Monday, April 3, 2017

Muslim Religion

[I know this can be a sensitive subject, but I know it is also an important topic.  I have received many requests for my insight, so I wanted to approach this as objectively as possible.]

Q. I would like Lynn to look at this. I've written pretty frankly before about the modern surge of orthodox Islam globally, and how it has infiltrated Europe and seems unstoppable, even though many are now no longer afraid to speak out about their concerns. It's rigid, domineering tendencies are getting worse, not better. I have wondered what the awakening energies are doing to the hearts and minds of those trapped in these self-segregating communities, obediently living according to a 7th century mindset, as if the Enlightenment never happened. Is there going to be a mass awakening in Islam too? I feel at some point it is inevitable, as what children are indoctrinated with goes against everything they meet in everyday life. The current trends can't go on much longer without something having to give. There seem to be so many who have cognitive dissonance about the dogma versus the reality, defensiveness about that worldview that obviously doesn't work. I read another psychic's prediction that millions of Muslims will start abandoning the faith (along with the many others awakening, already mentioned)

What do you see about the direct of the Muslim world, Lynn? 

A.  When I focus on this, I see an image of spiderwebs all over the word.  I get this is symbolic of how the religion reaches out (like figures), with the centralized portion of the "web" being where the religion holds the most strength.  The edges look to weaken, and fizzle out due to the continued influence of other cultures and religions.  Muslims keep the belief system strong in the central hubs (because they block the influences of the outside world), but as people branch out, their minds open and become curious about other ideas.  

Q. How would that awakening play out, and how would it change the countries and geopolitics? 

A.  Three things look to emerge.  I see some people keeping their faith while assimilating and respecting the ideals around them.  They keep and practice their belief in private.  

Some people leave their faith to adopt other belief systems.  If someone decides to leave the belief, they look to be shunned and sort of bullied physically and / or passive aggressively (I actually feel fear for these people).  It looks easier to covert TO their belief system rather then leave it peacefully.

Others are very deep in their belief and fulfill the practice to the best of their ability regardless of who or what is happening.  This is strongest in the center of the "hubs" or "spiderwebs."  

I see centralized pockets of Muslims that refuse to assimilate (or form a mutual respect with other people of varying beliefs) forming their own community.  They look to pull back more and more until some kind of segregation forms.  It looks to create a lot of havoc within the countries, which in turn creates a lot of social unrest.

Q. Will it start to wither in the same way as Christian denominations have, or will the Islamic groups try to 'take' the Vatican somehow? 

A.  I do not see any kind of "take over,:  I would not say it withers away, the religion very much stays alive, but it looks to regroup back to their central "hubs."

Q. Are things going to become even more rigid and jihad-ish, to try and control anyone who want to be free? I don't mean terrorism here, just the breed-and-dominate enclave pattern that is causing such alarm in Europe? Inside the Islamic enclaves the pressure to conform is immense. In the eighties the people who I knew from Muslim families were so free and agnostic. I've been very depressed at the Saudification that has happened since then.

A. The centralized locations of this belief system look to have very rigid guidelines pertaining to how people need to live, and there are punishments if you go against that belief.  The punishments can be very harsh (physically and emotionally).  There is a subtle influence of fear because as the religion is put to the test (both with scrutiny and also influences that draw people away) and people are leaving, there is a fear of their religion losing 

And that is all I have for this reading.  I will say that I did find this reading a bit challenging (my emotions and empathic side kept trying to override).  Lots of feelings came through during this.  I'm happy to answer questions in comments on things I didn't "see" clearly the first time.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Follow Up:
Since this was a challenging reading, I wanted to address some questions from the comments (as a way to direct intent) and post them as an update:

What do you see will be the religion of the future? Will Christianity remain the same or will it change it's doctrines as a result of ET contact, for example?
A. I don’t see any one dominant religion.  There will be pockets of various religions everywhere.  I see some (not all) of the intensity of belief changing as people awaken more (and all forms of churches struggle with keeping attendance up).

Do you see a civil war in Europe occurring between muslims and westerners? Do you see the giant hordes of muslims ever returning their native countries?
A.  I do see a lot of civil unrest for the next several decades until people sort of “submit” to their own areas of town.  There looks to be a lot of meshing, but the fundamental beliefs are too broad to get along.  I do not see them going back to their native countries.

