Monday, August 7, 2017

Planets and Gemstones

Q. Hi Lynn,  It is said that the planets emit rays corresponding to each of the 7 colors and that wearing different gemstones can absorb different colors into our aura.

Could you explain the science behind why the same colored ray (eg. yellow) is beneficial for person A, but adverse for person B? 

Don't we need all the colors of the rainbow in our aura to be healthy?

A.  I see each color relating to a specific chakra (and vibration within that chakra), and it looks like our auras are a result of the colors radiating out of each chakra.  I also get that auras can contain more than one color, depending on what we are working on or need in our life. For example, if someone is radiating an abundance of yellow or golden colors, this looks to be due to the solar plexus being overactive, processing or purging.  

I hear our goal is to have a white (or at least a white layer) within our aura.  This shows that the person is in balance and has a harmony within themselves.  The white glow is the result of all colors combined.

We do need all the colors of the rainbow to be in balance, but the key is balance.  You asked why for some a color is beneficial, and others it is adverse.  It is adverse when it creates an imbalance.  For example, if your solar plexus is already overactive, adding more energy to it (that inflames rather than heals) creates an adverse reaction.  I hear that all colors are good, but sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad when it knocks things out of balance.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-


Robert Schoen said...

Those interested in this topic might want to check out color therapy, were different colored light is shone on a person to treat certain illnesses or imbalances. Color lights were created by stained glass windows and was an ancient healing art used in India. Green is one of the most beneficial of colors and when you are out in nature under trees the green light filtered by the tree canopy is a perfect example of the feeling of well being you get.

Alex said...

Great reading! That makes sense. Too little or too much of the same color isn't good for us.

However, why does most books always recommend wearing the gemstone of the planet ruling our ascendant?

It would make sense if the planet ruling our ascendant is weak and we don't have enough of that color but not when that ascendant planet is already strong.

Kalamota Kook said...

Robert Schoen thank you once again for a great comment. I'd never thought of coloured light in that way, stained glass and green canopy. And I say that as someone who grew up near a cathedral, worked in theatre light and sound, and woodland, and spent years studying colour theory in art. It was my 'thing'. So I blush as I realise I never even considered the effect of coloured light!

Lynn, when a person feels drawn to wearing a particular colour or surrounding themselves with it in their home, is that because it's the chakra energy that they're abundant in and are giving out, or is it that they're lacking and need to boost it up? What are the obvious clues as to where we are balance-wise? Thanks!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments!

@Robert: I didn't realize there was a healing art with colors, but it does make sense. I can relate to the green being healing and balancing.

@Alex: It is because the one relating to your ascendant is your "home" balancing color (your fundamental color)- that is what I hear when I read your comment.

@Kalamota: You are drawn to what will heal you, balance you and what you need. For example, I am a Taurus- I am drawn to very earthy colors (tan, green, sage, etc). You will see that you are drawn to what makes you feel centered.

Thanks again everyone!

Craig said...

Just to clarify, the ascendant, or rising sign, is related to the time and place of birth in relation to the sun. If you were born at sunrise, the sun would be in the first house and would be the same sign as the ascendant. There could be other planets located in the first as well, depending on what sign they were in when you were born. This would add another dimension to the colors or energies you are attracted to.

The planets are energies, the houses are areas of life they work in and signs color everything. The ascendant is many things, but it also has a connection to the body, so it makes sense that colors or stones would have effect based on this sign.

The sun sign is based on what day of the year you were born, of course. The degree the sun is in (30 degrees in a sign) is from what time you were born. Just to say there is a difference between sun and ascendant.

If you know your time and place of birth you can go to and look for the free chart drawing, click on that and enter your information and it will do your chart. The sign on the left center of the wheel is the ascendant, abbreviated ASC.

Wandering Curiosity said...

Is the only reason for wearing the gemstone based on the color... or are there some other properties of the gemstone that will be for our good / general well being?

Raymond said...

Cayce (and others) have suggested that in the Future we will go to healing centers and they will shine multi colored lights on us while certain musical tones are played. Will the lights they shine on us be similar to the ones we use now? Or will they be special lights that have not been developed yet? I was just wondering if someone was sick and they painted a regular light with green or yellow; if it would have any healing qualities.

Thanks for your blog Lynn.

The enlightened one said...

Lynn, I have a new question for you to do a reading on!

My question is: can quantum physics applied on a macro scale be used to predict random numbers? And is astrology actually an example of quantum physics applied on a macro scale?

Thanks in advance!

The enlightened one said...


Dolores Cannon in her book "Between death and life" describes a similar kind of healing center located on the other side. She describes it as has having multicolored lights shining on the subject. Apparently people who are currently reincarnated can also visit it through astral projection.

Some people who have allegedly been at the end of the rainbow also describes it as being full of colored blobs floating around in the air.

Alex said...


We know what ascendant means but why is it that the color/planet associated with our ascendant won't be adverse to us if we have too much of that color? I am still not clear about what this 'fundamental color' implies that Lynn talked about. We can't get enough of this 'fundamental color' but having too much energy of other colors will hurt us?

Trish said...

Hi Everyone, (Thanks Lynn, your work is so interesting!) I just wanted to add that I am a licensed acupuncturist and certified in colorpuncture. Colorpuncture was created by a German man, Peter Mandel (acupuncturist, naturopath and colorpunctuist) about 30 (??) years ago. He's passed on now. In colorpuncture, we use different color light shown through a quartz crystal tip onto various acupuncture points. It's really pretty interesting. While acupuncture works by balancing life energy (Qi) and blood within the body, colorpuncture works by releasing old stored emotion within the body. The colors are directly related to emotion rather than energy or blood. What happens is that people often release stored emotions that they have been unconsciously holding on to from their early years, most often those experiences that happened between the ages from in-utero to 10 years old, and sometimes from between 10 and 20 years old. Colorpuncture is amazing at that, however, in between color treatments, there must be some kind of grounding treatment (acupuncture, martial arts, shiatsu etc) otherwise the client can be overwhelmed by the release of emotions. Hope this is helpful.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you again for the comments.

@Trish: Thanks for sharing. I had not heard of this, and truly appreciate the info! Interesting!

Hugs- Lynn