Sunday, June 1, 2014

Metal Library

9:30 AM

The Metal Library story is covered in short in an interview done by project Camelot with Klaus Dona. The entrance to the cave system is hidden by a stream and as it is with all legends the only person who apparently knew how to get there died. In this interview Mr. Dona shows some weird plates that where taken from the library apparently. The part of the interview that deals with it starts at 52:30 lasting for some 8 minutes ( and the pics of these plates (with sumerian writing, apparently...) also can be seen on this projectavalon-blog page (be sure to scroll down)

Q. Who wrote them? 
A. I immediately get that there is some kind of ET affiliation.  And it isn't just spiritually, but rather a physical contact.  It is as if the ETs are on earth and communicated with this ancient civilization.  I also get the impression that this library was created out of both a documentation of knowledge and I get it was a learning as well.  I see an ET talking with a human and the human is nodding his head, like a verbal understanding is occurring and then the human (under the ETs direction) begins to stamp onto these plates.  The ET is teaching him (them) how to do it.  

I also get the language on the plates (I feel but can't get a confirmation that it is sumerian) is a rather simple language that when read or spoken isn't like our current language with several sounds or tones... It is some simplified way of speaking and I feel that the language was not only taught as far as verbal, but the ETs helped show them a way to document this language in writing.  

I get that what we are seeing is one of the earliest writings, and if fully translated, would share a complete story of ETs, their involvement and how this civilization viewed them as "gods." 

Q. What is the message?
A. I get the message is showing how these "gods" came to earth (meaning the ETs) and brought about this amazing way to document and preserve knowledge.  I also get that in a way this is like a bible telling stories, only they (meaning the stories) are based on ET involvement on earth, and also the offspring that result from the ETs breeding with humans.  I get these ET really loved some of the humans they interacted with.  

I see that the ETs came her to help us, but it became more than that.  

Q. What alloy is used?
A. I first see a pop can which leads me down the path of an aluminum base, but there are other components to it as well.  I get there are many metals in this.  I get there is a small amount of gold, silver and copper... I am asking why these plates look so clean, not tarnishing- I get that it is all in the processing.  You have to have specific ratios correct.  When these are warm they are easily malleable, and when they cool they are strong... Something with the aluminum keeps it from tarnishing, and the other metals keep it from rusting... There is a very specific way and order of operations to this.  

The last impression I am left with is there are other tablets our there (or other metal plates).. I think there are even more in this cave, like they didn't go deep enough.  I also get on certain burial sites there are these plates as well leaving message that the deceased are said to take to the afterlife. 

And that is all I am getting on this read.  Thank you.  9:46 AM. Live read available on YouTube.


Baku Matsumoto said...

hmmm.... talking about the ancient civilizations... Does Inca civilization have any alphabet???

KnockandWatch said...

Wonderfull! Thank You!

KnockandWatch said...

BTW when where the plates casted?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@BakU: I don't an official alphabet, but what I get is they had pictures or symbols for words (much like Chinese words can be drawn with pictures or symbols). I see them using shapes with dots and various combinations to accomplish this.

@knockandwatch: I don't have an official date, but thousands of years..At least 2500 to 3000 years ago.

Baku Matsumoto said...

Wow!!! Thanks!