Lynn, will Christianity take over China as well in the future?
A. I don’t see Christianity taking over China.  I cannot see it spreading to more areas than it already resides in..

Lynn someone on facebook in regards to Sharia Law etc just exposed this site and I am sickened - what on earth is happening to this world???
A.  These are sad and very concerning times (I just feel very emotional and fretful when I focus on this!)

Lynn, can you elaborate on this⁉️ Why/how was it challenging⁉️ What kind of feelings⁉️ Sadness, happiness, hopefulness⁉️ Can you expand⁉️
A.  When I tune into a topic, sometimes emotions surrounding the topic are what I tap into first.  I felt very uneasy, and worried (maybe because I am a woman, mom, etc).  As I tune into this, it feels very concerning to me where I feel like I need to be on some kind of lookout for harm in order to avoid it. (and by harm I mean harm from other people)

This should be gone what we move to 5D, right?
A. Yes!


The enlightened one said...

What do you see will be the religion of the future? Will Christianity remain the same or will it change it's doctrines as a result of ET contact, for example?

Do you see a civil war in Europe occurring between muslims and westerners? Do you see the giant hordes of muslims ever returning their native countries?

Buddhist Lady said...

Agreed, enlightened one. The cat is out the bag. I don't ever see--just logically, now, mind you--Muslims returning to their countries of origin. I think Europe is sunk. Too many too fast. How can you assimilate and change attitudes with such an onslaught?

Been reading the Cassiopaean transcripts. New books out with the early transcripts...which I've never read. Can't sit in front of the computer too long at my age. Yikes!! So many aspects of these transcripts are revealing and enlightening, but one aspect, which has been driven home to me, is just how desperate the 4D STS...aka by a hundred other names...are to preserve/instill abject fear and loathing and maintain their control over 3D soon-to-become 4D-5D! We are rockin' and rollin'!!! Get ready for a wild ride, dudes and dudettes!!! Yaaaahhhhhoooo, cowboy!

Alex said...

I think all of you don't realize that most of Indian subcontinent and (North and South) East Asia were Buddhist countries in the distant past. These are the countries which converted from Buddhism to Islam in the past - Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia. Will the same fate happen to Europe as well?

South Korea and Philippines have converted from Buddhism to Christianity.

Both Islam and Christianity stress on god-worship and single lifetime and not on true phenomena such as karma, reincarnation and soul evolution.

Lynn, will Christianity take over China as well in the future?

Jac JacJacqui said...

lynn someone one facebook in regards to Sharia Law etc just exposed this site and I am sickened - what on earth is happening to this world???

Bee E-lightened said...

"I will say that I did find this reading a bit challenging (my emotions and empathic side kept trying to override). Lots of feelings came through during this."

Lynn, can you elaborate on this⁉️ Why/how was it challenging⁉️ What kind of feelings⁉️ Sadness, happiness, hopefulness⁉️ Can you expand⁉️

wendy tascione said...

Hi can you tell me title of the book that talks about this thank you

wendy tascione said...

Personally i think the violent, angry, judgement negative muslims are archon possessed....isnt that suppose to be hone in 5d??? I hope so and do we die before 5 d? Then go there or will it happen in this life.

The enlightened one said...

@Wendy I think it's more likely a behavior which they have been taught from their parents. But then again, Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy spoke of non-whites as having a greater demonic influence over them. (Although anthroposophists tend to explain away such statements as being a product of their time.)

Lisa said...

I just found this from Halfpasthuman. That explains also a lot:

Alex said...
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Robert Schoen said...

As someone who has traveled extensively, I have come to admire many Muslim communities in the states, europe and in their native countries and feel the fanaticism being projected everywhere is extremely exAGGERATED AND PART OF A LARGER AGENDA TO SET PEOPLE APART. We should look at our own country's extremism and rigid way of seeing things before criticizing others. The West has no exclusivity on modern thought, and many from all countries are hip and part of the good changes that are taking place all over the world and are not mired in antique thought any more that Catholics are still engaged in the Inquisition.

Cathari said...

Robert Schoen,
Your attempt to play down the threat of Islam in the West is both pathetic and dangerous. I have stated this before, and I will say it again and again and again.

