 7, 2015

Psychic Abilities, Overcoming Fear and Spirits

Q. I began to experiment with psychic abilities about 20 years ago after meeting a person with real gifts. At first it was amazing and I had success with almost everything I tried. To the point where it kinda scared me a bit. It made the world a much bigger, mystical force than I was ready to deal with at the time. I found I had real trouble repeating those successes, perhaps because it did scare me. What would you recommend for someone that wants to open themselves up and begin using their psychic abilities?
A.  When you feel fear the first thing to do is assess where it is coming from.. It is because of conditioning or what you saw in the media?  True fear is a primal feeling that exists for survival (to keep you safe) which is rational and logical.  The problem with fear is (and I get this image) that it is like a virus, and irrational fear (many times from hypothetical situations) can spread like a virus.  Rational fear (like you are being chased by a lion) don't spread- they are very valid and real, but irrational fears are fears that spread and take over.. If you think of fear in those terms, you can determine what fears are needed for self preservation and what is fear because we are told to fear it... The latter is what you need to address, change perspective and purge..

Q. How do you purge those fears?
A.  There are several ways to do it, and the most effective way varies with the person.  The goal is for you to realize that when your mind, body and soul are working in the greater good, you are powerful.  You have the ability to set intent, rules and parameters that you feel comfortable with.  You have to believe your "rules" will work, and they will.  

I get an image of a person that has several spirits in their home- They don't bother or harass anyone, they just exist and their presence can be felt from time to time.  Then one night when the homeowner is sleeping the spirit goes in and watches him sleep- more out of curiosity (no malicious intent), but it interrupts the person's sleep (looks restless, tossing and turning).  The following night, before going to bed the person says out loud "You are allowed to stay, but you must remain out of my room."  The spirit listens and abides by those rules!  

Q.  How do you trust that your intent will work and they will listen?  
A. For someone new to spiritual development, meeting like minded people (in person, online, etc) to share stories and support offer a tremendous strength.  This helps to reinforce that other people are out there, and there is a beauty within the spirit world.  You can get advice, and see what others do to feel more safe (there are different techniques, and you will find one that resonates with you)- they all focus on a clear intent and focus.

Setting intent, asking questions and meditating to connect to your higher self truly gives you the best insight and direction.  For those that have difficulty meditating, a guided meditation or hypnosis can be helpful (gets you to a relaxed state of mind and allows the subconscious to get through).  

Q.  What are some techniques?
A.  Intuitions that you get throughout the day come though in what feel like involuntary means, so there is no "true process" aside from keeping a general outlook of allowing things to happen in your greater good.  When you go to do a meditation or intentional work (like a reading) begin your session with clear intent- rid yourself of fear or anxiety, take a few cleansing breaths, and say that you want information in your greatest good and of the highest vibrational source and then go into your experience.  Trust and know that you will receive accurate and safe information. [Note:  When you see a person, like your passed grandparent, ask then if they are grandpa- if they tell you anything other than "yes," ask them to move along, and they will... Spirits want to get through and leave messages, so if they see an opening, they may try to take it.  Don't fear it, just tell it to go, and it will.]

Some people also envision various colors (seeing a white light of protection) or an image that "feels" safe.  You can also use protective crystals, or burn incense.  The most important thing is the mental intent, and the other things strengthen your base intent.

Q. Do you ever get scared or followed by, any of ill will entities?
A.  I have had spirits not want to leave, but it was because they had message that wasn't fully delivered.  Once I relayed the message, they left.  I have also had spirits that have wanted to stay, but once I realized what was happening, I smudged my home, and immediately they were gone.  Most are not ill will, they just have a message . Don't fear them, help them move on. (Remember energy is not created or destroyed, but can be shifted elsewhere.)

Q. Do they see you when you see them in a house?
A.  Yes, they can.  Many times they are oblivious and walk around in their own realm.  But, there are times when they will look right at you (and be just as startled as you are).  

Q. Do they hear us even if we speak foreign language?  
A.  Spirits hear and understand everything.  Spirits have no "language."  They work on the energy behind thoughts.  Humans use language because we aren't advanced enough to run on pure telepathic communication.  When you psychically connect, many thoughts are telepathic (this why it is so hard to put some concepts into words- you understand clearly, but it is difficult to verbalize).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light- Lynn


Watchand Knock said...

WOW! Thank you for this wonderfull post (and all your answers to my questions!)

P15 said...

Can you please do a reading on introns, more commonly known as "junk DNA"? What is their role? Thank you.

Alex said...

Does burning incense drive away spirits or invite the spirits? I always thought it is the latter... Why are spirits afraid of incense burning?

A Man Called Da-da said...

