Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Souls / Incarnation / Afterlife

5:49 AM

I want to touch on something that I have had a few requests for: 

Q. If a soul reincarnates are they still capable of being reached by a medium? 
A. What I have seen is that some souls reincarnate quickly, and other wait many earth years before doing so.  If someone has passed and have not reincarnated, they are easier to reach.  Having said that, even if a soul has not reincarnated there is no guarantee that a soul can be reached on command.  

Some souls with an unsaid message will seek out a medium like a beacon to convey something (I get this image of someone frustrated and lost) because they have no other way to communicate, or else they way they are communicating (I see lights flickering or something happening to a web page) isn't being received.  These souls are the easiest to reach because they want to be reached and heard.   I also see these type of souls as persistent, and don't give up easily.  (I had a scenario that is popping up in my mind as I type this of a neighbor I don't speak with often, her husband passed away.  At night when I would go to sleep he was there in my mind.  He gave me random images (like a bouquet of purple spring flowers, and wouldn't let me go to sleep until I agreed to relay this message to my neighbor.  It was a little uncomfortable to approach her, but I had an ethical obligation to do so.  In the end she told me that those flowers were the flowers in their wedding and it all made sense.  Once I relayed the message all all the images, the gentleman that had passed was able to be at peace.) Time is all relative, and when you pass I see that what may seem like years for us, in the bigger reality is just a blip.  

The following are souls that I believe are more difficult to contact because they don't want contacted or heard:.
Some souls just want to hang out.  They have no real message, they just aren't ready to incarnate.  They have no real message or agenda, they are just in a limbo state. Most souls are harmless, but if a soul should becomes bothersome (preventing sleep, disrupting your house, causing fear) they can be nudged to move on or at the least leave your home.  The power of human intent in our physical form is very strong.  If that still doesn't work, then you may need to call upon someone that specializes in this area (I see this as possible but pretty rare.)  

The next thing I hear is that "Universal energy is not created or destroyed, just shifted somewhere else" meaning to me that regardless of where the soul is in the incarnation process, it is still part of the universal whole.

When a soul has incarnated the picture I see is a body floating upwards and waving and they take on a transparent appearance.  I usually will get an emotion by their appearance or their final thoughts as they were going to their next journey, but it is difficult to have a "conversation" with them.  If I am able to get a connection, it is usually something very brief.  

Q. What do souls do in the afterlife? 
A.  Some souls incarnate quickly, and others wait until it is the "right time."  Then I see an image of a soul (looks like a ball of white light/energy) waiting and jumping into a woman who at that exact time conceived.  As if the child she was having was meant to have this specific soul reincarnate and be born to her.  I also keep hearing the message about time being relative and what we experience here is not the universal reality so you can't define this with our current concept of time.

Q. Are there different levels? Are there different beings that are non physical?
A.  There are different levels, just as there are different types of people and animals, and they all have their place. Some souls are "old souls" and have a higher universal knowledge and carry a higher vibration.  There may be younger souls, that have many lessons to learn and have a much lower vibration.  There are also what is called entities that are extremely low vibration.  I see souls advancing through incarnating and learning new lessons, increasing their vibration with each new set of experiences (both good and bad).  

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 6:31 AM.


Anonymous said...

True about great different time experience before and after being incarnate into the very body. I have a question how long does a soul reincarnate was given the ability to sense a higher vibration from certain people?

Psychic Focus said...

I think it depends on the individual soul (if I understand the question correctly you are asking how many times does a soul reincarnate before it can sense other vibrations from other living things). During some lives you can learn many lessons, and some are never entirely learned and you are forced to repeat a life cycle until you do develop an understanding. Free will can also alter how well you understand and how close you stay to your life path. I really believe that every soul is completely unique. Evolving spiritually (increasing vibrations and understanding vibrations) depends on how well you take your experiences, learn and grow. It takes a true sense of self [which will also allow us to understand others and try to view the world without judgments], and that is one of our ultimate goals to aid in spiritual growth.

Anonymous said...

Are you familiar with the "Law of One" (Ra Material)? If so do you believe this information is pretty accurate?

Anonymous said...

I have a question that I've been wondering about for a long time. Once we go to the other side, will we be smarter? For example, I have a hard time with the sciences; both with retention and figuring out concepts. Will we be able to remember facts better, and learn things faster?

Thank you!

Psychic Focus said...

@ 1:52 PM: I have not the whole thing (just quotes), but close friends of mine highly recommend it. It is on my list. The parts I have read do ring truth with me.

@ 1:52 PM: I see that your subconscious is smarter, but it looks to me that once you incarnate your conscious mind is wiped clean, allowing you to learn your next set of lessons fresh (that is why you may have dreams or phobias pull through a past life because they reside in your subconscious mind). You may learn concepts easier because you have learned them before, and you have the potential to supercede your past self. But I wouldn't say you are automatically smarter.

Anonymous said...

What happens when a soul has decided, or picked the parents, and something happens to the fetus, like a miscarriage or an abortion? Does that soul experience death in this human life? Or is it more like just going back to their pre-reincarnation state of being? Thank you for considering this question.

Anonymous said...


I am interested in the last question here....has not been answered, regarding..."what happens to a fetus once it is miscarried or aborted, etc...?"

Thank you in advance.

Psychic Focus said...

@ 8:52 PM: I see that an incomplete birth is the life path chosen, OR (and I feel stronger in this belief) that the fetus wasn't ready- something happened in the incarnation that just wasn't right. In both instances of abortion or miscarriage- it was the life path, and most likely the soul just wasn't ready and fate made that happen.

I actually had a miscarriage between my first and second child. I really believe that something with the soul wasn't right- like the birth order wasn't right for this soul to be on the right path. (I always intended to have 2 kids, but my higher self knew I would have 4). I really feel that when I look at my fourth child, it was the soul of my lost baby that came back to me. Many times when a miscarriage or abortion happens I see the soul coming back as another child, sister/brother, nephew/niece, etc- some way in that persons life.