Western Civilization and the people/race that created it are dying. Whites no longer have enough children to replace their own dying elders. The family unit has been destroyed. Social engineering by the Left has conditioned the rising generations of the acceptability of homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion, and anything else that hinders the growth and expansion of the white race. The culture war is raging. At the same time that the birth rate drops, our leaders willingly allow endless numbers of non-white peoples in to flood the former white homelands....drowning Europe and North America in order to turn them into Third World feeding and breeding zones. The globalist agenda of wiping out borders of any kind is succeeding.

On top of all of this madness, the West is opening its doors to the rising tide of Islam. Mosques are allowed to rise up all over Europe and North America. In the past, the West defended itself as a whole against the Muslim tide. If not for a few key battles, the West would have become a Muslim continent long ago. Christianity and the Catholic church were a large part of this...and yes even the Inquisition. Part of the problem is that the West has rejected the spiritual foundations of its own culture. And until the West experiences a renaissance of spirituality and Christianity, it will continue to rot....until is falls under a Soratian Caliphate.

No longer does the West think rationally or in terms of its survival. Instead the West has taken on suicidal tendencies on every front. It is killing itself. Unless the European nations overthrow their governments, including the EU, they are all doomed.

emmejaytee said...
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Bee E-lightened said...

Whites did this to the native indians....whites came from the caucasus mountains....nobody ran them from there....but they ran other race from their own land in the name of war instead of religion....whites arent natives of anywhere except the caucasus comes full circle...what goes around comes around.

I get that Robert is seeing the good in all race, color, creed, religion except swallowing the propaganda the US lamestreet media is shoving down our throats....the american "gubmint" is its own enemy and an enemy of the world. Nothing but thugs and bullies‼️

Craig said...

I believe that ultimately, as the frequency rises, there will be more awakening and questioning any religious dogma that they had previously blindly accepted. The search for their soul connection will more important than the words in the books or what someone else says is the truth. The fanatics will fade away as their energy will not be aligned with the new energy. Not to say that the unenlightened will not be causing any trouble as we head through the next years of this difficult energetic transition. Hold the Light, ground it to the Earth. Peace

EA RW said...

R.I.P. western civilization.

Anybody familiar with Albert pike letter from 1870 predicting three world wars?

EA RW said...

Too bad native american and other indigenous people were not familiar with UCC. So the white folks bought the land and all of their property for a chicken and an egg.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

As always, thank you for the comments. Lots of points I had not thought of... It was emotional (in a sad and fearful way). Not sure why that took me over (because I am a mom? woman? American?) It was strange and very overpowering..

The enlightened one said...

Are you going to answer the follow up-questions as you said in the reading?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I am good with answering them to the best of my ability, I just need to consolidate them a bit. :-)

Buddhist Lady said...

Bee--Wikipedia says:

"The Caucasian race (also Caucasoid,[1] or Europid[2]) is a grouping of human beings historically regarded as a biological taxon, which, depending on which of the historical race classifications used, have usually included some or all of the ancient and modern populations of Europe, the Caucasus, Asia Minor, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western Asia, Central Asia and South Asia.[3]"

Buddhist Lady said...

Once again, I don't think the problem is "religion" but rather the extent of control any one philosophy/religion/thought system insists upon exerting upon those who do not believe in the tenets of that religious/philosophical system. When we step beyond the simple ideological strangulation many systems of thought enforce on their own people to the demand that those who do not practice nor desire to believe in those religious tenets must do so at the peril of their own physical safety and well-being, then, of course, we enter the realm of (militaristic) totalitarianism--defined as "a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state." The question becomes whether or not the individual has the respect and dignity free will confers.

Islamic tenets do not, in my opinion, confer free will to the individual. Many Christian beliefs, even today, do not, but religions like Christianity have subjugated many of their tenets to the Enlightenment's/Age of Reason's idea that the individual has free will and is inherently worthy of respect. Islam has not adopted such a position.

However, from another perspective, we can say that no American, regardless of race, religion, or creed, is accorded the "respect and dignity free will confers" because of the money-system slavery aka Federal Reserve System instituted many centuries ago. Any "Age of Enlightenment" or "Age of Reason" idea or tenet is allowed promulgation but as a distraction and disinformation because, in actuality, no one is free unless your banking system respects the individual and provides a system in which the individual's activity and endeavors are valued and left wholly intact.

Kalamota Kook said...

Thank you for this reading Lynn. I'm going to read through again, but I have some thoughts on some of the comments.

