Friday, October 3, 2014

Jesse James

Q. Was Jesse James not just a petty thief but working for the KGC, (Knights of the Golden Circle), who's agenda was to ensure slavery throughout all southern States, Mexico & Puerto Rico? Did he rob to fund this very large secret society and bury vast $$$ amounts marking rocks with KGC codes, his initials and mother's name?
A. I do see that he worked "with, not for" the KGC.  He wasn't the organizer, but he aided the the funding of their cause.  There were other influential people (seemingly law abiding people) that controlled and directed plans of action.  Jesse was just the person that helped to pay for the KGC's actions.  Jesse was actually the main source of money for this group. I also get that is why he was able to go on robbing for so long because people in power were able to pull strings, or things would "happen" that would allow Jesse to flee.  

Q.  Are the mason jars filled with late 1800's coins and gold bars, (found by research teams deciphering his maps), really buried by Jesse James? 
A.  Yes, I do see he buried that money.  I also get that the KGC didn't know of this money.  When Jesse robbed stagecoaches, etc... the KGC told Jesse what jobs they wanted done, and Jesse was to turn the money over after keeping his cut.  In reality he kept a much larger cut than what the KGC ever knew about, and buried the money everywhere.  I hear this was his "insurance" in case the KGC ever turned on him, or he needed to escape / hide.  

Q. Was his death faked by the PTB of the time, killing a man named Ford as a fall guy? And did Jesse James live to 100+ years in Kansas, protected, well into the early-mid 1900's? 
A.  I get that Jesse really was killed.  There were people that wanted to be him, even idolized him that tried to take his identity, but he really was killed.  I get he had a falling out with the KGC (he wanted to "retire" from robbing, and go into hiding, and they wouldn't allow it).  Then I hear the phrase "You can take a break when you are dead."  I even get the image of someone saying something to him after he was killed like "You can take your break now" ?? and then spit on him.  I get those aren't the exact words, but it was something very close and to that effect.

Q. Is the KGC still intact, even flourishing, with family generations?
A.  I do get this group is very much alive.  I get they don't broadcast their involvement, and it is like a "secret club" primary located in the south.  I also get the image of special tattoos or markings of the members to signify who is in it.  There is a rebellious feeling to it, as if laws and government don't apply.  They run on their own agenda  They feel violent, but I cannot see any events tied to them (as if their nature is violent, but they are mainly talk without much action).  Then I get that if we get to a time where the law is weakened (I hear Martial Law) you will see this group flourish publicly.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading to be posted on YouTube.  


razi09 said...

Thank you.

I assumed w/ so much political office amongst them, and the serial Name families affiliated 150 years ago, they were part of New World Order. You say "their own agenda" and "government doesn't apply" so who are they today? For common people rights or enslavement?

razi09 said...

Were they, (the KGC), behind Lincoln's assasination?

You said in a long time ago blog, the ptb got their foothold with George Washington. Did he just use them for opportunistic purposes or sell-out knowing they would be a cancer for us today?

I find it odd the Founders did so much to protect the Constitution yet left doors wide open. Clearly, and by their own writings, knew slavery was wrong, would present an inevitable major divide for future generations. They did foresee this.

So what was their thing? Who could they not fight? Was this insane tapestry of sabotage secret to them?

Unknown said...

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