Thursday, June 5, 2014

Q & A: XXIV Spiritual, Souls, Meditation, Consciousness, Etc [Group Posting]

Q. According to Edgar Cayce in the beginning humanity was not physical but a mental/spiritual projection, Are all things possible in that the mind can conceive from this angle? Is God the origin of all that exists on every level?
A.  I see that some people call it God, some call it a universal consciousness and others call it a universal energy.  I get many terms that all relate back to the same origin.  I also see that everything physical is manifested first as energy.  As a specific vibration was applied to that energy, a physical manifestation resulted

The image is shown (and explained) to me like a magic trick. I see a ball of energy in someones hand.  The ball is shaken and then thrown. As it was thrown, it explodes and a bird is created... I see life was formed in a similar (but much more complex) way. Energy was taken and shaken (vibrations / frequencies) until an explosion occurred.

Q. I am wondering about the life journey when it is interrupted by one's choice to take their own life? Can you explain a little about this?
A.  I see two things with this.  One, the soul wasn't ready or able to continue with the life path they were on.  All of the systems needed to function (emotional, subconscious and conscious thought) were either on an overload or not capable of continuing the current life path and learn the intended lessons. This could result from a trauma not intended for this life (such as being a victim of a violent crime committed on the freewill of someone else) Rather than a guiding force preventing it from happening, the person was guided to a path that allowed them to "reset" their soul to come back to earth again and repeat their lessons. 

In the other situation, it was truly their life path.  When they incarnated, this was the experience there were going to take. In this life, not only was it a lesson for the soul living it, but to those that loved and cared for the person that took their life.  Some lessons meant for the individual also overflow to those people surrounding the person.

Q. Is it true that we pre-plan out our lives? What if our minds change in this life? Is anything predestined or can we create our life as we wish? Is there such as a consequence for not following through if there is a such thing?
A. There is a certain pre-planning of our life before we incarnate.  You can change your mind, but you will live a different and sometimes uncomfortable life if you go against the way you are wired.  You will tend to feel compulsive to go with what is right for you regardless of the choices you make.

I see the example of someone who incarnates as a gifted artist that loves to paint.  It is a piece of who they are.  They have free will and to go to college to study finance because they think they want to earn a lot of money (and there usually isn't a lot in being an artist).  They get a job, makes lots of money, but feel miserable.  They later realize that they are leading a life that doesn't make them happy (they went against their programming).  

You are who you are, fate will lead you in the right direction, but you do have free-will to fight parts of your fate.  

Q. I think I am what I've read to be a "Crystal Child."  We come in with sensitivities so incredible that it does not allow us to participate with others like the way normal humans do. Instead, you must participate with us, as we began this current cycle. It is not easy doing this work but I know it's what I chose before birth. For others, it's so difficult that they turn inward and develop spectrum disorders like autism. Can you see what is going on with us currently because I can only imagine what the others are going through, and how are they dealing with it?
A. I see Crystal Children as very sensitive souls.  I even get an image of the brain showing me that the part of the brain that deals with sensory items is either enlarged or overactive. For some all of the senses are heightened, and others only a few. 

I keep getting an image of smelling things to calm yourself during anxious or very uncomfortable situations ??  I get that different things work for different people, but the smells that come forward are Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Wild Orange (I see images of essential oils). I see that if you find what smell is calming to you, and can really calm down that overactive part of your brain.

I also see that you have to express or release energy through talking, jumping, yelling, etc (I see a person standing in a room all by themselves and they are screaming).  I see that energy pools up in the system, and if not released it will manifest in other ways like OCD, anxiety, etc. 

I also see that support groups or bonding with other people can be an effective way of not feeling alone. I also get it is more common than you think, and many people don't even realize what is going on with them and have been misdiagnosed because they are misunderstood.

Q. Hi Psychic Focus, first I would like to thank you for sharing your gift with all of us on this blog. My question is when does the soul enter the body and what is the process in order for this to happen? 
A. I get that the soul enters the body at conception.  The soul entering is the electrical start (like a person being resuscitated with the electrical paddles) that starts the heart beating.

Q. Do earth souls incarnate in other planets/alien life forms or just here on Earth? Thank you.
A.  Yes.  I see souls enter all living beings both on earth and off (including animals).  All forms of life are valuable in the growth of the soul and experiencing all aspects of life.

Q.  Are there different ways / methods to be with the "great consciousness?" For example, meditation or what other ways? 
A. There are many ways, and certain things work better for some than others.  You just have to experiment and see what is most effective for you. 

I see meditation as one of the best ways.  People can learn to do this on their own, or use tools such as music, sounds / tones, vibrations, crystals, etc to enhance the effectiveness of the meditation.  

Other people use forms of hypnosis to achieve a connection to their higher self (or see past lives, get clarity, gain insight to themselves, relieve trauma, unblock chakras).  This method is good if you feel blocked or have trouble concentrating in a traditional meditation.