@enlightened one: Each astrological age birthed its own major religious movement in the respective signs' images and themes. Think of religions featuring bulls and cows, then sheep/lambs, then fish and fishermen (we're going backwards through the zodiac). Obviously we are now in the early stages of the Aquarian Age, which means (I believe) that the new spiritual tribe being formed is - us! The whole "Awakening" movement, a vast collective of spiritual but individualistic people, with no dogma or leader (yet), connecting and spreading their ideas and insights over that earth-changing Aquarian invention, the internet.

People think the Aquarian symbol is a water bearer, but it's actually supposed to be a flow of aether pouring out, which feels right for the kind of 5D Ascention, channeling nature of the movement. Seeking truth rather than obeying and following, being your own spiritual guru and following your own path, while being part of a wide group of free equals. Very airy, escaping density, moving into light. Even the speculation about ET contact. Does this all sound familiar? And does it not also sound very Aquarian? We are it! Eventually I suppose it will end up become a sclerotic establishment form like all the other new movements before, but for now, we are the pioneers and (yes, that word) co-creators. We are co-creating the new age, which will end up like another religion.

I saw a series of programmes on BBC about early Christian art, before it was institutionalised and became a hierarchical pillar of the Establishment. When people were having to hide, seen as dangerous with their revolutionary new ways of thinking and living, you could sense the exhilaration and sense of opening possibilities and creating a new world and type of society. As I sat there watching this, I was startled to recognise the same process was happening now, and I was involved. Blimey.

One thing I think people get carried away with is only seeing the positive side of Aquarius, when the negative side will be present also. Gary Lachman wrote a book about the sixties, about the dark side, and the last part was a warning of how the shadow side of Aquarius might develop. Very thought provoking.

Bee E-lightened said...
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Kalamota Kook said...

Aside from all that, I find it rather condescending to be told that most of us don't know that Buddhism reached right across the Eastern continents. We all saw the Bamiyan Buddhas being blown up in Afghanistan. Buddhism spread to China Korea and Japan, of course the countries in between were part of that spread. It started on the Indian subcontinent and was then nearly obliterated (by Islam!) And most people also know that Islam spread by violent conquest, wiping out the old cultural systems, committing genocide and murdering anyone who wouldn't convert. Europeans spent centuries trying to prevent its encroachment west. I am very grateful about that. And yes, obviously Christianity (and other cultures too in fact) went on invasive Imperial rampages.

But you almost never hear relativists condemn Islam as they do Western crimes. If the colonisation of the Americas or Africa is shameful and genocidal, then so is the spread of Islam. If the Triangle slave trade is a crime against humanity, then so is the Islamic slave trade which went on far longer, has never ended, and had many millions more casualties. Industrial scale rape slavery is now 'normal' wherever there are Islamic communities in Europe, and long protected by multi-culti enablers - or traitors, as they will come to be seen. This is not about evil foreign policy either, as the hardening of Islam is global. Most people have indeed 'awakened' on this one - but what happens now I've no idea. That's why I asked the original question.

The way most of us live now is as a result of the Enlightenment, the choice of freedom FROM religion, and the rights of individuals and freedom for women in particular shaping what we all take for granted now. Our cultural norms morphed. Islam has never changed. The core system, the effects of the beliefs on social psychology, its tactics for conquest, all the same. I believe one of the most tragic mistakes leading to the suicide of Europe is the naive assumption by liberally minded types, that everyone in the world has the same worldview, all believing in freedom and equality and human rights etc. It isn't so!

Luckily the crisis has reached the stage in Europe where millions now realise the true nature of Islamic ideology, the underlying intent and the processes employed to conquer new territories, and that the 'extremist' beliefs about many things are in fact the norm. The only non-muslims who admire Islam are either the ones that don't understand it or the ones whose psychology is drawn to totalitarianism already, or maybe don't see women (or themselves) as fully human in the first place. The only difference between America and Europe is that we are further down the road. The women's marches had as their poster girl a woman in a Stars and Stripes hijab. I guarantee muslims worldwide would have been celebrating it as a symbol of Hijrah going full steam ahead.

joy said...

AHEM............ In my future, where I'm heading, THERE IS NO RELIGION.I have wiped out everything in my DNA that pertains to all these religions that are nothing but control
of the human consciousness.

