Monday, April 7, 2014

Does the soul leaves the body if the body is terminally ill?

6:23 AM

What I see is when I person is terminally ill, and they are close to passing, the soul sort of goes in and out of the body.  I get an image of a soul (it looks like a shadow of white light/energy) floating above the body.  It looks statically connected, as if it goes back into the physical body, but yet floats out too. When this process is happening I see the person is in a semi conscious frame of mind.  I get that when this is happening, if you looked into their eyes, you can tell that something isn't complete- They are physically here, but mentally in a dream state. At they moment they pass, the soul disconnects and "floats up" and back to the universal energy.  Sometimes the "floating up" happens fast, and other times it is slow depending on the connection the soul had with the physical body.

6:33 AM Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Is afterlife anything like Sylvia Browne describes it in her books/sessions? Can we take her seriously?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many psychic had the chance to see once a life time happening.

Anonymous said...

My mom who passed from ALS, who I remember being high strung and stressed, seemed to get very mellow and be her happiest towards the end.

Psychic Focus said...

@7:24 AM: I have never read her work. I have only seen her on TV. I will say that I do get a sense of energy about her that seems real. I see her as very gifted in her work reading people. I am not familiar with what she sees happening in the afterlife.