Different forms of exercise work well.  Yoga is very calming and centering. Even things like running or hiking can be good because it can provide an opportunity to be at one with your thoughts and really focus into a zone.

Another thing that has been effective is using mind altering herbs.  These herbs quiet down your rational / conscious mind and allow thoughts to flow without being judged or dismissed.  Ideas can be explored and creativity can flow very freely. 

This is really individual, and different things should be explored to see what works well for you.

Q. Can aliens be with the "great consciousness" the same way as human do? 

A. Yes.  I see that is how we communicate (mentally) with alien life.  I see consciousness as a spiderweb.  The "great consciousness" is in the middle / center, and each living thing branches  of that.  When we connect to alien life, in reality we are tapping into the great consciousness in the center of the web which then sends and receives messages to and from the the intended recipient.  I see the great consciousness really is the thing that holds all the knowledge.

Q. What exactly is this "great consciousness?" Is it a collective knowledge or essence of all the " enlightened" beings? Does it grow or become more powerful when more entities connects to it.?
A. I see it as a collection of the the knowledge of life and the universe.  I see that in a sense it is a back-up drive that hold information of everything that ever was, is and will be.  It does grow and becomes stronger because it is holding knowledge of our thoughts and actions.  In a sense I see this as an extension of all our souls, and it grows as if it was a living thing as well. 

Q. I feel like I have been drawn to your blog and its opening up some psychic thoughts or some sort of intuition inside of me (but believe it could just be wishful thinking too). I have been following your MH370 page very carefully but have read many of your older and newer posts since discovering this blog. Do you sense any sort of communal thing happening here? I have been wondering if readers' energies are feeding each other somehow (especially those who are thinking deeply about MH370). This is all very new to me. Thank you -- I find you amazing and incredibly talented.
A. Collective thought or intent (some use prayer which is a collective thought or intent) is very powerful. You are putting energy or intent into the universe of what you want.  If given enough thought you can manifest what you are wishing for as long as it aligns with your life path. 

Q. What is your take on the St. Malachy prophecy?

A. When I focus on this I get a sense of truth.. I see he did have a visions and some clarity, but his definition of "judgement day" looks difficult to explain.  Meaning, that what he considers "judgement day" may look different to different people.  When he predicted there would be 112 popes before this moment, I see it as 112 popes before a radical change to the world (could be economic, social, government, earth changes, etc) .  It may feel like "judgement day" to those most impacted.

Thank you.  That is all I have at this time.  Link to narrated reading on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post!
Was just wondering however, do you think that is why all Muslims pray facing towards one point i.e the kaabah? Like all collective energies of prayers are being centered towards that point. What do you think? And if not so, then why do they have to face there while praying?
Thank you!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ Lightworker: I do see it that way.. It is like they all face in the right direction, and then I get the thought is once the energies are gathered in one spot then funnel up into the heavens (I get that is why it has point on it).

Regarding many other religions...I also see that churches have a point or steeple for that reason as well. I get that when the concept of churches came about the thought is that you pray and the steeple serves as an antenna to send and receive energy (I'm not sure what is written in the books, but that is what I see when I focus on it).

siketa said...

Can you see what happened to Russian Phobos 2 probe that was lost in 1989?

a2k said...

Thank You for this wonderful session.I have heard that when an Individual commits suicide, the karma attached continue to function as it is.So the soul don't return to its source till the time it agreed to be on earth.In that case it wonders from place to place on earth clueless.When the agreed time finishes over,then only it is released.Is it so?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I see their soul as any other soul. They may have residual karmatic issues in their next life, but as far as being forced to wander- I don't see it that way. They may decide not to incarnate for a while, or may want to stay on earth to be around people, but I don't see any punishment type thing happening.

Michael Smith said...

I been having dreams of being able to fly and move things with my mind. The funny thing about it is in scared to fly. So why would I dream I could fly like I'm super man. Then the dreams I have of me moving stuff have me waking up every day trying to move stuff with my mind. You think if I can get a hold of a real orgonite pyramid I could harness energy to maybe even move stuff with my mind. And is I'm on the right life path, or going against this life plan. Cause something doesn't fill right about this. Like I'm suppose to be elsewhere. My life fills like a total wreck. I'm not even sure the 2 kids I have are even mine cause of actions of my kids mother. Any help would be great please. And I love your blog. You are truly blessed.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ Michael: I am happy to do a personal reading to get in depth, but in just reading this I think you would benefit from some deep meditation. I would start there first, and try to get in tune with yourself (don't expect it immediately, keep trying and don't be discouraged.. many people meditate several times before they feel like they gain some clarity while others feel it immediately). I encourage you to have some alone time with your thoughts.

As far as a reading, I can help with that too. Just click on my personal reading tab on the blog. I would try meditating some first though- you may find your own answers.

Love and light-L