BTW..........ISLAM is not a religion, it is a FRONT for is a HOAX. It is being sold as "religion" but actually THE FRONT of TOTALITARIAN ideology ,...a vise that would take away all the control of your lives. ASK ARCHANGEL GABRIEL. IT IS SAID THAT HE GAVE THE ISLAMIC TENETS TO PROPHET MOHAMMED. Maybe he'll tell you that it was not him..but you can get to the bottom of this.

Kalamota Kook said...

Buddhist Lady, I have come back to review this thread the morning after, and I now see that you were writing about the Enlightenment at the same time I was! I agree with your point about the financial system.

I also have further questions for Lynn if she'd be so kind: When you speak about people retreating to their hubs to regroup, are the European cities with closed-off parallel communities (that I referred to as 'enclaves') now going to be Islamic 'hubs' forever? Will they try to become like Islamic city-states? Will the rest of the populations try to fight back, even to retrieve the territories (almost like mini-crusades)? Will governments finally admit there is a problem, and what will they do to try to resolve it? Will they change welfare laws and crack down on fraud and crime in the enclaves rather than avoiding the areas in fear and denial? Or is this just going to be a matter of private citizens losing patience and having skirmishes and riots with a backlash of intolerance against all muslims? Is this like a war consisting of pocket-violence (if that makes sense) from both sides? I'm sorry that's a lot of questions, but I'm sure you appreciate that in Europe this has reached crisis point and the possibilities are worrying.

There are those even on this thread who want to see Westerners as evil, but the restraint people have shown in recent years has been remarkable. People are now at the stage of speaking openly about their concerns at last, but how is that going to crystallise into actions?

I'm also grateful that you went to this trouble even though it was obviously a tough and unnerving experience to do the reading. The uneasiness you describe sounds similar to how a lot of Europeans are feeling.

Alex said...

Europe used to believe in Pagan religions before it was swept by Christianity. I wonder whether history will repeat itself with Islam sweeping over Europe.

Unknown said...

The massive influx of Muslims into Europe is being engineered by a small group of elites, aka TPTW. Regular citizens are horrified by the invasion but do not have the power to stop it.

Islam is basically a seamless, integrated social, economic and political structure using religion as a beard. That is why these people cannot integrate into other cultures but instead cause conflict wherever they go.

joy said...

ALEX..............There is a prophecy of a Baba Vanga that Europe, as we know it
will be gone in a few short years. It will become Islam. THAT IS JUST ONE (or a few variations of) PROBABILITY line of the future. You don't have to join them. It's just too bad (for me) I did not get there and tour the continent before this. my regret.


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

This discussion has been great. Thank you for the comments and information. I did take some time to go though some of the questions. I will post them as a followup beneath the original post. Love and light-

Buddhist Lady said...

Joy--yes. Another prophetic viewpoint is offered by E. M. Nicolay. This timeline involves (1) many more groups/governments in the Middle East possessing nuclear weapons than anyone suspects; (2) American CIA/government operatives losing authority over those groups they have traditionally controlled in the Middle East; and (3) nuclear war in the Middle East occurring when one group/government lobs a nuclear device into another. Then, all hell breaks out. Why shouldn't it? The philosophy involved is nihilistic and vengeful. In other words, whereas traditional Western "powers"/governments always brokered their actions on the assumption no one would initiate nuclear warfare because of the utter devastating consequences to all, in this scenario, these groups don't care.

After fairly complete destruction of the Middle East, those groups of peoples who are from countries in the Middle East and live in Europe, the U.S., etc., get mad as hell that Western collusion/interference precipitated this war and take revenge with limited nuclear attacks throughout these areas over a period of years. Eventually, Europe falls into chaos and the Roman Catholic church is wiped out.

I'm taking my green drink with supplements every morning so I can live to see whose timeline emerges!

Cathari said...

Well, here we go again. Trump has proved himself to be just another tool of the neocon/Israeli agenda. Tonight he bombed Syria. Every MSM outlet is showing us images of dead or wounded children. "The evil Assad must go!" What a joke. As if Assad is dumb enough to use chemical weapons. Once again the USA serves the interests of Tel Aviv, rather than defending its own borders and building modern infrastructure. And to top it all off, this will create more tension with Russia....which will make the same evil neocon crowd even happier.

Mr. Trump, you started out well, and got my vote...but now you have lost my support.
You are just another criminal serving those who seek to destroy the West.

Bee E-lightened said...

The US gubmint is bigger than Trump - presidents go along with what they are told to do

joy said...

