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Q. Just wondering if you were able to do a reading on sexodus please? Are we really being programmed as females to unrealistically expect more from men? I read somewhere that it is a ploy to destroy society. I see it so often with friends and family and know I tend to do it myself. Thanks heaps.
A. [I want to start by saying that I understand the term sexodus to mean a society in which men are withdrawing from the desire to be in relationships / get married].
Society in general is being programed (both men and women).  I see a shift going from a more value/moral based society (not that people don't have values or understand right/wrong, but those qualities don't seem to be promoted or seen in repetitive clear messages) to be a more materialistic, "me-centric" society.  I also see that there isn't a push for working hard to earn x-y-z, but rather people just inherently deserve things/objects which creates an entitled society. 

Media perpetuates this by commercials, advertisements and tv shows (programming) telling people what they should look like, buy, wear, drive, etc...  Then I get an image of a woman saying, "I don't care about all that. I'm just going to be myself."  Then she goes to meet her friends for lunch, and when she gets there her friends all have designer purses.  Instantly (out of a need to compete) she wants one too.  If the messages aren't directly "programmed" into us, they sneak in through indirect means. There are people that fight through this, but it is a conscious decision to do so, and many people feel weak to it.

I get that both men and women are exposed to this, but the target is the women. I ask, why are women targeted? 
A. I get it is for a few reasons.  Many times (not all, but many) women run on emotion before rational thoughts kick in- it is a gut reaction.  Men (not always, but many times) can rationally process something instantly and then emotion about the decision kicks in as a more delayed response.

I then get an image of a woman standing in the middle of a circle and she is surrounded by her husband, children, house, dog, etc.  She looks to have influence over all these things- and if she is happy, the house is happy.  The inverse is true of this too. The man (knowing this) wants to make his woman happy (to make everyone happy) and will try hard to give her what she wants.

Q. How did this start?
A. I see this started when many homes converted from being single income families to dual income families.  I see an image of Rosie the Riveter as I type this. Earning money this way was a huge step for women and gave them an experience that they had not had before.  Along with the experience came the programming and telling women what they deserved, how they should feel and what they should expect.  Women had their own money now, and the media was telling them how they should spend it to "feel good."

Q. How did all of the above lead to a "sexodus?"
A. Everything that did happen, and is happening has created a confusion in roles, and the confusion led to unhappiness.  Rather than women staying home and raising their children and managing the house, many feel forced to work either out of necessity (for a lifestyle they are told they need) or because they feel a lack of glory or feeling of pride staying home.  Many women are natural nurturers and when that is removed from their life, they look to fill that empty spot with other things (i.e materialistic things that marketing says they need to feel better, appreciated or valued).  Rather than look inward to see what would make them feel more complete, I see them looking toward their man (I see an image of a woman giving her man "a look" as if to say "make me feel good" and the man just has a sad and lost look on his face (like he genuinely wants to help, but doesn't know how or what to do).  

I get that the "sexodus" behavior is further created by shows like The Bachelor / Bachelorette. Women that are seeking out happiness see shows like this which create unrealistic expectations on men. Women are told and shown fairly tales, and movies depicting men doing extreme things to make their women happy.  

Men really do (at least most) want to make their women happy.  Men like to be viewed as heroes (I see a caveman beating his chest and running to rescue a woman).  When they can't be the hero, or viewed like one, they start to deflate (I see a man's chest deflating like a balloon).  It is easier for them to retreat than to feel bad about themselves.

Q.  Is this intentional to destroy society? 
A.  I don't see it as intentional, but rather an unintended consequence that has enabled many people to get wealthy.  The profits made outweigh the detriment that is created within families.  

In closing, do what makes you happy because that will make you a more positive person and attract positivity back to you.  Take pride in your contributions and feel good about what you do.  Put value in the qualities in life and realize that the media and marketing telling you what to think is simply "noise."

And that is all I have for this reading.. Thank you.


Unknown said...

With couples taking out bank loans of $30,000 or more to pay for a wedding celebration that lasts only a few hours, I think many men are financially intimidated by the "fantasy wedding" that women are programmed to aspire to from a young age. Especially for lower to middle class wage earners. Diamonds only became requisite for marriage within the last 60 years; a simple gold band used to be sufficient to establish a commitment of love. If 76% of Americans are living check-to-check, how many can afford thousands of dollars for a clear rock (which, contrary to what the diamond marketers want us to believe, are actually not rare).

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the reading Lynn. It's a very interesting (and painful to watch) dynamic that is occurring. It's definitely opening my eyes

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments. @RFK: I just learned about the wedding ring tradition a few months back- good point.

The Boookworm said...

That explains why a lot of feminists are unhappy. As a feminist myself, I feel secure both in my feminine and masculine energies. I don't feel so insecure that I need to shun men and blame them for all the problems that had happen to me in life. Instead, I take full responsibility. Often times it is the person who has done those terrible things to me. But it wasn't just men, women too.

It also explains why women are competitive towards other women. We see something that a woman has and all of a sudden we are driven to just compete against her. If she has a man, she must get a man. I have seen that kind of mentality everywhere. Sometimes their competitiveness becomes destructive, landing them into even more trouble.

The best thing we can do as a woman is to find some way to make us feel secure with ourselves, both our masculine and feminine energies. I'm very balanced with both and I feel independent as well as happy. I try to ignore the feminists who try to pressure me to conform to what they believe constitutes as a true feminist.

Hope said...

Psychic Focus,

What did you see in this horrendous Charlie Hebo attack? Do you see more attacks by Islamist terrorists in Europe?

How did the French police manage to identity the 3 attackers when they are masked?

We shall not bow to Fear & Intimidation

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Boookworm: You phrased that very well. Thank you for sharing and also your feedback! I appreciate it.

@Je Suis Charlie: I will prep up a reading and look at this. I have been getting a lot on it.

@Watch said...

Hamid M, 18 y old brother in law of the 2 suspects of commiting the attrocity in Paris yesterday went spontaneously to he police. If the 2 others are not involved as @je suis Charly suggests, why don't they follow his example? (

Anonymous Reader said...

This is an interesting reading. There have been studies regarding men in Japan not wanting to be married, preferring to maintain their financial freedom and youthfulness.

I do personally feel concerned about the rise of third-wave radical feminism, the extremists' claims of wanting more equality and inclusion, while at the same time shouting down at what they perceive as white male heterosexuals. It's particularly striking because there are legitimate male issues that radical feminists laugh at and pretend that those problems don't even exists.

It's been said that there have been an existence of SJW cults online that promote this behavior. What agenda do they have and do the "powers that be" have any involvement?