As Da-da's sure Lynn will agree, you should never forget that, as a living person, YOU have a leg-up on spirits. Spiritual incarnation (into flesh) is not easy, especially for some born at certain times (like around Halloween, Da-da's been told). Put simply, the "living" outrank the "dead," though technically you're not exactly alive inside a body, or "dead" outside of one. This is all an illusion; even time is artificial, but that's a whole other subject.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Wait, @Alex asks a good question: why are spirits afraid of smudging? Is it the intent?

Blimpy Peach said...

I'm also very interested in the incense smudging question. We have someone following us around and I think they are interfering with our child. Not sure if it is following my husband or from me. We often have to smudge but keeps coming back after a while, don't think it's bad but I don't like anyone messing with my kid :)

YourPsychicFocus said...

@P15: I have a request for that question that I plan on doing. :-) You should see it in the next couple weeks.

@Alex and Da-da: You are right. A person (when you combine mind, body and soul) are very powerful. The main focus is intent- and incense, crystals, etc further intensify the intent. People can truly work with their mental power alone, but the other tools provide confidence (and strengthen the mental will). Incense can work both ways depending on what the intent is behind the burning..

Smudging is just that- it is intent based and the sage (and I like cedar with it to balance the feminine and masculine energy) strengthens the mental focus of the spirit leaving.

@Blimpy: I had that once too- It wasn't harmful, but would turn the night light off and on, and as I mom I didn't like it! I verbally went into their room, opened the window, and said out loud "no spiritual energy is allowed in this space, go where you are better served" while I smudged the room. It left and I have never had issues again. Speaking your intent firmly expresses your demand that they leave.

a2k said...

Hi PF! I always wonder if we can increase the overall vibration of a place,home,workplace etc. by means like thinking higher/positive thoughts, religious rituals, meditation,chanting of sacred mantras etc. so as to attract good luck/charm to the place? Does it work?

Anonymous said...

I just happen to read this after I thought to myself I really need to find a good affordable source for gemstones and crystals. I'm a big smudger two and got two really big sticks on Amazon of all places. What would you suggest for Gems and Crystals?
Love to you and your family, Diane

samferina said...

Hey lynn,

I sometimes hear people talking late at night when the house is quiet and every ones asleep. Its more like static mumbling I really can't understand what is being said except maybe a word or two and often it's more then one person like they're having a conversation.I really don't know what genders it is but I just go by my gut feeling telling me if it's female or not. So my question is is that the way spirit comes thru? I figured since they're on a different frequency then ours I guess I'm tuning In, but how am I able to do that? My house is not haunted by any means and I often do smudges. Also I think that I sometime see with my own eyes orbs which I know isn't dust or bugs flying. I'll blink and in seconds it's gone! So I'm wondering if this seeing and hearing stuff all in my head or if not what exactly is it if I have no ghost at my home? thankyou

Hannon said...

@ Da-da, I just had my first try at attaching an "attack thought" to a stone and tossing it when I read "sometimes they look at you". It felt like a bungee cord was attached and yanked it back, but I did get a feeling from it, which is a success in its own way. Right before I'm about to go get food, I think to myself to try the grounded love shield this time, then when I'm in front of the food, my focus shifts and I forget. 20 mins later, I kick myself for not doing it, but remembering that I forgot, keeps pushing it closer to the front of my mind and I'll get to try it eventually :-)

@ Blimpy, my three year old daughter keeps kicking something out of her room, and I don't like it either.

@ Lynn, do lab grown crystals work on par with natural ones, or does it matter on the belief of the person using them?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: Yes, that absolutely can (and does) work and shift the energy of a place!

@Diane: If you have a local rock or crystal shop, that is a great way to start. Occasionally you can stumble upon shows too. Online is also a good place to browse, BUT if you get one (especially online) be sure to cleanse your crystals b/c they will carry the energy from the original owner, to the person handling it to even the shipper/mailman- Cleanse them well, and you should be fine.

@samferina: You are tapping into a different layer (like tuning a radio channel that isn't quite right). With practice, you will get better. I would suggest meditating and see what comes through that way. Or, you can tell who ever is around to come in your dreams (as long as it is in your greater good) and relay what they have to say..

@Hannon: I like the feel of real crystals (feels more grounded, more energy, and there is some kind of historical "memory" tied to them that comes through). The intent is the most important thing, but I do prefer the natural element (imperfections and all).

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Hannon ~ To operate in the spirit world is to take on the mindset of a farmer: you do everything matter-of-factly, fairly and justly, and you don't look back. You can omit the rock part and just envision that attack thoughts are made of lead. When they appear: 1. label it (attack thought!), mentally yank it to arms length, and drop it to the center of the earth. Done. Imagine anything you want so long as it works, but take strong, willful control of the process. Eventually, labeling and eradicating negative/attack thoughts will become second nature.

Lilian said...