Buddhist Lady :) All probabilities are being explored by this SUPERCONSCIOUS QUANTUM COMPUTER called GOD. So, I'm sure there is /are parallel earth realities where this is already underway.

ABOUT TRUMP.....In one of those videos,..I saw the eyes of AAMichael thru TRUMPs eyes. I then knew TRUMP was assigned this JOB to move this reality from satanic dominations to the next lighted realm.. IT'S JUST A JOB ORDER. HE WAS PREPARED BY HIS SPIRIT. HE MIGHT BE AAMICHAEL'S INCARNATION.How long this job will last,Will he be successful.. I don't know. It all depends on what we call CONSENSUS DECISION,the Earth Council will allow, . AAMichael will only do what the CONSENSUS has decided to allow. No more, no less.You will have heard of the term: CONSENSUS REALITY..? AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.
Who are in this Earth Council..? All of ENSOULED HUMANITY. Remember,..we are ONE outside this reality. We are MANY inside this REALITY. tHE DECISION ON WHAT DRAMA WE GO THRU ON MOMENT-TO MOMENT EARTH LIFE depends on the overall decision of all of us, as ONE in that level where we are ONE. THAT SCRIPT is what TRUMP/AAMichael is following and since you are a major decision maker of this outcome, better make up your mind which one to support. if you are a meditator, you can ask your I AM PRESENCE to take you to these council meetings, and ask to remember.

Cathari said...

Joy, why do I always get the feeling as if you are absorbing too much Melange spice while relaxing in a cave on the desert planet Arrakis? Are your eyes solid blue??

Buddhist Lady said...

Lynn--thanks so much for the updates! I hope other people will scroll down as I did and receive the nice surprise!!

Kalamota Kook said...

I have to echo Buddhist Lady, Lynn. That last answer was refreshing news. Short but very sweet! I hope you are feeling better now.

joy said...

CATHARI............RE; "Why do i always.....blah...blah...blah..."

You want me to examine why you always want to personally attack somebody
aside from... you cannot discuss anything about the subject because you lack intelligence and comprehension and you are NOT connected to the Divine....
You have ways of always insulting, always armed with a spear, ready to skewer somebody, just for malevolent fun to draw blood.

I'LL TELL YOU WHY CATHARI, YOU ARE A SPOKESPERSON OF DEMONs. You are a SATANIST. YOU ARE HERE WITH YOUR HATRED AND BILE. Always poking, always hoping to BRING US DOWN TO YOUR LEVEL. (you've been attacking others here) your heart is made of black stone. NOTHING ELSE.

you asked for it.

Cathari said...

lol.....Joy, now I'm a Satanist? that is the most laughable thing I have ever heard. Now I am pure evil?....If you knew me personally, you would see what nonsense you speak. You truly are in need of a long vacation.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I do appreciate the comments, and sometimes try not to interrupt the flow (I learn for you all too!), but this looks to be going a little off topic. By all means, say what you think, but try to be mindful of how you say it. Much love-

joy said...

psychic focus. Lynn...........IT IS DEFINETELY OFF-TOPIC. This bastard keeps attacking me and everybody else here PERSONALLY, not addressing any of the ideas we are discussing. ...JUST SPEWING PURE VENOM, hit and run,...EVERY TIME

.................................MODUS OPERANDI of the DARK SIDE.

THEY RELY ON WHITEWASHING (respectful timid replies) so that they can stay and skewer us much longer. In my opinion,...he needs to be exposed plus a quick kick or two in the shin. bad.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Joy: I see we got really off topic.. I am hopeful that we can all take a breath and realign ourselves to get back on topic (if there are more mindful views or constructive sharing out there). I realize emotions are a very real thing, but let's be respectful (it isn't what you say, but how you say it). Hugs-

Cathari said...

Dearest Joy,
I apologize for comparing you to a spice-dazed inhabitant of the planet Dune. Sometimes I can't combat the inner urge to comment on what I perceive as incoherent and irrational statements which are comparable to the ramblings of the ancient Sibylline Oracles. I promise never again to comment upon your posts, or to write anything that might be perceived as a personal attack upon you. I sincerely and humbly ask for your a most Christian and un-Satanic manner. Blessings.

19Tharg76 said...

you really need to put a warning ahead of the link to that google community - that's not really the kind of thing most people want in their cache or browsing history. I opened it in work FFS