Monday, April 7, 2014

I see so much greed in Corporate America, with companies getting rid of workers and making more money without giving to workers. Will this ever stop in the US? Will people get the jobs and respect at work as we need? Thanks for your help and sharing your gift.

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I see this getting much worse before it gets better.  I also get that this isn't unique to just America, other countries are turning this way too.  I see this trend happening like a a bell curve (I inserted a graph to the right  to give you an image of what I see...)..There has always been corruption and greed, but it has drastically increased over the last decade and created an even bigger divide between the owners / CEOs / shareholders in companies versus the workers.

Once the dollar fails and new currency comes into play, I see this as a "hiccup" for the top until they learn how to manipulate the new system in their favor again, but this does take time (I see 18 months to 2 years).  Their focus will be re-establishing wealth and using whatever connections they have to position themselves.  I see that their influence will be out of play while they tactically see how to reinsert themselves back into this reset world.

For those beneath the very top, I see a lot of hope.  Value will be attributed to skill and knowledge and less focus is on big business owners.  During the financial reset, the focus will be on jobs and trying to rebuild the economy and the mass of the people realize it can't be done if all the money is held at the top- to some extent it has to be distributed to the workers because the social programs won't be available.

Humans by nature are competitive and want more (which helps us to succeed, but also divides us if we don't balance ourselves), so the goal will be the top, and corruption and greed in inevitable, but it will take some time to get back to where it is now. I get an image of the late 1960s to 1970s, and feel that business will be comparable to that time during this financial reset- there is still a divide, but not nearly the way it is now.  Working families will be able to live off one income.  They won't be rich, but they can sustain.  I also get the reason that wages need to be set in a way that people can live on one income is because jobs will be limited when this reset occurs and they need to set it up in a way that households can live on one income (to spread the jobs).  I also get that during this time the government will only allow one working member per household.

I also see a shift in what jobs are valuable.  I get there is a trend coming for more natural and homeopathic treatments.  Research, development, testing and doctors/therapists in those areas will be sought out.  People will be disenchanted with financial systems and also the current medical system..

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Anonymous said...

Did you know in Malaysia IMU they already created a new course a few years ago Chinese traditional medicine.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your read. I asked the question and I feel so sad nowadays, so many workers out of a job or making so little and few folks with a lot of money. I have seen both personally and it is not fair to the working class, they are having less dignity.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the posting. I notice you said you see the social programs being removed. Do you think that will include SS Disability? Which programs are you specifically referring to. I am bedridden with Lyme disease and it is scary thinking how this could effect the future. Thank you kindly.