Psychic Focus,

Is there a best place to put an Amethyst in a house? I have this 14ins high heavy (28 lbs) Amethyst for 10 years now. I remembered that the seller told me that to enjoy its benefits; I have to change its place around the house according to the lunar calendar. I didn’t take much note of what he had said then as I only wanted it as a decoration ie before I read this posting of yours. It’s in the basement lately as I can’t find a solid place on the new suspended surface tops.

I read a few blogs about how to cleanse Amethyst and there are conflicting advices – some said in the sun, moonlight, salt water, rain water. So, I am lost! Any advice pls?

In fact, I have been reading up here and there on spiritual development - meditation, remote viewing, astral projection, (I have always wanted to see the Universe beyond our solar system) chakra etc … that in the end, I don’t know which one resonates with me. In other words, I’m kind of lost as all the above interest me at the same time. Any guidance will be appreciated. As if my head doesn’t spin enough, I’m reading into ET, hoping one day to have contact with them in my dream.

You’re right when you said about “meeting” like-minded people - it does give me strength when those around me think that I’m weird when I said my thoughts aloud.

So, I’m looking forward to that group meditation on 3/20/15 and hope that I can contribute in putting positive intent into the world. This idea of group meditation is an excellent idea and hats off to Diane Hamilton for suggesting it and God bless you, Psychic Focus for organising it

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Lilian: Thanks so much for the comments. If you come across something and feel stuck, please let me know. I could do even a small blog entry- if you are stuck, others probably are too and it will help many people.

Regarding your crystals- there really is no right or wrong way- it is truly the intent. I like moonlight (but that doesn't mean there aren't great properties to the sun as well). I have also done sea salt baths outside in the moonlight (overnight). I feel like if you took it out of the basement, dusted it off and sat it outside (overnight) on the 20th (when the equinox is occurring and also the supermoon) that would be a good way to charge it (let it ground and soak up the energy from all the transition). Then, put it by your front door (for protection) or by your bed (for a spirituality boost while sleeping)..

Anonymous said...

Lillian, When I read you mentioned my name and a "hats off" It gave me such a nice warm feeling that I really needed right now!! I'm so looking for to March 20th. We have such a great group of people here. I'm thinking it's not a coincidence!!! L&L

Lilian said...

Yes, we do have a great group of people here and thanks to Psychic Focus for bringing us together. I noticed that you're the only frequent commentator that put a face on your profile - "hats off" to you again!

You know, in an earlier comment, you mentioned about addressing healing issues, my initial thought was to reach out to you then. But on 2nd thought I hesitated, afraid that I may say the wrong thing.

I, too, have issues with an aggressive party. For many years, I was angry and bitter whenever I think about her. When my mom passed away, I started to chant mantra to handle my grieving and once done, I would sent positive thoughts out - first to my mom and along the way, that aggressive party came to my mind! At first, I felt a bit weird, asking myself "Why would I want to send positive thoughts to her?" I even tried to block her mentally but somehow she managed to "sneak" back into my thoughts. After a while, I gave up trying. Then I noticed that sometimes she comes to my mind - sometimes not - during my chanting. And with time, I lost that anger and bitterness towards her. Now, I can think about her without getting upset. But neither do I want our path to cross again.

So, perhaps if you send positive thoughts to those that have hurt you (it won't be easy at first), the positive energy may soothe your aggrieved feelings and eventually you may not feel the need to hear them say "Sorry".

Just wanted to share with you my experience. Everybody has issues, some more painful than others. And we are here to learn ....

Lilian said...

Thank you for your proposal to do a small blog entry for topics that I/we may be stuck with, especially you are already generous with your time here with us.

This is what I meant by stuck on spiritual development: - I do reading on it but when it comes to the next step of practising it, I hesitate to go further as you once said “you really have to watch the source of who is putting the info out there …. there are also people out there (reptilian based people) that subconsciously want to hold people back.” Hence my hesitation when I come across so many sources in Youtube about “How-To” on meditation, remote viewing, astral projection, chakra etc

From your Human Design and the Human Brain posting, you mentioned that there is no "rule" that one area cannot unlock before another. Does it mean that I don’t have to do meditation, chakra opening before I can try astral projection? Being a novice in this spiritual development, I would appreciate if you could write a small blog (if not, good sources/links to practice it) about astral projection. What I fear most is that we won’t be able to go back to our physical body if it’s being taken over by spirit while we do astral projection.

BTW, if I have questions to ask about past posting (like this one), where do I post them? At the latest posting (to share with the others) or at the related posting?

Thank you so much for your time.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Lilian: I will set something up to do a reading on astral projection. I think that could help many people.

Regarding questions- if it is related to the topic, you can just ask it in the comments, but if it is something that requires a lot of explaining or it really detailed, go ahead and ask it in the blog requests- I would not like to have something get missed in the comments if it is something that offers a lot of details that others could benefit from.

Freddy Jose Morillo Aguirre said...

@YourPsychicFocus i think you just write something for me in this post!! :/ yo are amazing!!